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Episode 11 Guest - Bernie Swain


My guest for this special extended episode is Bernie Swain. He is the co-founder with Paula Swain and Harry Rhoads Jr. of Washington Speakers Bureau, a lecture agency which represents many prestigious authors, politicians, journalists, athletes, and business leaders. He is author of the book What Made Me Who I Am. He talks about his humble beginnings, starting the company, exceptional clients, leadership, character and honesty.


18 Apr 2020

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Ep – 84 Bernie Swain

My Wakeup Call with Dr. Mark Goulston

In this episode, I speak with Bernie Swain, co-founder of the Washington Speakers Bureau, who give me a wakeup call as he causes me to think of them as "turning points" by discussing all of the ones that changed his life.


8 Mar 2020

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The Handshake that Changed Everything, with Bernie Swain


My guest today is Bernie Swain. Bernie is the founder of the Washington Speakers’ Bureau, one of the most successful and well-respected speakers’ bureaus in the world. Since launching in 1980, the bureau has represented US presidents, prime ministers from Great Britain, countless American and world leaders, business and economic visionaries, authors, media personalities, sports legends.Bernie's bureau represents some of the most successful people and well-respected minds in the world. He knows their well-told and well-known stories as well as many of the behind the scenes stories too. Recently he put all of that in a book called What Made Me Who I Am. In this book, Bernie does an incredible job of collecting a series of lesser-known stories from well-known people. Tales of grit, determination, sometimes involving love, sometimes involving luck, but great stories of real people doing extraordinary things.So I wanted to have Bernie on to talk about his story and some of his favorite stories from others as well, so let's get to it.Listen To The Podcast:RESOURCES: What Made Me Who I Am Book: https://amzn.to/2NapMPnINTERVIEW:Bernie, welcome to DREAM THINK DO.Thank you, it's great being here. I appreciate the time you're sharing with me.It’s an absolute honor. Often when I have people on for DREAM THINK DO, they walked out a dream and sometimes it was a lifelong dream. Something they dreamed of doing as a little child, but if I'm understanding your story, you weren't five years old dreaming of someday having a speakers’ bureau.No.It sounds like this started in a completely different fashion.It was totally different. In fact, I was in my early 30s when the change took place. No one in my family, to give you an idea of where I started from, and maybe this will tell the people that are listening to the podcast, that no matter where you begin from, you can succeed in life. No one in my family ever attended college before. In fact, my mother and her family were farmers who grew up in Central Virginia and basically lived off the land. My father, with five sisters, a brother and assorted relatives, grew up in just a two-room house in the poorest of mining towns in West Virginia. When my grandmother couldn't take care of him, he spent part of his childhood in an orphanage. So, when I was in high school, there was never really any conversation in my home about my going to college.That wasn't a given. Yeah.My family, I think, expected me to do well and find a job and succeed and be happy, but there was never any conversation. I had a teacher in high school. He was the athletic director and the football coach and he encouraged me to go to college. In fact, I would have never gone if it hadn't been for his input and influence in my life. I wanted to be just like him. I wanted to be something as a football coach or an athletic director or teach physical education. So, he set me on this path and I went to college and graduated from college. My first job was the football coach and the junior high school ninth grade phys ed teacher at the junior high school I had previously gone to.Wow.I spent a year there and went back to school to get a master's degree and then went on to become the intramural director at George Washington University, and then the assistant athletic director. I was months away from becoming the athletic director at the university when a friend of mine sent me a copy of Fortune Magazine. In the magazine was a story about this lecture agency called Harry Walker. In the article, it told how Harry Walker went to the Gerald Ford White House and signed Gerald Ford, who was the president at the time, Henry Kissinger and Alexander Haig to speak for him after they left office. At the end of the article, Henry Kissinger is quoted as questioning the high commission rate that Harry Walker wanted to charge and says, "Why don't I simply sign with one of your comp...


