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Tackling Our Torrid Relationship with Money: A Conversation with Financial Planner, Shannon Lee Simmons


Do you feel guilt and shame about your finances? Shannon Lee Simmons says that this is a common struggle for many of her clients. The financial planner explains why social media plays into our feelings of inadequacy, and how we can all improve our relationship with our money.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


19 Oct 2021

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Financial Planning for Success with Shannon Lee Simmons

30 Minutes to Wealth

This week, Carmen and Jordan meet with Shannon Lee Simmons, Certified Financial Planner, Chartered Investment Manager, and founder of The New School of Finance. Shannon is widely recognized as a trailblazer in the Canadian financial planning industry and has published two bestselling books, Worry-Free Money and Living Debt-Free.⁣ In this episode, ⁣Shannon shares her fun and fresh perspective when it comes to budgeting for your first home or investment property. She also talks listeners through some of the top debt mistakes Canadians are making and how to overcome these obstacles, along with how to fast-track for retirement using real estate investing strategies. ⁣⁣What’s more, this is an extended version of our episode, so check out the full episode to hear why Carmen and Jordan are so passionate about financial literacy and planning for your future! Episode Highlights: ·   Shannon’s background·   Strategies and tips for buying a first property·   First time home buyers and RRSPs·   Affordability criteria·   Debt myths, mistakes, and recommendations·   Investment strategies for retirement·   The importance of financial planning Quotes:  “You pay for my brain, nothing else.” “I like to use the term ‘cash flow plan’.” “It’s definitely something you want to make sure you’re getting customized advice for.” “Those fixed expenses are really important to keep at 55% or lower.” “I think patience is the real lesson here.” “I feel like you need a team…it’s like a trifecta of awesome.” “It’s so much easier to stay at zero when you’re at zero.” “You can’t live in a stock.” “We’ve helped people change their lives so many times.” “That income that is coming from that rental property is mimicking a pension for you.” “Have a plan!” “A lot of times people are scared that they’re not going to be able to reach where their goals are, so it’s easier to ignore it.” “I actually think financial planning is a form of self-care because at 3 a.m. you don’t have to worry.” “I’m basically just nosy – that’s why I got into this business…I’m fun at parties.”Links: 30 Minutes to Wealth homepage: https://www.30minutestowealth.com/


11 Jun 2021

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Episode 6: Managing your money with Shannon Lee Simmons

Time to Talk Podcast

In this episode, our host Michelle Jobin is joined by Shannon Lee Simmons, a certified financial planner, chartered investment manager, and founder of the award-winning New School of Finance. The two dive deep into the importance of financial literacy, taking control of one’s finances, and tips for caregivers to save money. We also hear about a few of the free support services that The Ontario Caregiver Organization provides. For more information about the organization and these services, visit ontariocaregiver.ca


31 Mar 2021

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Virtual Event: Focusing on Financial Wellness, Panel: Jackie Porter, Bruce Sellery, Idan Shlesinger and Shannon Lee Simmons, Moderated by Melissa Leong

Canadian Club of Toronto

How to Lower Stress and Improve Confidence about Money in 2021


21 Jan 2021

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Your Money Podcast With Guest Shannon Lee Simmons Oct 3 2020

VOCM Shows

Your Money Podcast With Guest Shannon Lee Simmons Oct 3 2020 by VOCM


3 Oct 2020

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310 – Bankruptcy Statistics Update, and REBROADCAST: Take The Blame And Shame Out Of Debt Repayment with Shannon Lee Simmons

Debt Free in 30

Doug Hoyes explains why even with high debt and high pandemic-related unemployment bankruptcy filings continue to drop, and he gives his predictions for the next few months, and then, given the stress caused by the COVID-19 lock down, we rebroadcast our conversation with Shannon Lee Simmons, author of Living Debt-Free: The No-Shame, No-Blame Guide to Getting Rid of Your Debt about how negative feelings towards debt can create more debt and strategies that can put you in the right direction when dealing with your debt.


8 Aug 2020

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AF 001: A Financial Alpha Female with Shannon Lee Simmons

The Alpha Female Podcast

Shannon Lee Simmons is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP), Chartered Investment Manager (CIM), media personality, financial expert and founder of the New School of Finance – Canada’s first online personal finance school. She is widely recognized as a trailblazer in the Canadian financial planning industry and an expert in Millennial personal finances. She was named one of Canada’s Top 30 Under 30 and she recently won the 2014 Notable Award for Best In Finance.


