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#028 - Alex Curtis - Building Your Authority Through Podcasting

Content Marketing Crusaders

#028 - Alex Curtis - Building Your Authority Through Podcasting


5 Jul 2021

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The Mortgage Mum Podcast

Sometimes what you WANT is not what you NEED. As Alex quotes in this episode: Henry Ford once said "If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses".... "How much can I borrow on a mortgage?" and "Mortgage Calculators" are 2 of the most googled mortgage questions. We explain why this is a pointless exercise for you, and the reason these companies entice you in this way! In today's episode Sarah Tucker talks to Alex Curtis, Founder of The Lead Engine about why you shouldn't use a mortgage calculator to find out how much you can borrow, and the reason that websites use a calculator to get your data! Alex Curtis started his digital marketing career part-time whilst still at university in 2004 Alex worked for 2 digital marketing agencies until 2014 when he started his journey as a freelance digital marketing consultant. Since then The Lead Engine team has grown, working with far more businesses and bigger clients making a name for themselves as one of the top digital marketing firms in the financial services industry. Alex hosts The Advisers Assemble Podcast and Facebook community of the same name. Pre-lockdown his company ran two annual marketing masterclass events for financial advisers too. The Lead Engine is a lead generation marketing agency for financial services. Traditionally brokers and advisors either rely on introducers, referrals or buy leads from third party websites. With either a lack of knowledge or feel like they are bogged down by compliance, small to medium-sized broker firms rarely market their own business and brand to generate leads. The Lead Engine was formed to disrupt this trend and help financial services companies generate warmer leads for a lower cost using their own brand and website. This is in total alignment with The Mortgage Mum brand, and what we stand for! Listen in as we discuss what marketing companies ACTUALLY do with your data, and why its unethical to mortgage brokers and to consumers. Let's work together to change this! Speak to a broker today and let us bypass the calculator for you, without selling your data..... If you have any questions for Sarah following this podcast please email sarah@themortgagemum.co.uk or contact Sarah on social media. Alternatively, please head over to www.themortgagemum.co.uk or contact us on social media. We would love to help you! The Mortgage Mum is a team of 20 female brokers based all across the UK. They are passionate, driven, enthusiastic women who thrive from helping customers achieve their property dreams. They educate, empower and they give an excellent service from start to finish. Follow The Mortgage Mum on all social media platforms: Facebook - The Mortgage Mum Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/the_mortgage_mum/ LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/sarah-tucker-the-mortgage-mum-%E2%9C%A8-669898185/ YouTube - The Mortgage Mum Thank you for listening. Our beautiful intro and outro piano music was created and recorded by the incredible Zoe Alexandria - www.zoealexandria.co.uk. Please check her out on social media. She is so talented. If you would like to appear as a guest on The Mortgage Mum podcast please email sarah@themortgagemum.co.uk


28 Apr 2021

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12 - Building Lead Gen Brands For Brands (with Alex Curtis)

B2C Lead Generation

This week we caught up with Alex Curtis from The Lead Engine to discuss what it takes to build lead gen brands as a method of generating more and better quality leads. 


22 Mar 2021

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Alex Curtis: Lead Generation for Graphic Designers

See Through Design

In this episode of the See Through Design podcast we interview lead generation expert - Alex Curtis. We discuss Alex's background, company, niching, personal branding, things you can do to get more leads as a designer, what people looking to hire designers look for and most importantly Batman!

1hr 9mins

8 Mar 2021

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Episode #102 - Alex Curtis 2.0

The Danny Toddcast

Welcome back my good friend Alex Curtis aka Turtle to the podcast! He was on episode #3 at the beginning of it all. Alex is a Photographer, Videographer, Graphic and Web Designer based in Southern California. We talk about his new studio ventures, the hot new app Clubhouse, some Touring and more... You can check out his work on Instagram: @nativegiants, and for studio bookings contact booking.luxcraftstudios@gmail.com.

