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Episode 65: Reclaiming Your Sexuality with Lacey Haynes

Euphoric the Podcast

Lacey is a spiritual teacher on female sexuality. On her journey towards wholeness, not only did she transform her relationship with alcohol and go alcohol-free, she reclaimed her sexuality and what it means to have desire and pleasure in her life.  Today we talk about female body parts, shame, sacral chakras and creativity, and the full expression of who we are. Lacey shares her story on changing her drinking and her own embodiment practices.  She teaches other women and couples on sexual liberation, sex, birthing, and female empowerment.  Learn more about Lacey:  https://www.laceyhaynes.com/ https://www.laceyhaynes.com/masterclass Free course to get started: The 5 Day Restart Join Become Emboldened today


14 Apr 2021

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Ep. 5 Using Sex as the starting point to unlocking your whole self, with Lacey Haynes


We often approach sex as nothing more than just a quick act of satisfaction. But what if we harnessed the creative energy of sex to heal and transform ourselves?  The truth is, our relationship with sex impacts every area of our lives. Our relationships, our sense of self-worth, how we show up in positions of power and influence, our confidence, the way we parent, our relationship with money and spiritual self. Lacey Haynes joins us to talk about using sex and sexuality as a starting point to heal, expand and unlock your whole self. For 10 years she has been committed to teaching women how to embrace their bodies and become the fullest, boldest and truest version of themselves. She is the founder of School of Whole, a feminine empowerment and self-development program, and the co-founder of Everybody Elevated, which has enriched the sexual experience and lives of thousands of couples. Follow Lacey on Instagram: @verylacey and visit her website: https://laceyhaynes.com--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/yinyangpodcast/support


13 Apr 2021

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28. Lacey Haynes: Sexual Liberation In Motherhood

Meet Me Downstairs

Ladies and gals, today we are talking about sexual liberation in motherhood and quite frankly, womanhood! Let it be known this podcast is for anyone that wants to connect to their sexual fire in an honest and raw way. We are joined by Lacey Haynes and she has me so fired up and inspired. There are so many stereotypes that can put a roadblock between motherhood and sexuality and this topic in particular is a huge piece that pushed me to start this podcast in the first place. Since becoming a mom, I have been so disconnected to my sexual spark, to that intimate connection with myself, let alone with another person, and then pair that with all these stereotypes and societal views that really do us a disservice to listen to and take in. You know the... "once you become a mom you aren’t sexy in the same way anymore", or because our bodies change that makes us less appealing, "once you get married the sex just ends", "sex after baby is a nightmare, but just keep goin", "you're only sexy if you look like this". I'm calling bullshit on society and instead reclaiming my sexual fire in my own way ~ and I truly hope this episode inspires that for you too! Listening to this is a start in your awakening, talking about it with women who approach sex from a place of sincerity and understanding, and reclaiming your sexual prowess the way it looks like for you, not the way the media tell us it's "supposed" to look like. Lacey this magnificent queen, she is a British-Canadian educator and visionary in the field of sexual empowerment and relationships and she teaches women to connect to their bodies by understanding, healing and accessing their sexual energy for creative liberation and full power living. She is the founder of School of Whole and co-founder of Lacey + Flynn, which she runs alongside her husband Flynn Talbot. Lacey’s School of Whole Program which you will hear her talk about opens up for new applicants on April 19th, and you can actual pre-register for it right now: click here https://www.laceyhaynes.com/school-of-whole ~ This episode is truly one of my favourites, and my gratitude runs wild for this woman and her passion. To listen to more episodes like this, view our full episode list where you vibe to podcasts. Love always, XOXO Brit


5 Apr 2021

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Your Sexual Energy is the Gateway to Freedom, with Lacey Haynes

Limitless Life™

I’ve been on a personal journey learning more about my sexual energy, and the ways it’s been repressed, in an effort to deeply connect with myself even more. What I’ve learned is that there is so much more than physical acts when it comes to sexuality and sensuality. It’s really about the energy we have within us. If we’re closed-off or out of balance with that energy, it can actually hold us back from feeling free to live fully in who we are. What would it mean for you to learn to fully embrace and love every part of you? How much could you learn by reconnecting with the sides of yourself you deny? Today’s guest is here to guide you towards reclaiming your sexual power and - as a result - power in every other area of your life. Lacey Haynes is the founder of School of Whole, an amazing feminine empowerment and self-development program, and the co-founder of Everybody Elevated, which has enriched the sexual experience and lives of over a quarter of a million people. For the last decade, she has been committed to teaching women how to lovingly embrace their bodies, and become the fullest, boldest, truest version of themselves. If you’re ready to reconnect to the pieces of you that you haven’t been embracing and begin to embody what’s true to you, get ready and let’s dive on in. Read the show notes: https://melyssagriffin.com/sexual-energy-lacey-haynes Visit Lacey Haynes’ Website: https://www.laceyhaynes.com  Follow Lacey on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/verylacey/ Visit Melyssa’s Website: www.melyssagriffin.com Follow Melyssa on Instagram: www.instagram.com/melyssa_griffin Follow Limitless Life™ on Instagram: www.instagram.com/limitlesslifepodcast 


19 Jan 2021

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27| Lacey Haynes

Born Together

Get ready, In this week’s episode I have the joy to be talking with Lacey Haynes! Unpacking the often unexplored power of the feminine essence, our creativity and sexuality. Lacey unpacks her sacred triangle theory, we talk about the lasting power of language, how our children can often helps us to find the way, defining a new feminine, aligning our energy and intention to reflect our truest selves to the world and the power of the erotic to elevate each aspect of our lives.My curious mind has been drawn to the subject of our power and sexuality and it was such a treat to get to capture and share with Lacey who’s School of Whole is centred on these ideas and so much more.


