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Disrupting The Outdated Education System with Heidi DeCoux

Millionaire Girls Club Podcast

Scale of 1 to 10: How well do you think our public education system serves our kids? If you’re like me, you’d likely give it a 6 out of 10.  If you’re also like me you’re likely thinking “but what other choice do I have?”.  I mean, sure, there are options like homeschool, out-schooling and unschooling, but what if you work full time and don’t want to devote the time and energy to working, mom’ing AND teaching?  If you find yourself struggling with that, then my guest Heidi DeCoux is going to rock your entrepreneurial world!  So who is Heidi? She’s the creator and visionary behind Illuminated Life Academy—a charter school that is redefining how our kids are educated, with a heavy emphasis on innovation, technology, entrepreneurship, sustainability and consciousness.  What’s more is when you hear Heidi talk about her vision + passion for educating the next generation I guaran-damn-tee you are going to walk away feeling on FIYAH...just like I do every single time I talk with her.  So what could this new way of educating our kids look like + how is our current education system failing our kids? Tune in and find out.  IN THIS EPISODE WE JAM ON:  → How our current education system is failing kids + how to create an equitable environment for our kids to thrive  → The future of education and what you can expect in the 20’s and beyond for our kids → What it really looks like to disrupt and revolutionize a rigid, outdated education system that operates from a place of “that’s how it’s always been done” SKIP TO THE BEST PARTS:  → How a chance meeting in Pennsylvania inspired Heidi to disrupt the public education system and start Illuminated Life Academy [2:52] → How our current education system is missing the mark + how to create an EQUITABLE environment for our kids to thrive [6:48] → What is an “student centric” model and how is Heidi using that when it comes to revolutionizing the broken education system [12:33] → The various obstacles Heidi has had to navigate and overcome while trying to build this Academy and change the way our kids our educated [16:32] → How Illuminated Life Academy is creating a “networked” structure to their academies to let students from offline to online whenever they want without disrupting their education [24:10] → Why moving away from a “standardized” model of education is key to student success and how Heidi is going to take this movement global with the help of these key people [28:21] → When you can expect Illuminated Life Academy to kick open their doors and welcome in all their new students [33:31] → How YOU can support the Academy + the new creative ways to support this mission if funds are tight [34:53] CONNECT WITH HEIDI: Instagram → https://www.instagram.com/heididecoux/ Illuminated Life Academy → https://illuminatedlifeschool.org Donate to the Academy → https://illuminatedlifeschool.org/donate/ Open your own Academy → https://illuminatedlifeschool.org/open-or-convert-a-school-in-your-area/ Become a Guest Expert → https://illuminatedlifeschool.org/guest-expert/ CONNECT WITH JILL: Instagram → https://www.instagram.com/themillionairegirlsclub Watch on YouTube → https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQq-ICEM-mi2LKJuYz74z0w Work 1:1 with Jill → https://screwtheninetofive.typeform.com/to/ZTLgIxWC Apply to MGC Connect → https://screwtheninetofive.typeform.com/to/YRGgoZzC JILL’S ASK:  If you vibed with this episode, I would be forever grateful if you SUBSCRIBED to the show, left me an honest REVIEW and SHARED it with your friends so I can get this show in front of the women who need it the most  *hand heart* 


16 Feb 2021