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48. The Therapeutic Value of Art: A Story of Abuse, Addiction and Perfectionism with Jessica Hughes

Mommy's on a Call - Motherhood, Business & Wellness

**Please Note: This episode/interview contains portions of content that discuss traumas dealing with abuse, addiction and suicidal thoughts and could be triggering.** Jessica Hughes is a mom of 7 and an incredibly talented artist who had a decades-long career that has taken her from textile designer, to illustrator, art educator, entrepreneur, to her existing endeavor as a professional abstract artist. But of all she is a survivor. A survivor of sexual abuse, substance abuse, multiple forms of addiction including one I just learned from her called “white collar addiction”, and an eating disorder almost all while being a mom to 7 children. From the outside, Jessica was the perfect wife, perfect mom living in an upscale suburban neighborhood with the perfect house. But internally, she was suffering so deeply in many ways. If anyone saw the Meghan Markle interview, it parallels how no matter how put together or perfect someone looks from the outside, you never know what is happening behind closed doors so have compassion and empathy for everyone. It also showcased a very important point that it is so important to not only ask for help but also get the help you need. I am so honored to be able to share her raw and powerful story with you all and hope that her way of using art as an outlet for helping herself and others heal inspires you to look at art as a powerful medium that can bring joy, growth, and self discovery. Follow Jessica at Website: http://www.jessicahughesfineart.com Instagram: @jessicahughesfineart ----- Come join me in my sandbox of life and in this podcast to explore, play and discover something new every single week. Subscribe and tune in weekly because I know you've yelled "Mommy's on a Call" at least once in the last week!!! For show notes, visit www.MommysonaCall.com Stephanie's Website IG: @MommysonaCall & @StephanieUchima


11 Mar 2021

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The Art of Healing with Abstract Artist Jessica Hughes

We Are Women

Jessica Hughes is an inspiration on so many levels. She has experienced some of the darkest times, yet has emerged unscathed and triumphant. Jessica left a toxic marriage as a single mom to 7 beautiful children. After a sexual assault at  the age of 18, and repressing her emotions around this traumatic event, throughout the years Jessica experienced heavy addictions, as well as eating disorders, all while putting on a perfect front to friends and family. Jessica shares her story of addiction, recovery, and her road of healing through the therapeutic process of art. She describes how she uses art to express her emotions, thoughts, and feelings, and now teaches others to do the same. @jessicahughesfineart jessicahughesfineart.com theartofyourheart.com Grab your favorite silk-matte shades and support organizations devoted to women’s healing and empowerment. To read more about the causes we support, head over to our website karmelacosmetics.com Connect with us on Instagram, Facebook, and Tik Tok @Karmelacosmetics

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3 Feb 2021

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Episode 15: Bubbles and Biz with Jessica Hughes

Bubbles & Biz

Welcome to Episode 15! This week I sip + chat with Jessica Hughes, owner of calligraphy & creative design studio, Letter Jess. She's a relatively new business owner, having been in the corporate world for the last 19 years. She shares her story of how she decided to pivot her life and create the business of her dreams! Be sure to listen in to get her fresh perspective of entrepreneurship, go-to apps and how she pushes through her comfort zone!


10 Sep 2019

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EU136: Our Unschooling Journey with Jessica Hughes

Exploring Unschooling

Jessica Hughes and her husband, Micah, have three children, ages 11 to 18. When their kids were younger, they were homeschooling with a curriculum but they eventually found their way to unschooling. We talk about that journey, what you can do when you feel caught up in everyday “struggles,” supporting your husband’s journey, shifting away from fear, how unschooling has helped their family heal, and lots more! Questions for Jessica Can you share with us a bit about you and your family? How did you discover unschooling and what did your family’s move to unschooling look like? I love hearing what unschooling kids are getting up to. Can you give us a snapshot of your children’s current interests and goings on? When newer unschooling parents ask what to do about the every day struggles they’re having with their children, often the advice is basically to “stop struggling.” That can be a hard concept to grasp at first, though. How did you work through it? Can you share some ways you helped your husband move away from conventional parenting? Sometimes it helps to remember to treat our spouses with as much care as we do our children, doesn’t it? I love this quote from part 8 of your unschooling journey series: “If I had to guess, I’d say 99.99999% of the fear I experience as a parent comes from focusing on the adult I want to create instead of the child I have.” How do you shift away from fear? How has unschooling helped your family heal? Links to things mentioned in the show Pam’s blog review of Homeschooled Teens pick up the ebook of Homeschooled Teens: 75 young people speak about their lives without school from your favourite online retailer Jessica’s son really enjoys playing and programming in Roblox Part 8 of Jessica’s Our Unschooling Journey blog series on Steemit (includes links to the first 7 posts) Episode Transcript Read the episode transcript

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9 Aug 2018

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Jerry Royce Live - Worldwide

EPISODE 312 WITH JESICA HUGES AKA JH POETRY (SPOKEN WORD ARTIST) AND JERRY ROYCE LIVE - WORLDWIDE.Blue Magic: ~A Prelude To Love~ Paperback – January 6, 2015 by Ms. Jessica Hughes (Author) Ms. Jessica Hughes better known as Jhpoetry in the cyber world has been writing for more than ten years. She was born and raised in the upper parts of South Carolina. As the only child to a single parent she became creative early in life. And this imaginative seed grew well into her adulthood where she fell in love with her muse. During this time span, Jessica has used the tool of poetry to express her voice. And in doing so she has been widely noted as a diverse poetess. However, Ms. Jessica’s new collection of poems “BLUE MAGIC “ ~ A Prelude To Love~ is a scope into the rebirth of her most intimate works. Her sensual intrigues, spiritual sway and romantic passages invite the reader into her own world of magic. This is where she draws you under her spell with potent words, vibrant metaphors that prepare a feast for those who wish to partake in the bliss of love. Still, there is more for the reader to be thrilled about. The “BLUE MAGIC” edition will continue to be penned in the spirit of romance in upcoming years by non-other than the Poetess herself. To purchase my books please go to Createspace,Lulu, and Amazonhttps://tsw.createspace.com/title/5197568http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/JH_Poetryhttp://www.amazon.com/Blue-Magic-~-Prelude-Love~/dp/069235980X/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1425231639&sr=1-1&keywords=Blue+Magic%2C+A+Prelude+to+love+in+books


6 Mar 2015