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The Promise of a Better Human: James Clement on our Transhuman futures

Back in America

In this week’s episode, Podcast Editor Josh Wagner takes a look at transhumanism, the philosophy, and ideology that the next stage in human evolution will arrive through artificial enhancements. Started in the early 1990s in Silicon Valley, transhumanism has accrued a wide variety of adherents, ranging from Ray Kurzweil and Elon Musk to Jeffrey Epstein, who believe that the human body itself needs to be upgraded. In their minds, such technological enhancements will increase the quality of life and abilities of every human being––“if nature is unjust, change nature!” But, are such transhumanist dreams even possible, and would such biological enhancements actually help transform the human race rather than reinforcing the social, racial, and economic divides which are tearing at the foundations of our democracy? Joining us this week is James Clement, director of BetterHumans, the world’s first transhumanist-oriented biomedical research lab. A former international tax lawyer and brewpub founder, Clement now works on the scientific side of anti-aging, often collaborating with Havard geneticist George Church to discover why certain humans are able to live for more than 100 years. At the heart of his transhumanism rests a fundamental belief in human capabilities and their liberation, beliefs which motivate his biological research. For him, transhumanism is a real technology, fundamentally linked to medical vaccines, stitches, and contact lenses. The only difference is that, like any new technology, transhumanism is not fully understood, especially by Americans who are resistant to such changes. At the core of this interview lies a concern that a so-called transhumanist utopia, while possible, may not be entirely desirable. Like Odysseus’ searching beyond the limits of human cognition in Dante’s Inferno, transhumanism crucially aspires to alter our relationship with our own bodies, potentially increasing carbon emissions, overpopulation, and racial/social inequalities. James Clement: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jwclement/ Transhumanist Manifesto: https://natashavita-more.com/transhumanist-manifesto/ Humanist Manifesto: https://zelalemkibret.files.wordpress.com/2012/01/humanist-manifestos.pdf 


8 Jan 2021

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Survivor without James Clement and Russell Hantz?

The Russell Hantz Show


10 Aug 2020

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Episode 6 — A Rare, First-of-its-Kind Conversation with Independent Wall Street Equity Research Analyst James Clement on Pest Control Industry Valuation and M&A

The Boardroom Buzz Pest Control Podcast

James Clement has worked on Wall Street for investment banking and research institutions for over two decades, providing actionable insight to hedge funds and institutional investors on pest control and other industries. He is an important part of Paul’s inner circle and one of his go-to guys for insight on pest control and other industries. For many years, the two have debated valuation, value creation and M&A in the pest control industry privately, and today you’ll listen in on one of their discussions. In this new segment, Patrick Baldwin and Paul Giannamore Step Outside of the Boardroom for a lively discussion on: valuation multiples, private equity firms EQT and GIC, Rentokil emerging from the COVID pandemic, Rollins’s consistency, ServiceMaster’s future and possible takeover, Anticimex’s CEO Jarl Dahlfors’ history as the Blonde Beast -- bringing Brinks’ former management team to its knees when he ran Loomis in the US -- and a whole lot more. This episode is a behind-the-scenes look at what is going on at the highest levels in the pest control industry.

1hr 27mins

4 Jun 2020

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#037 - James Clement: The Switch, Super Centenarians, Autophagy, Antioxidants, Fasting Vs. Feeding, AMPK vs. MTOR, Hacking Aging, And More!

