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How To Find The Money To Buy Rentals With Ryan Chaw (Ep 391)

Rental Income Podcast With Dan Lane

Ryan shares the creatve ways that he's been able to save money for down payments.Over the last 6 years, Ryan has purchased 6 properties using traditional financing, where he has had to come up with down payments.


1 Nov 2022

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Buying Student Housing in Expensive Markets | Ryan Chaw

The Financial Independence Show

Today's episode features Ryan Chaw from Newbie Real-Estate Investing, who has created over $10k in monthly rental income.Ryan did all this over a 5-year period of investing in California.His strategy is to buy large single-family homes and rent them by the room to college students.He even sometimes adds walls to these homes to increase the number of rooms.Ryan doesn't just randomly pick tenants either, he uses his P.R.I.M.E method.P.R.I.M.E - Placement of ad, Review social media, Identify tenant's personality type, Measure responsiveness, Ensure proof of income.And on top of all of this.... Ryan is a practicing pharmacist who became a millionaire at age 28!If you've been wondering how you could make money with real estate, take some notes out of Ryan's playbook.And if you enjoyed this episode as much as we did, please share!Links From the Episode Newbie Real-Estate Investing Ryan's Free Starter GuideYouTube Interviewhttps://youtu.be/MKtt5DYhjRMJoin the CommunityWe’d love to hear your comments and questions about this week’s episode. Here are some of the best ways to stay in touch and get involved in The FI Show community! Grab the Ultimate FI Spreadsheet Join our Facebook Group Leave us a voicemail Send an email to contact [at] TheFiShow [dot] comIf you like what you hear, please subscribe and leave a rating/review!>> You can do that by clicking here <<Learn More About Your HostsCodyDBerman.com (Cody’s Blog)Saving-Sherpa (Justin’s blog)


24 Aug 2022

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Ep.131- Never Try To Time The Market with GoBundance Member Ryan Chaw

You Winning Life

Sponsored by OnAir Brands, this interview is one of a series of conversations I had while attending GoBundance Miami in May 2022.Ryan Chaw started investing by buying one house a year and renting by the room in college towns which doubles the rent and scale a portfolio that makes almost $18k a month!Ryan’s grandfather was able to retire early and paid off part of his and his brother’s college tuition because of real estate. This motivated Ryan to build up a rental portfolio. After graduating in 2015, he worked in both a retail pharmacy and a hospital pharmacy to save up capital. In 2016, he bought his first property for $262,000. It was a 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom house over 100 years old.Ryan is a newbie real-estate investing expert, pharmacist turned investor.In this episode, Ryan shares insights into:◈ How real-estate can build wealth.◈ Capital, research, tenant problems.◈ Being a Self-taught Real-Estate Investor.[00:01:35]- Transition to real-estate.[00:02:03]- 4 ways real-estate builds wealth.[00:05:05]- Real-estate background.[00:06:11]- Why you’re not happy.[00:07:40]- Where to start your real-estate journey, building a capital.[00:08:06]- “Fighting in two fronts.”[00:09:17]- “House hack.”[00:12:50]- Where you start your research, GOOGLE![00:14:57]- The Achilles’ heel of real-estate investing, the tenants.[00:17:29]- Getting connected with GoBundance.[00:21:20]- W2 to financial freedom.[00:23:29]- Picking a career, picking an identity.[00:27:59]- Self-taught Real-estate investor.[00:28:45]- Real-estate terms.[00:33:21]- Newbie Real-estate investing.https://www.newbieinvestingrealestate.comPlease do me a favor, subscribe, leave a positive review on iTunes, follow us on Instagram and share if you know anyone who would benefit from this or other episodes!Do you want to work with me? Reach out and let me know!https://www.instagram.com/youwinninglife/https://www.tiktok.com/@youwinninglifehttps://linktr.ee/jasonwasserlmftThank you for joining me on this ride!Jason Wasser Therapist/CoachOnline Tele-Therapy & Coaching 🖥The Family Room Wellness AssociatesCertified Neuro Emotional Technique Practitioner 🎧Host:You Winning Life Podcast🎤Available for speaking engagementsSupport the showSupport the show