4 Sep 2018

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Speaking To Inspire Change with Bernie Swain and The Boating Experience with Adrian Walker

Take The Lead

When you’ve grown to be the largest lecture agency in the world who represents prime ministers, presidents and secretaries of state, you have to understand that this value of work womes from a turning point in life that defines who you are. Author of “What Made Me Who I Am” Bernie Swain used to work in a closet before he got to represent 3 of the last 4 presidents of the United States. He shares that with Washington Speakers Bureau, your speech should aim to make a difference and make people go in a direction of change. AirBnB has proven that there are people who would choose to rent rather than own. Co-founder and CEO of Boataffair Adrian Walker applied this idea to renting boats. He and his wife thought they liked sharing the boating experience but a lot of people don’t own one because of money and maintenance factors. He now helps people enjoy a fantastic day in the water and he earns extra income on the side.Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share! Here’s How » Join the Take The Lead community today: Dr. DianeHamilton.com Dr. Diane Hamilton Facebook Dr. Diane Hamilton Twitter Dr. Diane Hamilton LinkedIn Dr. Diane Hamilton YouTube Dr. Diane Hamilton Instagram

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14 May 2018

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Episode 674: Pay attention to the turning points, with Bernie Swain

Onward Nation

Bernie Swain is the founder of the Washington Speakers Bureau, a lecture agency which represents many prestigious authors, politicians, journalists, athletes, and business leaders. At the firm’s start back in 1980, he began signing every speaker with a handshake -- this proved to be the hallmark of trust that helped accelerate the company’s growth. Years later, Bernie’s roster of speakers would be the greatest in history and the firm still continues its practice of signing speakers on the strength of a handshake. Today, the best of Bernie's fortunes turned out to be the speakers themselves because these remarkable leaders had become his friends and he captured many of their most personal, powerful influences and defining moments in his book, “What Made Me Who I Am.” What you’ll learn about in this episode: How an error became a defining moment in Bernie’s career Why passion is so much more important than talent when you’re starting a company on your own Why there are no shortcuts to long term success How a handshake can create an environment of trust and honesty Why Bernie felt compelled to write the book, “What Made Me Who I Am” How turning points in our life define our successes and accomplishments How you earn opportunities by making wise decisions The importance in taking your time to make life decisions Why you need to remember that no matter what you do, you are your brand How best to connect with Bernie: Website: bernieswain.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/BernieSwainAuthor LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/bernie-swain-0a704b4


30 Jan 2018

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January 4, 2018 Speaker SuperGuru Bernie Swain and to 2000 offices Terry Ogburn

School for Startups Radio

January 4, 2018 Speaker SuperGuru Bernie Swain and to 2000 offices Terry Ogburn

4 Jan 2018

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Co-founder of the Washington Speakers Bureau Bernie Swain

Connie Pheiff Show

Entrepreneurial, passionate Bernie Swain is an American businessman and author. Chairman of the Washington Speakers Bureau and foremost authority on the lecture industry.  Bernie Swain, Co-founder of the Washington Speakers Bureau and author of What Made Me Who I Am and founder of The Washington Speakers Bureau, in 1980… in a closet, became the largest lecture agency in the world represent American and world leaders; 3 U.S. Presidents, 5 Prime Ministers of Great Britain, 6 Secretaries of State, journalists, authors, Business leaders, sports legends and great achievers of all kinds. Quote: Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts." -- Winston S. Churchill Website:: bernieswain.com Facebook:: FB: https://www.facebook.com/BernieSwainAuthor/ LinkedIn:: LI: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bernie-swain-0a704b4/ Premium binge worthy content. Up or Out with Connie is reaching over 2.5m listeners per episode. And we’re not done  yet…  We can be heard on… ·       C-Suite Network ·       iTunes ·       iHeartRadio ·       Stitcher ·       Multiple online networks, and ·       1,900 analog stations in 145 Countries. Be sure to subscribe on iTunes, because you don’t want to miss any of the good stuff. Let us know what you would like and need to hear on a future episode. We are here to mentor leaders who are ready to develop high-performance habits, achieve excellence and Be Unstoppable Together. Register to be a guest at www.uporout.com Book Connie to speak at your next event: UnstoppableSpeaker.LA Are you an executive looking for a mentor to help you develop High-performance Habits and achieve excellence? Give Connie a call at 570.906.4395, she just may be what you’re looking for! Now to get your copy of the Be Unstoppable Freedom journal, simply send an email to TEAMPHEIFF@pheiffgroup.com. In the subject line include Be Unstoppable Freedom Journal. I will send you to link where you can enter your information. I’ve ordered 2,000 books for you… my listeners. This journal retails for $97.00.  It’s yours for free, but I do ask that you help by paying for the shipping. That’s it, only pay for the shopping and I will send you and autographed copy. It’s easy, send an email now to TEAMPHEIFF@pheiffgroup.com.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


