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#229 The Ideation from Problem to Product to Platform ft Sangram Vajre

DemandGen Radio

Less than .04 percent of companies ever make the $10M mark. Most of them die in the early transformation stages, in the proverbial Valley of Death, before they ever undergo true transformation. If you don’t know what stage of the business you're in, you won’t be able to figure out what your next move should be. Which stage of the three Ps are you in? That’s problem market fit, product market fit, or platform market fit. In this episode, David interviews Sangram Vajre, Chief Evangelist and Co-Founder at Terminus, about the importance of achieving platform market fit for true transformation. Join us as we discuss: Reaching out to the person you’ve been missing lately. Becoming a student of the Valley of Death for businesses. Transformation from problem to product to platform. Morning Brew and Skimm as examples of platform success. The CEO’s ownership of go-to-market. Check out these resources mentioned: DemandGen TV Episode 228 with Ken Narita Sangram’s latest book is The MOVE To hear this interview and many more like it, subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or on DemandGenRadio.com or search for DemandGen Radio in your favorite podcast player.


3 Nov 2021

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Sangram Vajre: The MOVE framework for Go-To-Market

The ABM Conversations Podcast - for B2B marketing professionals

In this episode, Sangram Vajre, the Chief Evangelist and co-founder of Terminus and the host of The FlipMyFunnel Podcast, joins us to discuss the MOVE Framework -- an actionable framework for Go-To-Market (GTM).He talks about:--> Why is GTM not a strategy but rather a product of its own--> 6 major truth bombs about Go-To-Market--> Stages of market maturity, and how GTM transforms at each stage--> What is the MOVE framework? What's the right maturity stage for applying it?--> Who are the stakeholders in executing GTM and what are their responsibilities?


1 Nov 2021

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Sangram Vajre - Make your MOVE: The 4-Part GTM Strategy

The Sales Development Podcast

Ideation. Transition. Execution. These are the three stages of business growth every C-suite leader must navigate throughout the life of their company. Surviving each one is not good enough. You want to thrive, evolve, and, when necessary, transform.But who do you market to? What do you need to operate effectively? When can you scale your business, and in which areas can you grow the most? As the markets change, so will your answers. But these four questions will help you focus on the who, what, when, and where of your business—and they remain the same. In MOVE, B2B go-to-market experts Sangram Vajre and Bryan Brown provide you with a four-question framework that will reveal your next steps and propel you forward, no matter the size of your company or the stage you’re in.Join host David Dulany and Sangram as we dive into how this works and how it can benefit you! COMING UP: The Tenbound Sales Development Conference LIVE in-person in San Francisco. Be there October 27th → tenbound.com/conference #SDR #BDR #salesdevelopment #tenbound #podcast #sales #marketing #salesengagement #salesenablement #research #prospecting


15 Oct 2021

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Launching a new book and the 4-Question Go-to-Market Framework behind it with Sangram Vajre, Co-founder at Terminus

Modern Day Marketer

Sangram Vajre is the co-founder of Terminus, the leader in account-based marketing, and the host of The Flip My Funnel Podcast. He joins the podcast to discuss is his new book, MOVE-The 4-Question Go-To-Market Framework, and explains the MOVE framework and the 3 P’s (problem-market fit, product market fit, platform-market fit). 0:00 Intro 1:05 Conversation with Sangram 3:10 Growing on LinkedIn 4:30 Consistency 5:50 Community of modern-day marketers 10:05 New book 12:53 Working at Pardot 17:35 McDonald’s 19:00 Joe Rogan’s podcast 19:55 Is your go-to-market broken 25:06 MOVE framework— Market, Operations, Velocity, Expansion 29:40 Collaborating on book 32:00 Making personalized videos 36:45 Roles in go-to-market function 38:44 Content within MOVE framework 40:07 Order book 40:42 Outro Join The JuiceORDER SANGRAM'S BOOK MOVE HERE Follow Sangram| Twitter | LinkedIn | Terminus | The FlipMyFunnel Podcast Follow Brett:| Twitter | LinkedIn    


24 Sep 2021

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972: The 4-Question Go-To-Market Framework, with Sangram Vajre

Sales Enablement Podcast

Sangram Vajre is the co-founder of Terminus and he is the co-author (along with Bryan Brown) of a new book titled: MOVE: The 4-Question Go-To-Market Framework. Today we discuss the problems caused by an ineffective GTM. We dive into what GTM means: a transformational process for accelerating your path to market with high-performing revenue teams (marketing, sales, and customer success) delivering a connected customer experience where every touchpoint reinforces the brand, values, and vision of your company. Or more simply it's your go-to-market process that connects your company strategy to your customer outcomes. We explore why you need a clear go-to-market process to ensure that your company continues to deliver the promise of your vision to both employees and customers. And we dig into how you can implement a framework for your GTM strategy by answering just four questions.Connect with Andy: LinkedInSponsored by:ringDNA | Transform your sales team into a high-performing revenue engine | ringDNA.comQualified | The #1 conversational sales & marketing platform for Salesforce | Qualified.comExplore the ringDNA Podcast Universe:Sales Enablement PodcastSelling with Purpose PodcastRevOps Podcast


