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The Things by Peter Watts - John Carpenter’s The Thing (1982) told from the Alien's POV | Frumess


“The Things” is a science fiction short story by Peter Watts, revisiting the universe of John Carpenter's 1982 film The Thing (derived itself from John W. Campbell's story "Who Goes There?") from the viewpoint of the alien. It was first published on Clarkesworld, in January 2010. 1000 stickers for $79 ONLY at this link www.riotstickers.com/frumess - the best in the business! JOIN THE PATREON FOR LESS THAN A $2 CUP OF COFFEE!! https://www.patreon.com/Frumess 📹   OR SUPPORT THIS CHANNEL, BUY A CUP OF COFFEE  ☕ https://ko-fi.com/frumessfilmsllc  https://linktr.ee/FRUMESS 31 Days of Halloween is back on the Frumess channel. Every year since 2014? I watch a MINIMUM of 31 Halloween movies. Last year, I took it up a notch and did a video review for each thing I saw and this year I plan to attempt the same feat. It is NOT easy, and I may not finish… But I will attempt it.  Rules: I must watch one movie for each day of October. It’s ok to skip a day as long as I reach a minimum total of 31 movies by October 31st. The events of The Thing and (incidentally) The Thing (2011) as well as other happenings are told from the perspective of the alien, a shape-shifting sentient biomass that can absorb and imitate other lifeforms. The alien thinks of itself as an "explorer, an ambassador, a missionary" of the biomass it consists of, the primary instinct of which is to "commune", i.e. absorb and matriculate on a cellular level with other biologies. Confused, damaged, and unfamiliar with earthly fauna, the alien eventually learns the horrifying secret of man: Humans are individuals, "thinking cancers" who do not want to be assimilated and therefore seek to repel and even destroy it. The alien realizes that humans won't ever be able to understand its offerings and concludes that violent integration is the only way to subjugate the species.--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/frumess/support

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1 Nov 2022

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Peter Watts | Critical Mass

LIGHTSPEED MAGAZINE - Science Fiction and Fantasy Story Podcast (Sci-Fi | Audiobook | Short Stories)

Leo Gregory is losing altitude. He coasts on the thermals of a legacy fading behind him: a documentary here, a retrospective there, some greatest-hits collection down in the corner for the dilettantes. Oh, the work has lost none of its grandeur: his buildings remain timeless, his objets d’art still serve up facets upon layers from each new angle. | Copyright 2022 by Peter Watts. Narrated by Paul Boehmer.


7 Jul 2022

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Mucking out stables is good grounding for anyone! - with Peter Watts

The Events Insight

Peter Watts joins Jack and Karen on this weeks episode of the podcast. He has an extensive background in the industry where he has enjoyed building, developing, progressing and growing sports venues, events and companies. You will hear how his focus remains on his customers, he’s an advocate for progressing staff engagement, with a desire to see sustainable practices delivered through great operational performance.His company Rockvolt are based in the UK and primarily focused on the sport and leisure sector.  They have three decades of experience and have worked at some of the world’s largest, most prestigious and exciting venues and events, including four Olympic Games.Peter shares where he started in events and how some of those experiences have allowed him to grow. With a passion for both sport and music he started purely as a spectator and fan but the bug got to him and he found a route to get paid for doing what he enjoyed. This episode also allows Peter the chance to share some difficult experiences with us that have shaped him as well as those that make us laugh. Keep a track of all that's going on with the Podcast via; www.theeventsinsight.com/www.linkedin.com/company/the-events-insight-podcast/www.instagram.com/the_eventsin/twitter.com/The_EventsIn See more about our Season Sponsor Actavo Events via; https://actavo.com/careers#/ Find out more about our Shoutout Sponsor International Institute of Live Events via; https://www.iiole.com/ This weeks quickfire round sponsor was Cynthia Spencer Hospice;https://www.cynthiaspencer.org.uk/ Our partnership with Standout Magazine is also worth following; https://standoutmagazine.co.uk/


17 May 2022

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2022-03-29 - The Apprenticeship: Growing Up - Peter Watts and Jason Cook

Tassie Encounters


29 Mar 2022

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2022-03-22 - The Apprenticeship: The Test - Peter Watts and Jason Cook

Tassie Encounters


22 Mar 2022

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2022-03-01 - The Apprenticeship: Confession - Peter Watts and Jason Cook

