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47: W. Earl Brown, The Mandalorian & The Return of Steph!

Radio Labyrinth

Radio Labyrinth Face Covering!https://www.storefrontier.com/product/keepitcoveredOur Store!https://www.storefrontier.com/product/radiolabyrinthfooksiefanFollow our YouTube page!https://www.youtube.com/radiolabyrinthpodcastBecome a Radio Labyrinth Patron!https://www.patreon.com/TimandrewsOur website!https://radiolabyrinthpodcast.com/Social Media:Twitter - https://twitter.com/radio_labyrinthFacebook - https://www.facebook.com/radiolabyrinth/_________________________________________________________STEPH IS BACK! STEPH IS BACK! STEPH IS BACK!Twitter: @WEarlBrownFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/W.Earl.BrownSacred Cowboys: http://www.sacredcowboys.com/And we are joined by one of our favorite actors: W. Earl Brown. Earl can be seen in the season two premiere of "The Mandalorian" on Disney+ (as Weequay the bartender), joining another former "Deadwood" cast member, Timothy Olyphant. Earl's first appearance on Radio Labyrinth happened way back in July 2017 (Ep 87: https://open.spotify.com/episode/0PpDG0vG5Fx7inY03pOKfe)We chat about his early acting days in Chicago, how he got his role on "The Mandalorian", HBO's "Deadwood: The Movie" (which came out AFTER his 2017 appearance on our show), "Preacher", music, "Reprisal" & "Rectify", plus working with Seth Rogan, Jon Favreau and jamming with Jason Isbell. Plus, a whole bunch of other stuff.PLUS: Fargo, Moonbase 8, The Undoing, Wayne, Animal Kingdom & Radlibs with the Radio Labyrinth Redbox Troll.#WEarlBrown #TheMandalorian #BabyYoda #StarWars #Deadwood #TimothyOlyphant #JasonIsbell #ChrisStapleton #SethRogan #JonFavreau #ChrisFarley #SturgillSimpson #DavidMilch #ClassicTV #Moonbase8 #Wayne #AnimalKingdom #Reprisal #Rectify_________________________________________________________We love our sponsors!Atlanta Pizza & Gyrohttp://www.atlantapizzagyro.com/https://www.facebook.com/atlpizza/Our Friends!The Power Pod with WSB's, Jared Yamamoto, et. al.https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-power-pod/id1459204880One Topic with our very own, Autumn Fischer & Greg Russhttps://onetopic.podbean.com/The Wilder Ride with Alan Sanders and Walt Murrayhttps://thewilderride.com/Bryan Silverbax Showhttps://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/bryan-silverbax-show/id1451504886The Regular Guys Review with Larry Wachshttps://www.stitcher.com/podcast/lawrence-wachs/the-regular-guys-reviewWhat Happened When Podcasthttp://www.mlwradio.com/what-happened-when-.html _________________________________________________________PATRONS!Thanks to our Radio Labyrinth Producers: Tim Slaton, Brett Perkins, Mike Hall, Shawn Hall, Chad Shepperd, Andrew Hopkins, Todd Ellis, Melissa Knowles, Bryan Smith, John Southerland, Mike D, Matt Carter, Erick Malmstron & Keith Tait. And thank you to all of our awesome Patreon Patrons: Tracy McCoy, Emily Warren, Buck Monterey, Randy Reeves, Robey Neeley, Robert Kerns, Wayne Blair, Sherrie Dougherty, Rusty Weinberg, Michael Einhaus, Mark Weilandt, Leslie Haynie, Kevin Stokes, Jesse Rusinski, Jeremy Truman, Jeff Peterson, Herb Lamb, Gwynne Ketcham, Denise Reynolds, David C Funk, Collin Omen, Christopher Doerr, Chris Weilandt, Chris Cosentino, Brian Jackson, Brennon Price, Andrew Mulazzi, Andrew Harbin, Amber Gilpatrick, Alan Barker, Aaron Roberts, Walt Murray PI, Sam Wells, Ryan Wilson, Lou Coniglio, Kevin Schwartz, Jonathan Wilson.

