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Singer/Songwriter: Adam Roth (Deathcruiser)

Jrodconcerts: The Podcast

We welcome Deathcruiser - the moniker of singer/songwriter and friend of the show Adam Roth to the show. Having  just released his highly anticipated debut self-titled EP, available to  stream now on everywhere, Adam shares with us the unique journey of  this project. Adam's  hope for Deathcruiser is to be a band for all, that everyone sings  along to, regardless of what’s going on in the world. “In this day and  age, we’re all very divided,” he says. “And I’ve always wanted to bring  everyone together. It’s never been, like, ‘I want to get half of the  country together for my concert.’ I just want everybody to get together  and have a good time.” Join us for a great episode that includes subjects like spending time in The Joshua Tree desert, hallucinogens and breakthroughs, embracing death and more. Also, stay tuned for an exclusive performance of 'Night on Fire'.


27 Jul 2022

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On Topic With IU - Cognitive function in later life with Dr. Adam Roth

On Topic with IU

Dr. Adam Roth is part of a research team studying cognitive function, decline and the personal, face-to-face networks people enjoy. There remain many uncertainties to explore in this growing area of research, but Roth says the data suggests greater diversity of our social networks serve us well as we age. Listen to this conversation to get more insights from the department of sociology research fellow and member of the Indiana University Network Science Institute.Read his study here: https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/pdf/10.1080/19485565.2022.2052711?needAccess=trueMore on Dr. Roth: https://www.adamroth.org/


25 Apr 2022

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The Doc G Show April 13th 2022 (Featuring Deathcruiser aka Adam Roth)

Doc G

The Doc invites returning guest Adam Roth on the show! The two talk about his air B&B project, his shows with Grizfolk, playing the Troubadour, releasing new music as Deathcruiser, writing new music, and his new single Life Number Two! Listen now!Monologue (Paul Rudd's Rejection Letter): 0:00:21Birthday Suit 1: 15:05Ripped from the Headlines: 19:47Shoutouts: 40:25Previously on The Doc G Show: 42:10Leftover Headlines: 45:05Adam Roth (Deathcruiser) Interview: 53:08Deathcruiser - Life Number Two: 1:44:28Birthday Suit 2: 1:55:25Birthday Suit 3: 1:59:56

2hr 6mins

13 Apr 2022

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Episode 6 - Adam Roth - The Disease Detectives

ECDC: On Air

September 7th is World Field Epidemiology Day so we sat down with Adam Roth, Head of Fellowship Programmes at ECDC to talk about what field epidemiology is, and about the fellowship pathways, EPIET and EUPHEM, that ECDC offers. "This is intervention epidemiology, it should make a difference." More information on TEPHINET is available here.


7 Sep 2021

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The Doc G Show August 4th 2021 (Featuring Adam Roth of Grizfolk)

Doc G

The Doc invites Adam Roth of Grizfolk on the show, the two talk about the early influence of Aerosmith - Get a Grip, the early bands in Pensacola, moving to California, meeting Sebastian and Frederick, touring with Bastille, moving to Nashville, rockin' staches and of course the new album! Monologue (NPR's how to make friends): 0:00:22Birthday Suit 1: 14:14Ripped from the Headlines: 20:40Grizfolk - Be my Yoko: 34:40Shoutouts: 38:53Leftover Headline: 41:24Things that Don't Suck: 46:45Birthday Suit 2: 49:48Adam Roth Interview: 54:51Grizfolk - California High: 1:43:55Birthday Suit 3: 1:53:06

2hr 1min

4 Aug 2021

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Meet Jason Furie & Adam Roth

Popcorn and Soda

Join hosts Jason Furie and Adam Roth for a digital handshake getting to know their favorite movies and movie franchises.  We reveal our top 3 movies, movie series, tv series, and Star Wars films. We immediately regretted not mentioning Indiana Jones at all, but we did manage to agree on a few things. The Alien franchise is where it's at, and predictably, we both love The Empire Strikes Back.Visit Website | Join Newsletter | Support | Facebook | Instagram


23 Feb 2021

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Adam Roth interview, world exclusive!


