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Jessica Jeboult: This or Something Better

A Sober Girls Guide

On this episode A Sober Girls Guide founder and creator, Jessica Jeboult,  shares extremely personal stories on how resisting change and not fulfilling your needs and wants leads to breaking your own heart. She discusses the art of letting go of what is not meant for you, that isn't meeting your wants and needs, and focusing on "this or something better. "


17 Sep 2021

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A Sober Girl’s Guide- Jessica Jeboult- Page 28

The Sobriety Diaries

Jessica Jeboult is the founder and creative mind behind A Sober Girls Guide, which has blossomed into a podcast, book, recovery program, worldwide support groups and soon to be academy. In Jessica’s own words: “I was living the fast life in the heart of Los Angeles, California. I was a full-time traveling club Dj. I played all the big Hollywood parties in the hills and the hottest night clubs. I wanted to stop this vicious cycle but I didn't know how. I had been sober off and on for over 10 years, and 12 Step work didn’t seem to be the answer”. “I went through my life with a fine tooth comb and eliminated all the bullshit my ego was doing to be cool and traded it for things that made my soul sing”  We chat about how this turned into a program of recovery for other women, a blog and eventually what it is today! You can find more on IG@asobergirlsguide & www.asobergirlsguide.com The Sobriety Diaries is a video podcast where we share powerful stories of recovery told by those who lived them. You can find us wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts with new episodes every Sunday and Wednesday. Please share our show with just 1 person in your life who may be struggling, you just never know what they may need to hear today. Also, please consider donating to The Sobriety Diaries here: https://www.thesobrietydiaries.com/support/  Your donations help us to source the best stories from around the world and keep the show going! . Follow us on Instagram @thesobrietydiariespod Find all things TSD related and join our insiders list at www.thesobrietydiaries.com Exact Nature- Use code “TSD 20” for 20% off your order at www.exactnature.com Make sure you subscribe so you never miss an episode, every Sunday and Wednesday! Apple Podcasts: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-sobriety-diaries/id1570033658?uo=4 Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/0aKbMuMUb2jjTkBBD41Mhm Google Podcasts: https://www.google.com/podcasts?feed=aHR0cHM6Ly9hbmNob3IuZm0vcy81YjYzNDVkOC9wb2RjYXN0L3Jzcw== Anchor: https://anchor.fm/sobrietydiaries Radio Public: https://radiopublic.com/the-sobriety-diaries-Wa0nBA PocketCasts: https://pca.st/6i505fmy Try your best not to drink, and be good to yourself!--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/sobrietydiaries/support


5 Sep 2021

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A Sober Gay's Guide with Jessica Jeboult

The Sober Gay

Dillan talks to Jessica Jeboult from A Sober Girls Guide. asobergirlsguide.com thesobergay.com--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/thesobergay/support


25 Jun 2021

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Jessica Jeboult: A Sober Girls Guide

Avalon Recovery Society Radio

Jessica Jeboult is the founder of A Sober Girls Guide, a blog, podcast, and recovery community designed to empower women in sobriety. She is an accomplished writer, motivational speaker, coach, and she is currently working with Avalon to help us reach more women recovering from addiction online! 


26 Nov 2020

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Jessica Jeboult: The Highlight Reel

A Sober Girls Guide

In this episode, I explain how having a highlight reel of my wild past as a full-time club DJ, affected my mental health and recovery process. By filtering my life to the exciting world of djing, and partying like a rockstar in LA as I hide in the shadows of anxiety, the deep depression I only perpetrated my pain. 


9 Oct 2020

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Seeking Silver Linings with Jessica Jeboult

Seek Purpose

On this episode, we chat with Jessica from A Sober Girls Guide to talk about her new position with Avalon Recovery. The Avalon Recovery Society is celebrating 30 years of helping women connect and get recovery.  With Jessica's help they are reaching even more women by going digital and offering online support.Hear more about Jessica on Seek Purpose the podcast episodes 36 and 37 or check out her own podcast “A Sober Girls Guide”. www.avalonrecoverysociety.org https://www.instagram.com/avalonrecoverysociety/

1hr 5mins

29 Sep 2020

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Jessica Jeboult: Top 3 Questions, Tips &Tricks About Sobriety

A Sober Girls Guide

From email, social media, and direct messages, I answer and give you the top tips and tricks to sobriety. From relationships to how to start your booze-free bonanza, I answer it all! Visit www.asobergirlsguide.com for workbooks, journals, coaching and community


27 Aug 2020

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A Sober Girl's Guide with Jessica Jeboult

Sober Nation FM

A Sober Girl's Guide with Jessica Jeboult As a club DJ, Jessica was living what most people might think is the dream life. She got paid to travel the world and party, but she felt like her life lacked purpose, and her growing substance abuse issue wasn't helping. After 10 years of failing to get sober, the consequences started to grow in the form of gripping anxiety and depression. "The nudges were turning into shoves." While preparing to depart for a big gig at a luxury resort, she started to think about all of the things she wanted to do and how much she would enjoy herself. In that moment of planning, Jessica had the realization that alcohol didn't fit anywhere into this plan. It was then that she made a decision to get and stay sober. Jessica started sharing about her experiences early in sobriety, which ultimately lead to the creation of "A Sober Girls Guide" blog and podcast. Today Jessica has found purpose by helping women in recovery through her motivational speaking and coaching programs. You can learn more about Jessica's coaching programs and check out the podcast by visiting ASoberGirlsGuide.com.Do you want to take your recovery to the next level? Sobriety Engine is an incredible online community where you can find a ton of great tips, tools, and support from other men and women in recovery.  Visit SobrietyEngine.com to join today. If you're ready to get fit and start living a healthier lifestyle while supporting your sobriety then you can learn more about having Jonathan as your personal fitness and nutrition coach at RCVRHealth.com


24 Aug 2020

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Jessica Jeboult: You Can run But You Can't Hide

A Sober Girls Guide

In this solo episode, I discuss my expectations of what three years sober meant. I talk about how to set yourself up for success in your first 30 days in sobriety. I touch on the pain I have been facing in these challenging times and how they have affected me physically, mentally, and spiritually. This episode is all about facing your fears and working through to the other side because you can run but you can't hide.


30 Apr 2020

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62 - Phone a friend with Jessica Jeboult

Seltzer Squad - Staying Sober In The City

Jes and Kate have a fun phone call with Jessica Jeboult. 


31 Jan 2020