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16: Your Mindset & Your Success with Reina Pomeroy

Making Good: Small Business Podcast

Reina Pomeroy of Reina + Co joins me for episode 16 of Making Good.In this episode, we talk about how critical your mindset it is when it comes to getting the results you want in your business. Reina shares some mindset tips, what her high-achieving clients have in common, and routine business practices that she recommends. We also discuss why diversity and inclusion is important.If you enjoyed this episode, please leave a rating and review, and subscribe to Making Good so you never miss an episode.INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/makinggoodpodcast/SHOWNOTES: https://www.makinggoodpodcast.com/16


11 Aug 2020

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#21: Reina Pomeroy: Content Strategy, Hard Decisions and Start Ups

Business Magic with Maggie Giele

How much of yourself should you share online? How do you make decisions? When should you let go of something, and when should you persevere? Today, I'm speaking to my friend Reina Pomeroy, host of the successful Creative Empire podcast about her interesting journey in the online space to why she's now working at a start-up and has switched her former full-time online business to a side-hustle. How do you balance it all?Listen in if you're struggling with your content, building your personality online, and you find it hard to get visible while staying true to yourself.


10 Apr 2020

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EP 079 Diversity in the creative community | Reina Pomeroy

The Modern Creative

We’re chatting about diversity in the creative community, our experiences, what diversity means exactly, and how we can all be more inclusive in the creative community. This episode may be one that sparks conversation and that’s what we really hope. We’re not here to talk about right or wrong, place blame, lecture or anything along those lines. We’re also not here to be the spokespeople for diversity. We’re here to discuss a topic that we believe needs to be talked about. Things mentioned: Belong Article - https://static1.squarespace.com/static/559d4aa8e4b0233f5297177a/t/5d45eb0f8560f600013c192a/1564863264624/Belong+09+WEB+opt.pdf https://implicit.harvard.edu/implicit/takeatest.html Contact Reina: reinaandco.com/press instagram.com/reinaandcompany Get 50% off your first year of Honeybook: http://share.honeybook.com/themoderncreative Contact us at: themoderncreativepodcast.com instagram.com/moderncreativepodcast Contact Joyce: joycechristine.com instagram.com/_joycechristine Watch the FREE business training: https://joycechristine.com/masterclass-pod Contact Dianuh: chasinglinen.com instagram.com/dianuhaerin Music by Joakim Karud youtube.com/joakimkarud


4 Feb 2020

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How To Find Your Perfect Dreamy Clients For Your Online Business With Reina Pomeroy

The MindFuel Entrepreneur (Formerly Hack Your Online Business)

Do you have a value proposition for your online business? What does your business stand for? What do you stand for? On today’s episode, we are going to be talking about having a value proposition that will help your online business stand out. I’m joined by Reina Pomeroy today, who is a focus coach for creative entrepreneurs. She helps creative entrepreneurs get laser focused so they can book more dreamy clients with ease, get paid to do what they love, and have the freedom and flexibility to enjoy it all. She is the Founder of Reina and Co and the Creator of the Dreamy Client Magnet Program.


1 Jul 2019

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Creating Your Heck Yes with Reina Pomeroy

Effortless Podcast

Season 2, Episode 5 features Reina Pomeroy. Reina and I have worked together for years and I know she is passionate about helping entrepreneurs do what they love, build sustainable businesses, and overall just feel more HECK YES about what they’re doing in their biz. Listen above or in your favorite podcasting app! Your support means everything! Please subscribe and review in iTunes or your other favorite podcast app. For more info: https://kaitlynkessler.com/posts/s2e5


24 Jun 2019

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Ep 109: Let's Talk About Life, Business & Motherhood with Reina Pomeroy

The Purpose Show

Reina Pomeroy is a business coach for creatives, the Founder of Reina + Co., and mama to two little boys. She is incredibly talented and successful in all she does! She has mastered being the CEO of her business AND the CEO of her home (because doing both takes strategic balance!) This episode is a super laid back conversation between two working mama’s talking all things business, motherhood, pregnancy, infertility, rhythms and routines, getting it all done, and fitting it all in. I am so excited to share this conversation with you! Everything I talk about in this episode can be found HERE: http://alliecasazza.com/shownotes/109

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5 Jun 2019

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[025] How To Create a HECK YES Digital Product Offer That Your Dreamy Clients will LOVE with Reina Pomeroy

