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25: How to Embrace Your Power, Live in Alignment and Release Past Traumas with Stephanie Morrison

Shine and Thrive Photography Podcast

During these uncertain times, many of us are forced to slow down and explore not only ourselves but also our foundations in life. How to be truly present and achieve a level of consciousness that connects you to your inner purpose and allows you to release past traumas? To talk about this, I’ve invited my good friend Stephanie Morrison, whose 6-week meditation course I’ve been recently taking. We dive deep into understanding the significant power of meditation, letting go of old paradigms, and living life in alignment. Timestamps:[05:38] The year of 4. Astrology + numerology as two significant languages that the universe uses to speak to us. And from a numerology perspective, the year 2020 is the year of 4. Stephanie explains what it means, how masculine and feminine energies come into play, and why it’s so important to find sustainability in the long run. [22:00] Masculine energy is directly linked to overthinking, and it can really stand in the way of living life in the present moment. How to achieve a true sense of being present and a pure level of consciousness? [31:30] Stephanie created a 6-week meditation course that consists of custom daily meditations, daily journal prompts, affirmations and mantras, and tools that help you work with your energy. I’ve been taking Stephanie’s course and I’m sharing my experience from it. I love being open and vulnerable, even if it means sharing moments of past hurts as I know it can encourage you to explore the path of acceptance, too. [53:55] Not everyone feels like they are ready for meditation. For some, it’s easy to go straight to excuses while others feel intimidated by meditation. How to combat this and embrace the freeing practice of meditation without expectations and assumptions? [59:16] Stephanie shares her energy healing techniques to release past traumas or blocks that keep you from living life in the present. Resources:Stephanie’s 6-week custom meditation course Book: The Surrender Experiment Book: The Power of Now Book: A New Earth - Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose Stephanie’s The Halo Events SubscribeIf you're not subscribed to my podcast yet + you don't want to miss an episode make sure to do so right now before life gets in the way. Click here to subscribe in iTunes!Review in iTunesIf you feel like you've gotten a lot of value from my podcast, I would be oh so grateful if you left me a review on iTunes by letting me know what you love about it! It helps me reach + help more peeps like you!Click here to leave a review!Simply select “Ratings and Reviews” and “Write a Review” and let me know what your favourite part of the podcast is. Thank you!

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9 Apr 2020

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Ep. 18 - Mindfulness & Calming Emotions w/ Stephanie Morrison

Embracing Human

If you've ever felt like your emotions run your life or as if you have zero control of your reactions, today's episode is for you.Stephanie is a free-spirited yogi and nomad. She discovered yoga in her mid-teens and with it found a way of life. Honoring the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of yoga, Stephanie discovered a holistic system that transformed her life. Overcoming struggles with depression and anxiety, healing her relationship with herself and others, and learning how to to live from a place of presence - her greatest passion is to share these discoveries and empower others to live fully content and connected lives. She truly believes all of this is possible, and more, through the practice of yoga and meditation.In today's episode, we discuss:The dark times can lead to the lightRecognizing anxiety and depression in your lifeFinding what works for your spiritual practiceAccepting and feeling your emotions without reactingMindfulness is more about self-acceptance than enlightenmentCheck out Stephanie's meditations and classes on the Remote Yogi Tribe. You can also follow her brand new Instagram account: @mindfulginger.Grab your spot in my Stress & Anxiety Toolkit to get all my tools, including yoga, breath work, and meditations. You can get 10% off your purchase by using the coupon code HUMAN.Keep up with my travel and adventures @theremoteyogi and find tons of free resources on how to live with less stress and anxiety at theremoteyogi.blog.Do you have a human experience story? Maybe you did something embarrassing on a first date or hit your height of burnout in the middle of an important meeting with your boss? I want to hear about it! Submit your stories to taryn@theremoteyogi.com and I'll share them at the end of our upcoming episodes. Help me to share the message of Embracing Human by liking this episode, sharing it with your friends, following the podcast, and giving a review. It means the world to me!


14 Jan 2020

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013: Energy Healing for high performance with Stephanie Morrison

The Limitless Life Podcast

Have you ever felt stuck but you just couldn't put your finger on what the cause was? You eat well, you move your body, you meditate but there is just something missing? If you answered yes to any of those questions then you are going to love today's episode. With me today I have Stephanie Morrison. Stephanie is a Rubimed Psychosomatic Therapy practitioner, with a background in nutrition as well as yoga and meditation. And I personally have been working with her for several months to help me grow on an energetic level. If you want to learn how energy healing can help you tap into your own inner guidance so you can perform at higher levels then this episode od for you! To connect with Stephanie visit: www.stephaniewbeaulieu.com email her at hello@stephaniewbeaulieu.com or check her out on Instagram at: https://www.instagram.com/stephanie.morrison/ _____________________________________________________________________ Lets' get social! Connect with me over on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/_brendajohnston/


16 Apr 2019

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The Freedom Babe Podcast

Today we're talking to Stephanie Morrison, a Toronto-based Holistic Nutritionist (CNP), Registered Yoga Teacher and Meditation Coach specializing in digestive, hormonal and emotional health. She also holds certification in Rubimed Psychosomatic Therapy which enables her to help clients heal subconscious energetic blocks in the body, adding to their overall health and vitality through testing on the Reba device and the use of homeopathics. AND to add to all of that, she is the founder and lead facilitator of her own wellness retreat business!Steph is my personal holistic nutritionist! I've been doing the Rubimed Therapy and it is the COOLEST thing ever!!! If you haven't heard of it before Steph is giving us the low-down on this episode and why it is so powerful.This episode is super informative and I just love learning from Steph and being in her energy!She's chatting to us about: Rubimed Therapy and the process of emotionally healing the chakras  eating intuitively for your body and why it's okay to eat pizza (and other "unhealthy foods") sometimes  why it's important to embrace your flaws and imperfections  how to start meditating just 5 minutes a day  the messages that can come to us through animals (and my story of how bats keep appearing in my life, and bedroom...)  AND tons of more goodness!CONNECT WITH STEPHANIE: WEBSITE | INSTAGRAM CLEAR, CANCEL, DELETE MEDITATION UPCOMING RETREATSFOR MORE THINGS FREEDOM BABE: If you're ready to create your own #FreedomBabe lifestyle, grab my Freedom Foundations Bundle where I teach you the 3 freedom foundations and how to use them to create more time, financial and career freedom in your life! Grab the bundle here for $27: http://freedomfoundationsbundle.pagedemo.co/WEBSITE | INSTAGRAM | FACEBOOK

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3 Sep 2018

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Ep. 5: Self love & the power of meditation - Stephanie Morrison

Mindful Fit Life

Stephanie Morrison joins me on this episode to chat about the power of self love and self knowing. Developing deeper into who you are as a person and spititual being through mediattion, can be the ultimate key to unlock your confidence and shed your fears. www.stephaniemorrison.org www.SaraFennell.com


5 Oct 2017