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#1 – Vitalik Buterin & Karl Floersch: Retroactive Public Goods Funding

Into the Bytecode

This is a conversation with Vitalik Buterin and Karl Floersch. Vitalik is the creator of Ethereum, and Karl is a long-time Ethereum researcher who is working on Optimism (the Layer 2 optimistic rollup). We begin the conversation with a focus on retroactive public goods funding - a compelling idea that Vitalik and Karl shared earlier this year. We then move onto topics like decoupling value creation and value capture, the sustainability of public goods, Ether's Phoenix (a play on Roko's Basilisk, the thought experiment which originated in the LessWrong community), and governance models as lying somewhere on the continuum from being exclusionary to being conformist. Towards the end of the conversation, we talk about personal tokens and new social network designs.Check out our newsletter for other episodes and writing: bytecode.substack.com


10 Sep 2021

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The State of Optimism | Ben Jones & Karl Floersch (SotN 8/10)


Optimism is scaling Ethereum with its open-source Optimistic Rollup. Uniswap recently deployed on Optimistic Ethereum, officially kicking off Ethereum's Scalability Summer. Where does Optimism stand now? What's next? Optimists Ben Jones & Karl Floersch join to talk about working on Ethereum’s hardest problems and pioneering a better future for humanity. ------ 🚀 SUBSCRIBE TO NEWSLETTER: https://newsletter.banklesshq.com/  🎙️ SUBSCRIBE TO PODCAST: http://podcast.banklesshq.com/ ------ BANKLESS SPONSOR TOOLS: 💰 GEMINI | FIAT & CRYPTO EXCHANGE https://bankless.cc/go-gemini 🔀 BALANCER | EXCHANGE & POOL ASSETS https://bankless.cc/balancer 👻 AAVE | LEND & BORROW ASSETS https://bankless.cc/aave 🦄 UNISWAP | DECENTRALIZED FUNDING http://bankless.cc/uniswap ------ 📣 PoolTogether | DeFi's No-Loss Lottery Protocol https://bankless.cc/PoolTogether  ------ Topics Covered: 0:00 Intro 7:00 Ben Jones & Karl Floersch 9:10 Is Ethereum Scaling? 10:03 The History of Optimism 16:20 A Scaled Ethereum Chain 19:26 A Mental Model & Theme Parks 27:24 Governors & Contracts 29:29 Infrastructure & Use Cases 37:07 The Optimistic EVM 41:32 How Much Scale is There? 49:04 Latency & Liquidity 58:59 Layer 2 to Layer 2 1:06:29 Understanding Tradeoffs 1:09:18 MEV & Sequencing 1:19:17 Power & Responsibility 1:27:08 Saving Humanity 1:29:48 Fire Round Questions 1:34:54 Closing & Disclaimers ------ Resources: Optimism: https://optimism.io/  Ben on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ben_chain?s=20  Karl on Twitter: https://twitter.com/karl_dot_tech?s=20 ----- Not financial or tax advice. This channel is strictly educational and is not investment advice or a solicitation to buy or sell any assets or to make any financial decisions. This video is not tax advice. Talk to your accountant. Do your own research. Disclosure. From time-to-time I may add links in this newsletter to products I use. I may receive commission if you make a purchase through one of these links. Additionally, the Bankless writers hold crypto assets. See our investment disclosures here: https://newsletter.banklesshq.com/p/bankless-disclosures 

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11 Aug 2021

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Hashing It Out #89-Optimism Karl Floersch

Hashing It Out

Karl Floersch is an Developer that is working on layer-2 solutions for Ethereum. Karl walks us through the development Plasma, Casper, and then moving on to Optimistic Roll-ups. Links:Karl Floersch Website-Optimism Twitter-Optimism Github-Optimism Website-Karl Twitter-Karl The Bitcoin Podcast Social Media Slack Donate to Hashing It Out Discuss


24 Aug 2020

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Hashing It Out #89-Optimism Karl Floersch

The Bitcoin Podcast

Karl Floersch is an Developer that is working on layer-2 solutions for Ethereum. Karl walks us through the development Plasma, Casper, and then moving on to Optimistic Roll-ups.Links:Karl FloerschWebsite-OptimismTwitter-OptimismGithub-OptimismWebsite-KarlTwitter-KarlThe Bitcoin Podcast Social MediaSlackDonate to Hashing It OutDiscuss


