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6 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Anthony Robustelli. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Anthony Robustelli, often where they are interviewed.

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6 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Anthony Robustelli. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Anthony Robustelli, often where they are interviewed.

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Anthony Robustelli

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Anthony Robustelli’s path to music started at a very early age.  His father was the leader of a big band and music was always prominent with a variety of instruments always at his fingertips.  Anthony’s career includes the role of musical director for Gloria Gaynor, a touring stint with Michael Franti and Spearhead, along with several solo projects under his belt.  It’s no secret that Anthony is in ardent fan of Steely Dan.  In fact, his most recent projects center around the Dan, including his new book titled “Steely Dan FAQ”, which contains incredibly detailed information about all aspects of the band.  He has also released a new album titled “The Steely Dan Sessions: Interpretations Of Unrealized Classics” that diehard Steely Dan fans will truly appreciate, as Anthony breathes life into lost classics from Fagen and Becker.  Here to discuss these projects and more is none other that Anthony Robustelli.

Oct 23 2017 · 1hr 7mins
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76: Solo-Beatle Collaborations Deconstructed with Anthony Robustelli

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In this episode, Richard and Robert talk with the host of the Multitrack Meltdown podcast, author/musician Anthony Robustelli (I Want To Tell You: Volume 1 1962/1963; Steely Dan FAQ). His specialty is revealing what lies beneath the surface of the masters of Beatles and Beatles-related recordings. Here, you’ll get to hear the inner workings of John’s recordings with Elton John and David Bowie (“Whatever Gets you Through The Night” and “Fame” respectively); Paul with Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson (“What’s That You’re Doing” and “Say Say Say” respectively) and George with Tom Petty (“I Won’t Back Down”).

Check out Anthony’s work here:



Songs include “Act Naturally.”

Find Robert’s books here.

Find Richard’s books here.

The post 76: Solo-Beatle Collaborations Deconstructed with Anthony Robustelli appeared first on Something About The Beatles.

Oct 21 2016 · 1hr 27mins

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Things We Said Today #167 - Author Anthony Robustelli / David Bowie

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On this week's "Things We Said Today," Steve, Ken, Allan and Al welcome their special guest, author Anthony Robustelli, who talks about his book, "I Want to Tell You: The Definitive Guide to the Music of the Beatles, Volume 1: 1962 - 1963." We also discuss the breaking news that day of the death of David Bowie and his connections to the Beatles. We'd love to hear your comments. Please email them to thingswesaidtodayradioshow@gmail.com or you can post them on our YouTube page. And thanks for listening!
Jan 16 2016 · 59mins
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The John Lennon Hour: Anthony Robustelli 'Splains Beatles Music!

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Author and musician, Anthony Robustelli takes Jude (and you!) "behind the scenes" of EVERY single Beatles song (both original numbers and cover tunes) performed on LP by the lads in 1962-1963. Giving us all the scoop about each track (in terms that anyone can understand and appreciate), Robustelli (who once opened for Paul McCartney and recorded with Julian Lennon!!!!) offers a new understanding of old favs.

Hear "You've Really Got a Hold on Me" and "Little Child" like you've never heard them before. Discover the depths of John's talent with the harp and harmonica. Discuss George Harrison's ability on lead guitar.

All this and more tonight. CALL in at 646-668-2641 to talk with Anthony about his new book I Want to Tell You: The Definitive Guide to the Music of The Beatles and to talk about any song from 1962-63!
Oct 17 2014 · 1hr

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Anthony Robustelli Wants to Tell You About The Beatles

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Producer/musician & author, Anthony Robustelli has taken the music of The Beatles to a much deeper level which will be enjoyed by casual fans & the diehards. I Want To Tell You (The Definitive Guide To The Music Of The Beatles Volume 1: 1962/1963 promises AND DOES deliver an in-depth analysis of the recordings of The Beatles. Robustelli has meticulously dissected each note by musician & instrument and reported it in an addicting fashion that includes history of what the Fabs were experiencing socially during the time period. This Friday, meet author Anthony Robustelli who will answer your burning questions about the The Beatles & their musical product.
Aug 29 2014 · 31mins
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Episode 227 - Anthony Robustelli

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Anthony Robustelli is a music producer, composer, singer, and plays quite a few instruments too, from Brooklyn, New York, who released his new book I Want To Tell You: The Definitive Guide to the Music of The Beatles - Volume I: 1962/1963 in February! We talk a little about Anthony's travels through the world of music, but also a whole lot about how his development for and love of The Beatles and what prompted him to create such a comprehensive guide of The Beatles works. You can check out more information about the book and purchase the paperback at TheBeatlesIWantToTellYou.com and it can be purchased for your Kindle at Amazon.com!Follow Dennis @DHAP24, follow the show @DHAPshow, listen to and subscribe on iTunes (leave a comment and 5 stars!) and check out DHAPshow.com! #phenomenal

May 28 2014 · 56mins