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18 Nov 2020

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Actor W. Earl Brown: Deadwood, Bloodworth, Country & More – Part 2

Mouse and Weens

E93 – We continue the conversation with W. Earl Brown, Deadwood’s ‘Dan Dority’, to find out details including the personal story behind the famous eyeball fight scene, how Jerry Cantrell of Alice in Chains and ZZ Top are involved, why the award-winning HBO series by David Milch was abruptly cancelled, and how the movie came about, giving the story and its actors closure. We sneak in another fight scene question, this one with Joaquin Phoenix in Paul Thomas Anderson’s The Master. Also jump into Earl’s screenplay adaptation of his own personal Catcher in the Rye, Provinces of Night, to become the movie Bloodworth, starring Val Kilmer, Kris Kristofferson, Hillary Duff, Dwight Yoakam, Frances Conroy, and Reece Thompson. The personal family stories and side tales about Kris Kristofferson are not to be missed, as we talk about country music, rock music, and all three of our personal connections with musicians like Steve Earle, Hank Williams, and Dolly Parton. We discuss his country band Sacred Cowboys and his funny new short film Dad Band with possible future installations! Be sure to see work Earl has done, such as playing Sheriff Hugo Root on Preacher, and keep an eye on the exciting future of this wonderful actor, writer, and musician! You can watch this episode on our Mouse and Weens YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgeuFSExQ2EaHYSG-s4sgZw Episode at A Glance: 2:30 Deadwood: cancellation 8:26 Dan Dority’s fight scene 22:08 Deadwood character complicated like Milch 26:41 Deadwood research and history 28:56 Deadwood locations and shoots 30:20 Bloodworth 41:54 Did your family support you? 43:47 Val Kilmer and Kris Kristofferson 49:40 Music in Bloodworth 54:26 Country music and rock roots 58:17 Sacred Cowboys band 1:02:20 Artistry in his films 1:04:28 His Wife and Love Scenes 1:05:52 Six Degrees to Adam Sandler & Chris Martin 1:09:35 The Joaquin Phoenix fight in P.T. Anderson The Master 1:18:54 Dad Band with Jerry Cantrell Song credits: “Stuck Here Again” written by Julianne Eggold, covered by Three Chord Justice Voice Actor: Matt Thompson Follow @WEarlBrown on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook Dad Band on https://youtu.be/31PrzVpMktE For filmography: IMDb, appearances: http://www.cameo.com demo reel: https://vimeo.com/120741162 Transcript of this episode on http://www.mouseandweens.com/shownotes Please follow and contact us via Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube @mouseandweens You can get this episode UNEDITED and commercial free – plus bonus content, outtakes, and merch – for a mere $5 a month on patreon.com/mouseandweens Join the family!

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29 Oct 2020

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Actor W. Earl Brown: Scream, Deadwood and More – Pt 1

