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The Not-So-Tinder Swindler – The Crimes of Con Man and Love Fraud Criminal Richard Scott Smith

Housewives of True Crime

In the “Heart of America,” Kansas City, a single mother named Tracy was just looking for love. While she hoped to find a nice man to spend her life with, instead she found, unbeknownst to her at the time, a con man with a long history of meeting women and stealing every penny to their name. Tired of the dating scene and excited by the prospect of love, Tracy was falling for his charm, but Richard Scott Smith was really lying to her about a medical malpractice lawsuit that he said would soon grant him millions of dollars and biding his time before bleeding her dry.“How come this God-loving, Applebee’s-eating, Lifetime-movie watching man can’t get the cash that is rightfully his? But no. It’s because he was full of the shit.” – Gretchen (13:37)As soon as Tracy’s teenage daughter began to get suspicious, this man’s swindling spree was quickly revealed; once a pattern emerged, an investigation led by the victims began and a bounty hunter was hired. “This chick does not fuck around. And she says ‘fuck’ a lot. And we love her.” – Gretchen (21:06)Tune in to today’s episode to hear the rest of this wild story, and for those of you looking for love in the Midwest… Beware of Richard Scott Smith!   “So if you live in the Heart of America and you are on the dating apps and you are single, be aware of this guy… ” – Tabitha (41:22)In This Episode(0:44) Thanksgiving week is here! Gretch and Tab chat about George Strait, Elizabeth Holmes, and Gretch’s week of school volunteer (5:07) Gretchen introduces us to this week’s case(14:22) Tracy’s daughter investigates Richard and Gretch reveals his repeated crime(20:42) Richard’s victims band together to nab him(24:19) Fraud upon fraud – Richard finds a new lover(30:40) Meeting Lee, Richard’s longtime friend(33:01) Richard gets arrested but continues to scam women across the Midwest  Resources & LinksHWTC ContentWebsite: https://www.housewivesoftruecrime.com/Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/housewivesoftruecrime/Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/housewivesoftruecrime/YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2BFNwyu4KhFpSGdQXS6PzwTikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@housewivesoftruecrimeRichard Scott Smith Blog: http://scottthecrooksmith.weebly.com/This Week’s Promotions: https://higherdose.com/ – Use promo code “Clink” https://www.talkspace.com/ – Use promo code “housewives” for $100 (USD) off your first monthSupport this podcast at — https://redcircle.com/housewives-of-true-crime/donationsAdvertising Inquiries: https://redcircle.com/brandsPrivacy & Opt-Out: https://redcircle.com/privacy


21 Nov 2022

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#11 Richard Scott - In the pursuit of freedom.

Inside the World of Duotone

We catch with with Richard Scott, the captain from the latest duotone episode ‘ In pursuit of freedom’. In this episode, Richard is taking us on a journey about his life, his passion for kiteboarding, how important it is to live every day like it is your last, as stereotype as it might sound, and how fast it also could be over, as Richard already experienced at least two times. www.bvisail.com www.duotonesports.com


3 Jun 2022

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Richard Scott - building capability and capacity

Innovating Infrastructure

Richard is the General Manager of Pre-Contracts and Estimating at John Holland, an Australian integrated infrastructure and property company.A qualified civil engineer and with over 20 years of industry experience, Richard is currently working through one of the largest infrastructure project pipelines in Australia’s history.We speak to Richard about the importance of building capability and capacity when it comes to improving infrastructure delivery and explore the need for procuring entities to be contractually agnostic.For all resources mentioned in this episode, visit the show notes at gihub.org/podcast.


