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44 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Alex Ferrari. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Alex Ferrari, often where they are interviewed.

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44 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Alex Ferrari. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Alex Ferrari, often where they are interviewed.

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Episode 16 - Alex Ferrari

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On today's episode, we talk with Alex Ferrari (IMDb), filmmaker, entrepreneur, and creator of Indie Film Hustle, one of the premiere destinations anywhere for information, advice and encouragement for independent filmmakers all of all kinds.

Alex has blazed a path in independent film that saw him running his own post studio, starting the YouTube film tutorial phenomenon, writing two books, and directing two features, both after the age of 40! He provides inspiration and motivation to independent filmmakers around the world, and he joins us for a frank and honest conversation about his own mental health. We talk about how his own mental roadblocks have hindered his development in the past, how he overcomes them, and how his definition of success and happiness have changed over the course of the last 20 years as a working filmmaker.

Check out his two books:
Shooting for the Mob
Rise of the Filmtrepreneur

His two features, both available to watch now on Amazon Prime!
This is Meg (IMDb)
On the Corner of Ego & Desire (IMDb)

And don't forget his other filmmaking endeavors:
Indie Film Hustle

No intro/outro this week, our conversation was Alex was so amazing, we ran super long, and I'm pushing to get these down to as close to an hour as I can get 'em! I know your time is valuable, so we appreciate you all and your continued support!

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Nov 19 2020 · 1hr 3mins
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Ep131: How Having a 'Side Hustle' Buys You the Freedom to Say 'No' | with Alex Ferrari

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"In twenty years, do you want to be doing this? If the answer is no, you better figure some stuff out." - Alex Ferrari

When the pandemic shut down Hollywood, many craftspeople in the industry came to the realization their livelihood was 100% dependent on other people having work for them. I too had this realization that in order to support my family someone had to hire me for their project - I had no way to support myself with my own projects (this acute realization came one fateful night when putting my kids to bed via FaceTime for the 1000th time in a row). I knew that I did not want to continue simply trading hours for dollars. I wanted to have freedom to say yes to projects that fulfilled me, and no to projects that weren’t a good fit (or even worse were a surefire path to burnout). This may sound like a pipe dream to many people, but it's not only possible to build a “side hustle” over time that can help to support you and fill the gap during lean times, it might be absolutely essential given the changing landscape of the entertainment industry.

My guest today also had this realization, but at the early age of 21 years old. Alex Ferrari, the founder of Indie Film Hustle, is an author, blogger, speaker, serial entrepreneur, consultant, the host of the #1 filmmaking podcast on iTunes Indie Film Hustle Podcast, and an award-winning writer/director with 25 years of experience in the film industry. He has been “side hustling” since he was 12 years old, and he is sharing his decades of experience to help others gain financial freedom while pursuing their filmmaking dreams. I used to think I was productive, but after chatting with Alex I’ve realized there’s a whole lot more that can be squeezed out of the 24 hours we have available to us every single day.

Told through Alex’s animated storytelling style, this episode is wildly entertaining while simultaneously delivering sage advice from one of the great online business entrepreneurs in the film industry today.

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Here's What You'll Learn:
  • Alex's story of how he started as an editor
  • The illusion of autonomy in freelance work
  • Why he learned multiple different crafts in the hopes of getting more financial freedom
  • How he stopped relying on the "hours for dollars" situation
  • What does the term “filmtrepreneur” mean that Alex has coined?
  • Why you should broaden your definition of success
  • Why filmmakers should consider making money outside of the traditional ways
  • The importance of understanding your "niche" and who you are making content for
  • The story of the filmmaker at American Film Market that proves how different the film business is compared to other businesses
  • Why he gets push back from filmmakers on his business model
  • The fears people have when transitioning from craftsman to making their own films
  • Why our subconscious is running the show and how understanding that is the first step to overcoming your fear
  • How the newer models of entrepreneurship can allow you to slowly build up a business while still paying the bills
  • Ways to make time for starting your side hustle
  • The story of the side hustle that paid his bills to move to Los Angeles
  • How he got lost in the hustle and what he did to get out of it and back on track
  • Alex had his first online business in 1997
  • The 17 cents that served as the catalyst to break through his fear of starting his own business
  • How he uses niche markets to make successful films and create a brand around it
  • How I could've made a lot of money on my documentary if I followed Alex's Filmtrepreneur method
  • Why you need to ask the right questions to stop the vicious cycle of being burned out
Useful Resources Mentioned:


Rise of the Filmprentreneur

Indie Film Hustle

IFH Academy


Alex Ferrari

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Lady Gaga

Bradley Cooper


Garbage Pail Kids

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Final Cut Pro



Kung Fury

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Ep130: On Pursuing Your Passion (Instead of Paychecks), and Finding the Right Mentor | with Joaquin Elizondo

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Guest Bio:

Alex Ferrari is an author, blogger, speaker, entrepreneur, consultant, the host of the #1 filmmaking podcast on iTunes Indie Film Hustle Podcast and an award-winning writer/director with 25 years of experience in the film industry. As a director his films have screened in over 500 international film festivals.

