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AMUD-ALEF: Episode 2 - Tiyulim @ Amudim (featuring Jamie Berman)


Welcome to AMUD-ALEF! The one-stop podcast to find out everything you׳d ever need to know about Amudim, a Midrasha located in Modi’In, Israel! Hosted by Avygayl Zucker (Amudim, year 3), every episode features a conversation about a different unique Amudim experience with another alumna or student.


3 Nov 2020

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Ep #71 How to Lose Weight with PCOS with Jamie Berman

Abs are Made in the Mind

On this episode, I interview Jamie Berman, Master Certified Life and Weight Coach, about losing weight with PCOS (or if you just believe you've tried everything and can't lose weight). Click here to learn more about LetsGetChecked and get 30% off when you use code MIND30. Listen along for some amazing tips that you can apply to your own weight loss, self-control, and overeating journey. Follow me on Instagram here.


9 Oct 2020

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Ep #99: Why Loving Yourself Is an Inside Game with Jamie Berman

The Design You Podcast

We all have that experience of wanting to make a certain amount of money, or losing weight, or finding the perfect partner, and then not feeling the way we thought we would when we got there. Jamie is talking us through how to cultivate the feelings you want to experience now, and why unless you do the necessary work on yourself, you’re going to have the same feelings and be the exact same person you are right now. Get full show notes and more information here: https://tobifairley.com/99


13 Feb 2020

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PCOS & Weight Loss with Jamie Berman

Living in the Yum

Jamie Berman sheds her beautiful combination of education in nutrition and hormones with the powerful impact our mindset has on experiencing sustainable weight loss. For more information: www.thepcoscoach.com @thepcoscoach


4 Sep 2019

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#5 PCOS Stories: Mindset Shift with Jamie Berman

Thriving with NourishMel Health

Real PCOS Stories cover personal experiences with PCOS women from around the world.  Meet Jamie Berman! The PCOS Coach who deals with the huge misconception and link that is in all weight loss journeys - that mindset and mental health don't matter. Jamie is powerful at educating women to go through the tough struggles and why we need to avoid being easy and comfortable in order to get to the next stage in our weight loss journey.  Weight loss is not only about diet and exercise according to Jamie and she finds more benefit in changing the way we think and our perspectives in order to effortlessly lose the stubborn weight.  Join us today as we talk about the exercise, nutrition and mindset pieces and how they all come together especially if you have PCOS.  Find out more about Jamie on Facebook and Instagram. She shows you 5 steps to lose weight with PCOS though her simple guide https://thepcoscoach.com/freeguide/ If you want more guides to help you in your PCOS Weight Loss journey, check out my 3 Unexpected foods to PCOS Weight Loss Guide at https://pages.convertkit.com/c58a5ddfd2/90a1638feb If you would like to be a podcast speaker, please email me at melissa@nourishmel.com Find out more about my work at NourishMel.--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/nourishmel/support


15 May 2019