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42 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Jonny Bowden. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Jonny Bowden, often where they are interviewed.

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42 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Jonny Bowden. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Jonny Bowden, often where they are interviewed.

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#1312, Dr. Jen Myers, Dr. Jonny Bowden

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Happy Hump Day!
The week is flying by here at One Life Radio. We have two fabulous Dr.'s with us today! One Life Radio friend Dr. Jonny Bowden is back to discuss any and all things functional medicine! Sunwarrior's Jen Myers is back to talk about genetics and the immune/inflammatory response.
Dr. Jonny Bowden
Dr. Jonny earned six certifications in personal training and fitness. Jonny Bowden is known as The Nutrition Myth Buster and is a nationally known expert on weight loss and health. He is the best-selling author of 15 books, including "The Great Cholesterol Myth" and "The Most Effective Ways to Live Longer." He has a Masters degree in psychology, a PhD in holistic nutrition, and is board certified by the American College of Nutrition. His books include "Living Low Carb," "Smart Fat," "The Great Cholesterol Myth" and "The 150 Healthiest Foods On Earth."
Functional Medicine
Function medicine is where we look how each body system talks to the other. This is not like symptom based medicine, but rather looks at how everything is connected. The Institute For Functional Medicine just released an article about how COVID and functional medicine works together. This is a scientific holistic approach, not woo woo. The Institute For Functional Medicine concentrated on inflammasome. The inflammasome is the series of receptors found in our innate immune receptors. This inflamasome has the ability to set off a storm of inflammatory compounds, especially for COVID. We can calm this storm! There is great evidence, so here we go. Resveritrol, kurkumine extract, corsitine, and green tea extract are working! Get in line at your local Starbucks and order that green tea! You may not be able to prevent contact with the virus, but you can get your body ready to fight it!

It is important for our listeners to know that you don't need to buy all of these supplements, but really understand a few and use those. There is not only one way to do this thing called health. The easier supplements to understand are vitamin D, Vitamin C, elderberry extract, and zinc! Much easier to pronounce and much easier to source! These things really do stimulate the pathways in the body that fight viruses. We must eat a nutrient rich diet, because these things really do make a difference. Even if they do come up with a vaccine, we must survive by keeping our immune system strong. In this political atmosphere surrounding help, we need to make in simple. Wash your hands, mask, social distance, and take your vitamin D. #wmd2.
Dr. Jen Myers
Dr. Jen Myers is a Doctor of Natural Medicine, Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine and a Certified Genomics/Nutrigenetic Specialist. She is the Chief Genomics Officer and Master Formulator on two Scientific Advisory Boards focused on DNA-based supplementation. Myers instructs Physicians and Practitioners how to implement Nutrigenomics into their practices to provide a more personalized approach. She is also a formulator for Sunwarrior plant-based proteins and has published a number of articles on their behalf.
Genetics And The Immune/Inflammatory Response
For those who don't know, genomics is the branch of molecular biology concerned with the structure, function, evolution, and mapping of genomes. This is Jen's Expertise! When our body is in acute threat, our innate immune system goes into a recover and repair phase! When we have a genomic reaction, and our body is recovered and healed, our body goes back to homeostasis. There are genes that turn off our innate immune system, so there are genes that turn them on too! Our innate immune response comes from birth. It is our first line of defense. It protects us from trauma, and even recognizes damages cells and cleans them up. Our body can divert it's energy to the portion or body system that needs the most help. Our bodies are built to fight off threats. Cough, fever, and other "symptoms" are there to help us heal while our cytokines do the internal work.
Aug 26 2020 · 48mins
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EP 168: Unleash Your Thin and The Great Cholesterol Myth with Dr. Jonny Bowden

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Jonny Bowden, PhD, CNS is a nationally known expert on weight loss and metabolic health and the author of 15 books including The Metabolic Factor, Living Low Carb and the controversial best-seller The Great Cholesterol Myth (Oct 6, 2020). He has appeared on Dr. Oz, the Doctors, and dozens of other television programs and is a sought-after speaker at conferences like Bulletproof's Biohacking Conference, the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, Paleo f(x) and LowCarb USA.

