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11/29/22 -- Dan Ball W/ Rep. Jim Jordan, Steven Mosher, Keelin Darby & Eddie Gallagher, Carrie Prejean Boller.

Real America with Dan Ball


30 Nov 2022

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Ep24 Decorated Navy Seal War Veteran Eddie Gallagher

Life Lessons with Dr. Bob

For nearly twenty years, Eddie served as a Navy Corpsman, Marine Scout Sniper and Navy SEAL. Eight overseas combat deployments, two Bronze Stars and one Navy Achievement Medal, both with “V” for Valor.On his last combat deployment to Iraq in 2017, Eddie led a platoon to successfully defeat ISIS in Mosul. For his performance and leadership, he was highly commended upon returning home. He was named the #1 Navy SEAL Chief, nominated for a Silver Star, and slated for promotion to Senior Chief. He was then awarded a coveted training billet for his ‘twilight tour’ as a SEAL, where in his last years in the SEAL teams he would bestow his experience and knowledge to future SEAL team members as they prepared to deploy.However, despite this record of success and a sterling reputation, a conflict he thought was resolved during his last deployment followed him home. Chief Gallagher and his family suffered in silence for well over a year at the hands of a mounting whisper campaign started by a small group of disgruntled junior members of his platoon who had been called out by him as cowards on deployment. They were unwilling to keep up with his demands as an aggressive team leader and chief, and turned to deceit in order to escape scrutiny.The mutiny and ensuing whisper campaign grew into a hellish process, spiraling out of control. Ed was notified he was under investigation months after returning home but naively assumed his command and investigators would see through the absurdity of what was being said. After all, the claims of this small group defied eyewitnesses, logic, and were downright outrageous.Then, on September 11, 2018 he was arrested and unjustly charged with war crimes. Nearly eight months of pre-trial confinement -- being locked in prison before your court date -- followed.Only after a national outcry, a grassroots campaign led by his family, and an intense legal battle was Eddie found not guilty. He was finally free – proven innocent – but came dangerously close to being crushed by a military justice system corrupted by political correctness, careerism, and incompetence.The magnitude and terror of the ordeal that Eddie and his family went through will never leave them. During a raid, Eddie and Andrea’s kids were taken out at gunpoint from their home and dragged into the street in their underwear. He was arrested from a TBI (traumatic brain injury) treatment clinic and thrown in jail with a prison population of convicted sex offenders for eight months before his trial. He was denied desperately-needed medical care, legal counsel, and even basic necessities like food and hygiene.The actions of the government - the very Navy Eddie served for 20 years - were appalling. They illegally leaked to the media to smear Eddie in the court of public opinion. They withheld exculpatory evidence. They spied on his legal counsel. Then, after being defeated, the Navy leadership had the gall to bestow achievement medals -- the same kind that Eddie was awarded for valor in combat -- to the corrupt prosecutors for losing their case.The Gallagher family tragically learned how broken the system is, that our service members and first responders can be unfairly and unjustly targeted, and how vital outside help can be in fighting back against this kind of corruption. They vowed, having lived through the terror of his case and escaping injustice, they would commit themselves to helping others in similar situations and fight to reform a broken system.

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25 Oct 2022

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10/7/22 -- Dan Ball W/ Eddie Gallagher, Steve Milloy, Isabella Riley, Christiana Kiefer, Anthony Raimondi.

Real America with Dan Ball


7 Oct 2022

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#096: How Navy Seal Eddie Gallagher Developed an Unbreakable Mindset & Overcame War Crime Allegations

The Daru Strong Podcast

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4 Oct 2022

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EP 9 Executing a Clearly Defined Mission of Resiliency Ft. Eddie Gallagher, Retired United States Navy SEAL

Become a Warrior Advisor

Welcome back to another episode of Become a Warrior Advisor Podcast! Today, we are joined by Eddie Gallagher, Retired United States Navy SEAL and author of The Man in the Arena: From Fighting Isis to Fighting for My Freedom. Eddie is a keynote speaker for the upcoming Warrior Conference, October 12 - 14, 2022, in Cape Coral, Florida, open to all financial advisors and hosted by RFG Advisory. In today’s special episode, RFG President Shannon Spotswood and Eddie discuss resiliency and getting comfortable being uncomfortable in adverse situations. And Eddie should know. After 20 years of serving in the U.S. military and being imprisoned for two years, he had to face and overcome adversity.  Join the conversation to hear about:·       01:54 Get comfortable being uncomfortable ·       06:49 Resilience and how to put it into practice·       10:16 Being transparent in any community ·       11:54 The hallmarks of effective leadership ·       15:51 The application of After Actions Reports (AAR) in life·       18:33 Be prepared to receive any criticism that comes your way ·       21:22 Why you should ‘Seek Battle’ in your everyday life ·       28:17 Adapt to your new surroundings & put everything into perspective Referenced Materials·       Warrior Advisor Conference·       War Room Huddle Podcast – Website ·       Warrior Advisor Podcast - Website ·       Eddie Gallagher, “The Man in the Arena: From Fighting ISIS to Fighting for My Freedom” on Amazon·       RFG Advisory – Website·       RFG Advisory – Facebook·       RFG Advisory – LinkedIn·       RFG Advisory – Twitter·       RFG Advisory - YouTube 


7 Jun 2022

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EP 16 Executing a Clearly Defined Mission of Resiliency Ft. Eddie Gallagher, Retired United States Navy SEAL

