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The Origin of VisiCalc [Dan Bricklin]

The Swyx Mixtape

From: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DcPeCes4w9Y https://history-computer.com/visicalc-of-dan-bricklin-and-bob-frankston-guide


7 Jun 2022

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Dan Bricklin on the Birth of the Spreadsheet

Danielle Newnham Podcast

Welcome back to Series 2 of the Danielle Newnham Podcast. I am your host – Danielle Newnham and each week, I interview tech founders and innovators to learn the inspiring, human, stories behind the game-changing tech we use every day.Today, I am thrilled to kick off Series 2 with Dan Bricklin – the man behind the very first electronic spreadsheet.Dan received a Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering and computer science from the MIT before coming up with the idea for VisiCalc whilst studying Business at Harvard Business School. Not only did VisiCalc form the basis of what we all know to be the spreadsheet today but at the time, Steve Jobs credited VisiCalc with helping drive Apple II’s success. In this episode, we explore Dan’s background, what got him excited about engineering as a kid and what it was like studying at MIT at the dawn of such an exciting age.We also discuss the motivation behind creating VisiCalc and what it felt like to have someone so close to him essentially copy it – you’ll be surprised to hear there were no hard feelings!Dan’s work has been critical to the innovation which followed and I am grateful that he shared his story with me.I hope you enjoy it too.------Let us know what you think of this episode and please rate, review and share - it means the world to me and helps others to find it too.------Danielle on Twitter @daniellenewnham and  Instagram @daniellenewnhamDan Bricklin on Twitter @danb / website / buy his book here.-----This episode was hosted by me - Danielle Newnham, a recovering founder, author and writer who has been interviewing tech founders and innovators for ten years - and produced by Jolin Cheng. 

1hr 8mins

14 May 2021

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The Mobilecast #221 - Dan Bricklin and Alpha Software

The Mobilecast

Brian Katz talks with Dan Bricklin, the CTO of Alpha Software. Dan is the father of the spreadsheet, as he created Visicalc. They talk about what Alpha Software is and some of the things they enable people to do. They are about allowing people who don’t know how to program to build apps that they can deploy on devices. They talk about rapid application development as Alpha Anywhere is a low code building system. They talk about Dan’s Watch Bench app for prototyping apps on the Apple watch. Brian and Dan then debate about how hard it is to develop a mobile app.Twitter: @danb – Dan BricklinWebsites: http://www.alphasoftware.com


1 Dec 2015

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The Future and Past of Computing with Dan Bricklin

Hanselminutes with Scott Hanselman

Scott sits down with Computing Pioneer and VisiCalc developer Dan Bricklin. Dan also wrote the popular iPad application Note Taker HD and has recently joined Alpha Corporation as their CTO. Dan and Scott chat about Douglas Engelbart, the invention of the mouse, and the myriad of computing innovations that we've enjoyed since the 60s.


4 Jul 2013

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Dan Bricklin on Innovation- Solutionz Live! Business Edition

The Game Changer

Daniel Bricklin, a software designer, is best known as the co-creator of VisiCalc, the first electronic spreadsheet. In addition to the spreadsheet, he helped develop one of the first word processing systems in the mid-1970's, programmed the most popular prototyping tool of the MSDOS world, helped introduce the world to the capabilities of electronic ink on pen computers, and brought new types of easy web site authoring to regular people. His products have proven to be catalysts that had major impacts on the growth of the computer industry. The original live interview was on 5.19.09 and hosted by Chicke Fitzgerald, CEO-Solutionz Dan's website is http://www.bricklin.com/


1 Feb 2012

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Dan Bricklin on Technology

Hanselminutes with Scott Hanselman

Dan Bricklin is an innovator and entrepreneur, and created VisiCalc, the first electronic spreadsheet in 1979. He's just written a book called Bricklin on Technology full of observations, stories, case histories and insight into the human aspect of technology.


23 Jul 2009