Show Credits:

This episode was edited by Curtis Fritsch, and the show notes were prepared by Debby Germino and published by Glen McNiel.

The original music in the opening and closing of the show is courtesy of Joe Trapanese (who is quite possibly one of the most talented composers on the face of the planet).

Note: I believe in 100% transparency, so please note that I receive a small commission if you purchase products from some of the links on this page (at no additional cost to you). Your support is what helps keep this program alive. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Nov 17 2020 · 1hr 20mins

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Making money in the film industry with Alex Ferrari

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Today’s guest is Alex Ferrari from the Indie Film Hustle podcast. Alex has worked in the film industry for over 25 years. He’s done it all—films, shorts, commercials, music videos, network promos, documentaries and webisodes.

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Oct 19 2020 · 49mins
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Filmmaker Alex Ferrari.

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Filmmaker Alex Ferrari is an author, blogger, speaker, consultant, the host of the #1 filmmaking podcast on iTunes Indie Film Hustle Podcast, and an award-winning writer/director with 25 years of experience in the film industry. His films have screened in over 500 international film festivals. It’s a treat to have Alex on the show. Check out his podcast, work, book and take advantage…
Aug 27 2020 · 1hr 28mins

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How to Distribute your film & make money with Filmtrepreneur's Alex Ferrari with Giles Alderson

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Join us on this weeks episode as we talk distribution!

Alex Ferrari, director of 'This is Meg' and 'On the Corner of Ego & Desire' chats to Giles Alderson (The Dare) in his home in LA about how you can distribute your film and make money from it.

They chat about the Distribber debacle, the Facebook group set up from it to help filmmakers and the best way to distribute your indie film.

They also go into detail about when distribution should be talked about when making a film, how you need a niche and how you can actually make money from your indie film.

Indie film Hustle TV

'Rise of the Filmtrepeneur' Book

Facebook - Protect Yourself from Predatory Film Distributors


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Apr 21 2020 · 1hr 9mins
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Hustling In the Time of Corona w Indie Film Hustle's Alex Ferrari - Just Shoot It 210

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Alex Ferrari, filmmaker/podcaster/hustler extraordinaire is back on the podcast to talk about his new book, Rise of the Filmtrepreneur. We get into it. It's a spirited discussion with some awesome takeaways. 

Check out Matt's short A Gray One (finally) https://vimeo.com/305560482

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Apr 09 2020 · 1hr 3mins
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159: Rise of the Filmtrepreneur with Alex Ferrari

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FINAL EPISODE:  Lessons Learned
In this episode, I'm joined once again by my good friend and fellow podcaster, Alex Ferrari of Indie Film Hustle.  Since this is the final episode for the Film Trooper podcast, Alex and I discuss everything that we've learned while running our podcasts.  It's a long episode, but contains a lot of value bombs!  Enjoy and thank you for listening :-)
Get more from Alex!
Rise of the Filmtrepreneur: How to Turn Your Indie Film into a Moneymaking Business - http://www,filmbizbook.com

Indie Film Hustle: http://www.indiefilmhustle.com
Indie Film Hustle TV: http://www.indiefilmhustle.tv

Filmtrepreneur: http://www.filmtrepreneur.com
Bulletproof Screenwriting: www.bulletproofscreenwriting.tv

On the Corner of Ego and Desire (Sundance Film): http://www.egoanddesirefilm.com

Shooting for the Mob (Based on the Incredible True Filmmaking Story): http://www.shootingforthemob.com

Buy the book!
Apr 07 2020 · 2hr 29mins
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The Filmtrepreneur Alex Ferrari

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Indie Film Hustler Alex Ferrari is with me again in part 2 of my interview with him. In this episode we talk about his new bookThe Filmtrepreneur -- which you need to get into your hands. The Filmtrepreneur is a detailed, and well organized, business plan for filmmakers to survive and thrive independently. There’s a wealth of hard won information packed into these pages.
Mar 23 2020 · 52mins
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The Indie Film Hustler with Alex Ferrari

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My guest in this episode is not a faith-based filmmaker, but he is an independent filmmaking force -- a hustler (as he calls himself). He runs a highly respected indie film website called INDY FILM HUSTLE, which I have been following for many years. He recently launched an indie film streaming service called IFHTV, and he makes independent films, his latest was shot during the Sundance film festival and released this past January called On The Corner of Ego and Desire.
If ever there was a time for Christian filmmakers to cultivate a fierce independent filmmaking spirit -- it’s now. And one of the most accessible, and generous indie filmmakers who is marching in advance of the frontlines of contemporary filmmaking, showing us what to do and what not to do, is my guest -- a man who defines the hustle of indie filmmaking -- his name is Alex Ferrari.
Mar 16 2020 · 35mins
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Episode 57 - ALEX FERRARI: Rise of the Filmtrepreneur

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In this episode Ryan talks with filmmaker ALEX FERRARI (On the Corner of Ego and Desire, This is Meg, White Latina) about about his new book “Rise of the Filmtrepreneur,” which breaks down how to actually make money with your film.  The "Filmtrepreneur Method" will set you up for success. 

Check out the book here: 


Mar 13 2020 · 45mins