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Secrets to Providing Value to Everyone and Challenges at the Intersection of Life and Business with Darryl Lyons

The Staying Power Podcast

Darryl Lyons is the CEO of PAX Financial Group and the author of several books. Darryl is also a member of the advisory council for Dave Ramsey solutions. https://paxfinancialgroup.com/In today’s episode, we discuss:Founding PAX Financial GroupSecrets to internet marketing and providing value to many with different needs and goalsFinancial planning mistakesChallenges at the intersection of business and lifeTo learn more about the Staying Power Collective, a group for aspiring and current virtual firm owners on a mission to grow their firms, visit https://www.stayingpowercollective.com/To read the show notes, guest contact information, and impactful quotes, visithttps://www.stayingpowercollective.com/blog


13 Oct 2020

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Episode 591: {Rebroadcast} Impact the World - Interview with Darryl Lyons Author of "18 to 80" – Part 4

Inspired Stewardship

In today’s interview with Darryl Lyons about impacting the world, Darryl talks with you about how your views about money are influenced by culture and that can lead to money problems.  Darryl shares with you some of his top tips to make an impact on the world.  Darryl and I also talk about what he hopes his legacy to be and lots more… Show Notes and Resources.


20 Apr 2020

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Episode 586: {Rebroadcast} Develop Your Influence - Interview with Darryl Lyons Author of "18 to 80" – Part 3

Inspired Stewardship

In today’s interview with Darryl Lyons, he talks with you about developing your influence.  Darryl shares with you his definition of leadership and what it means.  Darryl gives you his best tips on how to grow your influence and how to develop a tribe.  And we talk about how our internal money story affects our relationship with money. Show Notes and Resources.


13 Apr 2020

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Episode 581: {Rebroadcast} Invest in Others - Interview with Darryl Lyons Author of "18 to 80" – Part 2

Inspired Stewardship

In today’s interview with Darryl Lyons, he talks with you about investing in others.  Darryl shares with you tips about being someone in the sandwich generation, where you are trapped between kids and parents.  Darryl also shares PIVOT his model that changes the definition of retirement.  Darryl and I also talk with you about the value of mentorship.   Show Notes and Resources.


6 Apr 2020

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Episode 576: {Rebroadcast} Invest in Yourself - Interview with Darryl Lyons Author of "18 to 80"– Part 1

Inspired Stewardship

In today’s interview with Darryl Lyons, he talks with you about investing in yourself.  Darryl talks with you about money challenges unique to the middle class and why they are so much more challenging today.  He and I share with you what behavioral finance is and why that should matter to you.  He also talks about how finances affect you as a small business owner or if you even want to ever be a business owner and more.   Show Notes and Resources.


30 Mar 2020

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The Best of TLCG: Mastering Middle Class Money Matters with Darryl Lyons

The Leadership Coaching Group

We are reviewing one of our past episodes with the CEO of Pax Financial, Darryl Lyons.  Darryl focuses on teaching the middle class how to overcome debt, manage their money, and save for the future.  His very approachable manner makes talking about money accessible to almost anyone. What We Cover: Why fear is an ineffective motivator for wealth management How some people seem to thrive financially regardless of where they are while others seem to be stuck no matter the opportunities that are presented to them Money challenges unique to the middle class If you are interested in personal or organizational coaching, email us at info@theleadershipcoachinggroup.com. If you just want to stay in touch, follow Liz on Instagram @theleadershipcoachinggroup and find out more at www.theleadershipcoachinggroup.com


9 Dec 2019

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E335: The Money And Retirement Wisdom For All Ages With Darryl Lyons

Breakthrough Success

Darryl Lyons is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and a Behavioral Financial Advisor (BFA) who is considered an expert in the area of personal finance and author of several books; his latest was endorsed by Dave Ramsey. His company PAX Financial Group has made the Inc. 5000 fastest growing companies in the country. Author, entrepreneur, community leader and family man, he wears many hats and understands what it takes to plan for financial freedom.  Quotes To Remember: "Pay yourself first." "Money impacts our lives in so many ways." "Investing in yourself gives you the best ROI." "There's a lot of opportunity to give back." "Discipline is a muscle."     What You'll Learn: Achieving success in financial planning Developing financial discipline  Saving your way to millions How to invest your money Habits for financial success Key Links From The Episode:  PAX Financial Group Darryl's LinkedIn James Clear Episode 275 Recommended Books: Content Marketing Secrets by Marc Guberti Podcast Domination by Marc Guberti 18 To 80 by Darryl Lyons Dave Ramsey's books Atomic Habits by James Clear


15 Apr 2019

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A Simple and Practical Guide to Money | Darryl Lyons #264

