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86. LIFERS - Kevin Seconds

The LIFERS Podcast

About as lifer-ey as they get, Kevin Seconds is just one of those guys. The kind of guy that inspires you to be more creative, more independent, more mindful of those around you. He just fucking makes you want to be better. At least that’s what he did for us, and we couldn’t be more honored to have him on the show. On this episode we talk to Kevin about 7 Seconds (duh), building a scene in Reno, Cheech & Chong & The Dils, recording THE CREW, internet trolls vs. skinheads, Riotfest, sad band break-ups, triumphant band returns, touring with Circle Jerks and Negative Approach, playing Gabe’s birthday party, and designing the first Local H logo. This is a good one, folks.

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7 Oct 2022

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Episode 137: Episode 137: Kevin Seconds of 7 Seconds on LoFi Interviews with HiFi Guests

Jughead's Basement

Episode 137: Kevins Seconds of 7 Seconds talks to us about Podcasts, His Clear Speaking And Singing Voice, Aggressive Punk Rock And Making Cute Shit, Circle Jerks' Keith Morris' Vocal Lesson, Alienation/Community/Aggression & Love, Applause And Finding Common Ground With The Audience, Kepi Ghoulie Talk, What is Success, plus much much mosh pit more.

1hr 26mins

29 Aug 2022

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Shepard Fairey and Kevin Seconds

One Two Me You

This episode of One Two Me You features Shepard Fairey(founder of OBEY clothing) and Kevin Seconds(vocalist of 7Seconds). In this episode Shepard Fairey and Kevin Seconds discuss the 7SECONDS album The Crew. Hot topics were covered like why is the song "Colourblind" is spelled like that on the album. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


26 Jul 2022

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Dan O Says So, Episode 44: Kevin Seconds

Dan O Says So

Dan sits down for a return visit from the show's first guest ever, Mr. Kevin Seconds. In this episode Kevin shares the true story behind 7 Seconds initial break-up, the deluxe re-issues of the band's BYO back catalogue, and the sequence of events that led to one of the most anticipated reunions in all of punk rock.


14 Mar 2022

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Kevin Seconds from 7 Seconds

100 Words Or Less: The Podcast

This week on the podcast we have the legend Kevin Seconds on the show. We discuss the re-issue of their seminal record, The Crew and what it was like growing up in Reno. He also talks about the fact he never wants to be the "old guy on the porch" when it comes to music. I couldn't be more excited to share so I hope you enjoy! Learn more about your ad-choices at https://www.iheartpodcastnetwork.comSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

1hr 23mins

30 Jun 2021

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Episode 122- Kevin Seconds part 3 (musician/artist)

One Life One Chance with Toby Morse

In this episode Toby sits down again with Kevin Seconds. He talks about his art and shirts, taking care of yourself, yoga, meditation, live streaming music, 7 Seconds coming to an end, side jobs, DIY, his record reissues, hip hop, jocks, putting artists on pedestals, music documentaries, shows after Covid, driving stories and getting permission to hug someone. Please remember to rate, review and subscribe and visit our youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/tobymorseonelifeonechance

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21 Jun 2021

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SPOKE with Kevin Seconds


In this week's episode of SPOKE, we talked with Kevin Seconds—frontman for the legendary 7 Seconds, painter, entrepreneur, and troubadour. Trust Records (trustrecordscompany.com) has just reissued 7 Seconds classic LP, "The Crew" (available June 25) with liner notes and new packaging, so it seemed an apt time to catch up with Kevin. He opened up about the band and it's almost 40 year history, his life with a single mother, the health of his bandmates, U2's "Rattle & Hum," eating steak dinners with major label suits, and the joys of playing live.  Please share this episode wherever you can! Follow Kevin Seconds on Instagram: @kevinseconds and his online store at kevinseconds.bigcartel.com--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/scott-crawford3/message

1hr 12mins

15 Jun 2021

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Episode 335 - Kevin Seconds (7 Seconds, 5’ 10”, Drop Acid)

Turned Out A Punk

If we can walk together, why can't we podcast together?! Today on the show Damian is joined by his hero, from 7 Seconds: the legend KEVIN SECONDS!!! Listen in as the two discuss the formative days of American Hardcore & building a scene from the ground up. From cold calling Iggy Pop's dad for an interview to Lou Barlow's thoughts on "Committed For Life" to the literal Ian MacKaye on his shoulder: THIS IS NOT TO BE MISSED!! & don't miss the absolutely essential reissue of 7 Seconds' "The Crew" on Trust Records Company, PRE-ORDER IT NOW! Also Touched On: A TV expose on punk Find the X-Ray Spex 7” Having a cool mom Not wanting to smoke pot but wanting to hear rock records The Dolls, KISS and Alice Cooper: The make-up inspiration? Kevin and Steve calling Iggy Pop’s dad Interviewing the Chip from Dils, Pat Bag and Joey Shithead on the phone Starting The Reno Sex Pistols Fan Club to get them played on mainstream radio Putting flyers up looking for punks Meeting the 20 other Reno punks in line to see the Ramones opening for Eddie Money The early punk fan clubs Foreigner  Jefferson Starship  Basteel: Kevin’s “progressive metal” pre-punk band   Chuck Ruff: Reno Legend   Young Canadians and DOA at house show Searching for Bellevue: Reno’s first punk band The Outcast Hour on KSAN Convincing the biker bar to book 7 Seconds and making the news The Zeros rule! Punk party at the A-Frame in Tahoe  Watching MTV all night long hoping to see “Live Wire” Urban Assault The Yobs The Wrecs DOA, Black Flag and DOA paving the way Booking Aggression in an apartment The Plugz Negative Trend The Offs New Youth: One of the original punk collectives Sneaking into “Up In Smoke” 7 times to see the Dils part The Saturday Night Pogo compilation The Misfits, Poison Idea, 7 Seconds show that didn’t happen “We got to play after fucking Poison Idea?!” The Feederz JFA’s Mad Gardens The Viva Las Vegas  Lou Barlow and Committed For Life Soul Force Revolution’s influence on NYHC & SO MUCH MORE!!!!!BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS

2hr 13mins

24 May 2021

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The Hard Times Podcast w/ Kevin Seconds (7 Seconds)

The Hard Times Podcast

On today’s Hard Times Podcast, 7 Seconds’ Kevin Seconds makes his second appearance on the show and hangs out with Matt and Bill to chat talkative punks, romanticizing the scene and the new 7 Seconds reissue of The Crew.

1hr 38mins

20 May 2021

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Episode 19: Kevin Seconds (7 Seconds)

TraegerMethod Podcast

Kevin Seconds is a true American punk/hardcore D.I.Y. indie icon. Jason and Kevin met in 1984 when he interviewed 7 Seconds for Leading Edge fanzine backstage at Perkins Palace in Pasadena and they have been friends ever since. The two lived together in Reno for a time and Jason was roadie on the band's 1986 North American tour. This conversation focuses on Kevin's origin story. We learn about the hardscrabble circumstances he and his family experienced after arriving in Reno in the mid 70's, and how the precariousness of his situation helped prime his fascination with the nascent punk movement rumbling underground at the time. We then trace his journey from curious seeker of all things punk to the beginning of 7 Seconds and his central role establishing "anti-youth" Reno, NV as the home of the vital, nationally recognized "Skeeno H.C." hardcore scene. This episode demands a follow-up and we'll be sure to hear from Kevin again in future installments to see where the story goes from here. Thank you for listening! Music:  7 Seconds: "Fight Your Own Fight", "Fuck Your Amerika", "No Authority" TM pod intro by Jason. --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/jason-traeger/support

1hr 17mins

22 Feb 2021