25 May 2022

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E101: Harnessing the Power of Genomic Technologies for Mainsteam Healthcare - Dr Richard Scott - (Chief Medical Officer - Genomics England)

The Scrubbed In Show by Peerr

In this week's episode Dr Scott shares his journey to becoming a consultant clinical geneticist and the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) at Genomics England. We delve into his passion for clinical genetics, the misconceptions and the barriers medical professionals and general public have understanding the true nature of genomics.   Richard shares his desire to harness the power of genomic technologies for the benefit of all patients in mainstream healthcare. We spend time understanding the path he took to becoming a consultant and CMO, in such a niche medical specialty. We discuss the role of Genomics England and how they are helping improve the diagnosis and treatment of patients in the NHS through their scientific research. Richard explains how pivotal their work is for the future of healthcare and why it is so important communities from across the UK become actively informed and involved.  Learn more about Richard: Dr Richard Scott is Chief Medical Officer at Genomics England, Consultant and Honorary Associate Professor in Clinical Genetics at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children and the UCL Institute of Child Health where his practice focuses on diagnosing children with rare multisystem disorders.  Richard trained in medicine at Cambridge University and University College London. He specialised in Paediatrics and subsequently Clinical Genetics in London and completed his PhD on childhood cancer syndromes at the Institute of Cancer Research. Twitter: @Rich_Genomics https://www.genomicsengland.co.uk/ ------------------------------------- Episode sponsored by MySuture  MySuture™  is an all in one suture practice kit and digital learning platform with direct access to Surgeon advice & training. With this all in one suture practice kit and the MySkills™ digital learning platform, you can learn to suture anytime, anywhere.  The all in one suture simulation kit includes high quality silicone made of advanced nontoxic materials, with height simulation skin, 14 pre-cut wounds, 3 layers including skin, subcutaneous fat and muscle with a mesh reinforcement to provide suture retention, mimic natural anatomy and create a true to life texture.  Buy your suture kit now at: mysuture.com MySuture Socials: Twitter | Instagram ------------------------------------- Check out our latest platform Peerr Where healthcare professionals learn from the best educators - your peers!✍️ Make your own quizzes for revision - An invaluable learning tool🗒 Learn from your peers' quizzes - over 4,500+ Questions💰 ...and when people do your quizzes, you earn money - Passively Use code ‘EXAMMODE’ for 1 Month FREE ------------------------------------- Learn more about Scrubbed In: YouTube: Scrubbed In with Amz & Abdul Twitter -@ScrubbedIn_Instagram - @Scrubbedin_ Follow us on our Peerr Instagram & Twitter for Latest News and Updates www.scrubbedin.co.uk Hello@scrubbedin.co.uk


8 May 2022

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104:How to Deal with Asthma by Learning How to Breathe with Richard Scott

Laughter & Positivity with Pete

Do you struggle with Asthma, and do you feel like holding you back from activities living scuba diving? This episode is for you. Today we have Richard Scott on the show. Richard overcame Asthma by learning how to breathe properly.Richard’s Asthma was so bad that he could hardly exercise well, and h needed to have an inhaler all the time. When he started diving, he began noticing his asthmatic symptoms were disappearing. He stopped for a while, and he noticed the symptoms were coming back. He took time to study the pattern, and he can comfortably say that hacking how to breathe properly can help you deal with Asthma.Richard helps run different businesses and charities, social enterprises, and his business that deals with virtual workshops, doing things like website in a day, taking people from nothing to finished products in a day.Listen and learn from Richard Scott.Key Talking Points of the Episode:[00:49] Who is Richard Scott?[03:06] Richard’s diving background[09:30] Richard’s first moment when he discovered the asthmatic symptoms were gone[11:36] The different forms that Richard has tried[14:16] What’s the average tank length for scuba divers?[17:00] How Richard got cleared for diving[24:05] Breathe and laugh with us[25:29] Richard’s positive habits[27:44] Three things that bring Richard joyStandout Quotes from the Episode:“Having that ability to clear it has enabled me to have lots of animals in my life. Whereas before, I did have animals in my life, and I paid the price and suffered a lot.”“The less you exert yourself, the more your air lasts, the further you can go because you’re not paddling like crazy.”“Breathing and laughter are some great ways to help to clear your mind, clear your lungs, and clear your future.”Connect with Richard Scott:Website: https://smartinspiration.com/Did you enjoy this episode? Please leave us a review on iTunes. It will make it easy for more people to find this podcast.The Laughter Man, Pete Cann, is on a fun-filled mission to bring the positive benefits of laughter to the world. Since discovering Laughter Yoga, company owner Pete has transformed his business and family life and now wants to share his infectious secrets and get the planet laughing along with him.You’ll find Pete, his trademark red hat, and his happy vibe on the following channels.pete@petecann.comwww.petecann.com https://www.linkedin.com/in/thelaughterman/https://www.instagram.com/petecannthelaughterman/https://www.facebook.com/thelaughtermanhttps://www.youtube.com/c/petecannthelaughtermanhttps://www.tiktok.com/@petecannthelaughterman https://clubhousedb.com/user/thelaughterman


