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HT#69: Hominids, by Robert J. Sawyer (feat. Kevin Anderson from Hugo, Girl!)

Hugos There Podcast

Seth is joined by Kevin, the producer/editor of Hugo, Girl! to discuss Robert J. Sawyer’s 2003 Hugo winner, Hominids. Trigger warning for sexual assault. Start – 6:47 Intro through “Why this book?” 6:48 – 12:57 Non-Spoiler discussion 12:58 – end Spoiler discussion Notes & Mentions: Fringe Michael Burstein’s “Broken Symmetry” stories Mama Doctor Jones talking … Continue reading "HT#69: Hominids, by Robert J. Sawyer (feat. Kevin Anderson from Hugo, Girl!)"


1 Oct 2022

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TFTB Ep.49: A Conversation with Robert J. Sawyer

Tales From The Bridge: All Things Sci-Fi

Kevin and Marty have a great talk with Robert J. Sawyer about his past novels and his newer projects, such as his soon to be released Audible book, The Downloaded. Rob shares his thoughts on big ideas like consciousness and the possibility of god and simulations. Check out Robert's website: sfwriter.comFollow him on Twitter here. You can always find more Tales From The Bridge on Apple Podcasts or our website, you can also find us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to see what is happening on The Bridge.Check out our many links:Apple Podcasts: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/tales-from-the-bridge-all-things-sci-fi/id1570902818Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/3MQuEYGQ3HD2xTewRag8KGTwitter: @BridgeTalesInstagram: @talesfromthebridgeFacebook: http://www.facebook.com/groups/talesfromthebridge/Good Reads: https://www.goodreads.com/review/list/141864356-talesfrom-thebridge?shelf=readIMDB: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt17354590/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1Website: https://talesfromthebridge.buzzsprout.com/Email: talesfromthebridgepodcast@gmail.comPlease check out BriteBlur Productions newest show, Finer Points TriviaCast Follow us on twitter to get all the latest. @FinerPoints_Watch the video trailer here: https://youtu.be/9f5ZmaHivrg

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14 Sep 2022

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Ep. 96: Robert J. Sawyer, The Oppenheimer Alternative


Robert J. Sawyer er kendt for at skrive bøger, der mikser SCIFI og mysticisme. Den stil har vundet ham masser af fans og priser, både Nebula og Hugo. Men i The Oppenheimer Alternative fra 2020 går han en helt anden vej med en bog, der bedst kan betegnes som en “scifi biografi”. J. Robert Oppenheimer ledte Project Manhattan, der på rekortid etablerede USA som atommagt. Det er ham med det poetiske “Now I am become death the destroyer of worlds” citat. Men rollen som ansvarlig for atombomben indebar en række dilemmaer, ikke mindst fordi Oppenheimer var et overraskende valg som atombombe-chef. At Oppenheimer var en kompleks person går op for en når man læser Sawyers bog, som nærmest slavisk følger historiske begivenheder. Med depressive tendenser; hang til mysticisme; sympati for kommunisme, ja så kan det virke mærkeligt at Oppenheimer overhovedet kunne bestride stillingen i Los Alamos. En overraskende stor del af bogen følger historien temmelig slavisk, med få afvigelser. Det er først 40% inde i bogen at SCIFI temaet bliver introduceret. Til gengæld er der guf for elskere af piberygende videnskabsmænd og videnskabelig teori. Anders og Jens har scifi snakket The Oppenheimer Alternative Shownotes Easter eggs fra forfatterenOg en liste med ting i bogen, der afviger fra fakta (udover det åbenlyse…)Freeman Dysons søn George har skrevet en fino bog om Project Orion – har man ikke overskud til den kan man se hans TED talk om projektet her – eller lytte Silberbauer & Blomseth-podcasten Indlægget Ep. 96: Robert J. Sawyer, The Oppenheimer Alternative blev først udgivet på SCIFI SNAK.


11 Jul 2022

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108 - Guest: Robert J. Sawyer, Science Fiction Writer, part 1

Artificial Intelligence and You

This and all episodes at: https://aiandyou.net/ . What if there are zombies among us? In another dive into the nature of consciousness, the "philosophical zombie" is a fascinating topic explored by a fascinating author, Robert J. Sawyer, the "Dean of Canadian Science Fiction," and one of only eight writers ever to win all three of the science-fiction field’s top honors for best novel of the year: the Hugo Award, which he won for his novel Hominids; the Nebula Award, which he won for his novel The Terminal Experiment, and the John W. Campbell Memorial Award, which he won with his novel Mindscan. We talk about zombies because of the question of how to know whether an AI is conscious, and yes, we discuss Blake Lemoine's assertion that Google's LaMDA AI has become sentient. Rob's stories explore how humans and superintelligent AI can both win. Find out more in part 1. All this plus our usual look at today's AI headlines. Transcript and URLs referenced at HumanCusp Blog.


