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How to Use Social Media Successfully | Author of "Social Media Success" and CEO of TechPixies

THRIVE | Learning From The Best

My guest today, Joy Foster, is a unique example of success. ⭐ Former Archery US Olympian ⭐ Author of "Social Media Success"  ⭐ Founder of TechPixies She is a mother of two, a devout Christian where her faith gave her strength during the troughs and valleys of entrepreneurship life.   You can follow Joy Foster on social media: 🔗 Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/techpixies📸 Instagram: https://instagram.com/TechPixies🟦 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TechPixies🐤 Twitter: https://twitter.com/TechPixies LET'S STAY CONNECTED! 🌐 My website- https://www.drsoliman.com  🔗 LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/drsoliman/📸  Instagram - https://instagram.com/drsolimanmd🟦 Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/drsolimanmd🐤 Twitter - https://twitter.com/drsolimanmd--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/drsolimanmd/support


2 Dec 2020

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[Episode 56] Are you earning what you’re worth? TechPixies' founder Joy Foster shares her journey to achieving financial independence

Sparkle and Thrive

‘A lawyer once said to me, I’ll offer a woman a promotion and she’ll thank me and a man will negotiate. What on earth is that all about?’ What on earth, indeed! This corker of a quote comes from Tamsin Napier-Munn, a guest on the Sparkle and Thrive Podcast during our Be Brave & Sparkle series (it's episode 50. Go and check it out and, while you’re there, tune in to episode 21 on the truths about money). And it’s got us thinking: why is it that so many women struggle with channelling their inner Jerry Maguire (go on, scream ‘Show me the money’ in front of the mirror and tell us it doesn’t feel good)? Why is it that women aren’t pulling on their brave pants to ensure they are earning what they’re worth? Granted, we’ve been battling a gender pay gap for decades now, but as Tamsin’s quote shows, there are bigger issues at play when it comes to our relationship with money. If only there was someone who could help us unpick this thorny issue… Fortunately, we know just the woman. Here’s why you need to tune inHere at TechPixies, we have someone who knows a thing or two about earning what they’re worth. Joy Foster, our founder and all-round wonder woman, has seen it all: from ‘this sucks’ to the megabucks, in this week’s excellent episode Joy details her journey to achieving financial independence. By sharing her story – an honest account full of highs and lows – we hope you go away, write down that big number and then get to work making it a reality. Because you are worth it – you just need to believe it.Here’s what to listen out for: [03:17] Joy receives an interesting letter in the post. [05:31] Joy struggles to identify what she’s worth. [12:03] Find out the career Joy almost pursued (in her Hyundai Elantra). [21:23] Hear the shocking moment Joy experienced in Switzerland. [25:52] Listen to Joy’s one regret. [32:10] Hear the best advice Joy ever received. [36:10] Listen to Joy describe her own experience of imposter syndrome. [44:16] Hear Joy’s brilliant advice. Oh, and whatever number you write down, be sure to add a nought to it (go on, be brave, add another). Now press play and get set to fast-track your success.   For links and resources mentioned in this episode, please visit our website. 


14 Oct 2020

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[Episode 51] Start your transformation today with TechPixies founder Joy Foster

Sparkle and Thrive

Transformation. What does that word mean to you? No, we’re not talking robots in disguise (Bumblebee was our favourite Transformer, FYI), nor are we thinking of the slightly dodgy paint jobs on Changing Rooms (we’re showing our age now, but there are rumours of this show making a comeback 😆!). We’re talking about the transformation that’s possible when you invest in yourself and get into the right mindset. Or, more specifically, our super talented founder Joy Foster is. Here’s why you need to tune inShe’s taken to the mic to kick off our Transformation season, a month-long series of inspiring Sparkle and Thrive podcast episodes that see Joy chatting to women whose lives have been transformed for the better by becoming social media savvy. In this first instalment, Joy flies solo to get you thinking about what transformation really means (hint: the future you want is totally achievable).Pretty much every TechPixie worth their sparkly notebook knows that real change starts in the mind. But, as Joy points out, it’s not as simple as saying ‘I believe in myself’. What you need is the brilliant model that Joy sets out in this episode. She takes you through the three levels of her CSV pyramid and reveals how leveraging the power of social media will help you get to where you want to be. You’ll also learn why it’s so important to keep repeating the TechPixies’ mantra (all together now): ‘I am valuable, I am enough’. Here’s what to listen out for:[01:38] Surprise! The TechPixies programme doesn’t just teach social media.[06:13] Joy begins to describe her CSV model. Hear what’s at the bottom of the pyramid. [08:50] We learn that the TechPixies’ brand font has a really lovely meaning. [12:28] Joy reveals what’s in the middle of the CSV pyramid. [13:38] Joy acknowledges the triggers that can knock your confidence. [15:58] How you think matters. [20:23 Hear what used to freak Joy out.  [22:38] Joy reaches the top of the pyramid.[31:00] Enjoy this simple message: you don’t need permission to invest in yourself. So, grab a cuppa, settle in and press play now. For links and resources mentioned in this episode, please visit TechPixies.com/episode51


9 Sep 2020

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Married to an Olympian. What Happens When You Start Life Deciding to be the Best in the World?