19 Apr 2022

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Episode 369 - Richard Scott - CEO and Co-Founder, Axis Studios

CG Garage

Richard Scott has been rocking the world of CG for more than 30 years. He began his career in graphic design, moved into 3D for broadcast and commercials, and then got involved with cutscenes for the games industry. He founded Axis Studios in 2000, and it’s steadily grown to a team of 400 people working on VFX and animation for movies, TV, games, and theme parks. Richard discusses his history in CG, from Quantel paintboxes and Lightwave to modern workflows. He also talks about his involvement in the Scottish animation scene, Axis’ “The Tall Grass” segment of Love, Death and Robots, and its upcoming animated feature film — which employed an animation supervisor based in Australia. April is Autism Acceptance Month, and Chaos is highlighting some of the upcoming graduates of Exceptional Minds. This week, we have Mina McCauley, who will be graduating with an emphasis in VFX. You can check out her work on Creatively.To learn more about Exceptional Minds, visit exceptional-minds.org or find them on social.

1hr 5mins

4 Apr 2022

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The Wonders Of Wildflower Meadows - Richard Scott | VETchat by The Webinar Vet

VETchat by The Webinar Vet

Joining Anthony for today's episode of our sustainability series at VetChat is Richard Scott, Director of the National Wildflower Centre at the Eden Project and Chair of the UK Urban Ecology Forum. They talk about The Eden Project and all things wildflower meadows, including tips on how to start growing your own!


17 Sep 2021

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Billy Big Time Episode 005 Corey Bellamy, Richard Scott and Sean Avery

Billy Big Time

Billy Big Time. Showtime. Action

1hr 37mins

9 Oct 2020

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Coffee Talks: Fertility Training at the Jones Institute with Dr. Richard Scott

FertiliPod: Reproductive Medicine and Fertility Podcast for Assisted Reproduction Professionals

Dr. Richard Scott shares his beginnings as a reproductive endocrinology and infertility fellow at the Jones Institute in Norfolk, Virginia. He shares anecdotes about Howard and Georgeanna Jones and discusses how his fellowship training has impacted his career and his teaching of the future generation of REI physicians. Podcast website: https://www.ivi-rmainnovation.com/?utm_source=podcast&utm_medium=episode&utm_campaign=ep2


29 Sep 2020

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Forensic Anthropology Companion Podcast Episode 4: Vol. 1 No. 1 - Drs G. Richard Scott and Marin Pilloud

Forensic Anthropology Companion Podcast

In this episode, I sit down with Drs G. Richard Scott and Marin Pilloud to talk about their article and resulting application: "rASUDAS: A New Web-Based Application for Estimating Ancestry from Tooth Morphology", which was co-authored and developed with David Navega, João d'Oliveira Coelho, Eugénia Cunha,  and Joel D. Irish. If you would like to use the rASUDAS application, you can access it at https://www.osteomics.com.   We would love to hear from you! If you have any suggestions for any special episodes or would like to get involved and interview researchers in the field, reach out to us @JForensicAnth


16 Aug 2020