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Marsilio Ficino with Dan Attrell


I am joined by Dan Attrell, the massive mind behind the Modern Hermeticist YouTube channel, which includes the vast and ever-growing Encyclopedia Hermetica. He is currently working on his PhD in Renaissance history at the University of Waterloo. He has gone out of his way to share tons of his knowledge and learning with his impressive audience, and is also known for translating some amazing materials from Latin.In this episode, we discuss Marsilio Ficino, and in particular Dan's translation of Ficino's De Christiana Religione, On the Christian Religion. We discuss many topics and themes in Ficino's life, including the highest goal of mankind, the immortality of the soul, the nature of reason, the supercelestial world, and the question of whether or not there even was a Platonic academy in Florence. We also attempt to make some sense of the tangled historical events unfolding around Ficino's life.The Intermission and BeyondWe ran into a really bad recording problem in this episode. About 25 minutes in or so, Dan's Canadian internet connection gave out on us! We had to pick up the conversation the next day. I filled in the gap with a reading from De Christiana Religione that Dan was kind enough to provide.The background music during Dan's reading is "But We Shall All Be Changed" by Matt Anthony. Thank you, Matt!In part two, Dan and I begin by talking about Aristotle and Plato and their reception in Medeival and Renaissance Europe, but then we get a few tangents, and then we spend time with our favorite mad monk, Savonarola!Notes and Things to Look Up Maimonedes Averroes (AKA Ibn Rushd) Marsilio Ficino Giovanni Pico della Mirandola (also see my conversation with Ted Hand about Pico) Girolamo Savonarola Pietro's PizzaLinks The Modern Hermeticist Dan's YouTube channel Dan on My Alchemical BromanceSupport me on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/arnemancy Listen on Podcrypt

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29 Jan 2021

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Astrology, Neoplatonism & Marsilio Ficino with Angela Voss

ad Astra

In this podcast we have as our guest Angela Voss, senior lecturer at the Faculty of Education of the Canterbury Christ Church University, and Programme Director for the MA in Myth, Cosmology and the Sacred. Her expertise is on Renaissance and Baroque Music and has focused a great part of her research on Marsilio Ficino. In the podcast we discuss the importance and contributions of Ficino to early modern astrology, as well as the position of the history of astrology in academia. For more information on Angela Voss’ work see: https://canterbury.academia.edu/AngelaVoss  Some of her publications are: – Marsilio Ficino (North Atlantic Books, Western Esoteric Masters Series, 2006) – Daimonic Imagination: Uncanny Intelligence (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2013), edited with William Rowlandson. – Re-enchanting the Academy (Rubedo Press, 2017), edited with Simon Wilson.

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14 Oct 2020

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Denis Robichaud - Marsilio Ficino and the Philosophy of Plato

The Lumen Christi Institute

A webinar with Professor Denis Robichaud (University of Notre Dame), originally presented June 30, 2020. Part of our summer webinar series on "Reason and Beauty in Renaissance Christian Thought and Culture," presented in collaboration with the American Cusanus SocietyIn the humanist recovery and study of Platonic thought and texts, Marsilio Ficino (1433-99) was a brilliant luminary. He produced the first translation into Latin of all of Plato’s texts and of Plotinus’s Enneads, and he translated and commented on numerous other Platonic works. Ficino was also more than a scholar, he was also a philosopher and theologian whose network of students, friends, and correspondents extended far beyond his Florentine home. His philosophical thought fed early modern philosophy for generations but also raised questions of Ficino’s orthodoxy. In this webinar, Professor Denis Robichaud (Notre Dame) will discuss Marsilio Ficino’s humanist, philosophical, and theological thought.

1hr 18mins

6 Jul 2020

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HoP 340 - Footnotes to Plato - Marsilio Ficino

History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps

Marsilio Ficino’s revival of Platonism, with a focus on his proofs for the soul’s immortality in his magnum opus, the Platonic Theology.


12 Jan 2020

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2-1 Magia y pensamiento. Marsilio Ficino y Jacques Derrida

Libros Mágicos

Hoy se mandraflashea fuerte. Leemos fragmentos de "La Hospitalidad" de Jaques Derrida y "De Amore, comentario al Banquete de Platòn" y vemos que pueden tener que ver


4 Jul 2019

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Filosofía 4.01. El Libro sobre la Luz de Marsilio Ficino. Introducción

El libro sobre la luz de Marsilio Ficino


18 May 2015

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‘Music is nothing more than a Decoration of Silence’ (Marsilio Ficino, c.1485)

Musical Research at the School of Advanced Study

Institute of Musical ResearchTITLE: ‘Music is nothing more than a Decoration of Silence’ (Marsilio Ficino, c.1485)ARTIST: Anthony RooleyDESCRIPTION: Lecture by Anthony RooleyPRODUCER: Colin StillCOPYRIGHT: Optic Nerve 2012

2 Aug 2012