7 Jul 2022

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JF2803: Tips for Breaking into the Student Housing Market ft. Ryan Chaw

Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever

Ryan Chaw became a pharmacist in 2016, but he soon realized real estate was the best way to create generational wealth. He purchased his first property — a single-family home in Stockton, CA — that he repurposed as student housing and rented out by the room. Today, Ryan has six such properties. In this episode, he shares how he got into student housing and his tips for marketing to tenants and finding deals. Ryan Chaw | Real Estate Background Full-time pharmacist who invests in student housing. His process is purchasing single-family homes, creating extra bedrooms, and then renting out by the bedroom. Portfolio: GP of 27 doors across six properties Based in: Sacramento, CA Say hi to him at: Facebook Instagram: @caocao8888 Click here to know more about our sponsors:  Cash Flow Portal | Equity Multiple | Cornell Capital Holdings | PassiveInvesting.com 


6 May 2022

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Episode 60- College Town Investing in Hot Markets with Ryan Chaw

The Cashflow Kings

Ryan dives into how he invested in Single Families in a College area while working Full Time.


3 May 2022

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6 years 6 properties $17k with Ryan Chaw

Real Estate Investing with the REI Mastermind Network

Ryan Chaw primarily invests in California where investing may prove difficult to to high cost and low returns. However, Ryan has been creative in selecting specific locations and catering to a specific renter. This strategy has earned him a personal real estate portfolio earning over $10,000 per month.We chat about:How I scaled my portfolio so quickly (use of a HELOC and reinvesting my cash flow on my properties, working two jobs, making a deal with my father to borrow some of his money for renovations).The Biggest Mistakes in Real Estate that cost me over $30K.Tips for Marketing and Self-Managing Your Rentals With Less Than 1 hour a weekWant to make contact with Ryan? Head over to NewbieRealEstateInvesting.com/GuideLIKE • SHARE • JOIN • REVIEWWebsiteJoin the REI Mastermind Network on Locals!Apple PodcastsGoogle PodcastsYouTubeSpotifyStitcherDeezerFacebookTwitterInstagramSUPPORT THE SHOW!Self Managing Your Rental Properties? Get 6 months of RentRedi for $1! Click this link!Get Exclusive Content on Patreon! • https://www.patreon.com/reimastermindGet $10 and Reduce Your Business Costs by Shopping at AppSumo • https://bit.ly/reiappsumoGet $10 Towards Your First Purchase at Drop • https://drop.com/?referer=3DC729"You can invest 10,000 hours and become an expert or learn from those who have already made that investment." - Jack


1 May 2022

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6 Doors to Financial Freedom: How to Maximize Your Cash Flow with Student Rentals Featuring Ryan Chaw

The Weekly Juice | Real Estate, Personal Finance, Investing

This week we had the pleasure of interviewing full-time pharmacist turned real estate investor Ryan Chaw. Ryan has built a six figure rental portfolio in one of the highest priced markets in the US all while working a 9-5 job. He collects over $15,000 per month in cash flow from his rental units and skyrocketed himself to a seven figure net worth by age 28. He specializes in long-term buy and hold rentals that he rents out by the room to college students. When building his portfolio, he focused on purchasing one property per year and figured out a way to maximize his cashflow by adding bedrooms to his properties. Throughout the episode we dive into his PRIME marketing method that he developed to attract a steady stream of high-quality tenants that treat his properties as their own.-🍊 SOCIAL MEDIA: @weeklyjuicepod▶️ SUBSCRIBE to us on YouTube📸 FOLLOW us on Instagram🐥 TWEET with us on Twitter📚 EXPLORE our Book Recommendations🏠 PURCHASE your first Rental Property 

1hr 12mins

2 Mar 2022

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292. Making 17k a Month by Giving Students Affordable Housing w/ Ryan Chaw

Earn & Invest

Ryan Chaw decided early in his career as a pharmacist that he never wanted to depend on a boss or supervisor. So he bought and rented single family homes on college campuses. His resultant "side hustle" provides over 17k a month of revenue.


