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Ep98 Mel Taitimu - The Grief and Loss of Change

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Amongst the massive shifts in our world there is a conversation that I have been wanting to have. A conversation diving into what it means to experience, recognise and respond to grief and loss. Something many of us are experiencing. All too often we associate grief and loss with finality. The end of something. And yet what so many are experiencing now and have been experiencing over the last few months is both the reality and the anticipation of grief and loss. So in order to walk through this conversation with me, I invited psychologist Dr Mel Taitmu. Mel is the lead clinician and educator at MAIA, a private psychology practice based in Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast. The MAIA method supports clients and communities to recalibrate their bodies, reintegrate their minds and reignite their hearts. So I had to talk to her. Mel completed her PhD in indigenous psychology from a Maori perspective and shares cultural insights into how her Maori ancestry faces grief and loss. Mel shows up in her life as a researcher, therapist, teacher, mother, wife, celebrant, gurfer (girl surfer) amongst many other things. There are many threads throughout this conversation that will be relevant for you no matter what change you might be facing. Mel reminds us to come back to ourselves, recognising the permission that whatever we’re feeling is okay, and the importance of asking for what we need. This is a heartfelt dive into grief and loss with the beautiful and insightful Dr Mel Taitimu.Connect with Mel at: Website: www.maiapsychology.com.auInstagram: www.instagram.com/maiapsychologyFacebook: www.facebook.com/maiapsychology

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22 Jun 2020