The Melanie Avalon Biohacking Podcast

GET TRANSCRIPT AND FULL SHOWNOTES: MelanieAvalon.com/TheSwitch 2:00 - Instagram Giveaway: Follow @MelanieAvalon And Comment Your Favorite Biohack To Enter To Win A Signed Copy Of The Switch! 2:25 - IF Biohackers: Intermittent Fasting + Real Foods + Life (Melanie Avalon) 3:40 - FOOD SENSE GUIDE: Get Melanie's App To Tackle Your Food Sensitivities! Food Sense Includes A Searchable Catalogue Of 300+ Foods, Revealing Their Gluten, FODMAP, Lectin, Histamine, Amine, Glutamate, Oxalate, Salicylate, Sulfite, And Thiol Status. Food Sense Also Includes Compound Overviews, Reactions To Look For, Lists Of Foods High And Low In Them, The Ability To Create Your Own Personal Lists, And More! 5:30 - James Unconventional History And Health Revolutions 9:40 - The Studies In Super Centenarians 14:15 - Genetic Mutations, Lifestyle Practices, And Environment For Longevity 21:30 - The Role Of Diet In Longevity 23:15 - The Changeability Of The Gut Microbiome 29:30 - What Is Autophagy And MTOR Why Is It Important For Longevity? 34:45 - Does Autophagy Require Lifestyle Intervention? 37:40 - The Different Routes To Autophagy, And Long Lived Populations Long Lived (Okinawa, Loma Linda, Mount Athos Monks) 42:00 - Modern Diets Like Carnivore, Elimination Diets, And The Role Of Protein In Longevity 46:30 - The Problem With HCHF 48:30 - DRY FARM WINES: Low Sugar, Low Alcohol, Toxin-Free, Mold- Free, Pesticide-Free , Hang-over Free Natural Wine! Use The Link DryFarmWines.com/melanieavalon To Get A Bottle For A Penny! 49:30 - The Switch: MTOR, AMPK, And Autophagy 51:40 - Fasting And Calorie Restriction: Overlapping Or Additive? 55:00 - The Different Types of Autophagy 53:20 - Are The Benefits Of IF Just Due To Calorie Restriction Or Weight Loss? 56:20 - The Fasting Mimicking Diet 4:20 58:15 - Combating CR Effects With Exercise 1:01:20 - Fasting Forever And The Need For Cycling 1:03:00 - Daily Vs. Monthly Cycling And Genetic Expression 1:08:15 - Habitual Hunger, Energy Cues , And Retraining Cells With Keto Or Extended Fasts 1:11:30 -Carbs, Comfort Foods, Dopamine and Serotonin From The Gut 1:13:30 - AMPK Activators 1:17:00 - BLUBLOX - Blue-light Blocking Glasses For Sleep, Stress, And Health! Go To BluBlox.com And Use The Code melanieavalon For 15% Off! 1:19:45 - JOOVV: Red Light And NIR Therapy For Fat Burning, Muscle Recovery, Mood, Sleep, And More! Use The Link Joovv.Com/Melanieavalon With The Code MelanieAvalon For A Free Gift From Joovv, And Also Forward Your Proof Of Purchase To Contact@MelanieAvalon.Com, To Receive A Signed Copy Of What When Wine: Lose Weight And Feel Great With Paleo-Style Meals, Intermittent Fasting, And Wine! 1:21:15 - Gluconeogenesis, Cortisol, Stress, And Blood Sugar 1:27:30 - Elevated Blood Sugar Levels On Low Carb, Elevated Blood Sugar, Aging , And Disease 1:30:20 - Endogenous Vs Exogenous Antioxidants, DNA Breaks, NAD, And The Dark Side To Antioxidants 1:38:25 - Antioxidants While Fasting 1:43:22 - NR and NMN Supplementation 1:50:05 - BEAUTY COUNTER: Non-Toxic Beauty Products Tested For Heavy Metals, Which Support Skin Health And Look Amazing! Shop At Beautycounter.Com/MelanieAvalon For Something Magical! For Exclusive Offers And Discounts, And More On The Science Of Skincare, Get On Melanie's Private Beauty Counter Email List At MelanieAvalon.Com/CleanBeauty! 1:51:45 - The Hermetic Potential Of Low Dose Toxic Exposure 1:58:30 - Are We Programmed to Start Aging At 25? 2:06:30 - Instagram Giveaway: Follow @MelanieAvalon And Comment Your Favorite Biohack To Enter To Win A Signed Copy Of The Switch!

2hr 10mins

17 Apr 2020

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Episode 87: James Clement

The Empowering Neurologist Podcast

Lifespan extension and healthspan extension are certainly topics that most of us want to learn more about. So, in this episode of The Empowering Neurologist we explore how regulating a particular metabolic switch through dietary and other lifestyle choices may help us increase our chances of living a longer, and disease-free, life.


