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7 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Marcus Mizelle. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Marcus Mizelle, often where they are interviewed.

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7 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Marcus Mizelle. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Marcus Mizelle, often where they are interviewed.

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Making A Micro-Budget Action Thriller And Landing Distribution With Writer/Director Marcus Mizelle

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I’m very excited to be joined once again on the show by writer/director Marcus Mizelle, whose upcoming feature film Chameleon is about to be released everywhere on VOD, Cable and DVD (May 19, 2020).

With a production budget of just $6800, Marcus was able to create an incredibly dynamic feature that breaks many of the rules of micro-budget filmmaking, while finding success at festivals and landing nationwide distribution. Throughout this episode, we walk through each step of the process and explore critical lessons learned along the way.

Links from the show:

Chameleon - Film Website

Chameleon Trailer

May 14 2020 · 1hr 5mins
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Marcus Mizelle | A Life In Micro-Budget Features

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Today on Filmmaker Freedom, a super in-depth interview with Marcus Mizelle.

Marcus is a multi-talented filmmaker with three micro-budget features under his belt, and that's alongside a prolific career directing music videos, working in the grip department, and being a writer/producer. 

And pretty soon, he's launching an entirely new kind of film festival dedicated specifically for us micro-budget folks. It's called the Micro Film Tournament, and it looks pretty rad.

Anyhow, this conversation was a blast, and we touch on so many aspects of what it really takes to succeed in this brutal business.

Hope you dig it :)

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-Rob Hardy

Mar 09 2020 · 2hr 26mins

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Micro Budget Filmmaking With Marcus Mizelle

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This week we had filmmaker Marcus Mizelle on the show to talk about his filmmaking and his exciting new micro film competition called The Micro Film Tournament.
Feb 21 2020 · 1hr 15mins
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The Micro Film Tournament With Marcus Mizelle

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Joining me this week is fellow LA based filmmaker Marcus Mizelle, a true DIY auteur in his own right and the brains behind The Micro Film Tournament: "A 16 film, 4 round tournament dedicated to micro-budget filmmakers who’ve made the most with the least."

Throughout the course of the episode, we discuss Marcus' unique career path, the benefits of working within the constraints of a micro-budget, film festival experiences, and of course his brand new tournament - which is currently open for submissions. Enjoy!

Links from the show:

Marcus' Website

Marcus on Instagram

Chameleon Film Website

Actor For Hire Film Website

The Micro Film Tournament

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Feb 14 2020 · 1hr 12mins

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Episode 85: Filmmaker Marcus Mizelle Joins Us! We also review Unbelievable.

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This week we sit down with filmmaker Marcus Mizelle.
Marcus Mizelle is a
director, producer, writer and cinematographer known for Chameleon (2019), My
Marilyn (2017), Actor For Hire (2015) and Half Empty (2009). Before finding
success as a music video director, Marcus worked in the lighting and camera
department on over 50 major productions across the US. Originally from Kinston,
North Carolina, he now lives in Los Angeles by way of New Orleans.   marcusmizelle.com  imdb
Micro Film Tournament:
A March Madness bracket-style film competition that celebrates micro-budget filmmakers who've made the most with the least. Submit Your New or Old Film Now on FilmFreeway.
Please visit us on the socials as we'd love to hear from you!https://www.instagram.com/goguerillafilmwww.twitter.com/goguerillafilmgoguerillafilm@gmail.com
Feb 03 2020 · 57mins
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BEHIND THE LENS #217: Featuring Brett Bentman and Marcus Mizelle

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This week on BEHIND THE LENS we take an up close and personal look at two narrative features making their World Premiere at DANCES WITH FILMS, plus it's all about Forky with Disney and Pixar's TOY STORY 4!

Joining us LIVE in the first half of the show is Writer/Director BRETT BENTMAN who's on hand to talk about his new film 90 FEET FROM HOME which makes its world premiere at DWF on June 20th. An emotionally powerful film that draws you in from beginning to end, take a listen as Brett talks about bringing this true story to the big screen, the film's themes, the challenges of finding the perfect cast (which he has done beautifully) and what each brings to their respective roles and the film as a whole (more Shawn Michaels, Adam Hampton, and Thom Hallum, please!), Anthony Gutierrez' rich cinematography and their collaborative influences for the film's visual tonal bandwidth, and more!

And then Writer/Director/Editor/Cinematographer MARCUS MIZELLE is back with us LIVE talking about his new film CHAMELEON which also makes its world premiere at DANCES WITH FILMS on the 22nd. Last time Marcus was on #BTLRadioShow we talked about the comedy "Actor For Hire". This time it's the thriller CHAMELEON.  While we devote plenty of time to Marcus' crafting of CHAMELEON with casting and cinematography, editing, an intricate timeline that fuels the tension and the story twists and turns, sound, and the film's score, Marcus also gives great insight based on his experience in the film industry.  Having worked on set in a multiplicity of capacities, honing his skills as he moved into directing, Marcus talks about the value of getting on set and doing whatever job there is and learning the ropes.  He's got some wonderful words to say about working with the late great cinematographer Vilmos Zsigmond, as well as one of my favorite people, director Ric Roman Waugh.

But before Brett and Marcus join us, we're talking TOY STORY 4. I've said it before and I'll say it again, TOY STORY 4 is perfection!! And we'll talk a bit about why, plus hear from Tony Hale with his thoughts on voicing one of the new additions to the world of TOY STORY - FORKY!

http://behindthelensonline.net http://eliasentertainmentnetwork.com
Jun 17 2019 · 1hr 5mins
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BEHIND THE LENS #22: Featuring Greg Srisavasdi, Sam Friedlander and Marcus Mizelle

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A fun show for you this week, starting with a terrific new giveaway from Greg Srisavasdi through his Deepest Dream website, https://deepestdream.com! (So check it out, guys! )

Director Sam Friedlander joins us live talking about is one of the funniest (and most socially incorrect) films of the year – LARRY GAYE: RENEGADE MALE FLIGHT ATTENDANT!! A real treat is another first time filmmaker, Marcus Mizelle, writer/director of ACTOR FOR HIRE which is a fun skewering look "behind the lens" in Hollywood. Marcus is live in the second half hour of the show. Plus, we've got some excerpts of our interviews with Kyle Newman, director of BARELY LETHAL, and some exclusive thoughts from sibling directors Ben and Josh Safdie on their riveting new film HEAVEN KNOWS WHAT.

http://behindthelensonline.net http://eliasentertainmentnetwork.com
Jun 01 2015 · 1hr 1min