The King of Echo park, Adam the Roth breaks away from the big time to talk to Safe Space Baby Vic in this earth shattering tell all exposé! Hold onto your pampers, it’s going to be a bumpy ass ride AF! --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/victor-cayro/messageSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/victor-cayro/support


8 Jan 2021

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Rapsody, Mashd N Kutcher, Andrew Belle & Adam Roth Interviews: Anything Goes w/ Jackson Neill EP. 25

Anything Goes w/ Jackson Neill

To start off, Rapsody joins the show to discuss her "Laila's Wisdom" project (0:45). Later, Australian duo Mashd N Kutcher come on to talk about their latest song "Pretend" and current North American tour (17:55). Then, Andrew Belle calls in to discuss his "Dive Deep" album and tour (28:47). Last but not least, Adam Roth of Grizfolk joins Jackson to discuss the bands latest single "In My Arms" featuring Jamie N Commons and more (40:44). Check back next week for another episode of "Anything Goes". Listen live on 107.9 FM in NJ Monday's 6-8 P.M. Follow Jackson on Twitter: @jacksonneill20 10-9-17


23 May 2020

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E-010 More Tech Trends for Grant Management with Adam Roth, Jillian Neimeister and Lucy Morgan CPA

Grant Talks Podcast

Episode Summary: ### Quick Episode Summary Grant Talks Podcast [#010] Intro .41 Fire Away Questions Adam Roth and Jillian Neimeister and Lucy Morgan CPA 1:39 Puerto Rico and Illinois Case-Studies: Technology Implementation5:54 Survival Tips for Grants Management-Changing Technology 7:32 What Open Data Means to Your Organization9:40 5 Phase Blueprint for Technology Implementation 13:23 Phase One: Initiation for Grant Technology Management 14:44 Phase Two: Planning for Realistic Expectations 15:04 Phase Three: Analysis Discovers What’s Really Going On 15:32 Phase Four: Rinse and Repeat Cycle-Analysis, Configuration and Testing 16:21 Phase Five: Real-World Technology: Migration and Go-Live 17.41 Timeframe: Expectation Setting in Technology Upgrades 18.44 First Steps for Kicking the Excel Spreadsheet Habit 23:21 Predictions for Grant Management-Open Data and Machine-Readable Formats 26:38 The Last Word with Adam Roth, Jillian Neimeister and Lucy Morgan CPA30:51 Outro Audio GrantTalks Podcast with Lucy M. Morgan CPA *32:33* Be sure to subscribe to the show!


17 Sep 2019

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E-009 Technology Trends - Grant Talks with Adam Roth and Jillian Neimeister from StreamLink Software with Lucy Morgan CPA

Grant Talks Podcast

### Quick Episode Summary Grant Talks Podcast [#009] Intro .41 Fire Away Questions Adam Roth and Jillian Neimeister and Lucy Morgan CPA 2:00 Live from the NGMA Conference – The Latest on the DATA Act4:28 How the DATA Act will affect Federal Grant Recipients 5:52 How Technology and Automation are Changing Grants Management7:18 Grant Technology from Drones, to Datasets to Blockchain8:49 Benefits of AI (Artificial Intelligence) on Grant Management 11:31 Real-World Grant Software Implementation Case Study 15:19 How Improved Grant Technology Solves Real-World Problems 17:52 Dealing with Disasters - Puerto Rico Technology Case Study 22:16 4 Eternal Truths About Technology and Grants 24:59 The Last Word with Adam Roth, Jillian Neimeister and Lucy Morgan CPA29:14 *Outro Audio GrantTalks Podcast with Lucy M. Morgan CPA 30:30 Be sure to subscribe to the show!


11 Sep 2019