30 Jul 2020

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Jinglan Wang & Karl Floersch: Optimism – The Optimistic Approach to Ethereum Scaling

Epicenter - Learn about Crypto, Blockchain, Ethereum, Bitcoin and Distributed Technologies

The Plasma Group was a not for profit research group focussing on layer-2 scaling on Ethereum. Optimism is a new Public Benefit Corporation that builds on the lessons of the Plasma research and is implementing Optimistic Rollups. This solution scales Eth 1.x and offers near-instant transaction finality on Ethereum, while providing over 100x transaction throughput. Jinglan Wang and Karl Floersch, co-founders of Optimism, explain the transition to this new entity and its goals moving forward.Topics covered in this episode:Jinglan and Karl's backgrounds and how they came to work togetherHow the Plasma Group and all of the Plasma research evolved into OptimismFunding of Optimism through Gitcoin, and the lessons learned from donation fundingWhat are Optimistic Rollup and how they achieve scalingHow to make an Optimistic Rollup chainOptimistic Rollups compared to other scaling solutions like Truebit, sharding and zkRollupsHow Optimistic Rollups fit within the Eth 2.0 roadmapThe role of an aggregator and how to become oneSubmitting transactions, the fees involved, and different finality levelsProblems that could arise from mining transactions on incorrect statesWho is using the OVM alpha and what's next for the projectEpisode links: Optimism WebsitePlasma Group WebsiteIntroducing the OVM - Plasma Group Blog""Ethereum Smart Contracts in L2: Optimistic Rollup - Plasma Group BlogA New Way to Scale - Optimized Optimistic Rollup — IDEX BlogOptimism TwitterJinglan Wang TwitterKarl Floersch TwitterSponsors: Least Authority: Register for Security Sessions on April 30th to learn about security audits for your blockchain project - https://leastauthority.com/meetupThis episode is hosted by Friederike Ernst & Sunny Aggarwal. Show notes and listening options: epicenter.tv/336


21 Apr 2020

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Karl Floersch: Plasma Cash and the Ethereum Roadmap

Epicenter - Learn about Crypto, Blockchain, Ethereum, Bitcoin and Distributed Technologies

Ethereum Foundation researcher Karl Floersch joined us to discuss the main projects to upgrade Ethereum: Casper, Sharding and Plasma. Karl has been playing a key role in creating a new and simpler specification for Ethereum sidechains called Plasma Cash. We discussed the evolution of the Plasma project and what Ethereum’s evolution in the coming years could look like. Topics covered in this episode: How Karl originally became involved in Ethereum The role of Casper, Sharding and Plasma in the Ethereum roadmap The problems with the original Plasma concept How Plasma Cash provides a simple scalability solution The challenge of data availability Use cases and timeline for Plasma Episode links: Plasma Cash Simple Spec Ethereum Plasma MVP Overview Plasma Cash Discussion on Ethereum Research Cryptoeconomics: An Introduction Plasma & The Public Ethereum Chain - Joseph Poon (Ethereal Summit 2017) Plasma - Original Whitepaper This episode is hosted by Brian Fabian Crain and Meher Roy. Show notes and listening options: epicenter.tv/232

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24 Apr 2018

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Episode 17: Discussing Plasma and Storage Rent with Karl Floersch and Phil Daian

Zero Knowledge

Plasma is a new type of scaling solution that Karl is helping to develop, and Phil tries to tear it apart. Phil also introduces the topic of storage rent, which is an uncomfortable truth we'll have to face sooner rather than later. We sit down and try to dig through and define what Plasma is, what the pro's and con's are and what potential use-cases the technology has. Unfortunately, the second half of the storage rent conversation was lost, but what's there is still valuable enough to share. Hopefully we can get another episode with Phil to dig deeper into the topic. Karl Floersch Phil Daian Plasma


22 Mar 2018

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Blockchain Billions interview with Karl Floersch

Blockchain Billions Podcast

Listen to Blockchain Billions interview with Karl Floersch https://blockchainbillions.files.wordpress.com/2017/03/blockchain-billions-interview-with-karl-floersch.mp3 Follow us on Amazon Alexa, Apple Podcasts, AudioBoom, CastBox, Google Play and TuneIn. Questions?

13 Mar 2017