18 Feb 2020

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Double Impact starring Jean Claude Vas Defrens (with James Clement)

DadPod with Charlie Clausen and Osher Günsberg

DadPod is a weekly podcast documenting the new Dad adventures of Charlie Clausen and Osher Günsberg.See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


4 Feb 2020

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162: How to Activate Your Cells' Repair Processes for Better Health and Weight Loss w/ James Clement

Essentially You: Empowering You On Your Health & Wellness Journey With Safe, Natural & Effective Solutions

What we're talking about in this episode! How to ignite your metabolism and prolong your longevity through diet and lifestyle Learn how your metabolism works on a biological and evolutionary level A look back at the traditions of supercentenarians diet and foraging habits  The most beneficial and simple lifestyle and nutrition switches that make a difference Explore the benefits of intermittent fasting, the ketogenic diet, and more   Episode Summary:  Did you know that our cells have the ability to clean themselves, remove debris and self-regulate to get back to optimal functioning? This process is called cellular autophagy and is something that my guest today, James Clement, is very familiar with.  After launching a study around supercentenarians, or people that live over the age of 110, James realized the direct link between cellular autophagy, increased metabolism and an undeniable increase in longevity. James decided to put this discovery into his new book, The Switch, to help both doctors and patients understand how to harness the incredible evolutionary self-preservation mechanism.  Cellular autophagy is like hitting the reset button for your body and can optimize your biological function, minimize disease and help you achieve a lifespan you never thought possible. Through a simple diet, nutrition and lifestyle changes, you can turn your autophagy switch on and reap the amazing benefits that your body already possesses.  How are you working to increase your longevity and boost your metabolism naturally? Share your thoughts in the comment section on the episode page.   Quotes: “Metabolism refers to the chemical processes that go on inside our cells, basically that maintain all of our life processes. And in order to really understand it, you have to look at our evolutionary history.” (10:50) “Life has really changed dramatically in the past 150 years, and some of this is to our healths detriment.” (16:46) “One of the things that we found with most of these supercentenarians, people who lived to 110 years and beyond, is that they won a genetic lottery that the rest of us just don’t have. And their relatives are 17 times more likely to make it to 100 than the rest of us too, so it is an inheritable genetic mutation. But for the rest of us, lifestyle makes up 90% of our health risk and longevity, and that’s where most of us need to focus” (20:39) “The easiest thing for people to do is to break into this ketogenic diet lifestyle. They can switch in and out of it, cycle in and out of this keto, but just turning it on, even infrequently, allows your body to re-learn how to burn fat.” (25:02) “We have to turn this on to keep healthy, and if we don’t, we do that at our peril. (30:34)   Resources Mentioned: The Switch by James Clement  Better Humans Website EY 155: How To Create Your Perfect Day With 20/20 Vision   Other Resources: Check out the full show notes page Keep up with everything Dr. Mariza Follow Dr. Mariza on Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube


31 Jan 2020

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Flip the Switch Up or Down on Autophagy – James Clement : 664

Bulletproof Radio

In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, I’m hosting a return guest because he’s doing some truly innovative work in the area of human health span and lifespan. James Clement is a lawyer and entrepreneur turned research scientist who has devoted the last two decades to understanding the science of life extension. His new book, “The Switch: Ignite Your Metabolism with Intermittent Fasting, Protein Cycling, and Keto,” is the result of years of scientific investigation that started with a curiosity of the human body’s mTOR/autophagy switch. Autophagy is a natural process that recycles and renews damaged cell parts and removes pathogens to keep us healthy. Like a dimmer “switch,” mTOR can turn autophagy up or down. A switch, James says, that’s at the center of nearly every anti-aging drug, nutraceutical, diet, and health choice that we make. “The purpose of the book is really to go into this molecular biology mechanism inside the cell, which is about as basic as you can get,” James says. “If you're not working these mechanisms properly, then it doesn't matter what your good intentions are, or the practices that you think you're following.”In our interview James gives practical tips on how we can activate autophagy through different regimens, such as calorie restriction, intermittent fasting, very-low-carb diets, exercise, or supplements. When it’s switched up, autophagy restores our natural metabolism, slows the aging process, and helps fend off diseases from diabetes, to cancer, to heart disease. James also is known for his Supercentenarian Research Study, which he started in 2010 and received international attention. Through worldwide scientific collaborations and in his own laboratory, his work focuses on advancing biomedical discoveries.Enjoy the show! 

1hr 1min

30 Jan 2020

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Will eating an animal based diet over-activate mTOR? With James Clement