21 Sep 2021

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RevOps is the #2 Most Important Business Function in this New Go-to-Market Framework, "MOVE" (w/ Sangram Vajre, Chief Evangelist @ Terminus)

Go-to-Market Excellence

RevOps is one of the most important roles in any organization, second only to the CEO, and it will stay that way over the next three to five years. Why is it so important and how do you implement a go-to-market framework that works for your team? In this wide-ranging conversation, special co-host Heather Quitos and I interview Sangram Vajre, Co-Founder and Chief Evangelist at Terminus, about his new book MOVE and the lessons that it teaches us about the RevOps function. We discuss: Who owns GTM Why RevOps is the second most important role in any organization Why GTM effectiveness is more important than GTM efficiency The positive side effects of an autonomous RevOps team Building a GTM tech stack strategically Check out these resources we mentioned during the podcast: The Data Room podcast Flip My Funnel podcast The MOVE: The 4-Question Go-To-Market Framework Have an idea for a guest or show topic? Email me at dan@scaleMatters.com.  Hear more go-to-market excellence by subscribing in Apple Podcasts , Spotify , or wherever you listen to podcasts. Listening on a desktop & can’t see the links? Just search for Go-to-Market Excellence in your favorite podcast player.


20 Sep 2021

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Sangram Vajre: You Can't Create Value Without Empathy for Others

Accelerating Value

The conventional wisdom is that you should avoid mixing the professional with the personal… But that’s wrong. Often, getting better in one makes you better in the other. Just ask Sangram Vajre, Chief Evangelist and Co-Founder at Terminus, who approaches improving as a family man with the same zeal as his marketing. And he’s always adding value in either domain. In this episode, we discuss: - Learning what energizes you so you can add value for others - Why great leaders ask questions, not just bark orders - How the personal and pr Keep connected with Accelerating Value on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or our website. Listening on a desktop & can’t see the links? Just search for Accelerating Value in your favorite podcast player.


15 Jun 2021

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Sangram Vajre : Citizenship, Faith & America

Revenue Diaries

In today's episode, I had the pleasure of chatting with Sangram Vajre, he is the Chief Evangelist and Co-Founder at Terminus. Sangram is also an author, podcast host, and overall great human so I know that you will love our wholesome conversation. We talk about his first interaction coming to America from India, citizenship, his transition to Christianity, and learning about American culture by binge-watching Everybody Loves Raymond, Seinfeld, and Friends.  Enjoy!Find Sangram on LinkedIn Check out Terminus Find out more about Sangram’s books 


23 Apr 2021

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Selling Marketing to the C-Suite with Sangram Vajre

Love Selling Hate Sales Podcast

Sangram Vajre is Co-Founder and CMO of Terminus. He has pioneered the FlipMyFunnel movement advocating account based marketing.  His newest book, ABM is B2B, highlights how important it is for marketing and sales to be in lock step. In this episode Sangram shares powerful stories of how to align marketing and sales with the C-Suite.  Find ABM is B2B on Amazon 


22 Mar 2021

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268 - How to Think Outside the Box with Sangram Vajre

The Ultimate Entrepreneur

In this episode, Sangram Vajre, one of the leading minds in B2B marketing and the co-founder of Terminus, interviews Jay Abraham. Sangram taps into Jay’s mind and learns how to start thinking outside the box by thinking beyond exponential. Jay explains how to shorten your success timeline and credibility curve while expanding your contribution, formalizing your referral systems, and opening up different revenue streams. You’ll learn why retention is the new acquisition and various ways to grow your business without spending any more money. Listen in to discover how Jay has uniquely created no risk, no investment growth by integrating and hybridizing strategies from across the most diverse swath of industries—and learn why there’s never been a better time to collaborate with other businesses. 00:00 - 08:30 - On how he’s evolved as he’s gotten older, how he became an accidental marketer and the ultimate generalist, and what marketers should do right now. 08:30 - 15:00 - How to shorten your timeline and credibility curve, formalize your referral systems, expand your contribution, and different revenue streams. 15:00 - 22:30 - Retention as the new acquisition, finding more utility value, knowing your attrition rate, and how to grow without spending any more money. 22:30 - Jay’s earlier life stories and experience, no-risk, no investment growth, how he finds strategies, integrates, and hybridizes them. 41:15 - 50:00 - The Aikido School of Marketing, testing, collaborating, co-branding, and why it’s the best time to collaborate and connect with other businesses. 50:00 - 55:30 - Finding others who have access, trust, visibility to your target audience, strategic partnerships, and ways to use time, opportunities, and assets better.


8 Jan 2021