1hr 4mins

1 Mar 2021

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Lead Gen Marketing Strategies, Approach, and Messaging with Alex Curtis

Uncover Wealth Radio

In this episode of Uncover Wealth Radio 319. We will be discussing all about Lead Gen Marketing Strategies, Approach, and Messaging with Alex Curtis. Attracting leads for your potential customers is very essential because you are nurturing them throughout the buying process, to help convince them about your offerings, about your products and services thereby converting them to paying customers.  In this episode, we are going to have a wonderful conversation with Alex Curtis from The Lead Engine, on how to scale your business and generate your own leads. Today, Annette Ferguson, who is the host of Uncover Wealth Radio and a pro in helping entrepreneurs take home more money from their business for them and their family to enjoy, is here to tell you all about money, business wealth and creating financial freedom Uncover Wealth Radio Episode 319Click To Tweet Get All My Best Resources Click Here Partner With Me Here Inquire Now JOIN THE FACEBOOK GROUP! Uncover Wealth Community Points of Discussion Here are a few insights you’ll hear in today’s show… How do we position our business to generate more inquiries? How to address the problem if your business is not coming up in the search algorithms? Producing new content as much as we can, helps with traffic to your website. A side discussion of the new buzzword  on social network called Clubhouse and how it is set apart from the rest because of its exclusivity. How was Alex’s “Profit First” journey? Resources Tool Semrush software – Do SEO, content marketing, competitor research, PPC and social media marketing from just one platform – https://www.semrush.com/ Books mentioned in the interview: 1. They Ask You Answer: A Revolutionary Approach to Inbound Sales, Content Marketing, and Today’s Digital Consumer by Marcus Sheridan https://www.amazon.com/They-Ask-You-Answer-Revolutionary/dp/1119312973 2.How was Alex’s “Profit First” journey? Book, Profit First: Transform Your Business from a Cash-Eating Monster to a Money-Making Machine by Mike Michalowicz https://www.amazon.com/Profit-First-Transform-Cash-Eating-Money-Making-ebook/dp/B01HCGYTH4 Search listening tool for market, customer and market research: https://answerthepublic.com/ Connect with Annette Ferguson Facebook Keep posted on our updates and hit like on our page at this link: facebook.com/annettefergusonuk Instagram Give us a heart and hit follow to get some insights from us at this link:instagram.com/annettefergs YouTube Subscribe now in our channel and keep posted from our daily lives and business hacks.youtube.com/channel/UCkohh_X-4R5mKfEW9rBQ1qA LinkedIn Keep updated and connected on our certified post at this link:linkedin.com/in/annettefergusonuk Twitter Follow and tweet with us on this link: twitter.com/Annette_Fergs TikTok Keep on the trend with us on this link: tiktok.com/@annette_fergs iTunes https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/uncover-wealth-radio/id1473582522 Website Visit and inquire on our homepage at this link: annetteandco.co.uk Connect with Alex Curtis Website: https://theleadengine.co.uk/ Podcast: Advisers Assemble – https://theleadengine.co.uk/lead-generation-financial-services-podcast/ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/alex-curtis-lead-generation/


19 Feb 2021

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ClickUp vs Asana with Alex Curtis from The Lead Engine

Paperless Movement

Which works better for small teams, ClickUp or Asana? We'll find out in this interview with Alex Curtis, CEO of The Lead Engine.➡️ Get 15% OFF ClickUp here: https://pplmvm.com/discountsAbout Alex Curtis (his own words):"I am the host of the ‘Lead Generation For Financial Services Podcast’, the ‘Equity Release Podcast’ and the ‘Mortgage & Protection Podcast’.Whilst I recognise that every business is unique I couldn’t help but notice there are certain similarities amongst broker/advisor firms.- They need leads but don’t know how to generate their own.- They struggle to differentiate as all their competitors offer the same service with the same lenders.- Their websites don’t solve the problem that nobody wants to receive or pay for financial advice from a stranger.I turn websites into lead engines and use podcast interviews as fuel.The results are that businesses I work with consistently convert people from search engines, social media and email lists into new clients."The Lead Engine website: https://theleadengine.co.uk/---Subscribe to my Youtube ChannelJoin my Inner Circle at www.paperlessmovement.comFollow me on Instagram and Twitter: @paperlessmoveJoin the Paperless Movement Facebook CommunityPlease take a second to rate this show in iTunes. ❤ It will mean a lot to me.-DISCLAIMER: This podcast description may contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. This helps support the podcast and allows me to continue to make interviews like this. Thank you for your support!