Dot to Dot Behind the Person

We discuss the twists and turns that took Joy Foster to the place she is today. An award-winning serial social entrepreneur whose work helping women upskill with modern technology, has seen her recognised as a ‘Rising Star’ by WeAreTheCity (one of the largest women’s networks in the whole of the UK). Joy has also been and recognised by Computer Weekly and Business Insider as one of the most influential people shaping British technology in 2019 and 2020. In 2018, she was named as one of the 100 Faces of the Vibrant Economy by Grant Thornton and won the Institute of Directors Startup Director of the Year for London and the South.  Joy also hosts the Sparkle and Thrive podcast which was launched in 2019 as part of TechPixies. The podcast can be found on both apple podcasts and spotify. On 27 April 2020, the podcast hit #1 on the UK podcast charts. We mention Fiona’s book Mirror Thinking in the podcast which is available at the links below in the UK, USA and rest of the world 15th Sept:https://bit.ly/MirrThinkhttps://amzn.to/2yKpf4jhttps://bit.ly/2ylrc7H You can find Joy at:Instagram https://www.instagram.com/techpixiejoy/Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/techpixiejoy/ Tech Pixies at:https://techpixies.com/Instagram @TechPixies And Fiona Murden at: Instagram: www.instagram.com/fiona_murdenTwitter: https://twitter.com/fionamurdenFacebook: https://facebook.com/fionamurden

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26 Aug 2020

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Flip The Switch From Money Mindset Blocks to 6 Figure Launches with Joy Foster

Epic Success with Dr Shannon Irvine

I know you have a big desire to impact people in a big way. I know this because you’re here. I know this because you’re reading these words and putting in the work.  You want to transform people... the way they do things and the way they live their lives. You want to impact them through and through, and in a long lasting way.   I know you can do it... achieve the success you’ve been longing for and transform people along the way. And I want to help you do it, just like I’ve helped thousands of other entrepreneurs show up and serve big!  In this week’s episode of the Epic Success Podcast, I interview Joy Foster of TechPixies. She unfolds the story of her entrepreneurship journey and how Epic Success Academy has helped her to unleash her success.  Joy is changing lives through her program by helping women gain the confidence they need in the tech world, all while implementing the things she teaches in her own life.  Get ready. Grab a pen and paper and listen! The biggest take-aways from today’s episode are: “I hadn’t fully tapped into my own mindset even though I was helping other women tap into theirs.”  I always say that transformed people transform people. You have to have the mindset transformation yourself before you can empower and help others to change their mindset. Because of mindset shift and mindset change, you will be able to create the life you’ve always dreamed of having. [3:04] “This story has become so clear since working with you [in Epic Success Academy].”  Everybody has a money story. In Joy’s case, it was “Money is bad”. She grew up being embarrassed of money and sought to escape it. With the help of Epic Success Academy, she was able to rewire that story and shift her entire belief around money as a whole. [6:15] “When you are making big leaps, there will be resistance and negative thoughts… but [Epic Success gives you] the tools to work through those things and rewire the brain.” Our brains are wired to keep us safe and familiar and when our brains feel threatened with something new and different, there is resistance and negative thoughts that occur in order to keep us in that state of familiarity. The good news is… We have the ability to push through that resistance in order to rewire our brain and our thinking for good! The Epic Success Academy has done it for hundreds of people and it can do it for you too! [24:30] It’s time to be the Unleashed Entrepreneur you’ve always dreamed of being! It’s time to show up big and start serving the way you’ve always wanted. It’s time to be the creator of your own thoughts so you can have the life you’ve always dreamed of having!  I see this in you… I know you can do it… And I want to help you every step of the way!  One of the best ways to do that is through the Epic Success Academy. And… The waitlist is officially open for my signature course, the Epic Success Program! Are you ready to finally believe AND achieve the success you’re looking for in your business? Join the waitlist to be the FIRST notified when we open the doors to my signature Epic Success Program, so that you too can Flip the Success Switch that today’s 6 & 7 figure entrepreneurs use to grow their businesses, reach more people, and create more impact. Sign up  here! Today I want to give a shoutout to one of my Epic Success Podcast listeners who left a 5-star review titled “Totally what I needed!”: “Dr. Shannon’s podcast totally speaks right to my heart! I love how I feel when I finish listening to an episode and can apply what I Ve learned right away! Thanks Dr. Shannon!”I absolutely love sharing the brain-based process of creating success in your life & business with you each week on the Epic Success podcast! Reviews are how I know you’re finding value and help me share Epic Success with more people! If you have something you want to say about the Epic Success podcast, I’d love it if you’d post a 5-star review on iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts.