26 Dec 2017

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128 Business, Passion and Empathy with Bernie Swain

Businesses that Care Podcast (formerly Mere Mortals Unite)

Bernie Swain shares one of the biggest factors in starting and maintaining his business; having empathy for his clients. Trust grew his business to represent the biggest names in politics and the entertainment world.  Presidents, Prime Ministers, Authors, Big Thinkers and TV and Acting celebrities.   Bernie Swain is the Founder of the Washington Speakers Bureau and author of What Made Me Who I Am. The original idea was encouraged after Alex Haley told Bernie to think of our lives as being libraries and how sometimes they are overflowing with volumes and experiences and they need to be shared. In his book he shares the experiences of different celebrities and cultural icons and how they overcame what was holding them back and had trust in the process and were able to become successful. More info about the Washington Speakers Bureau: Founded in 1980 by Bernie, his wife Paula Swain and Harry Rhoads Jr. created a bureau that changed how the lecture industry operated. They set new standards and upon making his first deal with a client Bernie never used a signed contract.  All deals were based on trust. Since 1980 Washington Speakers Bureau has represented three presidents and has been a part of over 50,000 events. You’ll discover: The importance of trust between yourself and your client. Why you need to find people that are good examples in your life. How empathy can open your business up to greater success. That there is a pathway for all of us to find. What makes passion more important than talent. Interview Links & Other Resources Visit BernieSwain.com Visit the Washington Speakers Bureau Check out Bernie Swain’s book What Made Me Who I am Follow Bernie Swain on Facebook Connect with Bernie Swain on LinkedInFollow Bernie Swain on Twitter Mere Mortals Unite on C-Suite Radio iTunes - Subscribe, Rate and Review


13 Dec 2017

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593: The Power of Turning Points, with Bernie Swain

Discover Your Talent–Do What You Love

Bernie Swain’s wife, Paula, convinced him to quit his dream job and start a lecture agency with her. With no experience, plan or money, they did. Nine years later, their agency, The Washington Speakers Bureau, became the largest in the world. Clients included President Reagan, Alex Haley, Tom Brokaw, Condoleezza Rice, General Colin Powell and Doris Kearns Goodwin. “Through the successful, accomplished people I represented, I came to understand what turning points are all about.”


8 Dec 2017

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What Made Me Who I Am – Bernie Swain | TSP131

The Successful Pitch with John Livesay

Today’s guest on The Successful Pitch is Bernie Swain, the author of “What Made Me Who I Am”. He’s the founder of the Washington Speakers Bureau, which represents famous presidents, Tony Blair, Condoleezza Rice, athletes, Tom Brokaw, and he talks about how he started his agency, how long he had to wait while working out of a closet to get his first client, and the resilience it takes to become an entrepreneur. He said, “Passion is much more important than talent, and a pitch works when it’s real and authentic. Really, there’s no short-term path to long-term success.” He said, “You’ll never be happy until you control your own destiny.”


11 Oct 2017