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6 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Taja Sevelle. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Taja Sevelle, often where they are interviewed.

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6 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Taja Sevelle. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Taja Sevelle, often where they are interviewed.

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On this episode of Free Thinking, Montel explores the importance of access to healthy food for all socio-economic groups and neighborhoods. He is joined by his friend, Taja Sevelle, founder of Urban Farming, a non-profit organization dedicated to solutions that create healthy communities. Several studies have investigated disparities in the distribution of neighborhood vegetation, the proximity of residences to playgrounds, and the accessibility of supermarkets and grocery stores, but few have examined access to fast-food outlets and convenience stores as a function of neighborhood racial and socioeconomic demographics. The neighborhood environment can help promote and sustain beneficial lifestyle patterns or can contribute to the development of unhealthy behaviors, resulting in chronic health problems among residents. What can we do about it? Empower communities to have more control over their food sources. In Phase I, Urban Farming installed over 150 community and school gardens of free food in 25 states in the U.S., as well as a school garden in Montego Bay, Jamaica. There are now over 66,000 gardens worldwide in over 60 countries that are each a part of the Urban Farming Global Food Chain®. As of October 2020 Urban Farming has helped 1,050 families and individuals start their own gardens.

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Oct 28 2020 · 57mins
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MAX & Friends with Max Tucci; With Guests Rebecca Brooks and Taja Sevelle! The Power of Public Relations & The Power of Music, Love and Urban Farming!

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MAX & Friends with Max Tucci 

The Power of PR (Public Relations) with:

Rebecca Brooks

Instagram: @brookette1 @brooksgrouppr 


The Power of Music, Love & Urban Farming with:

Taja Sevelle 

Instagram: @tajasevelle Taja will also be talking about #EricaHeller new book #OneLastLunch 

#MaxTucci #RebeccaBrooks #TajaSevelle @prince #loveiscontagious #UrbanFarming #pr #PublicRelations #podcast #talkshow #talkradio #conciousconversation #donation #support #giveback #restaurantindustry during #COVID19 @chefaz @rachaelray#Delmonicos @whoopigoldberg#interview #awardwinningpodcast #communicatorawards #sundaynight #jointheconversation #LATalkRadio and all #podcastplatforms #podcastlife #prince 

Erica Heller's new book, One Last Lunch:  Author and recording artist, Taja Sevelle has contributed a moving piece about a lunch with the iconic music artist, Prince, in Erica Heller’s One Last Lunch.  Author Erica Heller is the daughter of Joseph Heller, (Author of Catch 22). 

Taja’s lunch with Prince takes place in the Beverly Hills Hotel in California, and gives the reader a window into a heartwarming relationship between the two close friends.

Charming and uplifting, the fabled lunch is peppered with Taja’s selections of real-life shared moments with Prince, revealing humor, social awareness, and of course, menu proclivities.

Aug 24 2020 · 54mins

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Taja Sevelle - Prince's philanthropy and mentorship

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Taja Sevelle was one of the first artists on the Paisley Park record label. She recorded the Prince-penned "Wouldn't You Love To Love Me?" (on her self-titled 1987 release); Prince's version was on the recently released Prince 'Originals' album. Sevelle, whose birthday is today, January 7, spoke with The Current's Andrea Swensson about Prince's mentorship and his fervent belief and support in her second career: urban farming.
Jan 08 2020 · 11mins
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Author Stories Podcast Episode 764 | Taja Sevelle Interview

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Today’s author interview guest is Taja Sevelle, author of From The Root: A Memoir and A Philosophy...
Nov 27 2019 · 39mins
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LOTL Radio Welcomes Singer-songwriter, author, Humanitarian, Taja Sevelle

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Singer-songwriter, author, Humanitarian,  Taja Sevelle ,new book, From The Root, A Memoir and A Philosophy for Balance in Our World.

Taja's global experiences in the music business, in affluent communities, and her 15 years of boots-on-the-ground work in challenged communities, led her to recognize the need for broader solutions to the myriad problems she saw. Seeking to bridge the gap of understanding between groups of people, Taja was led to write the impactful book, From The Root. Campaigning to heal our world from the root, Taja shares solutions and compelling political, economic, social, theological, and scientific strategies to create a level of abundance that our world has never seen. "In the United States alone, $6.2 trillion is wasted every year. One of the solutions in this book is to recapture and reallocate that wasted money by implementing coexistence investing through public and private partnerships, and in HI Bonds- Human Infrastructure Bonds. These bonds will specifically target the fundamental "root" principles that I have identified in the book." -Taja Sevelle Before you cast your vote in the 2020 election, read this book, and make sure that your candidate is actively healing communities from the root
Jun 13 2019 · 1hr
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GFM's Inside The Album Podcast - Taja Sevelle

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Join GFM’s Love Man, Polished Solid and our guest, Rhonda Nicole, as we discuss the 30th anniversary of Taja Sevelle’s eponymous debut on Paisley Park. We discuss why she was on Paisley Park despite only two Prince-penned tracks and How she was Mariah Carey before Mariah Carey, and pop rock & keyboard bass from the eighties.
Update: Taja Sevelle was so kind to listen to this episode and to let us know that Chico Bennett was born in California and not Minneapolis. There's that internet info again, always great to get information from the source!
Sep 19 2017 · 1hr 20mins