Tassie Encounters


1 Mar 2022

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TFTB Ep.9: A Conversation With Peter Watts

Tales From The Bridge: All Things Sci-Fi

Set aside some quality time for yourself, and dig into our feature-length interview with hard-science fiction author, Peter Watts. In this expansive discussion, we cover AI, split-brain personalities, mind links, a monkey with a fork in its head, and stories with real ideas in them. Are you listening to this on your commute? This episode will get you to work, and home again, and you'll be forever changed.  You can always find more episodes on our website, you can also find us on Twitter and Facebook to discover what is happening on The Bridge!Twitter: @BridgeTalesInstagram: @talesfromthebridgeFacebook: www.facebook.com/groups/talesfromthebridge/Website: https://talesfromthebridge.buzzsprout.com/Good Reads: https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/141864356-talesfrom-thebridgeEmail: talesfromthebridgepodcast@gmail.com#talesfromthebridge, #sciencefiction, #scifibookclub, #peterwatts, #blindsight, #beyondtherift, #echopraxia, #monkeyfork

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12 Aug 2021

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Peter Watts - Ślepowidzenie


W pierwszym odcinku podcastu "CZYtnicy" rozmawiamy o jednej najlepszych powieści sci-fi, jaką mieliśmy okazję czytać w XXI wieku. Peter Watts, oprócz thrillerowego napięcia, złośliwie i celnie dekonstruuje powszechne w naszej świadomości wyobrażenia o Obcych i Pierwszym Kontakcie. Obcy może po prostu zlekceważyć istnienie ludzi, a sama próba przywitania się może zostać uznana za przyczynek do wojny, jeśli taka w ogóle istnieje w języku(?) Obcych. Ba! Nie wiemy nawet czy możemy mówić o istnieniu "języka" (ludzkiego przecież pojęcia!) u istot, z którymi nie dzielimy jakiejkolwiek wspólnej symboliki i kultury.  Rozmawiamy również o możliwości "wgrania się" do cyfrowego Nieba i co robi wampir na pokładzie statku kosmicznej misji, której celem jest uczynić Obcych mniej obcymi. 


2 Aug 2021

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Peter Watts Interview

The Free Indeed Podcast

In this episode, Matt talks to Peter Watts, a trained counsellor in porn addiction, about the nature of addiction and the psychological implications of porn use.  https://pwcounselling.co.uk/ is where you can find more info about Peter. 


21 Jul 2021

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#HealthyWithHeartland Podcast 2021 | EP: 42 with Peter Watts

HealthyWithHeartland Podcast

👉👉Today’s Discussion, Join us LIVE! 🌟 👈👈 TOPIC of Discussion— “Philanthropy. Photography 📸 . And Professionalism”  Today’s episode is all about the life of athlete and endurance cyclist 🚴‍♀️ Peter Watts! He will share how his passion is raising money for children locally! Owner and Entrepreneur of “The Five Arrows Media Company” tells us a little more about his journey....Tune in at 12pm sharp to hear 👂 more!Photographywww.thefivearrowsmedia.comWellnesswww.redbranchwellness.comThe Horizon Hustlehttps://www.sunrise-walks.org/horizon...Maryland Trekhttps://marylandtrek.com/trekker/pete...WANNA HOST A POP-UP this summer and get your FREE order? Hurry, we are almost booked 😱Schedule here👇🏼https://heartlandfoods.com/host-popup/🤷🏼‍♀️ What are you cooking at home! Recipes, tips and tools 🧰 ⚒️  😋 💜 Get excited! Join here 👉 👉 👉 Click to Check Out Our Heartland Foodies GroupMid Atlantic- https://www.facebook.com/groups/heart...South Carolina- https://www.facebook.com/groups/heart...Join for all things "Heartland Foods," Including tips, kitchen tricks and amazing recipes from yours truly--Our Amazing Heartland Families! Let us know "what's for dinner!" We'd love to see what you're cooking up at home!Check us out on GMA- https://abcnews.go.com/GMA/Living/vid...💥 🤯 👉DO IT: Like and share this episode, tag a friend in the comments for a chance to win the giveaway! 🎁 😁 ————————————————————————————————————————————Welcome to the Heartland Foods Podcast, where we focus on bringing you value and information in the field of health, wellness and nutrition! ⭐️Tune in Thursday afternoons at 12:00pm ⏰ to watch our podcast every week, or check us out

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2 Jul 2021