Eternal Leadership

Darryl Lyons emphasized the idea of having a strong background about financial matters, most importantly, matters concerning money management. At a younger age, he realized the value of money management and dedicated his life to educating people on how to also do the same. Let us learn from his experience and let us begin to think like him in a variety of ways to be successful in our respective fields. What you will learn: • Identify how to train your mind in making decisions • Learning flexibility in terms of changed plans along the way • Creating a plan considering your plan and the plan of God • Making a legacy in the lives of others • Creating a growth centered on faith, hope, and discipline To learn more go here for the Show Notes: http://eternalleadership.com/264-2/ To learn more about this week's sponsor Blinkist: http://eternalleadership.com/blink


27 Mar 2019

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Trading Justice 312: Darryl Lyons on Behavioral Finance

Trading Justice

In this episode of the Trading Justice Podcast, Tim interviews Darryl Lyons about money, markets and retirement planning.  Darryl is the author of the book 18 to 80; A Simple and Practical Guide to Money and Retirement for All Ages.  Tim and Darryl discuss strategies and ideas that anyone can build for all strategies of their life.  Ever curious what are the biggest mistakes a retiree makes?  What are some of the items to consider before you retire?  Listen into the podcast and get some actionable ideas for yourself about retirement planning, and financial planning. Darryl holds licenses in Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and a Behavioral Financial Advisor (BFA).  His interest in behavioral finance is particularly fascinating and he and Tim discuss the works of Daniel Kahnemen regarding psychology, judgement and decision making.  Before the feature presentation, Coach Mark and Tim analyze the market through the Market Skyline.  Markets recently went through a pullback, but they are maintaining bullish trends.  Topics include the Trade War, Economic Reports, Jerome Powell’s recent 60 minutes interview as well as the continued theme of the Global Growth Slowdown.  Last, the coaches answer questions in our popular Coaches Mailbag segment.  What tradable instrument is best to master if you want to leave your 9 to 5 job?  Is there a way to add a few lines to the journal to separate the ETF”s and stock positions?  After about 40 paper trades, at what point would should you go live in your trading?  We answer all of these questions, and even one from Quora.  Enjoy!

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12 Mar 2019

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MOA 241: Improving Your Behavioral Finance Mind toward Abundance and Prosperity with Darryl Lyons

Men of Abundance

Improving Your Behavioral Finance Mind toward Abundance and Prosperity!You\'ve heard \"It\'s not what you earn, but what you keep\". Or something like that, right? Well, what you earn and what you keep all comes done to decisions and behaviors. Or it might be the other way around. In either case, Darryl and I are going to do our part to give you a few insights that are likely to put more cash in your pockets. Are you ok with that? Good. Let\'s go...Meet our Featured GuestDarryl Lyons, Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and a Behavioral Financial Advisor (BFA), is considered an expert in the area of personal finance and author of several books; his latest was endorsed by Dave Ramsey.Darryl’s company PAX Financial Group has made the Inc. 5000 fastest growing companies in the country. Author, entrepreneur, community leader and family man, Darryl wears many hats and understands what ittakes to plan for financial freedom.Among his many accolades, Darryl is most proud of the San Antonio Business Journal naming PAX Financial one of the best places to work. He was also a nominee of the John C. Maxwell Leadership Award and recipient of the Small Business Person of the Year award for mentoring others. Darryl was also recognized by the State of Texas and Mayor Ivy Taylor. A community leader, Mayor Julian Castro recognized Darryl for his involvement in redeveloping a part of the city by naming a park, the Darryl W. Lyons park, in his honor.Darryl’s latest mission is to help redefine retirement where we no longer think of retiring but rather PIVOT into the next chapter of life with purpose. This idea is rooted in thousands of one on one conversations with people about money and a relatively new study called behavioral finance.Connect with our guestPaxFinancialGroup.comResources MentionedSmall Business Big Pressure Struggling Business Owners, Get Access To My Million Dollar eLearning Platform...I Want To Show You the Power of my eLearning Platform and Invite You To Join my Abundance & Prosperity Mastery Facebook Group.Get a Five Day Sneak Peek!Chances are, you don\'t know me well enough to jump right into a coaching relationship with me. I get that and respect you for being cautious. So I want you check me out for 5 days. If I can\'t show you how to greatly increase your revenue in 5 days, I have no business being a business and marketing strategist. Get access to...My E-Learning program worth $197 per monthLive weekly group coaching calls worth $500 a monthAccess to my website with 1 million dollars’ worth of Business Coaching and 2 million dollars’ worth of turn-key advertising in 120 different fields and industriesWeekly video series laying out a step-by-step plan to a Million Dollar BusinessA closed Facebook group to share ideas with and mentor each otherTo get 5 days access at no charge (No Credit Card or any form or payment required) simply...Request access to the Abundance & Prosperity Mastery Facebook GroupInvite 5 of your friends, who you know could add and receive value from the groupMessage me the names of those you invitedRequest Access Here! 


7 Mar 2019