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Left Politics in the Post-Kaepernick NFL w/ Justin Jackson

Left Bitches (who are right)

There’s a Left Bitch in the NFL! The Takeover host and LA Chargers running back Justin Jackson breaks down life as a leftist on football’s biggest stage. We get into Biden’s America, what politicized us, and how to best use large platforms for the greater good. How do professional athletes navigate political conversations in the locker room? And what’s it like to advocate for justice in the same league that blackballed Colin Kaepernick just five years ago? Plus, how can learning more about the for-profit healthcare system and US imperialism push apolitical Americans to the left? Hint: breaking out of the two-party paradigm is key. Get more of Justin @J_ManPrime21 and at The Takeover on YouTube The Left Bitches are Anissa Naouai, Erica Marable, Amanda Getty, and Ryan Wentz. Produced by Gregory Haddock with music by Jonathan Hurley. Visit patreon.com/leftbitches for same-day release, bonus episodes, and more.


10 Jun 2021

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Justin Jackson - Co-founder of Transistor.fm

Digital Awakenings

Hello! I’m Sean McGinty. I tell stories about people and business. I’ve made this podcast to hopefully tell some good stories but also to package up some useful thoughts from successful entrepreneurs and creators. I hope you enjoy it and if you do then please follow and review. You can do this HERE! Here's why you should listen to and follow this podcast: You're part of a small/medium sized business, you have an itch and it’s a digital one. You know you need to adapt to address new opportunities and threats.Sean McGinty talks to company founders and managers about their digital awakenings, what they learned, how they changed their business and where they found new opportunities for growth.You’ll hear inspiring stories, alongside practical advice that will help you grow your business.A new 20 minute podcast every two weeks, published on the first and third Sunday of the month from June 2021.Here are some relevant links to go with the podcast: Transistor.FM Justin's viral ode to the HTML web pageBuild your SAAS podcastSean McGinty & Digital AwakeningsNorthling are a brilliant band from Lancashire in the UK who make all the music I use on the podcast. Just google “Northling band” and enjoy!


5 Jun 2021

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Getting SaaSy with Justin Jackson, Bootstrapper

Studs: Exploring Working Lives

Visit my Patreon to keep Studs going strong. If you can't spare a few, subscribe and leave a review. Either way, please share Studs with your people. Love y'all. Be kind and stay healthy.Here is Justin and Jon's podcast. Here is Justin's website, where you can sign up for his newsletterWanna start your own podcast? Let Justin guide you. Join the hordes who follow Justin on TwitterOur theme song is "Nile's Blues" by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com). Licensed under Creative Commons by Attribution 4.0 License. Special thanks to Rotem Steinberg for audio mastering and Liv Hunt for logo design. Thanks for listening to Studs.★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★

1hr 22mins

10 May 2021

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E24 Bootstrapping from zero to $1m+ in ARR with Justin Jackson, mega maker of Transistor.fm

Sand Hill Road

In this episode, Erasmus Elsner is talking to Justin Jackson, co-founder of Transistor.fm about his journey as a mega maker, bootstrapping his podcast hosting and analytics platform to $1m+ in ARR in less than 3 years.   00:00​​​ Intro  01:55​​ Getting Real  04:30​ Business is like surfing  7:43​ Selling ice cream on a busy beach  11:33​ Why your business idea matters  14:17​ The nature of the megamaker  19:46​ Grow slow, grow real  24:53​ Success is gradual, then sudden  31:10​ VC attention to podcasting  38:00​ Podcast hosting and analytics space  44:20​ First version of Transitor.fm 50:45​ Dealing with depression as a solopreneur  54:48​ Finding out more about Justin


30 Apr 2021

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Justin Jackson Waived, Poku Rising, Detroit matchup

Down to Dunk OKC Thunder Podcast

Andrew Schlecht and Michele Berra break down the Thunder waiving Justin Jackson, why they did it, and what is next. Then they discuss Poku's recent play and his future in OKC. Finally the break down the matchup between OKC and Detroit and what are the interesting cross matches for tonight's game. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


5 Apr 2021

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Moment Of Clarity #622 [Redacted Tonight] - Water Scarcity Solved, Anti-War Protest Laws & Justin Jackson On Inequality!

Moment of Clarity - Backstage of Redacted Tonight with Lee Camp

Lee Camp covers a solution to global water scarcity from the playbook of Peter Joseph. Water conflicts are predicted in the coming decades and their results could be devastating to the species. Corporations are intent on working out how they can use these conflicts to grow their power at the expense of the majority of people. But we can fight against the profit-driven impulse to leave most people in dust for the benefit of a few. It just takes some smart rethinking of how we operate as a society. PLUS, Justin Jackson talks about the inequalities in our society!


29 Mar 2021

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Justin Jackson OKC Thunder forward talks being an NCAA Champ, early NBA career, and playing with Luka & Dirk

The Tidal League Podcast, in depth interviews with NBA, WNBA Players and Personnel

Justin Jackson OKC Thunder forward talks about his career in the NBA, and the experience and growth he has had playing with Dallas Maverick teammates Dirk Nowitzki, Luka Dončić and, at the start of his NBA journey as a Sacramento King, the great Vince Carter. We dig into his start as a Tar Heel at UNC where he learned from one of the best, Coach Roy Williams. We hear of Justin's journey through life, his positive perspective on the path he is on, how he has moved forward through COVID and much much more.