Mouse and Weens

E92 – We’re excited to bring you the first half of our inspiring interview with W. Earl Brown, a very talented and prolific actor that you’ve seen as the main enforcer and right-hand man Dan Dority in HBO’s Deadwood, as Warren in There’s Something About Mary (of franks and beans fame!), as Kenny the news cameraman in Scream, and as the sheriff in Preacher, just to name a few of his works. He is also an amazing storyteller, screenwriter, producer, musician, and wonderful human being. Hear behind the scenes details about his work and inspirations, many from darker places, with stories and mentions about Lemmy from Motorhead, Elijah Wood, Wes Craven, Jamie Kennedy, Johnny Depp, Drew Barrymore, the Farrelly brothers, Ben Stiller, Chris Elliott, David Milch, Philip Seymour Hoffman, John Cusak, Chris Farley, Timothy Olyphant, Steve Earle, Townes Van Zandt and more. We learn his backstory from Kentucky to Chicago to LA, his trajectory in successful films and series, his advice to new actors, and his personal, current, and upcoming projects like Bloodworth and Dad Band. If you are a fan of comedy, horror, or westerns, or a fan of rock, metal, or country music, you will find inspiration in this episode, full of wonderful nuggets of wisdom and vulnerability from the perspective of a seasoned actor, husband, father, and friend. You can watch this episode on our Mouse and Weens YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgeuFSExQ2EaHYSG-s4sgZw Episode at A Glance: 3:30 The friendship with Lemmy from Motörhead 9:15 Introductions and hints about current projects 12:24 Scream: Wes Craven,Julianne, Jamie Kennedy, memories, realizations 23:12 There’s Something About Mary 24:10 On playing characters with disabilities 26:55 Career & fate 28:27 On his wife, daughter, and Kentucky 33:56 Scream: what you might not know about Drew Barrymore opening scene 36:57 Favorite kills per Kelly from Boobies & Noobies podcast 37:49 There’s Something About Mary: Did Warren find his baseball? Almost fired? 42:17 On ‘franks and beans’, ‘he was masturbating’, improv, the earmuffs, and Cameo.com 44:23 Typecasting, advice to new actors, fame, financing, character acting, Phillip Seymour Hoffman 48:54 Second City, Chris Farley, comedy in Chicago, the funny fat kid, finding his love of drama 52:12 Deadwood: why it was so unique, the writing, dedication and talent 55:54 Being a murderer, evil, darkness, depression, fears, power and the arts 1:01:47 Acting and vulnerability and the arts 1:03:42 A mistake filming the Deadwood pilot, becoming writer, the dark but genius David Milch 1:06:57 Milch intellectual and emotional, addict and alcoholic, at a higher frequency 1:10:11 Wes Craven and David Milch as his greatest teachers Song credits: “Stuck Here Again” written by Julianne Eggold, covered by Three Chord Justice Voice Actor: Matt Thompson Follow @WEarlBrown on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Dad Band on YouTube by Men Aging Poorly. IMDb for filmography, http://www.cameo.com for appearances, demo reel https://vimeo.com/120741162 Transcript of this episode on http://www.mouseandweens.com/shownotes Please follow and contact us via Instagram | Twitter | Facebook @mouseandweens You can get this episode UNEDITED and commercial free – plus bonus content, outtakes, and merch – for a mere $5 a month on https://www.patreon.com/mouseandweens Join the family!

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26 Oct 2020

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Getting To Know W. Earl Brown

Dylan Brody's Neighbor's Couch Revisited

You know W. Earl Brown from Deadwood. Do you know about Bloodworth, Sacred Cowboys, and Something About Mary? Earl and I cover all that, plus concerts, Chicago, theater work, writing. This is a good one. Check it out.

1hr 24mins

29 Aug 2020

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Episode 168: From Craven to DEADWOOD with actor W. Earl Brown

Shock Waves

Join your hosts Rob Galluzzo, Elric Kane, Ryan Turek, and Rebekah McKendry as they sign off on the latest horrors, including Vinegar Syndrome's BERSERKER, THE ADDAMS FAMILY, Scream Factory's OMEN collection, ITSY BITSY, HAUNT, DEATH GAME (1977), REC and more! They're then joined by actor W. Earl Brown, most well known to horror fans as cameraman Kenny Jones in the original SCREAM! He shares tons of stories about his time with Wes Craven, playing Dan Dority in DEADWOOD, his time on X-FILES, PROJECT: ALF, LOST SOULS, THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT MARY and much, much more.

1hr 39mins

22 Nov 2019

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(Episode 146) "There's Something About Mary" Actor: W. Earl Brown.

Monday Morning Critic Podcast

W.Earl Brown is a fantastic actor whose work includes "There's Something About Mary", "Deadwood", "Draft Day" and "True Detective". Along with his acting accomplishments he's a very talented musician avid Chicago Bears fan and all around solid human being. Please welcome the versatile and talented, W. Earl Brown.

1hr 2mins

15 Aug 2019

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Obscurity Knocks: Episode 12 - W. Earl Brown

Obscurity Knocks

You’ve almost certainly seen W. Earl Brown's name in the credits of dozens of movies and TV series over the years, including such classics as Scream and There’s Something About Mary, and he’s also a familiar face to fans of HBO’s Deadwood, but it will come as no surprise to regular listeners to this podcast that the only time we talk about any of these projects are - at best - in passing. Fortunately, however, by the time you’ve made it to the end of our conversation, you’ll have heard stories about working Kris Kristofferson, Robin Williams, and Burt Reynolds, playing Meat Loaf, and appearing in Project: ALF. Yes, you read that correctly: Project: ALF. You’re welcome, America.

