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Ep114: Cholesterol Conundrums Revisited - with Dr. Jonny Bowden PhD

The Fat Emperor Podcast

Caught up with Jonny a while back and talked all things cholesterol - we didn't hold back on the nonsense of it all!  Jonny's new book, bang up to date:  https://www.amazon.com/Cholesterol-Recipes-Preventing-Reversing-Disease/dp/1592337120 As mentioned at the start of the pod, there's a seriously sinister censorship drive afoot - so please do sign up to my Odysee channel here:  https://odysee.com/@IvorCummins:f NOTE: My extensive research and interviewing /video/sound editing and much more does require support - please consider helping if you can with monthly donation to support me directly, or one-off payment: https://www.paypal.com/donate?hosted_button_id=69ZSTYXBMCN3W - alternatively join up with my Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/IvorCummins


26 Apr 2021

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The Cholesterol Myth w/ Dr. Jonny Bowden - goodsugar #048


Dr. Jonny Bowden, author of the new book The Cholesterol Myth joins Marcus and Ralph on this all new episode of goodsugar! On this one Dr. Bowden comes on to dispell the myths between diet and disease and it gets a little bit heated. Check it out! 3.29.21 Buy Our Stuff! https://www.goodsugar.life Follow the show! https://www.instagram.com/marcusantebi https://www.instagram.com/iamralphsutton Produced by Brian Mackay https://www.instagram.com/bmackayisright


29 Mar 2021

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EP 78 - The Vitamin D Disgrace & the Great Cholesterol Myth with Dr. Jonny Bowden

Recipes for Your Best Life

As humans, we’re inundated with choices in our everyday lives, but I can say without any reservation, our overall health is our most valuable currency.  The question is, what are we buying into?  In our quest to ‘armor up’ our immunity, we may well be completely missing the mark if we don’t pay attention to these two things – Vitamin D and Cholesterol.  One of my absolute favorite nutrition and functional medicine straight-shooters, Jonny Bowden, shares his invaluable insights to kick off National Nutrition Month and offers a great IMMUNITY REPORT – just for our listeners – to help set the record straight with specific products and information Jonny himself recommends.  This is an episode that can save your life, so please tune in and share it with everyone you love. 


3 Mar 2021

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The Great Cholesterol Myth | Dietary Fat Overview | Dr. Jonny Bowden #052

The Vital Veda Podcast: Ayurveda | Holistic Health | Cosmic and Natural Law

Despite the science, the dogma remains pervasive. Thinking that cholesterol or fat causes heart diseases is dangerously falling into The Biggest Myth in medical history.Armed with hundreds of scientific references, Dr Bowden shows why the medical establishment’s embarrassing, and outdated theory that fat and cholesterol causes heart disease is completely wrong.You’ll learn the real promoters of heart disease and what you can do about them.This podcast is intended for anyone who is cautiously refraining from eating dietary fats because of belief or instructions from their doctor that fats causes heart disease and that cholesterol is bad.This podcast episode reveals the cold hard science and cuts through the crap to show you the definitive truth all about cholesterol, dietary fats and heart disease.Share this episode with your friend, relative, client or medical practitioner who is hesitating, even slightly, to consume dietary fats due to a dogmatic belief.IN THIS EPISODE WE DISCUSSThe medical establishment’s embarrassing, outdated theory that saturated fat causes heart disease.Sugar Industry Conspiracy and the powerful exposè published in JAMA Internal Medicine.The actual scientific studies on cholesterol and cardiovascular health.Testing: Cholesterol and hearth health.What to do with the cholesterol numbers on your standard blood test.Testing the size of cholesterol particles.Test You Can Do Yourself with Your Old Blood Tests.Other Blood Tests that screen for Cardiovascular HealthAdvanced Glycation End Products (AGEs)Are Doctors Adopting Effective Diagnostic Methods Actually Based on Science?What Is Cholesterol?Why cholesterol is essential for life.The Importance of Fat (Medo Dhatu)Relationship Between the Cholesterol You Eat and In Your BodyStatin medicationsMeasures to Potentially to Wean Off Statins & MedicationsInsulin resistanceWhat oils and fats to eat and use in dietGood fats and bad fatsHow Much Fats / Oils Can I Eat?Optimal diet+ much moreABOUT OUR GUEST: DR. JONNY BOWDENJonny Bowden, PHD, CNS, is a board-certified nutritionist, the author of 15 books including The 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth, Living Low Carb, and the recently revised and expanded, The Great Cholesterol Myth. He is the creator of the best-selling internet weight loss program, Metabolic Factor and also appeared in the documentary, Fat Fiction, (narrated by Dr. Mark Hyman).His no-nonsense, myth-busting approach has made him a popular guest on television, and a sought after speaker all over the world.HELP SUPPORT THIS SHOW!Do you appreciate this information, and want to support my intention to deliver as much life enriching knowledge as possible to as many people as possible?The easiest, and most effective way you can help is to do this:Subscribe to the show by clicking “subscribe” in iTunes or Spotify or your fave app.Write us a review in iTunes and your podcast appShare this show/episode with 1 friend right nowYou’d be amazed how much these three simple steps do to help us grow!In addition, share this episode with every friend that you think will benefit from this knowledge.Thank you from the bottom of my heart for joining me on this evolutionary journey.Support the show (https://www.paypal.com/donate/?token=y_kaqK9wLLV2hJsCYl7mFwBcEPNGyuzRIZuHMW5dxoRj2vyQJPvcov1xOO9ZUsn_lG-6Km&country.x=AU&locale.x=AU)