Learn more at www.jonnybowden.com and pick up your copy of The Great Cholesterol Myth on Amazon.com October 2020

Aug 25 2020 · 57mins

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The Role of Nutrition in Autism - Dr. Jonny Bowden

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Aug 17 2020 · 48mins
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Eating Healthy Does Not Have to Break Your Time or Money Bank—Sarah Hiner Talks to Jonny Bowden

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Obesity and a healthy body have been at the center of the discussion regarding COVID-19 vulnerability and the likelihood that obese people are more likely to contract and die from the disease.  But there are those who say that eating healthy is not easy or affordable.  That’s simply not true.
In this edition of the Bottom Line Advocator Podcast with Sarah Hiner, nationally known expert on weight loss and nutrition and author of The 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth, Jonny Bowden, PhD, CNS, joins Bottom Line President Sarah Hiner to bust the myths about healthy eating and help listeners see the easy changes they can make today.
Highlights …
The challenge of eating healthy (4:05 – 8:23)The most popular excuses to not eat healthy (8:23 – 13:00)The nutritional knowledge gap (13:00 – 16:55)Our supersized portions cost money (16:55- 18:55)Protein deprivation (18:55 – 21:17)Hidden expenses in your grocery cart (21:17 – 23:20)The unsung hero of your kitchen (23:20 – 24:27)Don’t put this in your (24:27 – 26:47)The high cost of these “healthy” foods (26:47 – 29:07)Time-savers in your spice cabinet (29:07 – 33:45)Healthy substitutions (33:45 – 40:38)Of course, beans—but did you know this? (40:38- 42:02)Surprising breakfast options (42:02 – 48:13)Jonny’s favorite go-to healthy snacks (48:13 – 50:03)Sarah’s time-savers (50:03 – 52:22)Cold potatoes’ bonus nutrition (52:22 – 54:46)Changing perspective on time (54:46 –
You can follow Jonny’s work and learn more about this books at JonnyBowden.com.
You can connect with and stay in touch with Sarah at her website www.bottomlineinc.com! Find Bottom Line on Facebook @WeAreBottomLine and at Bottom Line Inc. on  www.linkedin.com.
And if you enjoyed this podcast, please share a review so that more people can benefit from Be sure to subscribe to the Bottom Line Advocator Podcast with Sarah Hiner on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Stitcher
Aug 12 2020 · 1hr 1min

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Smart Fat: Eat More Fat. Lose More Weight with Jonny Bowden, Ph.D/ Steven Masley, MD - Don't RUIN your good fats - heat points of cooking with fat and oils.

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Jonny Bowden, Ph.D talks about the book he did with Steven Masley, MD, "Smart Fat." After the interview with Dr. Bowden, Lisa interviews Dr Steven Masley about how not to ruin good fats and the heat points of cooking with fats and oils.

Description of Good Fats:

The innovative guide that reveals how eating more fat—the smart kind—is the key to health, longevity, and permanent weight loss.

For years experts have told us that eating fat is bad. But by banning fat from our diets, we’ve deprived ourselves of considerable health benefits—and have actually sabotaged our own efforts to lose weight.

Though they originally came from vastly different schools of thought about diet and weight loss, renowned nutritionist Jonny Bowden and well-respected physician Steven Masley independently came to the same conclusion about why so many people continually fail to shed pounds and get healthy. It all comes back to a distinction far more important than calories vs. carbs or paleo vs. plant-based: smart fat vs. dumb fat.

In Smart Fat, they explain the amazing properties of healthy fat, including its ability to balance hormones for increased energy and appetite control, and its incredible anti-inflammatory benefits. The solution for slimming down—and keeping the pounds off for life—is to “smart-fat” your meals, incorporating smart fats with fiber, protein, and most importantly, flavor. Bowden and Masley identify smart fats, explain what not to eat, and provide a thirty-day meal plan and fifty recipes based on the magic formula of fat, fiber, protein, and flavor.

It’s time to unlearn what we think we know about food. Getting smart about fat—and everything you eat—and learning to smart-fat your meals is the only solution you'll ever need.

Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

Jul 02 2020 · 21mins
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Eat This, Not That In 2020 With Jonny Bowden

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What's that saying? You are what you eat? More like you are what you THINK you're eating.

Get ready for a food reality check with Dr. Jonny Bowden. He's known as the "nutrition myth buster," and he's going to change how you look at food in 2020.

Dr. Jonny is a nationally known nutrition expert and psychologist. He's written 15 books and has appeared in publications such as "O, The Oprah Magazine" and "GQ."

But he wasn't always so healthy and he wasn't always a doctor. His career started on the road as a musician where he lived what he describes as, "100% the rock 'n' roll lifestyle." That life was great until it wasn't. And that's when Dr. Jonny discovered that working out and eating well have their merits. He's been singing that song to anyone who will listen ever since.

