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Life Happens, Live It! With Jake French

Life's Valleys and Mountaintops

In the blink of an eye, Jake's life changed course and he ended up being paralyzed from the chin down. In just a few short days, he made the decision to choose to adopt the motto Life Happens, Live it! It took some time for him to live that motto to its fullest and he shares his journey with us here.I want to thank Joel from Relaunch for introducing me to Jake.  What really inspired me to share Jake's story was listening to the podcast Mere Mortals Unite, with Julie Ann Sullivan. Jake tells us that people can see his wheelchair so they know exactly what he is dealing with, but other people have some kind of wheelchair that we just can't see. He is a University of Idaho graduate and a huge fan of anything outdoors. Despite the difficulties he has encountered in his life, he is able to make others smile and turn things away from a victim mindset into a being the leader and speaker that he is today. His Second Chance Story Jake was on top of the world and, celebrating receiving his degree, to work in his dream job in forestry. He had been drinking and celebrating when he ran into his old childhood best friend. A freak accident took place between when his friend took him down in a headlock, and Jake couldn’t brace his fall landing head first in the pavement. He later found out he became a C6 Quadriplegic that evening. Sharing his story, we will find out how he was able to find happiness in a different way that he had planned the day he had graduated. The Turn Around Point When he was in the therapy room he was surrounded by people who were really hurting. He witnessed another patient whom’s way of looking at her situation changed his whole perspective. This is when he began to look around and realize that he was not the worst off in the world. He committed to healing as victoriously as he was able to. You can listen to the whole interview to hear all the details of Jake’s experience.A Closer Look  What about you changed the most from this experience? Jake was no longer able to do many of the things he once could. He tells us how his Mom was amazing and taught him to never give up. With his perseverance and courage, he learned how to do many things again including driving. What is one piece of guidance you would like to share with us?He tells us a hilarious story about how someone brought him a hot pink wheelchair and his friends had a good laugh and called it ManGenta. He asks what has happened in your life that you can turn into you own ManGenta situation and how can you find the funny in the situation? What is one resource you couldn’t have made it without? Never Give Up! Success in Life Is an Attitude Paperback – 2005.                                                                                             by Ron Heagy (Author),‎ Donita Dyer (Author) https://www.amazon.com/Never-Give-Success-Life-Attitude/dp/0975417207 Links Jake's Website http://www.jakefrenchinspires.com --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/lvmountaintops/message


24 Dec 2017

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229: Attitudes and Mindset For Living Life Uncloseted – Jake French

Life (UN)Closeted: LGBTQ & Heterosexual Coming Out Stories & Advice for coming out of life's closets!

Imagine for a moment, that the closet you live in is your own body. A body that keeps you hostage and you had no control over when you were taken hostage. In the blink of an eye, your entire life went from being free to suddenly being confined. Confined to the closet of a wheelchair. Most of us would probably rather die than endure this type of life. But not today’s guest.Meet Jake French, a University of Idaho graduate and huge fan of anything outdoors – even in present day, given the life he now leads. Here’s the thing. Jake doesn’t feel anything from his collarbone down – he’s a quadriplegic. But that hasn’t stopped this inspiring young man who grew up in a small Oregon town with more cows that people. Through practices of focus, attitude shifting, and mastering the power of choice, he’s now an accomplished author, speaker, past president of the National Speakers Association Oregon chapter, and still pursues outdoor activities like hunting and fishing, This is his Life Uncloseted story.Show Highlights* How living in the country shaped Jake in becoming the man he is today * How are you defining “happy” and “proud?” * The challenges we face doesn’t have to define our life * Hear why playing the comparison game won’t do you much good * Want to succeed? You’re going to have to do this…Connect with Jake FrenchJake French is a dynamic, young motivational speaker who is a living example of what’s POSSIBLE when the right ATTITUDE, MINDSET, and STRATEGIES are in place. Audiences are immediately engaged by his real-world story, empowering insights, and the kind of take-with-you-tools that allow them to leap forward and make a positive difference in their life.Jake’s story? Truly is about the power of CHANGE. After a devastating accident, and some huge life-lesson choices left him a quadriplegic, he fell into the same pity pit so many people feel pushed into today. Life in a wheelchair at 23? What kind of an existence would that be? A light bulb illuminated when he noticed other patients who had much worse situations, but the severity didn’t seem to affect their ability to move on. There must be another variable here? It was in that hospital room where Jake realized the opportunity created by FOCUS, ATTITUDE and CHOICE.While in the hospital, Jake felt the full range of raw emotions, but finally reached a breakthrough. He realized whether your wheelchair is visible or not, attitude has EVERYTHING to do with how we not only could survive – but once again THRIVE. He created a plan to claim victory over the chair – and life. That plan? Became personal development on steroids!The foundation is rooted in helping others repeatedly, sustainably, and joyfully create positive, forward change in their lives. Too often people get caught up. They concentrate on what’s wrong, past failures, toxic relationships, financial stress, job uncertainty, low self-concept, physical and emotional limitations. What Jake found in his journey and what he teaches audiences today is we BECOME our EXPECTATIONS. So why not aim for the moon? Reach higher? Realize more? The truth is – life HAPPENS! And there will ALWAYS be circumstances beyond our control. But circumstances? Are temporary. How we CHOOSE to handle them makes all the difference in our SUCCESS. Our RELATIONSHIPS. Our LIFE BALANCE. And our HAPPINESS. That’s why as a motivational speaker, Jake French is PASSIONATE about sharing the tools, techniques, mindsets and strategies to ADAPT and OVERCOME and adopt a Life Happens – LIVE IT frame of mind!Get Jake’s Book


29 Nov 2017

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Mental Muscle - Jake French

Businesses that Care Podcast (formerly Mere Mortals Unite)

Adversity, Growth, Attitude, Mind, Relationships Episode 31: Mental Muscle - Jake French URL: http://www.julieannsullivan.com/mental-muscle-jake-french/ On this episode of Mere Mortals Unite, we interview the amazing Jake French, who shares with us his superpower of building mental muscle. Jakes lives his life with the attitude of “life happens … live it.” His story is heart-wrenching and incredibly inspiring.I’ve known Jake for years, and his smile is infectious and his wisdom bold. Listen for how he uses the routine of pause, reset, and re-evaluate. You also won’t want to miss Jake sharing what he considers are the worst cuss words out there: “can’t,” “won’t,” and “don’t.” Listen and learn how you can make people want to be around you.   You’ll discover: How Jake describes his superpower. The benefits of working your mental muscles. Jake’s heart-wrenching story of how he became a quadriplegic. The mental muscles Jake uses when life throws him curves. Why you must make the choice to not be a victim. Why you don’t have room in your life for hate. The importance of building a fun environment for the people around you. Specific actionable steps that will help you develop your mental muscles. Interview Links & Other Resources JakeFrenchInspires.com Do It Like Delta: How You Can Get People’s Attention Life Happens. Live It! by Jake French Connect with Jake French on LinkedIn Connect with Jake French on Facebook iTunes - Subscribe, Rate & Review


11 Jul 2016

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Jake French | The Next Step

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Jake French | The Next Step by BSR Broadcasts with Jackie B. Peterson


26 Jun 2014

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