The Rebel Boss Ladies Podcast

Every product seller's worst nightmare is launching and getting zero sales. So how do you prevent that? How do you ensure you're creating a product your dream client actually wants and needs? Today on Rebel Boss Ladies episode 025 we're talking with Reina Pomeroy about just that. She’s a certified coach and the founder of Reina + Co. She does it all – she’s also an ICF certified coach, speaker, educator, author, and podcaster. Through Reina's signature program Dreamy Client Magnet, creative entrepreneurs get laser focused so they can book more dreamy clients with ease, while getting paid to do what they love and have the freedom and flexibility to enjoy it all. In today’s podcast and post, we’re going to be talking about #1: making sure that you don't create a product in isolation, and #2: ensuring that you're creating a customer-centric offer, meaning your customer has actually told you in one way or another that they want or need your product. We’re also going to talk all how to ensure that you communicate your offer to your Dreamy Customer the right way, so that they know that it's right for them. We have lots of incredible content today, so this is an episode that I’m sure you won’t want to miss! //GUEST BIO// Reina Pomeroy is a Certified Coach and Founder of Reina + Co. Through Reina’s Signature Program, Dreamy Client Magnet, creative entrepreneurs get laser focused so they can book more dreamy clients with ease, get paid to do what they love, and have the freedom and flexibility to enjoy it all. She is a ICF Certified Coach, Speaker, Educator, Author, and Podcaster. When not fully immersed in her company, you’ll find her supporting students at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business. Reina’s work has been featured on the top charts of iTunes Podcasts, the Entrepreneur.com, Influencer Podcast, Entrepreneur on Fire Podcast, Brit + Co, The Huffington Post, and the Rising Tide Society. Find out where you should be focusing in your business over at www.reinaandco.com.  //LINKS IN THE SHOW//  Find Reina’s Site, Reina + Co, here - https://www.reinaandco.com/ Check out Reina’s HECK Yes Offer workshop here – https://www.reinaandco.com/heckyes Follow Reina on Instagram here //LET'S CONNECT// Visit the site over at EdenFried.com Instagram| click here to join in on the fun Pinterest | https://www.pinterest.com/bloggerinsights/ //FREE GIFTS// Learn how I made my first ever $1k online and started to build my life of freedom and flexibility - download the ebook here at edenfried.com/case-study Create your first sales funnel with these FREE sales funnel templates: access here at edenfried.com/sales-funnel-worksheet Come up with your next digital product idea TODAY - free mini course! https://edenfried.com/idea/ Skyrocket your email list by using these 20 list building methods (free guide): https://edenfried.com/list-building-freebie/ 


31 May 2019

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From Unexplained Infertility to Planning a Small Business Maternity Leave With Reina Pomeroy

Startup Parent

#114 — From Unexplained Infertility to Planning a Small Business Maternity Leave How can or should entrepreneurship change in order to meet our changing life needs? What does it look like to be a business owner as a person without children versus one with kids? And what does it feel like to go through unexplained secondary infertility? Today we get to hear from Reina Pomeroy, coach, business owner and mother of two, across a breadth of experiences. She shares everything from her experience starting multiple businesses, to her multi-year infertility journey, to how sometimes our professional paths only make sense in hindsight. Through it all, Reina’s openness, vulnerability, and deep passion for her work shine through. Reina Pomeroy is a focus coach for creative entrepreneurs and the founder of Reina & Co. What began as a side hustle is now a business with six team members that can offer her fully paid maternity leave. That being said, her journey, like so many of ours, felt scattered and non-linear as she lived it but now it makes sense in helping her learn important skills. Her signature program, called The Dreamy Client Magnet, helps creative entrepreneurs get laser-focused on who they want to serve and who they want to work with and what their boundaries are so that they can book more dreamy clients with ease, get paid to do what they love, and have the freedom and flexibility to enjoy it all. The program covers how to stop doing things just because you’re good at them, and instead how to focus on what you love doing and creating space for freedom and flexibility. If you want to know where you can focus your business, that’s what today’s chat is all about. We then get to dig into Reina’s very thoughtful and simple Social Glue Strategy, which is all about how to connect with more people one-on-one and how to use connecting authentically with other people as a strategic tool in your business. This is especially useful if you’re an online or a digital entrepreneur and you may be don’t run into a lot of people, because your office happens to be your bedroom, or your closet, or a co-working space. Along the way, Reina also tells us about her own journey. She shares what it was like to be an entrepreneur without kids (hint: you have a lot more time to “hustle” and are a lot less tired), to switching professions after having her first baby after realizing just how precious her time and energy are. And while she is now planning out her fully paid maternity leave, there was a multi-year period in her life where she and her husband dealt with unexplained secondary infertility, or infertility that occurs after having already had a successful pregnancy. Along the way her son tried to ask Alexa for a baby, she and her husband prepared for IVF, and then ultimately conceived just hours before their first in vitro appointment. IN THIS EPISODE WE TALK ABOUT How Reina helps creative entrepreneurs get laser-focused on who they want to serve and who they want to work with and what their boundaries are so that they can book more dreamy clients with ease, get paid to do what they love, and have the freedom and flexibility to enjoy it all. Her non-linear path to entrepreneurship that might not “make sense on LinkedIn” but helped her gain the skills she needed to run her current, very successful coaching business. How Reina’s natural inclination to check in with and connect with people has become her most valuable trait and a skill she t --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/startupparent/message