Fundamental Health with Paul Saladino, MD

James W. Clement is a lawyer and entrepreneur turned research scientist who has devoted the last two decades to understanding the science of life extension. He is best known for his Supercentenarian Research Study, which he started in 2010 with Professor George M. Church of Harvard Medical School and has received international press coverage. Through worldwide scientific collaborations and in his own laboratory, James focuses on advancing cutting-edge biomedical discoveries. He is the founder of the nonprofit Betterhumans biomedical research organization. Led by a collection of high-profile researchers, the organization focuses on bringing cutting edge scientific discoveries from the lab to the clinic. Clement was the 12th person in the world to have his whole genome sequenced and is Personal Genome Project participant #145 Time Stamps: 10:10 Start of podcast  10:50 What type of research is James doing and how does it relate to aging? 12:55 Compression of morbidity.  23:50 Feedlot meat and processed foods (23:50-24:35) 25:50 Super centenarian studies. 28:25 Observations on what super centenarians have in common. 31:40 Laron Dwarfs and IGF1 (22:00-22:45) 33:30 Should we over stimulate IGF1? 37:10 Measuring IGF1 39:40 Blue Zones and centenarian diets 42:50 Intermittent Hypoxia  46:40 Over fasting, finding a good balance. 51:40 Environmental hormesis  52:50 Okinawans  55:40 Confounding variables. 1:00:25 mTor/ketosis and glycogen depletion in the liver.  1:03:40 Animal based diets and intermittent ketosis. 1:06:10 James' thoughts on the carnivore diet. 1:10:55 Lack of nutrients in a plant based diet. 1:12:30 Benefits of prolonged ketosis in morbidly obese. 1:16:10 Protein sparing modified fast benefits. 1:20:10 Calorie restricted pure vegan diet. 1:22:00 Dexa scan. 1:25:50 James's insulin levels. 1:27:40 AGEs (advanced glycation end products) 1:34:10 Stress and glucose levels. 1:38:50 Does too much protein harm the kidneys? 1:45:10 Protein cycling. 1:46:34 Occasional long term fasting benefits. 1:47:35 Loma Linda sperm quality. 1:49:40 Carnivore diet for longevity. 1:52:20 Issues with studies comparing meat eaters vs. non meat eaters. 1:54:00 The most radical thing James has done recently. Ancestral Supplements https://ancestralsupplements.com/ Code SALADINOMD on the shopify site to receive 10% off. Use the code CARNIVOREMD at www.whiteoakpastures.com all month for 10% off your order! JOOVV: www.joovv.com/paul INSIDER: carnivoremd.com My contact information: Book: www.thecarnivorecodebook.com PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/paulsaladinomd SOCIAL MEDIA  Instagram: @carnivoremd Website: carnivoremd.com Twitter:@carnivoremd  Facebook: Paul Saladino MD email: drpaul@carnivoremd.com

1hr 59mins

14 Jan 2020

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#419 James Clement, The Switch, Fitness Friday

The Not Old - Better Show

James Clement, The Switch, Fitness Friday The Not Old Better Show, Fitness Friday Expert Interview Series Welcome to The Not Old Better Show, Fitness Friday expert interview series. I’m Paul Vogelzang and this is episode #419. So many of us in The Not Old Better Show audience is concerned about, and want to know more about longevity, anti-aging, intermittent fasting as it applies to anti-aging, and good diet habits in general. We’re on the eve of 2020, and Happy New Year’s resolutions abound. Today’s Fitness Friday expert interview series guest is James W. Clement, author of the new book, “The Switch: Ignite Your Metabolism With Intermittent Fasting, Protein Cycling, and Keto,” James Clement is all about New Year’s resolutions and is resolved to help us understand the science behind life extension. James Clement is best known for his Supercentenarian Research Study, which he started in 2010 with Professor George M. Church of Harvard Medical School. Through worldwide collaborations and in his own laboratory in Gainesville, Florida, James Clement focuses on advancing cutting-edge biomedical discoveries so that humanity can take advantage of these anti-aging breakthroughs. This is an exciting subject and the research is fascinating. In our interview today, James Clement discusses How can you lose dramatic weight, ease chronic conditions, and stay healthier longer by flipping the switch on your metabolism with intermittent fasting, protein cycling, and keto! It’s called autophagy…and we can activate this Switch ourselves… That, of course, is our guest today, James Clement, reading from his new book, “The Switch: Ignite Your Metabolism With Intermittent Fasting, Protein Cycling, and Keto.” Please join me in welcoming to The Not Old Better Show, Fitness Friday series, via internet phone, author James Clement. My thanks to author James Clement, “The Switch: Ignite Your Metabolism With Intermittent Fasting, Protein Cycling, and Keto.” My thanks, as well, to you our wonderful Not Old Better Show audience. Thanks to you all for a great 2019, and I’m excited about 2020 and all our great new shows, topics, and interviews. Please continue to send me show ideas and your thoughts at Paul@notold-better.com. Happy New Year everyone.


1 Jan 2020