25 Nov 2020

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Why Sex Matters with Lacey Haynes


This is episode five with Lacey Haynes. Lacey has been a woman that I have listened to, learnt from, and been moved by for many years now. To share her with you on the podcast today feels very, very special to me. I discovered Lacey online about 4 years ago when I was preparing for the home birth of my son, River. She too was preparing to give birth to her first daughter, and I discovered her through the hashtag #radicalingmotherhood. And to this day there doesn’t feel like a more suitable hashtag for her. Since then Lacey has gone on to free birth both her babies at home, and leads a movement in empowered birth, epic sex, and whole self-living. Lacey is unique, so incredibly unique. Her voice is like honey and even more delicious is the wisdom and words that ooze out of her without effort. Lacey is an embodiment of that which she teaches and the way I know that – is because I feel it – and I know you will too. Today’s conversation is one that I have dreamt of having here on the show – an opportunity for women to truly take a seat at the table of their life through the gateway of mind-blowing sex. Shared through Lacey’s experiences, stories, and teachings this episode is one that will not only open your eyes (and legs) to what is available to you – but also empower you – to go there too. If you found today’s episode supportive, please subscribe on iTunes and share this episode on your social platform of choice. You will mostly find me hanging out over on Instagram and you can tag me there @jody_mcgrice. One last thing please, please, please, please share this with the women in your life. And, if you are feeling exceptionally generous today you can leave me a review on iTunes so we can share these conversations with even more women.


27 Oct 2020

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Ep. #138: Creating Sustained Sensuality, How to Get Into Your Body, and Sexual Shame with Lacey Haynes, creator of School of Whole and the Pussy Gazing Workshop

Living Open | Modern Magick and Spirituality for Mystics and Seekers

Lacey Haynes is the creator of School of Whole, a 12-month online adventure into who you are, why you’re here and how to become a powerful AF woman. She helps women turn their body onto pleasure and desire, heal the deep ’n dark stuff and become the people they most want to be. She led the sold-out signature Pussy Gazing workshop around Europe and her free birth went viral a few years ago! In this episode, Lacey Haynes and host Eryn talk about how to get into your body, turning yourself back on to life, being feminine on your own terms, honoring cycles and allowing the seasons of our lives to really happen, the initiation of her free birth, connecting with your power, intimacy as a practice, presence in sex, pussy gazing, coming into wholeness, working with shame around sexuality, and how to create sustained sensuality.  Join Breathwork for the Heart, an online group breathwork series that will help you open + heal your heart to create deeper intimacy with yourself and others by releasing stuck emotional energy from your body, releasing shame, and deepening self-acceptance: https://www.living-open.com/breathwork-for-the-heart. Connect with Lacey on her website, Instagram, and free masterclass. Blog for this episode: www.living-open.com/blog/lacey-haynes 

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11 Nov 2019

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Amplify Your Intimacy, Supercharge Your Sex (Even as New Parents) with Lacey Haynes & Flynn Talbot

honey talks podcast with katya nova (nurturingnovas)

Lacey & Flynn introduce us to SEX ELEVATED, and share how they are able to have unusually amazing sex, tell us the ONE thing we all need to put on the shelf next to the bed, how to use sex as a tool / practice, how sex is like yoga, why we resist & make excuses, what the heck ‘simple sex’ is, how to use sex to manifest things, and how to generally bump up the saturation on your life! We love them so. You will too. Support us on PATREON https://www.patreon.com/honeytalks FKNHONEY.COM https://fknhoney.com/ @FKNHONEYhttps://www.instagram.com/fknhoney/ SEX ELEVATED 6-WEEK ONLINE COURSE: https://www.laceyhaynes.com/sex-elevated  USE CODE: HONEYTALKS10 for 10% off Discussed in the episode: - how to have unusually amazing sex - the one thing we all need to put on the shelf next to the bed - intimacy for couples with kids - a simple way to learn each other’s bodies - sex as a tool or practice - how sex is like yoga - why do we resist & make excuses - how to use sex to manifest things! - ‘moistness’ as a way of being - on dominance in bed - what is simple sex? - how to bring your partner on board - how to bump the saturation on your life @verylacey https://www.instagram.com/verylacey/

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1 Nov 2019

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Milf Life lessons from Pussy Gazing Queen, Lacey Haynes.

LOVE SEX DESIRE with Susana Frioni

Today's special guest, Lacey Haynes, is the sexy mama of a two-year-old who sold out her signature Pussy Gazing workshop five times in 2018 in London and Berlin and inspired millions to rethink their relationship to pregnancy and birth when her free birth story went viral in 2017 making international headlines. Like most women, Lacey's initiation into motherhood transformed her relationship to her pussy, her sexuality, and of course, her power which we talk about in great detail in today's episode. Join our conversation and learn: What Lacey is currently exploring in her own life as she juggles woman, lover, and mother How Lacey’s free birth transformed her relationship to her pussy and sexual self Why harnessing the postpartum stage is the best thing you'll ever do for your creativity and sexual vitality How to navigate changes in your relationship once you've reclaimed your power How to improve your communication skills with your partner How to create a sex-positive environment at home for your kids, and so much more.


21 May 2019

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EP47 Pussy Gazing: Staring into the Divine Feminine with Lacey Haynes

Clit Talk

Lacey Haynes, a yoga teacher and intuitive who free-birthed her own child and now teaches pussy gazing workshops to women all over the world…including the cast of Clit Talk! Lindsey, Katie and Sugar all dove right in to the depths of their own pussies and are in the studio to report back on what they discovered. AND one of the pussy posse is PREGNANT—find out who on today’s episode of Clit Talk!


12 Mar 2019