War Room Huddle

Welcome back to another episode of Become a Warrior Advisor! A podcast that seeks to provide turnkey solutions, analyzing ​​actionable tactics, guidance, and the tools to survive and thrive during periods of uncertainty and disruptionIn this episode, Founder and CEO of RFG Advisory Bobby White and Navy SEAL Dom Raso discuss all things obsession, change, changing the generic way of thinking, and more. Through a customized curriculum, meant to stimulate critical thinking and quickly adapt to a new future, this podcast truly aspires to inspire and empower a new breed of advisors.All of the heart-wrenching events that have shocked the world to its core have us thinking that there is only so much we can do. Or so you think. After two years of COVID, we are hopeful that everyone is coming out on the other side stronger and evolved. However, the bottom line is— nothing has changed. There are always going to be obstacles, adversity, and other circumstances that we cannot control. Bobby advises us that being able to adapt to certain situations while making a positive influence on peoples’ lives is the absolute right way to crush everything. Adapting to certain situations is never easy, but not impossible. Bobby and Dom clearly identify what makes us human: the three pillars being mind, soul, and body. They advise us that progressing in these areas doesn't happen without the forging. You can make gradual improvements without crushing metal, without sparks in the heat, without pain and adversity, to truly create leaps and bounds.Join the conversation to hear about:01:54 Get comfortable being uncomfortable 06:49 Resilience and how to put it into practice10:16 Being transparent in any community 11:54 The hallmarks of effective leadership 15:51 The application of After Actions Reports (AAR) in life18:33 Be prepared to receive any criticism that comes your way 21:22 Why you should ‘Seek Battle’ in your everyday life 28:17 Adapt to your new surroundings & put everything into perspective Referenced MaterialsWarrior Advisor ConferenceWar Room Huddle Podcast – Website Warrior Advisor Podcast - Website Eddie Gallagher, “The Man in the Arena: From Fighting ISIS to Fighting for My Freedom” on AmazonRFG Advisory – WebsiteRFG Advisory – FacebookRFG Advisory – LinkedInRFG Advisory – TwitterRFG Advisory - YouTube 


26 May 2022

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What Really Happened with Eddie Gallagher | Mike Ritland - Episode 83

Mike Drop

Shop https://www.mikeritlandco.com for Performance Dog Food, Treats, Apparel & more!Edward R Gallagher is a retired United States Navy Seal who came to national attention in the United States after he was charged with 10 offenses under the Uniform Code of Military Justice over accusations with an ISIS prisoner, but later was acquitted. His book The Man in the Arena: From fighting ISIS to Fighting for My Freedom. Tells his story. On today's episode Mike and Eddie talk about his nonprofit The Pipe Hitter Foundation and also answer some viewer questions. I hope you enjoy this episode of Mike Drop, if you don't, you know what to do. Sponsored by @teamdog.pet. ----------Table of Timestamps:0:00 - Intro1:06 - How have things been 3:03 - What's the process 6:13 - How difficult is it to say no or pick10:13 - What do you have going on outside the foundation15:00 - Speaking engagement 17:32 - Relationship standpoint 23:13 - What is Eddie reaching for if he hears a bump in the night 25:20 - Would you go back for vacation in the middle east 28:48 - Did buds help prepare you for prison 30:05 - Did you drop the soap 35:56 - How did you deal with the mind f*%#38:30 - Keeping your hope up39:20 - Treatment program 47:34 - Was there a spot where you focused 50:05 - Where there anything you saw that you forgot 53:43 - Was there any childhood that you forgot 56:02 - What is all intel in the experience drug wise 1:01:01 - Looking back1:03:25 - Line series on Apple 1:09:32 - Workout routines 1:14:20 - How left is the military and how woke 1:19:54 - Personal constitution 1:25:55 - If you could do it all over again 1:27:00 - What's the #1 thing you want your kids to realize 1:28:20 - What do you think about Canada Convey1:34:38 - If nothing would have happened would you have stay in the seals 1:35:56 - Anything you would have done differently1:42:18 - Has any of those guys reached out to you1:46:46 - As Secretary of the navy what would you do 1:48:39 - Trainee that died in buds1:53:04 - Anything you want to talk about or add


25 Feb 2022

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Episode 963 - Special Guest Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher

Drinkin‘ Bros Podcast

Former Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher discusses his court-martial trial for murder and why he was acquitted, the lies his accusers tried to sell to the jury and then did sell to the media, the book about him by New York Times writer David Philipps and the lies it tells, and all the other injustices he and his family suffered during his arrest and trial. Support the Pipe Hitter Foundation, helping our military members and first responders find justice, and reform a system that too often second-guesses our heroes. Go to ghostbed.com/drinkinbros and use code DRINKINBROS for 30% off EVERYTHING (Mattresses, Adjustable Base, and more) -- plus a 101 Night Sleep Trial and Mattresses Made in the USA! Get Drinkin Bros Merch Here! Advertising Inquiries: https://redcircle.com/brandsPrivacy & Opt-Out: https://redcircle.com/privacy

1hr 20mins

13 Jan 2022

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The Saga of Eddie Gallagher and the Navy SEALs

The Lawfare Podcast

Bryce Klehm sat down with David Philipps, a New York Times correspondent and the author of “Alpha: Eddie Gallagher and the War for the Soul of the Navy SEALs.” They talked about the saga of Eddie Gallagher, the Navy SEAL acquitted of stabbing an ISIS prisoner.Support this show http://supporter.acast.com/lawfare. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.


4 Oct 2021

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Stories of Special Forces Operators


27 Sep 2021