On this Dying to Ask:

  • Why if your 2020 resolution was to cut out (fill in the blank food,) you've probably failed already
  • The good and the bad of popular lifestyles like Keto and plant-based eating
  • Three foods you should stop eating now and what SHOULD be in your fridge
  • And, what is the nutrition myth buster's guilty pleasure?
Feb 20 2020 · 46mins
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The Rogue Nutritionist #SANE with Dr. Jonny Bowden & Jonathan Bailor

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The Rogue Nutritionist #SANE with Dr. Jonny Bowden & Jonathan Bailor

Oct 10 2019 · 32mins
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The Mojo Radio Show EP 228: Cutting Through The Hype To Live A Better, Longer Life - Dr Jonny Bowden

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Jonny Bowden - a legend in wellness - is 72 years young, still getting after it, and sought after by the world's biggest media networks for his opinions on health and longevity. Jonny has written several popular books, including Living Low Carb and The Great Cholesterol Myth. He is the guy who is busting nutritional myths to make us better in every way. Jonny has a dark past, and his mission today is to create a very bright future for all of us in health and wellness.     When people ask Jonny what he does, how does he like to reply? At 72 years old, is ageism top of mind for Jonny? Where are we going wrong with our psychology behind wellness? What are Jonny's four food groups? How should we measure the success of our health - weight, energy, other? What is the best indicator of good health? How should we be thinking about nutrition? What's chronic inflammation and how does it lead to many of our degenerative diseases? How do I know I have inflammation in my operating system? Omega 3 to 6, the ratio's when they are not right. What's the impact? To balance our Omega 3 to 6, we should start to eat more of and less of what? What are the myths around stress? Jonny was a musician on Broadway, addicted and an ex-alcoholic. Why is he an ex? How is Jonny able to stay on the path? What would Jonny say to his young self, on Broadway, using, being unhealthy, but thinking his life is cool? How has Jonny's ideology of health changed since he began taking an interest? Is there a way we can get a sense of how healthy our gut is? What's the significance of having a community for your health? What compliment would he most like to receive - the highest compliment someone could give Jonny?   LINKS   Jonny Bowden website https://jonnybowden.com   Jonny Bowden on socials  @jonnybowden   Dr. Jonny Bowden on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Dr.JonnyBowden/   The Mojo Radio Show on Patreon https://www.patreon.com/themojoradioshowpodcast   The Mojo Radio Show http://www.themojoradioshow.com   The Mojo Radio Show on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/TheMojoRadioShowPodcast/   The Mojo Radio Show on Twitter https://twitter.com/tmrspod   The Mojo Radio Show Answering Machine 08 7200 6656 08 7200 MOJO   The Mojo Radio Show copyright Gary Bertwistle & Darren Robertson   Products or companies we discuss are not paid endorsements. They are not sponsored by, nor do we have any professional or affiliate relationship of any kind with any of the companies or products highlighted in the show.... sadly! It’s just stuff we like, think is cool and maybe of interest to you our listeners.   “Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming "Wow! What a Ride!”  

See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

May 26 2019 · 1hr 10mins
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EP 24 - Interview with Jonny Bowden

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In this episode of Recipes for Your Best Life, Mareya sits down with Dr Jonny Bowden who is a nutrition myth buster, a best-selling author and nationally known expert on weight loss. From a former addict and a jazz musican to a certified trainer and a nutrition expert, Jonny’s journey and the inspiring progress has had a great impact on people. Mareya grills Jonny with the flame on full blast and brings you the answers you have been looking for. Stay tuned for another awesome episode by Mareya, The Fit Foodie

May 06 2019 · 37mins
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#273: The 7 Keys to Longevity with Dr. Jonny Bowden

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Do you love the rare instances when the sequel is even better than the original?

If so, then you’re going to dig the hell out of this episode of Renegade Radio with Dr. Jonny Bowden.

Known as the “Nutrition Myth Buster,” Jonny helps people sift through the dietary bull sh*t that is commonplace in the health and wellness industry and get to what actually works for weight loss and optimal health.

In this episode he drops even more knowledge on the Renegade Nation to help YOU look great and feel amazing, without driving yourself insane trying to figure it out on your own.  

  • What’s new on his radar? [9:31]
  • What are his latest thoughts on keto/low carb diets? [12:24]
  • Jonny’s history with alcohol and drugs. [17:58]
  • Should you optimize sleep before everything else? [24:48]
  • The 7 Pillars of Longevity. [26:45]
  • Have low sex drive? Here’s why and what you can do about it. [41:31]
  • Is stress killing you? Prevent disease and early death! [47:39]
  • The significance of having community and connection in your life. [49:57]
  • Do some people do better on a high carb diet? [51:49]
  • Take care of your heart! Debunking the myths surrounding cholesterol and effective supplements for heart health. [56:04]
  • Jonny’s take on CBD and why YOU should be taking it. [1:05:29]

This episode is brought to you by Caffeine and Kilos. We all know that coffee is probably the greatest thing ever. There are countless studies proving the benefits of coffee. Dr. Sanjiv Chopra said that drinking coffee is one of the five essential habits for long-term good health.

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Dec 14 2018 · 1hr 9mins