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10 Feb 2021

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The Nutrition Myth Buster: Dr. Jonny Bowden - Episode 1721

Fitness Confidential with Vinnie Tortorich

: Episode 1721 - On this Friday show, Dr. Jonny Bowden, the nutrition myth buster, joins Vinnie to talk personal training, overcoming nutritional cognitive dissonance, affecting change in underserved communities, COVID-19 co-morbidities, and more. Https://www.vinnietortorich.com/2020/11/the-nutrition-myth-buster-jonny-bowden-episode-1721 PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS In his 40s, he got the nutrition and fitness bug. He had a masters in psychology, so always liked learning more. He got super into working out, became certified by various methods to become a personal trainer. An Equinox gym hired him after he hung around and worked on himself enough. He was a low fat, calorie guy for a long time. The certifying organizations really sold him these lies. However, then Jonny heard about Atkins. Some of his clients tried it and he saw how it actually worked. They were thinner, lower blood pressure, and more. He had cognitive dissonance and he needed to figure out how that worked. Jonny began thinking: What if what we've been taught is simply not true? THE NUTRITION MYTH BUSTER Dr. Bowden now understands that low carb is the way to go. You can't outrun or out-exercise a bad diet. Because Jonny became so interested in all of this, he ended up getting a PhD in nutrition! Check out his books on nutrition myth busting here: Eating low carb strengthens your immune system. You build your house by eating well. He isn't insulin resistant, he doesn't have metabolic disease. This is huge for your ability to beat viruses like coronavirus. Real food in its real form is the MOST IMPORTANT thing in Dr. Bowden's opinion. If you're doing this, you'll eat way fewer carbs and more fat is it happens. FAT DOC IS OUT Go watch it now! We need people to buy and review for it to stay at the top of iTunes pages. Please also share it with family and friends! Available for both rental and purchase. You can also buy hardcopy or watch online at Amazon. YOU CAN NOW STREAM FOR FREE ON AMAZON PRIME IF YOU HAVE IT! Fat Doc 2 is in the works! Keep an eye out. RESOURCES Https://www.vinnietortorich.com Https://www.purevitaminclub.com Https://www.purevitaminclub.co.uk Https://www.purecoffeeclub.com https://www.villacappelli.com Https://www.nsngfoods.com Https://www.crowdcow.com/vinnie Https://www.bit.ly/fatdocumentary https://jonnybowden.com/

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27 Nov 2020

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The Great Cholesterol Myth—Sarah Hiner Talks to Jonny Bowden, PhD, CNS, Nutritionist and Nationally Recognized Expert in Weight Loss, Nutrition and Health

Bottom Line Advocator

In this edition of the Bottom Line Advocator Podcast, Jonny Bowden, PhD, CNS, nutritionist and coauthor, with cardiologist Stephen Sinatra, MD, of The Great Cholesterol Myth, joins Bottom Line President Sarah Hiner to talk about the pivotal role that insulin resistance plays in triggering deadly heart disease…and why this blood sugar–boosting condition keeps getting overlooked by most doctors. Topics covered include…Heart disease: The #1 killer of men and women (5:10 – 6:00)Harm can begin even in teenagers (6:00 – 6:30)Heart health helps protect against serious COVID-19 (6:30 – 7:05)The link to type 2 diabetes, obesity and Alzheimer’s disease (7:05 – 10:28)Fighting the insidious nature of childhood obesity (10:28 – 12:58)Why cholesterol isn’t the right target (12:58 – 13:57)The tests you should be getting (13:57 – 15:24)What your LDL and HDL levels could really mean (15:24 – 20:50)Genetic predisposition vs. lifestyle (20:50 – 23:16)Why insulin is so important (23:16 – 29:05)Low-fat diets don’t create good health (29:05 – 32:40)Politicization of nutrition and medical information (32:40 – 36:14)How to tell if you have insulin resistance (36:14 – 40:22)Shortcomings of the glycemic index (40:22 – 42:09)Interpreting your lab results (42:09 – 47:20)What to do about your insulin resistance (47:20 – 52:31)Turn insulin resistance around in 3 days (52:31 – 53:07)Good fat vs. bad fat (53:07 – 55:39)Healthful snacking (55:39 – 1:00:01)The Mediterranean lifestyle (1:00:22 – 1:06:14)The COVID-19 connection (1:06:14 – 1:09:57)Learn more about Jonny Bowden, PhD, CNS, and his work at JonnyBowden.com. You can connect with and stay in touch with Sarah at her website www.bottomlineinc.com! Find Bottom Line on Facebook @WeAreBottomLine and at Bottom Line Inc. on  www.linkedin.com. And if you enjoyed this podcast, please share a review so that more people can benefit from Be sure to subscribe to the Bottom Line Advocator Podcast with Sarah Hiner on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Stitcher.

