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42 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Will Ferrell. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Will Ferrell, often where they are interviewed.

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42 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Will Ferrell. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Will Ferrell, often where they are interviewed.

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Kenny Smith and Will Ferrell

The Bill Simmons Podcast
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The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by two-time NBA champion and sports commentator Kenny "The Jet" Smith to discuss what makes 'Inside the NBA' so authentic, stories from the 1994 and 1995 Finals runs, Hakeem Olajuwon, ESPN's 'The Last Dance,' and more (3:10). Next, Bill talks with actor, producer, and writer Will Ferrell about quarantine family time; youth soccer; HBO's 'Succession'; LAFC; his new Netflix film, 'Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga'; and more (48:05)!

Jul 01 2020

1hr 27mins


#119 MMP: Top 5 Will Ferrell Movies, BET awards, movie delays and much more.

Media Mixtape Podcast
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Jun 29 2020

1hr 5mins


"Family Style" (w/ Will Ferrell)

Las Culturistas with Matt Rogers and Bowen Yang
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Matt and Bow have a new daddy! And it's comedy legend Will Ferrell. Not to brag! Of course, by daddy we mean PRODUCER, as Will has just begun his new podcast platform Big Money Players Network, which Las Culturistas is so proud to be a part of! The boyz talk Will's new film Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga, which comes out on Netflix on June 26th, working with Rachel McAdams and Demi Lovato, and how a trip to Sweden inspired the film. They also dive into Eurovision culture, the polarizing initial reaction to Anchorman, how working at SNL inspired the rest of Will's comedy choices, and the ways in which Ron Burgundy is interacting with 2020 on The Ron Burgundy Podcast. Also, can you fucking believe Will's culture that made him say culture was for him is "Disneyland Character Meet and Greet Culture"?! The Cultchas are gonna have to almost pass OUT at THAT one. All this, the tale of how Matt and Bowen used to perform the Jaws Universal Studios attraction live on stages in NY (Bowen was the shark), and so much god damn more. A moment for the pod! Watch Eurovision on Netflix! XO

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Jun 24 2020

1hr 32mins


Cooking for Will Ferrell and tattooing Marco Pierre White on his arm with smoke house chef, Brendon Baxter

The Hungry Diner Show
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Today I speak with the founder of The Harvest Ground, Brendon Baxter. 

From Brendon:
"Focussing on cooking with live fire and smoke I aim to bring a fusion of different cuisines cooking with no borders to create food that I
know you are all going to love."

I commend Brendon, his family and him have backed himself during this pandemic and he is building his vision of a new smoke house, wood fire grill focused venue in Penshurst, Southern Sydney,  This exciting concept is so new on the scene that he only picked up the keys days before we recorded this episode. 
In this episode we discuss his new concept, his vision behind it, who inspires him, his history working as an apprentice chef at some of Sydney most memorable venues, climbing to the status of Exec Chef and finally with the support of his family opening his new venue The Harvest Ground.
Did I mention he has a giant tattoo of Marco Pierre white on his upper arm?  
He's a great guy and I cannot wait to dine at Brendon's venue.

The Harvest Ground 
Opening August 2020
606 Forest Road, Penshurst
Hungry Diner Instagram

Jun 23 2020

1hr 11mins


Ep. 34 The Match 2, Lance Armstrong 30 for 30, Tiger Slam, and Totem Pole of Will Ferrell Movies!! 🔥

Burst Your Bubble
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Break down The Match 2, Talk about Lance Armstrong’s Doping, Tiger Slam was a real thing, and a Totem pole of Will Ferrell Movies!!

May 25 2020



Hour 3 - Will Ferrell (05-04-20)

The Dan Patrick Show
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Will Ferrell tells Dan what his day is like while under quarantine. Will says he is enjoying the Bulls Documentary Last Dance. Dan explains why he was disappointed that he was not included in the Last Dance Documentary.

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May 04 2020



S2 Episode 9 - Will Ferrell

BSI: The Podcast
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Will Ferrell joins the gang up to talk about his most underrated movie, rank LAFC players, and how he crashed Bob Bradley’s video conference call.

Apr 16 2020

1hr 2mins


LCB Ep. 241 - Best Will Ferrell Characters, The Other Guys Throwback Review and Quarantine Movie/TV Suggestions

Lights Camera Barstool
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|| YouTube channel/Westworld breakdowns:

|| 0:00 – Streaming/Movie/TV suggestions

|| 18:33 – Ad Read #1

|| 25:57 – Weird excuses for really bad Hellboy?

|| 28:24 – Remember the movie Waiting?

|| 34:13 – Ad Read #2

|| 36:19 – CBS All Access is free (for now)

|| 44:14 – New Ghostbusters is true to older movies

|| 49:49 – Ad Read #3


|| 1:16:58 – Box Office game XXVIII: Will Ferrell

|| 1:22:46 – Best Will Ferrell Characters



Mar 26 2020

1hr 38mins


Thursday, March 5, 2020 | Pistons Talk, Will Ferrell Movies

X's and Bro's
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Thursday, March 5, 2020 | Pistons Talk, Will Ferrell Movies by Michigan Sports Network

Mar 05 2020



Ep 26. Will Ferrell

Off Camera with Sam Jones
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Just mention Will Ferrell’s name or glance at a picture of him and chances are you’re already smiling (or smirking or laughing out loud). But the really funny thing is that it’s not necessarily because his best-known characters are so gosh-darn loveable. See, Ferrell never bought the conventional movie truism that comedic leads have to be likeable, and went on to prove it, perhaps most pointedly with the iconic Ron Burgundy. In fact, he doesn’t even think comedy has to be particularly funny to be hysterical.

While working a number of “regular” jobs, (he actually almost became an anchorman), Ferrell did stand up in small clubs, clinging to his father’s surprisingly helpful advice that his ever making it would be a long shot. It was just that take-it-or-leave it approach that allowed him to pursue his unique comedic style free from the angst that might have otherwise crushed it. It might also explain a small sadistic streak that underlies his performances – if you don’t like what he’s doing, sit back and enjoy it anyway…or else.

In this issue, he describes his stomach-churning, knee-buckling Saturday Night Live audition and the even more daunting experience of joining the legendary show at one of its lowest points. He also shares his writing process, stories behind some of his best loved impersonations and his long and sometimes perplexing feature film cv. His success and work in projects as diverse as Elf and Stranger Than Fiction illustrate the rare genius of someone who can make the ridiculously absurd not only believable, but sympathetic. Chalk it up to talent or unquestioning commitment to any role he takes on, but not to hard work. Ferrell’s a firm believer in not overthinking the work or worrying too much about whether his projects succeed, as long as he’s having fun along the way. He may not be cerebral, but trust us, he’s brilliant.

Feb 19 2020

1hr 22mins