1hr 25mins

10 Jul 2019

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DEADWOOD 1 | W. Earl Brown Interview

Legends of the Old West

"Deadwood" star W. Earl Brown gives us a behind-scenes-look at the TV show and the movie. Earl played "Dan Dority" in the HBO drama and he talks about a range of topics: the abrupt cancellation of the show, the moment he learned the movie was a go, the emotional reunion of the cast and crew, a preview of the long-awaited film, and much more. This is the first episode of a mini series about Deadwood: the TV show, the movie and the real history. For more details, please visit www.blackbarrelmedia.com Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

1hr 1min

28 May 2019

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58: W. Earl Brown & Feisty Heart (October 12, 2017 - Pod 2)

Radio8Ball hosted by Andras Jones

Actor W. EARL BROWN (Deadwood, I'm Dying Up Here) joins FEISTY HEART (Ruthie Garibay, Stuart Johnson) for a Kentucky fried Pop Oracle divination. Recorded on October 12th, 2017 at Starburns Industries in Burbank, CA. CREDITS Host by ANDRAS JONES With W. EARL BROWNMusical Guest: FEISTY HEARTRUTHIE GARIBAY - Vocals and GuitarSTUART JOHNSON - Bass, Drums & Vocals R8B Theme performed by Feisty Heart Engineered by Emma ErdbrinkMixed by Tony HouseholderDigital Media by Carlo VelasquezProduced by Andras Jones LINKS: RADIO8BLOG - http://www.radio8ball.com/2017/11/18/w-earl-brown-feisty-heart/W. Earl Brown - http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0114868/Feisty Heart - http://www.feistyheart.com/R8B Website - http://www.radio8ball.com/RADIO8BALL PATREON - https://www.patreon.com/radio8ballRADIO8BALL FACEBOOK - https://www.facebook.com/radio8ball/RADIO8BALL TWITTER - @radio8ballRADIO8BALL INSTAGRAM - @theradio8ballshowR8B APP - http://www.radio8ball.com/the-r8b-app/ Support the show.Support the show: https://www.patreon.com/radio8ballSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


18 Nov 2017

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Episode 89 - W. Earl Brown, Cinnamon & Peaches

Radio Labyrinth

W. Earl Brown Twitter: @WEarlBrownFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/W.Earl.Brown Sacred Cowboys: http://www.sacredcowboys.com/ Welcome, W. Earl Brown! Earl scoops us on the Deadwood movie, the script, and the impact of the loss of Powers Boothe. Plus: David Milch, Deadwood stories, and we learn all about that infamous fight scene with him and the Captain in season 3. Beyond Deadwood Earl discusses His season on American Crime, what he's in town shooting now, working with Bill Paxton, Preacher, In Dying Up Here, his character Bill in the highly acclaimed video game “The Last of Us”, and when he's coming back to. Atlanta! Earl knows music: from country to metal to Kiss (he's very impressed with Tim’s Paul Stanley) and even some Merle, hanging with Robin Williams and telling us what show he's love to be on right now. Can you guess?
 Check out BurgaBox! Radio Labyrinth BurgaBox Linkhttp://www.burgabox.com/labyrinth Burga of the Monthhttps://www.burgabox.com/collections/our-products/products/burgabox-of-the-month-club Order Mary Todd Products Online!Mary Todd's custom line of shampoo, pomades and beard oils are handmade using the finest ingredients, such as cucumber, licorice and bergamot, and produced locally.http://www.marytoddhairco.com/products Wake up! Have a Banjo Cold Brewhttp://www.banjocoldbrew.com/ #WEarlBrown #Deadwood #Preacher #DavidMilch #ImDyingUpHere #HBO #Showtime #Comedy #GeorgeCarlin #RobinWilliams #SteveEarle #BillPaxton #AmericanCrime #TheLastOfUs #KISS #PaulStanley #WoodyHarrelson #TrueDetective #PowersBoothe #Justified #TimothyOlyphant #NYPDBlue #BatesMotel #TV #JohnCReilly #Kentucky #BigDaddy #CatOnAHotTinRoof #GameOfThrones

1hr 50mins

26 Jul 2017