20 May 2019

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Prioritizing Paying Yourself with Reina Pomeroy

Ambitious Mom Podcast

When you’re getting started in your business, paying yourself can feel far off. In this episode of the Ambitious Motherhood Podcast we chat with Reina Pomeroy all about how to prioritize paying yourself and tips on how to make sales feel ease-y.In this episode you’ll hearReina explain when to pay yourselfThe mindset behind sales that will help you close more salesAre you ready to finally take your idea and expertise and turn it into a profitable online business that you can run on “nap time hours”? Apply now for a complimentary Gameplan Call with Katie to strategize! >> Apply NowSee the full show notes >> HERESCREENSHOT THE SHOW TODAY AND TAG ME ON YOUR INSTAGRAM STORIES! I LOVE REPOSTING YOUR SHARE ON MY STORIES! See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


1 Apr 2019

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Episode 14: Attracting Your Dreamy Clients with Reina Pomeroy of Reina + Co.

The Inspired Entrepreneur with Alli Elmunzer

Reina Pomeroy is the founder of Reina & Co, and she’s a coach, speaker, educator, author, and a podcaster. She helps creative entrepreneurs get laser focused so they can book more dreamy clients with ease, get paid to do what they love, and have the freedom and flexibility to enjoy it all. She’s also the creator of her flagship program, The Dreamy Client Magnet, which is something we talk a lot about in this interview. She’s an expert on attracting and getting your dream clients. When Reina is not fully immersed in her company, you will find her facilitating groups at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business. Her work has been featured everywhere from The Entrepreneur on Fire Podcast, Entrepreneur.com, Brit & Co, The Huffington Post, The Rising Tide Society, and more! I know you guys are going to learn a lot from this interview today! IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL HEAR: About Reina’s journey to where she is today. How being a multi-passionate entrepreneur helps her find freedom and flexibility in her career. How Reina helps creative entrepreneurs focus on what’s important, book dreamy clients, make more money, and find freedom and flexibility in their own businesses. Reina’s thoughts on the idea of charging your value, instead of your worth, and how this mindset allows her to contribute significatn income to her family, while serving her clients in the best way possible. About the Cash Injection Challenge. About Reina’s flagship program, the Dreamy Client Magnet, and how to attract the RIGHT clients. REINA’S FAVORITE RESOURCES: There are a lot of great resources out there. It’s more important to get clear on what you want to learn, and go find those resources. REINA’S FAVORITE QUOTE: Life is too damn short not to love every single day. IF YOU ENJOYED THIS EPISODE OF THE INSPIRED ENTREPRENEUR, AND MY INTERVIEW WITH REINA POMEROY, I WOULD LOVE FOR YOU TO SHARE IT WITH ME. TAKE A SCREENSHOT OF YOU LISTENING TO THE EPISODE ON YOUR FAVORITE PODCAST PLAYER, SHARE IT ON YOUR INSTAGRAM STORIES, AND TAG ME, @ALLIELMUNZER.  LINKS: Reina + Co. Website Dreamy Client Magnet Connect with Reina on Instagram Connect with Alli on Instagram Join the Inspired Entrepreneur Facebook Group Subscribe to the Inspired Entrepreneur Podcast on iTunes


1 Apr 2019