2 Dec 2020

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Episode 100 Special. The Alex Curtis Takeover, with special guest, Bob Gentle

The Personal Brand Entrepreneur Show.

That’s it - Episode 100 is out!  In this week’s show Alex Curtis turns the tables on me and guest hosts the show - interviewing me!We talk about what I do with my clients and how I bring them value.  We explore my podcast journey and how my attitude to and perspective on my business ( outside the podcast ) has changed over the last two years. If you want to know what I do, how I do it and who I do it for then this is the episode for you. As well as that I explain, very candidly, what my challenges have been about how the podcast has changed everything.---Subscribe to my Youtube!! Visit the show website at www.amplifyme.fmFollow on Instagram and Twitter @bobgentleJoin the Amplify Insiders Facebook Community : www.amplifyme.me/insidersPlease take a second to rate this show in iTunes. ❤ It will mean a lot to me.


12 Oct 2020

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019 | Digital Marketing Expert Alex Curtis On The Benefits Of Facebook Groups And Podcasting | Personal Branding 101 with Ash Borland

Content Marketing 101 | All Things Content Marketing, Social Media & Personal Branding

In this weeks episode I was lucky enough to sit down and chat with Digital Marketing Expert Alex Curtis On The Benefits Of Facebook Groups And Podcasting.  Alex is a genius when it comes to podcasting and creating a personal brand around himself and his business. He industry leading podcast "Advisers Assemble"  is the go to for mortgage advisers looking to understand how to generate leads themselves using digital marketing. I have watching him go from strength to strength  of the past few years with the launch of the podcast, creation of a free lead generation school and writing his own book on the subject! He consistently mentions in this podcast that the success of it all has come because he treats his content as an educational tool first.  If you want to connect with Alex here are the details.  Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/alex-curtis-lead-generation/ Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/advisersassemble/ Podcast: https://theleadengine.co.uk/lead-generation-financial-services-podcast/ *PERSONAL BRANDING 101* Welcome to the Personal Branding 101 podcast. My name is Ash Borland and I am a Personal Branding Coach. My theory is that everyone is individual and we all are our unique selling point. When we start to embrace this, we become unstoppable and irreplaceable.  In this podcast I will discuss all things personal branding from solo episodes to full on interviews with experts and practitioners in their chosen field.  All of content has ONE specific goal in mind...Helping you stand out from the crowd! *WHAT IS A PERSONAL BRAND?* A personal brand is how you promote yourself. It is the unique combination of skills, experience, and personality that you want to show the world.  The way others perceive you and your business is so important, If you have a good personal brand, people are willing to pay you more for your products, goods or services.  You can use your personal brand to differentiate yourself from your competitors. When done effectively, you can create something within your business that corporate brands and large organisations struggle to do. The 3 main benefits of building a personal brand include. 1) Establish credibility and become a thought leader in you niche. 2) Your network will begin to grow and with it new opportunities. 3) Your sales leads will increase without actively "chasing" them. You can either choose to ignore your personal brand, however it will develop organically. When you allow this to happen you do not have control of the brand direction OR you can take control of your personal brand and write your own narrative. Lets connect LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ashborland/ TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@ashborland Personal Branding 101 Community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/425920208110252/


6 Jul 2020

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Set House by Alex Curtis (Nancy)

Les Djs du Grand Est

Podcast orchestré par Alex Curtis. Dj sur Nancy dans de multiples établissements tels que : - Le Snooz (https://www.facebook.com/snooznancy) - Le Mojo (https://www.facebook.com/lemojonancy) - La Quincaillerie (https://www.facebook.com/quincaillerienancy) - Au bureau Ludres (https://www.facebook.com/aubureauludres) Contact : facebook : https://www.facebook.com/djalexcurtisfr twitter : @djalexcurtis insta : @djalexcurtis snap : djalexcurtis Copyright illustration © - Le Snooz Nancy 2020


29 Mar 2020