1 Feb 2021

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Episode 5: Justin Jackson

Krystal Kyle & Friends

Justin Jackson is a running back for the LA Chargers and a political activist who was a leading voice in #forcethevote. He’s become a prominent voice on the left against the demonization of ordinary citizens and for a policy-centric approach to winning people over. He talked to us about what Gamestop means for the country, why he’s tough on progressives, and how he wins over Trump supporters in the locker room.

1hr 42mins

30 Jan 2021

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Episode 1: NBA player Justin Jackson with his wife Brooke

A Little Something Extra

We’re excited to share the premiere episode of a new podcast called A Little Something Extra – the first video podcast hosted by an individual with Down syndrome! In the inaugural episode, co-hosts Nancy Gianni and The GiGi Gianni of GiGi’s Playhouse are joined by NBA player Justin Jackson and his wife Brooke. Justin and Brooke have been involved with GiGi’s Playhouse for several years, and were even compelled to help start up the Sacramento Playhouse! We’re so inspired by their dedication to each other, their careers, and helping others. We dive into their “little something extra,” and even jump into a dance-off! Watch the episode here: https://gigisplayhouse.org/alittlesomethingextra/episode1/ About the podcast: We all have a little something extra inside of us, and sometimes we don’t even know it’s there! Through A Little Something Extra, we want to hear about the forces in people’s lives that drive their passion in hopes that others will be able to find theirs! We’ll get to hear of what makes our guests so inspiring – their superpower – even if they do not feel it within themselves! Every episode will feature guests who have accomplished the impossible and have changed the world! Be prepared to find yourself motivated with every installment from a wide range of guests including A-list celebrities to everyday people! Learn more at www.alittlesomethingextrapodcast.org. With over 50+ brick and mortar locations across the United States and Mexico and 200 inquiries to start new locations all over the world, GiGi’s Playhouse is the ONLY network of Down Syndrome Achievement Centers. gigisplayhouse.org


28 Jan 2021

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7-Figure SaaS Owner Breaks Down The Only Thing That Matters When Launching Your Business with Justin Jackson

Changemakers With Jamie Atkinson

Justin JacksonCo-founder of Transistor.fm, a professional podcast hosting and analytics platform. I help publish your podcast to Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts, generate a podcast-ready RSS feed, host your website for your podcast and give you actionable analytics. I write and podcast about bootstrapping, product marketing, mindful technology, podcasting, and learning to code.Quotes From Episode “Podcasting is more than just connecting with your audience” - Justin Jackson“99% of marketing is just choosing the right market” - Justin JacksonDon’t Miss:4:13 - Justin reveals how podcasting changed his life and the endless possibilities8:40 - Stop over-emphasizing metrics that don’t really matter12:49 - Learn more about private podcasting20:59 - Market demand, finding out how to be able to recognize the “wave” before you go after it32:33 - Justin will take you through the initial boost with Transistor.fm40:00 - The tactical strategies to get the growth curveLinks Mentioned in EpisodeListen to Justin Twitter rants @mijustinListen to Build Your SaaS Podcast by Justin JacksonFind out more about Justin and his amazing company and read on Saturday Morning NewsletterJoin Our #1 Favorite Podcast Hosting Company Transistor & Get Our Pop-Up Podcast Tech Setup Walkthrough & Our Changemakers Podcast Funnel For FREE When You Use Our Affiliate Link Below:>>> Find Out How to Join Transistor For Your Podcast HostingLearn all about how you can monetize your podcast and how we helped our students generate nearly $6M in sales revenue in just 12 months >>> Check out the FREE Pop-Up Podcast hereConnect With Us Make sure to subscribe to the show, we release a new episode every Tuesday at 9am EST. >>>Subscribe to the Changemakers PodcastSubscribe to the Changemakers Calendar (and get a sneak preview of upcoming episodes and events)>>> Subscribe to The Changemakers CalendarIf you’re not yet in the Podcasting 101 Facebook Group, what are you waiting for??? Jamie goes live every Thursday and get a chance to meet your tribe of Entrepreneurs>>> Hang out with our Podcasting Family and Join us LIVE every ThursdayWant to join our Podcasting Family? >>> Join The Changemakers Family (In Our Private Facebook Group)Follow Jamie on Instagram (We LOVE When you Slide Into our DM’s) >>> Follow Jamie on Instagram @jamieatkinsonWanna launch your own successful podcast? We got you… >>> Grab Our 30-Point Podcast Launch Checklist For FREEJoin Our #1 Favorite Podcast Hosting Company Transistor & Get Our Pop-Up Podcast Tech Setup Walkthrough & Our Changemakers Podcast Funnel For FREE When You Use Our Affiliate Link Below:>>> Find Out How to Join Transistor For Your Podcast Hosting(Call to Action)Before you go, join our FREE 5-day training course on how to make money with your podcast!>>>Want our Breakdown of How to Monetize a Podcast in 5 days?


5 Jan 2021