8 Mar 2020

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52: When Your Finances Are Stressing You Out - Shannon Lee Simmons

The Fill Your Cup Podcast

Let’s face it – finances are CONFUSING. Yet, we engage with them on a daily basis and they often act as a source of stress for many. But rest assured, you will be feeling empowered and excited to get on top of your finances after hearing from Shannon Lee Simmons. Shannon is a Certified Financial Planner, Chartered Investment Manager, Life Coach, Speaker and Founder of the award-winning New School of Finance. She was named one of Canada’s “30 Under 30” and won the Notable Award for Best in Finance. She’s a personal finance columnist for The Globe and Mail and is hte personal finance expert expert on CBC’s On The Money and CBC Toronto’s Metro Morning.  In this episode we discuss: The financial pressure of keeping up in the age of social media How financial worries and debt hurt our psychological well-being  Getting on top of your finances and how it can benefit your whole life  What not to do: budgeting by categories (social, clothes, food) “Real selfies” Money: does it buy happiness? Manifesting money and adopting an abundant mindset 3 Things to do TODAY to get on top of your finances THANKS TO OUR SHOW SPONSOR, Sproos. Save 15% off of your next order of Sproos' Collagen Bars using "sproosrachel15" at check out over on sprooslife.comJOIN OUR ONLINE PRIVATE COMMUNITYConnect with a community of like-minded cup-filling humans in the Fill Your Cup Podcast Community. Join here for free! RESOURCES: Shannon Lee Simmons / New School Of Finance Website Facebook Twitter Instagram LinkedIn Worry Free Money: The Guilt-Free Approach To Managing Your Money and Your Life Living Debt Free: The No-Shame, No-Blame Guide To Getting Rid Of Your Debt


2 Mar 2020

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Shannon Lee Simmons: Your Money and Sleep!

Slumber Party with Amanda Jewson

On this edition of Slumber Party your host and resident sleep expert Amanda Jewson is talking all things Money with author, financial advisor and creator of the New School of Finance Shannon Lee Simmons. When it comes to welcoming a new member into your family, impulse buys can be tricky to navigate, let alone knowing what you'll actually need!NewSchoolOfFinance.com 


18 Oct 2019

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#10: Shame free debt - with Shannon Lee Simmons

The Worth Project Podcast

This week on the podcast we’re talking with Shannon Lee Simmons about creating a shame-free, blame-free debt repayment plan so we can all live debt free. Something's gotta go. We fell in love with our pale aqua, retro, little car. But after answering our life planning questions we realized she wasn't our thing anymore. It was a tough decision but we are not looking back. Well, maybe a few more drives through the English countryside this spring. Check out the show notes for pictures! This week is a bit of a related podcast to our show from last week, which was all about my student debt and the lessons we learned in paying it off. We talked about our experience, but it’s really just one viewpoint. So, I figured it was a good idea to have someone with more debt experience on the show. Debt is one of the big hurdles that can keep you stuck in a negative mindset and it’s a real struggle for anyone to figure out how to live a great life today, while you’re still paying for something that happened in the past. This week we’re talking with Shannon Lee Simmons, a CFP and founder of The New School of Finance. She’s the author of two books: Worry-Free Money and Living Debt Free. We wanted to have her on because her approach to debt is so realistic. She doesn’t want to punish you for past mistakes and she doesn’t think that you have to give up everything you love to get out of debt. Her approach is balanced and fun (kind of like her personality). In this episode, you'll hear How Shannon started her financial planning company by bartering her services with over 300 women. How to stop the shame spiral that comes with debt The major reasons that land people into debt and it’s really not what we think. Why sometimes paying off your zero interest debt first, rather than the high-interest debt, may actually be a good idea. How you can pay off your debt without taking extreme measures depriving yourself of the things you love. It’s ok to live your life while still paying off debt. Check out the show notes for pictures and links! http://theworthproject.co/2019/04/29/a-shame-free-bla…approach-to-debt/ You can find Shannon Lee Simmons at The New School of Finance http://www.shannonleesimmons.com/


30 Apr 2019