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11 Nov 2020

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The Great Cholesterol Myth - Jonny Bowden on the Wolfs Den

Wolf's Den by Enterprise Fitness

The Great Cholesterol Myth - Jonny Bowden on the Wolfs Den.Mark Ottobre speaks with Jonny Bowden about the myths surrounding cholesterol. Jonny has recently re-released his book, The Great Cholesterol Myth. Grab it now on Amazon!

1hr 26mins

21 Oct 2020

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EP. 438 - Cholesterol Myth Author Dr. Jonny Bowden

Mark Bell's Power Project

Dr. Johnny Bowden is a PhD in holistic nutrition, and the “Nutrition Mythbuster”. He was once a fat and out of shape musician on Broadway who was addicted to drugs and alcohol, until he changed his life and embarked on a mission to train and educate people to become their own Nutrition Mythbuster. Subscribe to the Podcast on on Platforms! ➢ https://lnk.to/PowerProjectPodcast Special perks for our listeners below! ➢LMNT Electrolytes: https://drinklmnt.com/powerproject Purchase 3 boxes and receive one free, plus free shipping! No code required! ➢Freeze Sleeve: https://freezesleeve.com/ Use Code "POWER25" for 25% off plus FREE Shipping on all domestic orders! ➢Piedmontese Beef: https://www.piedmontese.com/ Use Code "POWERPROJECT" at checkout for 25% off your order plus FREE 2-Day Shipping on orders of $99 ➢Sling Shot: https://markbellslingshot.com/ Enter Discount code, "POWERPROJECT" at checkout and receive 15% off all Sling Shots Follow Mark Bell's Power Project Podcast ➢ Insta: https://www.instagram.com/markbellspowerproject ➢ https://www.facebook.com/markbellspowerproject ➢ Twitter: https://twitter.com/mbpowerproject ➢ LinkedIn:https://www.linkedin.com/in/powerproject/ ➢ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/markbellspowerproject ➢TikTok: http://bit.ly/pptiktok FOLLOW Mark Bell ➢ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/marksmellybell ➢ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MarkBellSuperTraining ➢ Twitter: https://twitter.com/marksmellybell ➢ Snapchat: marksmellybell ➢Mark Bell's Daily Workouts, Nutrition and More: https://www.markbell.com/ Follow Nsima Inyang ➢ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nsimainyang/ Podcast Produced by Andrew Zaragoza ➢ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iamandrewz #PowerProject #Podcast #MarkBell

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21 Oct 2020

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1685: Dr. Jonny Bowden On Continuing Cholesterol Myths, Insulin Resistance, And The Failure Of Mainstream Medicine

The Livin' La Vida Low-Carb Show With Jimmy Moore

On Episode 1685 we talk with Dr. Jonny Bowden about his long-time advocacy of low-carb diets and the challenges we still face. “I grew up believing that you must defend the right to free speech no matter if you agree with it or not.” Dr. Jonny Bowden Jonny Bowden, PhD, C.N.S. is a nationally known expert on weight loss and nutrition. He has a Master’s Degree in psychology and counseling and a PhD in nutrition, is board certified by the American College of Nutrition and has earned six national certifications in personal training. He is the author of a number of best-sellers. A popular speaker, his inspiring advice on weight, health and nutrition has been read by millions on iVillage.com and on America Online, and he has contributed material to over 50 national magazines and newspapers including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes Online, Vanity Fair Online, Time Magazine, Men’s Health, Oxygen, Seventeen, Self, Fitness, Family Circle, Marie Claire, Allure, Men’s Health, Ladies Home Journal, Prevention, In Style, and Shape. He is the owner of Rockwell Nutrition, is a frequent guest on The LLVLC Show. Listen in today to hear Jimmy and Jonny talk about his long-time advocacy of low-carb living, why the fight against poor cholesterol advice is still going on, why the medical establishment continues to give bad advice in regards to dietary fat, the medical establishment’s love affair with statins, free speech and why a free and open exchange of ideas is vitally important, and so much more. You don’t want to miss a second of this vitally important episode! Support this show by becoming a Patron at Patreon!


14 Oct 2020

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EP 168: Unleash Your Thin and The Great Cholesterol Myth with Dr. Jonny Bowden

The Biohacking Secrets Show

Jonny Bowden, PhD, CNS is a nationally known expert on weight loss and metabolic health and the author of 15 books including The Metabolic Factor, Living Low Carb and the controversial best-seller The Great Cholesterol Myth (Oct 6, 2020). He has appeared on Dr. Oz, the Doctors, and dozens of other television programs and is a sought-after speaker at conferences like Bulletproof's Biohacking Conference, the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, Paleo f(x) and LowCarb USA. Learn more at www.jonnybowden.com and pick up your copy of The Great Cholesterol Myth on Amazon.com October 2020


25 Aug 2020