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Building Financial Freedom with Dr. Nana Korsah

Living At Your Finest

For the 45th Episode of the Living At Your Finest Podcast, I am thrilled to have the amazing Dr. Nana Korsah on as my guest to talk about the possibilities of building Financial Freedom as one of the pillars of holistic health.  Dr. Korsah is a Telemedicine Internal Medicine Physician. She is also a certified life and financial coach for physicians. You will discover on this #FridayFunPodcast: ✨ The pathway to experiencing financial freedom in all works of life. ✨ The steps to breaking down limiting beliefsDr. Korsah can be reached: Website www.mdworklifebalance.com Facebook, Tiktalk, IG @Nanakorsahmd You don't want to miss this fun and valuable chat. Do share with others and share your thoughts.   Cheers to being Financially Free!  Subscribe & Review in iTunesIf you have not subscribed to my podcast, what are you waiting for? I bet you do not want to miss an empowering episode filled with Fun, Fundamental, and Faith-Based Holistic Health Related Matters.  A new episode is released every Friday.Here is the iTunes Link to SubscribeThanks for all the kind reviews so far. If you haven't already, kindly leave a comment Using This Rating and Review Link. It helps me to know if I am making any sense, impacting a life, and most certainly promotes listenership. The more communities know about this podcast, the stronger we can be at Living At Our Finest. Thank you in advance.Don't forget to follow me on the following platforms for more in-depth Holistic Health Related MattersLiving At Your Finest with Dr. Babs Facebook PageLiving At Your Finest with Dr. Babs YouTube Channel#Financialfreedom, #financialplanning #investment  #entrepreneur #livingatyourfinest, #Healthiertogether, #DrBabs, #holistichealth.


2 Jul 2021

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130 – The Come-Up: Dr. Nana Korsah’s journey from burnout to Life/Finance Coaching

Docs Outside The Box - Ordinary Doctors Doing Extraordinary Things

What’s good everyone! Welcome to a new series called “The Come-Up.” In previous episodes, I’ve mentioned that it can difficult to identify with a successful person’s journey, especially if they’re on Step 1000 (i.e. Oprah Winfrey, Jeff Bezos). If you got a chance to listen or even talk to someone who is on Step 5 would that make a difference in your life? I think so – I would find it really inspiring to see successful people as their “figuring it out.” That’s what this series is all about. Connecting you docs who are “figuring out” their life as a doc outside the box right in front of our eyes. These episodes are meant to be raw, emotional, cool AF and uplifting. The best part is – you can be apart of this conversation. I’m featuring listeners who will allow us to follow them through their journey, and be open to coaching. Our first guest is Dr. Nana Korsah, a former Nephrologist who has recovered from burnout, and now is a locum Hospitalist. She has a side gig as a life and financial coach for physicians who want to both pay off debt and live their life to the fullest.   If you’re interested in coming on “The Come-Up,” click here: https://www.drniidarko.com/contact/ Follow Dr. Korsah: Wesbite: www.mdworklifebalance.com Email: nkorsah@hotmail.com Resources: The Total Money Makeover Susie Orman


2 Oct 2019

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28: The Journey to Becoming a Home-Based Physician with Nana Korsah, MD

BootstrapMD - Physician Entrepreneurs Podcast with Dr. Mike Woo-Ming

Dr. Nana Korsah was a busy full-time nephrologist. Yet despite her career success something was missing. She was experiencing full burnout, and longed to spend more time with her young family. Despite the fear of having to dig into her savings, she was able to make the successful transition and hasn't looked back . She now works as a full-time physician from home through telemedicine, her work as a financial coach, and many other streams of income. Be inspired to hear about her journey! Dr. Korsah will also be teaching at BootcampMD, the premier event for physician entrepreneurs. Formerly a student, she is now "paying it forward", ready to teach physicians how to become successfully home-based through the establishment of multiple streams of income. BootcampMD - Atlanta - October 2019 https://www.bootcampmd.com/atlanta/ 


31 Aug 2019

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80: Freedom with Dr. Nana Korsah

Doctor Me First with Errin Weisman DO

Nana Korsah, MD is a remarkable Financial Coach, Neora partner and semi-retired nephrologist. Her mission is to equip female physicians to obtain true work-life balance through financial freedom. Today, we talk about what freedom means to her, why it is so pivotal and have to have freedom in your life. Hang with Dr. Korsah on her website MDWorkLifeBalance - Women Physicians for Multiple Streams of Income FB Group - FB - IG


28 Jun 2019

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18: Multiple Streams of Income for Physicians with Nana Korsah, MD

BootstrapMD - Physician Entrepreneurs Podcast with Dr. Mike Woo-Ming

Are you living in a life of abundance or scarcity?  It may seem farfetched or unbelievable, but today’s physicians have more financial opportunity than once thought.  Telemedicine, locum tenens, and nonclinical employment  are just one of a myriad of job choices for doctors.  And if you factor in entrepreneurship, with the ability to create your own product or become a coach or consultant, the opportunities widen even further.  On this episode, I talk with Dr. Nana Korsah, a nephrologist who was at our wit’s end, until she made an important decision for her and her family that led her to take the reins of her physician career.  Learn more about multiple active and passive income streams for physicians. MD Work Life Balance - Nana Korsah Coaching for Physicians https://www.mdworklifebalance.com Women Physicians for Multiple Streams of Income Facebook Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/MultipleStreamsMD/


23 Jun 2019

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Ep 078 Creating Your Ideal Life with Nana Korsah, M.D.