24 Feb 2022

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Ryan Chaw - Millionaire by 30 Compassionate Capitalist Strategies to Create Weal

Karen Rands - The Compassionate Capitalist Show - Angel Investing | Business Growth | Wealth Creation

Karen Rands is joined by Pharmacist by Day - Real Estate Investor by Night - Ryan Chaw, who is well on his way to becoming a self made millionaire by the age of 28 through real estate investing, with the intention to use that wealth to invest in innovation that he is passionate about.  Today you will learn how - How he used college town investing and targeted advertising to create a 6 figure rental portfolio in California (even during COVID), where most houses are overpriced and cash flow is limited.- How he created a reliable system for self-managing 6 single family homes while still working my full-time pharmacist job. (It involves attracting high quality tenants, tenant empowerment, and creating the right team.)- The (completely avoidable) mistakes that cost him over $30K on my first investment...and how new real estate investors can make sure to avoid them.- And the motivation that keeps him striving to become a true Compassionate Capitalist. To connect with Ryan and get his free Real Estate Investor Hacks eBook - CLICK: www.newbierealestateinvesting.com/guideKaren Rands works with entrepreneurs seeking strategies and capital to do scale. She works with solo angel investors seeking assistance in screening deals and syndicating with other investors, angel groups and venture funds.   As the author of the best selling 'primer' on Angel Investing, she is routinely called upon to apply her knowledge and experience to complex situations.   This podcast is the megaphone to spread the word about wealth creation through funded innovation - The Compassionate Capitalist Movement.  Learn More: http://karenrands.coGet the Book: Inside Secrets to Angel Investing http://InsideSecretsToAngelInvesting.com


22 Feb 2022

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REI106: Rent-By-The-Room & Student Rentals w/ Ryan Chaw

Millennial Investing - The Investor’s Podcast Network

IN THIS EPISODE, YOU’LL LEARN: 02:27 - What student rentals are.06:03 - Why the rent-by-the-room strategy can generate so much cash flow.07:05 - How student rentals were impacted by the pandemic.09:48 - What a rent-by-the-room strategy is.09:48 - How to screen potential student tenants.20:28 - How to scale a real estate portfolio using creative financing.44:30 - How to mentally deal with all the debt that comes with real estate investing.And much, much more!*Disclaimer: Slight timestamp discrepancies may occur due to podcast platform differences.EPISODE RESOURCESGet more content from Robert.Learn about our Investing Starter Packs on real estate.Robert Leonard’s book The Everything Guide to House HackingGary Keller’s book The Millionaire Real Estate InvestorBP’s Due On Sale Clause Insurance episodeRyan Guide for NewbiesAll of Robert’s favorite books.Support our free podcast by supporting our sponsors.See the all-new 2022 Lexus NX and discover everything it was designed to do for you. Welcome to the next level.Yieldstreet allows you to invest beyond the stock market with an evolving marketplace of alternative investments. Create your account today.Shake up your protein Ritual and get 10% off during your first 3 months today!Don’t let anything interfere with your happiness or is prevent you from achieving your goals. Allow BetterHELP to help assess your needs and match you with your own licensed professional therapist. Get 10% off your first month!Take your business online with Wix, the leading website creation platform that’s got all the tools you need to create, manage and grow your brand. Now, not only the wealthy can afford collectibles! Enter Otis, an investment platform that makes it possible for almost anyone to invest in shares of cultural assets. Sign up now at withotis.com/TIP to get your first share for FREE!Be part of the solution by investing in companies that are actively engaged in integrating ESG practices with Desjardins.Eat clean 24/7, with fresh—never frozen—prepared meals that are so delicious with Factor. Use code wsb120 to get $120 off over your first 5 weeks of meals.Canada’s #1 employee benefits plan for small businesses! The Chambers Plan evolves with the way you work and live while keeping the rates stable. Opt for the simple, stable, and smart choice for your business.Find Pros & Fair Pricing for Any Home Project for Free with Angi.Connect with Robert (@therobertleonard): Website | Instagram | TwitterConnect with Ryan: Website | FacebookSee Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.


24 Jan 2022