30 Jul 2020

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How She Did It: More Revenue, More Fun, Less Work w/ Joy Foster

The Art of Online Business

Are you working really long hours in your in-person business and seeing other areas of your life suffer as a result? Do you want to see higher levels of success without increasing the amount of time you work by going online? Then, my guest interview in this episode is perfect for you. Joy Foster is the founder of TechPixies - a UK-based business that helps women upskill with modern technology like social media, WordPress, and MailChimp so that they can confidently return to work, navigate a career change or build a business. She’s also one of my mastermind students, and I could not be more proud of what she’s accomplished.  Joy is passionate about helping women earn what they want while doing what they love and learning new skills along the way. She spent the last year taking a face-to-face instruction model and transitioning it to an online course business. As a result of her hard work, her business won the 2020 Digital Course of the Year award from DigitalWomen Awards.  Joy learned that it’s critical to show up consistently online to serve your audience and that it can be helpful to engage in new ways. She saw a huge jump in her following simply by repurposing her webinar content into a podcast. The tipping point in growing her online course launches came when she started creating her own Facebook ads. If you’ve wondered what it’s like to be an online course creator and navigate a course launch with all its ups, downs, and tech issues, Joy gives us an honest look. She also shows how strategically outsourcing tasks in your business can lessen the load on your plate and help you to scale.  On Today’s Show You’ll Learn About:  Creating consistent revenue in your online business while working fewer hours Successfully launching  using the Livestream launch formula  Best practices for transitioning a face-to-face instruction method to an online digital course model Engaging with your audience in new ways  Effectively using Facebook Ads to grow your audience and promote your course launches How to use podcasting to repurpose your content and grow your following  Increasing prices for your online course  As you can see, Joy has been on a journey of growth in her business over the past year. If you are ready to take a similar journey and are an online expert like Joy, then I’d love to serve you in my newly updated monthly Accelerator Mastermind program. The program is now open by application only. Click here to apply Full show notes available at www.rickmulready.com/296


13 May 2020

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Award winning TechPixies' Joy Foster on Sparkle, Star Jars and Fairy Festivals

Brave Pants with Vogue and the Viking

Please meet the multiple award winning Joy Foster, the founder of TechPixies. Joy, a previous Olympic hopeful tells us about how she stalked her husband in to marriage (not quite but it makes a good story), became an accidental entrepreneur in Switzerland and is now on a mission to become the number one online tech course provider for women, worldwide...


10 Mar 2020

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Think Big and Grab the Courage - Joy Foster, TechPixies

Fundraising Stories with Women Entrepreneurs

Fundraising expert Julia Elliott Brown, the CEO of Enter The Arena talks with Joy Foster, TechPixies.After equipping over 100 women with digital skills, through a mix of online and in-person training, Joy realised she needed to get external investment to take the business to the next level. Her extraordinary funding experience started with feeling stressed from trying to manage the business without external investor involvement, to being told she was worth investing in. This fuelled her to have the courage to think big and go for it. She raised £150K from a female-led group of investors and is now scaling her business for the next stage of growth.In this episode, you’ll discover:How to know it’s the right time for external investmentWhy you should be confident when talking moneyHow to think big and then act upon it with courageFor the full video interview, go to http://www.enterthearena.co.uk/Fundraising-Stories/


8 Nov 2019

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[Episode 2] What is it like to be married to a dream chaser aka Joy Foster?

Sparkle and Thrive

This week I’m doing something a little bit different, I’ve invited my husband along to talk about what it is like to be married to me 😮  well actually what it is like to be married to a course creator, goal getter, dream chaser (which also happens to be me!). Tim and I have been married for 10 years but what makes him a bit unique in terms of a partner on my dream building journey is the fact that he has in fact chased (and achieved) his own dreams. Tim was part of the Sydney Olympics Dream Team that won gold 🥇 in the Coxless Four with Steve Redgrave, James Cracknell and Matthew Pinsent. He knows a little bit about what it is like to chase your dreams and so I thought it would be fun to ask him what it is like to be a passenger on the ‘Joy Dream Train.’So what does Tim think about being married to a dream chaser?Listen and find out!


27 Aug 2019

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#32: GOD – Joy Foster

School for Mothers Podcast

What keeps us going through dark times? I'm joined by Joy Foster to discuss her relationship with faith and GOD.  We all have faith, whether that’s in GOD, people, ourselves, or something completely different. We explore where this faith comes from and how it can guide us when everything seems hopeless. This is a topic which is surprisingly close to home for me as I had a deeply religious upbringing (and yes I was educated at a convent with nuns in wimples!). Our conversation heads to some dark places as we discuss Joy’s father’s suicide and history of mental health issues in her family. Joy provides invaluable insight into how to get through profound personal tragedy. Unsurprisingly, this is a highly emotional conversation, so you might want to have tissues close at hand. TRIGGER WARNING - Suicide Read the full show notes over on our website School for Mothers Website ●  School For Mothers Private Facebook Group ● School for Mothers Instagram


5 Jun 2019