The Hippocratic Hustle

In today’s episode,  we chat with Nana Korsah, M.D. of MDWorkLifeBalance.com. She tells us all about how she went from a private practice physician working 100 hour weeks to being a locums hospitalist and life coach who is so much happier with her daily life. Don’t miss out as she gives us all of her best and tricks on finance, side gigs and self-care too. In this episode, you will learn: How she went from being a full time nephrologist to a locums hospitalist. How and why she used Dr. Philippa Kennealy as a life coach. Why she decided to become a life coach as well to help balance her life. What a life coach can do to help you and your life. What Dr. Korsah’s best financial tips are for physicians. Why she likes to use SMART goals when writing down your financial goals. Why she feels that paying off student loans and debt is the key to freedom. Why she feels all physicians should have a side gig at their disposal. How to practice self-care as physicians to improve our lives. Dr. Nana Korsah is a former nephrologist turned locums hospitalist. She has a side gig as a certified life and financial coach for physicians who want to pay off debt and live wealthy lives. She helps physicians who want to enjoy the lives they sacrificed so much to create, but they don’t know where to start. She helps them build wealth and say, “Yes,” to the lives they want. Links we discussed in the show: Check out Dr. Korsah’s website: MDworklifebalance.com. Look into Hal Elrod’s book: The Miracle Morning: The Not-So-Obvious Secret Guaranteed to Transform Your Life (Before 8AM). Check out some guided meditation using apps like Headspace or Calm. Special thank you to this week’s show sponsor: Northwestern University’s Master of Science in Global Health Program. Find out more about it at www.sps.northwestern.edu/global. Thank you for listening to the Hippocratic Hustle! I know that time is your most valuable resource so I really appreciate you spending some of it with me. If you enjoyed today’s show, please share it! If you’d like to help me improve and grow the podcast, send your suggestions to: Carrie@HippocraticHustle.com Lastly, don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast, so you won’t miss an episode!


19 Apr 2019

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BEE 101 Dr. Nana Korsah, Internal Medicine Physician, Life Coach, Mom, Wife + Hospitalist

Black Entrepreneur Experience

Dr. Nana Korsah, A Board certified internal medicine physician, life coach, mom, wife and hospitalist  living life on her own terms!   Her discovery of elusive work-life balance is allowing her to not only keep her Happy but to help other  MD moms with finding their own elusive work-life balance.  Website :  mdworklifebalance.com


6 Mar 2019

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How to Free Yourself Using Locums and Coaching with Dr. Nana Korsah - 074

Physician NonClinical Careers with John Jurica

This week, Dr. Nana Korsah describes her journey from burnout to balance. She reached a point where her own well-being, and her family's, were suffering. She had an "aha moment" when she realized she could find her true calling, and engaged a physician career and life coach. She made some drastic changes, tried a few different things, and sought training to become a life and financial coach. It all clicked when she found she could combine the flexibility of clinical work as a locum tenens hospitalist, with her nonclinical work as a coach. Now her burnout is gone, and she is building her coaching business. She is especially passionate about helping professionals recognize that excessive debt and lack of a sound financial plan are major contributors to burnout. It weighs on our psyche, and reduces our freedom to make important changes in our lives.  Learn from Nana's experiences, and begin your journey to the life you were born to live.


19 Feb 2019

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Dr. Nana Korsah - Life and Financial Coach Extraordinaire

Fearless Freedom with Dr. G

Dr. Korsah was faced with some intense fears and had to make some difficult choices in order to see her breakthrough. Physicians are trained to go to school, get a job but in fact, deviating from the traditional path despite popular belief does not lead to career death. Dr. Nana Korsah, MD is a former Nephrologist turn locum adult Hospitalist. She is also a certified life and financial coach. She helps female physicians get out of debt, and live wealthy lives. Stepping out on faith is scary. When you stand on the other side and look back, the growth you see is tremendous. Dr. Korsah can be reached at: https://www.mdworklifebalance.com https://www.facebook.com/NanakorsahMD


20 Jan 2019

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14: Being Intentional with Dr. Nana Korsah

Doctor Me First with Errin Weisman DO

Being Intentional with Dr. Nana Korsah Links and Resources http://mdworklifebalance.com/ Also on FB, IG, Twitter Our mutual coach Philippa Kennealy MD https://entrepreneurialmd.com/ Let’s Connect truthrxs.com Facebook Instagram LinkedIn Book Your Colleague to Colleague Call My blog: www.truthrxs.com/articles Mother Doctor Badass on Facebook About the VIP group www.truthrxs.com/dmf-vip-group-program Sign up for the VIP Group: https://bit.ly/2A34Lkz


7 Jan 2019