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In Conversation with Leah Simmons, KAAIAA

StartUp Creative - Your go-to source for straight-up business advice

I’ve got to interview a practitioner that I’ve been working with and her name is Leah Simmons. She has just recently created her own healing modality/beautiful practice that I have been attending called Kaaiaa. Leah is going to tell us the story and a little bit of insight into the power of this class because it means all the people around the world will be able to access it soon. What I love about Leah’s story is the combination of all of her life experiences from being a DJ in London to going on a spiritual journey. Leah’s a mom and recently designed this Kaaiaa practice which for me is like a game-changer, it’s a mix of the ultimate morning routine. It’s an hour-long class, it’s a mix of breath work, disintegration technique, and meditation. She has designed this beautiful practice and I love this because it’s a sign of somebody who has channeled and tuned in and found their purpose and their passion and design something that’s unique and different. It’s been amazing to see her class flourish as somebody who is designing something uniquely hers and I think as a result of that, it will always be successful because it is an extension of herself. Leah is also an inspiring and motivational person. She says some great insights into us as humans and what we’re working through as a human experience. Something that I’ve learned over the years and experience in this class is in business we often find that we have to push ourselves to this new level, we have to beat procrastination and overwhelm, and inaction. Going to a class like this, it’s this physical experience of pushing yourself to a new level. Today we’re going to hear about Leah’s story and her journey and some incredible insights into a full integrated practice for our physical, spiritual, emotional self and how that can relate to doing good business as well.


28 Mar 2021

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Episode 29 : Leah Simmons

Sam Squared

Our guest today is Leah Simmons , Leah is the founder of KAAIAA, a transformational workout focusing on the four pillars of energy.  We spoke about the origin of, and science behind, the KAAIAA workout, her experience in the music industry, her physical, mental and spiritual journey, meditation, importance of rest and recovery post-workout, learning to use social media consciously, out-of-body experiences, getting out of a survival mindset and getting rid of self-limiting thoughts, harnessing your energy according to the energy flowchart, the relationship between the soul and the ego, and more.The Kaaiaa workout is a must and we will back ! If you want to learn more follow @thisiskaaiaa on Instagram or look up kaaiaa.comSponsors:180 Nutrition have given our audience a discount of 10 %. The code is S210. They make whole food health supplements and products from the best available provided information. From muscle gain, weight loss to gut health 180 has something for you. Free delivery with orders over a $100.https://180nutrition.com.auWe have partnered up with Krush Organics who are manufacturers of CBD and Hemp oil in Australia. They have given us a 40% discount on their products with free delivery too for our audience. Look up Krushorganics.com . The discount code is Squared. I’ve been testing Krush Organics CBD oil and the stuff works really well for anxiety, sleep and recovery.This was one of the most interesting podcasts we have done, Leah’s energy is unmatched, we learnt plenty from her and hope you do too... enjoy

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8 Feb 2021

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Movement, Happiness & Spiritual Connection | Leah Simmons | TRH 09

The Rabbit Hole Podcast - With Monty Hooke

About This Episode In this episode, I talk with Leah Simmons, a Bali based leader in health and fitness. Leah has dedicated her life to studying multiple modalities of movement, exercise, breathing, yoga & meditation, and is now teaching all of these practices into a philosophy she calls The Elevate Method. We went deep down the rabbit hole on body issues in women and men, including a fascinating conversation about how physique-driven fitness, in men and women, actually stems from a compensation of lack of self-worth. We spoke about the ego, health and how exercise & breathing can be used as a gateway for access to your higher self.  This was a beautiful conversation. Leah really opened up and shared her personal story of being a mother and what she went through to get  really connected to her ideal life. About Leah Guest Leah Simmons is a qualified pilates instructor, personal trainer, and kundalini yoga teacher with an insatiable passion for all things health and fitness. She is the founder of The Elevated Method which covers 4 different areas of health that determines if a person is truly “fit” - mental capacity, physical fitness, emotional ability, and spiritual connection. Born from Leah’s desire to go beyond just the physical self, she has redefined what it means to be “fit.” What you’ll learn in this episode: [04:53] What True Health Is All About [06:39] Mastering The Elevate Method [14:57] Bringing Intention To Your Practice [18:48] Elevating Our Lives Through Breathwork [22:39] Turning Pain Into Something Beautiful [29:36] Being Healthy In An Unhealthy Place [35:24] Core Strength For Life [41:38] The Relationship Between Exercise & Mind [46:20] Bridging The Gap To Spirituality Find Leah Simmons https://www.instagram.com/iamleahsimmons/ https://www.theelevatemethod.com.au/elevate-online/

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22 Oct 2020

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New Vital Care Location Interview: Leah Simmons of North Mississippi Vital Care

The Infusion Pharmacy Franchise Podcast

Join Christian VonDrehle as he talks with Leah Simmons, PharmD, who recently opened North Mississippi Vital Care in June 2020 (one month ago as of this podcast recording). Leah shares her experience of opening and launching a Vital Care home infusion business, as well as advice for anyone pursuing owning a business. She's candid about her experience and shares meaningful insights for anyone considering applying to the Vital Care home infusion franchise program.  Visit vitalstarts.com to learn more about your home infusion opportunity and talk with the Vital Care team.


4 Aug 2020

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Her Empowered Purpose/with Leah Simmons (Trailer)

Her Empowered Purpose/with Leah Simmons

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23 Apr 2020

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What would I tell my 18 year old self part 3 Co Host Leah Simmons

Ms. Kim McLeod |VA REAL TALK

This episode and interview we discuss the importance of taking care of our mental health at a young age. This will bless and encourage you! Feel free to share if this relate to you and share to others that will benefit from this. Thanks for Listening ! --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/kim-mcleod/support


17 Feb 2019

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What would I tell my 18year old self: Co Host Leah Simmons part 2

Ms. Kim McLeod |VA REAL TALK

Part 2 of the 'What would I tell my 18 year old self the Spirtual aspect.' Ms. Leah shares what has helped her as a young adult to have a healthy relationship with the Lord. Many young people are losing their faith in God and the Church and walking away from God and the Church in masses and they really need the Love of God. Thankful for Leah for sharing her perspective, advice and wisdom in these difficult seasons many of us have with our walk with the Lord. --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/kim-mcleod/support


17 Feb 2019