11 Jul 2022

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171. Robert J. Sawyer on telling stories only you can tell

Writers of the Future Podcast

Canadian Dean of Science Fiction Robert J. Sawyer says to take a breath. Write the stories that are important to you. Stories that only you can tell.He also gives his reason why he recommends that you submit to Writers of the Future. Learn your craft. Practice. Get really good. Then you can be good enough to sell.


29 Apr 2022

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Episode 19 - A Conversation with Robert J. Sawyer

Machine Intelligence Foundation Podcast

2021 MIFRE Media award winner Robert J. Sawyer joins Mike and Dave for a stimulating discussion about his winning WWW series, his thoughts on different kinds of potential Machine Intelligence, and the rights of non-human people.


26 Apr 2022

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Robert J. Sawyer - Oppenheimer Alternative

House of Mystery Radio on NBC

On the 75th anniversary of the dropping of the atomic bomb, Hugo and Nebula-winning author Robert J. Sawyer takes us back in time to revisit history…with a twist.While J. Robert Oppenheimer and his Manhattan Project team struggle to develop the A-bomb, Edward Teller wants something even more devastating: a bomb based on nuclear fusion―the mechanism that powers the sun.Teller’s research leads to a terrifying discovery: by the year 2030, the sun will eject its outermost layer, destroying the entire inner solar system―including Earth.As the war ends with the use of fission bombs against Japan, Oppenheimer's team, plus Albert Einstein and Wernher von Braun, stay together―the greatest scientific geniuses from the last century racing against time to save our future.Meticulously researched and replete with real-life characters and events, The Oppenheimer Alternative is a breathtaking adventure through both real and alternate history.Support this show http://supporter.acast.com/houseofmysteryradio. Become a member at https://plus.acast.com/s/houseofmysteryradio. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.


18 Mar 2022

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Robert J. Sawyer interview - Episode 365

Reading And Writing Podcast

The 365th episode of the Reading & Writing podcast features an interview with Robert J. Sawyer, author of the new novel THE OPPENHEIMER ALTERNATIVE. Support this podcast at — https://redcircle.com/reading-and-writing-podcast/donationsAdvertising Inquiries: https://redcircle.com/brandsPrivacy & Opt-Out: https://redcircle.com/privacy


9 Mar 2021

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#717 Robert J. Sawyer — Consciousness, Sci-Fi, & Human Futures


Robert J. Sawyer is a 24x Sci-Fi Author translated across 20+ languages winning myriad awards including Hugo & Nebula with a deep focus on the nature of reality, consciousness, and the future of humanity. https://sfwriter.com https://twitter.com/robertjsawyerOur First Book ► https://highlevelperception.comWelcome ✌🏽 We Uncover The Nature of Reality1 Interview Smart People 2️ Synthesize First Principles 3️ Elevate Planetary Consciousness ⭐ http://simulationseries.com🧬 Find Us EverywhereYouTube ► http://bit.ly/SimYoTu👀 SOCIAL Instagram ► http://bit.ly/SimulationIGTwitter ► http://bit.ly/SimulationTwitterTikTok ► http://bit.ly/SimTikTokFacebook ► http://bit.ly/SimulationFBLinkedIn ► http://bit.ly/SimulationLinkedIn🎧 AUDIOiTunes ► http://bit.ly/SimulationiTunesSpotify ► http://bit.ly/SpotifySimSoundCloud ► http://bit.ly/SimulationSCInsight Timer ► http://bit.ly/SimInsight💰SUPPORTPayPal ► http://bit.ly/SimPayPalPatreon ► http://bit.ly/SimulationPatreonCrypto ► http://bit.ly/CryptoSimu🇨🇳 CHINA BiliBili ► http://bit.ly/SimBiliBili👕 MERCHYoobe ► https://yoobe.me/simulation🎤 PUBLIC SPEAKINGAll Videos ► https://allensaakyan.comTEDx Talk ► http://bit.ly/AllenTEDxQuestioning Growth ► http://bit.ly/QuestioningGrowth1,000 Robotics Students ► http://bit.ly/AllenFIRSTInstagram ► http://bit.ly/AllenIGTwitter ► http://bit.ly/AllenTTikTok ► http://bit.ly/AtlasTikTok❓ QUESTIONS 📹 HIRINGList ► http://simulationseries.com/the-list Email ► simulationseries@gmail.com

1hr 18mins

21 Jan 2021

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Show #868: November 1, 2020 - 'Quantum Night' with Robert J. Sawyer (1240 AM & 99.5 FM)

Behind the Paranormal with Paul & Ben Eno on WOON 1240 AM and 99.3 FM Providence/Boston

Acclaimed -- and fact-based -- novelist Robert J. Sawyer made his debut on the show to share his sobering findings about consciousness, human nature, and whether any of it can be used to save the world. See the video of this show.


1 Nov 2020