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Survival is success: IRC’s David Miliband responds to “double crisis” in Turkey & Syria

GZERO World with Ian Bremmer

As the world watches the aftermath of the recent earthquakes in Turkey and Syria, we are confronted with a sobering reality: delivering aid in a region rife with conflict and political instability is an immense challenge. On the GZERO World podcast, Ian Bremmer and David Miliband, President and CEO of the International Rescue Committee, discuss the dire situation in Turkey and Syria —especially in the northwest of Syria, where delivering aid remains an uphill battle.   As if the pre-existing crisis wasn't enough, the earthquakes have worsened the situation, leaving people without medical care as the region deals with a deadly cholera outbreak and freezing winter temperatures. Meanwhile, in Turkey, the earthquake has sparked a debate about corruption and poor governance, with the response likely to become a major issue in the upcoming election. Right now, the most urgent need is ensuring aid and humanitarian assistance continue to reach the people who desperately need it.   Adding to the urgency is the ongoing refugee crisis in Turkey and throughout Europe. Miliband gives his prescription for the four elements of fair migration and stresses the urgency of "balancing fairness and humanity by fulfilling legal and moral obligations" towards those who have been displaced from their homes.


4 Mar 2023

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The Top Global Crises to Expect in 2023 | David Miliband

Global Dispatches -- World News That Matters

As 2023 begins the world is beset by crises driven by conflict, climate change and the nexus of the two. But some places are expected to be hit harder than others as the year unfolds and this episode's conversation with David Miliband offers listeners key insights into where humanitarian needs are expected to be most acute in 2023. David Miliband is the President and CEO of the International Rescue Committee, which at the very end 2022 released a watchlist of the top global crises it foresees this year. We kick off with a brief discussion about the methodology of creating a crisis watchlist like this before having a extended discussion about several of his top crises of concern, as well as discuss solutions to confront humanitarian crises across the world. 


3 Jan 2023

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David Miliband

The Backstory with Andrew Neil

Andrew Neil talks to the former foreign secretary and president of the International Rescue Committee about the Labour Party and Keir Starmer, the war in Ukraine and the UK government's Rwanda policy.Subscribe to get a new episode every Tuesday. Tortoise members and Tortoise+ subscribers on Apple Podcasts get access to a weekly bonus episode every Friday called Inside the Interview, where Andrew reflects on the conversations he has with his guests.Members also get access to more of our journalism and invites to exclusive events. For a year's half price digital membership for £50 go to tortoisemedia.com/Andrew and enter the code AndrewNeil50. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.


20 Jun 2022

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Personally Speaking ep. 106 (David Miliband)

Personally Speaking with Msgr. Jim Lisante

In this episode of Personally Speaking, Msgr. Jim Lisante is joined by David Miliband. David is the president and CEO of the International Rescue Committee where he oversees the IRC’s humanitarian relief operations in more than 40 war affected countries, and its refugee resettlement and assistance programs in over 20 cities across the United States. David is also the former Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs for the United Kingdom. He speaks about the humanitarian work of the International Rescue Committee and the values that matter most to him.Support the show


2 Jun 2022

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S2 Ep 5: Accomplishment - David Miliband

The Accomplishment Podcast with Sir Michael Barber

David Miliband quit British politics to escape ‘the soap opera’ and now leads the International Rescue Committee (IRC) in New York. Founded by Albert Einstein in the 1930's, the IRC is an international charity that responds to humanitarian crises, helping people displaced by conflict and disaster. In this episode of the Accomplishment podcast, he tells Sir Michael Barber about his strategy for growing the IRC, what he learnt from his time in politics and why he believes we are living in an 'age of impunity' in politics. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


1 Jun 2022

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Refugee Crisis in Ukraine: International Rescue Committee's David Miliband

The Takeout

More than 4 million Ukrainians have fled their war-torn homeland since late February. An untold number are displaced inside the country and some are trapped at home without access to water, electricity or heat in places like Mariupol. This week, Major interviews David Miliband, former British Foreign Secretary and current head of the International Rescue Committee, to discuss the ongoing refugee crisis in Eastern Europe and the brutality of Vladimir Putin's assault on Ukraine.See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.


8 Apr 2022

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Seeking Refuge with David Miliband

America Dissected

Nearly four million people have left Ukraine since Putin invaded their country. They need housing, food, and work. But so do the million who’ve fled war in countries like Yemen, Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan. Abdul breaks down the public health consequences of forced migration. He then speaks with David Miliband, President and CEO of the International Rescue Committee about the refugee crisis in Ukraine and what drives our double standard for refugees.For a transcript of this episode, please visit crooked.com/americadissected.


5 Apr 2022

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IRC's David Miliband: Ukraine’s humanitarian crisis - and ‘the age of impunity’

World Economic Forum

David Miliband, CEO of International Rescue Committee, talks to Meet The Leader about the Ukraine humanitarian crisis, how aid organizations are keeping pace with an unprecedented flow of displaced people - and how the Russian invasion must end abuses of power and an 'age of impunity.'


18 Mar 2022

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142. Ukraine, Defense, and Climate Change with William Hague and David Miliband

Outrage + Optimism

All eyes are on Ukraine as we watch the horrific events unfold as a result of Russian aggression. Are we sliding toward a global catastrophe or seeing the birth of a new political order? How will we know which one awaits us? This week, we speak to former UK Foriegn Ministers David Miliband and the Rt Hon Lord William Hague. We pitch to them this question of, “how will we know which one awaits us?” as we admire the resilience of the people of Ukraine and witness the inextinguishable might of people power. Is this the ironic end of global energy dependence on a petrostate or the resurgence of fossil fuel infrastructure for the sake of energy independence? No simple answers ahead. — Christiana + Tom’s book ‘The Future We Choose’ is available now! Subscribe to our Climate Action Newsletter! — Mentioned links from the episode: READ: William Hague’s piece from 2019 in The Telegraph - Conservatives Have to Take the Climate Crisis Seriously READ: David Miliband’s latest in NYT - Ukraine Presents a Moral Crisis, Not Just a Military One CATCH UP: Outrage + Optimism’s previous episodes on The Future of Food LISTEN: Our episode from Tuesday on the Latest IPCC Report — Thanks to our guests this week, William Hague and David Miliband! Rt Hon Lord William Hague Lord Hague of Richmond Twitter David Miliband President & CEO | International Rescue Committee Twitter | LinkedIn | Facebook International Rescue Committee Twitter | Instagram | LinkedIn | Facebook — Keep up with Christiana Figueres online: Instagram | Twitter Tom Rivett-Carnac: Instagram | Twitter | LinkedIn Paul Dickinson: LinkedIn | Twitter — Follow @GlobalOptimism on social media and send us a message! Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | LinkedIn Don't forget to hit SUBSCRIBE so you don't miss another episode of Outrage + Optimism!


3 Mar 2022

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David Miliband: President of the International Rescue Committee


Stephen Sackur speaks to David Miliband, president of the International Rescue Committee and former British foreign secretary. Hour by hour Vladimir Putin intensifies the scale and violence of the Russian military assault on Ukraine. Civilian buildings hit by rocket fire, towns and cities encircled, and the capital Kyiv now facing a vast build-up of Russian firepower. Is the West doing enough in response to Putin’s invasion of Ukraine?


1 Mar 2022