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Episode 126 - Society of Catholic Sciences Preview with Stephen Barr

That's So Second Millennium

Paul and Bill welcomed Stephen Barr, Ph.D., president of the Society of Catholic Scientists (SCS), for a return visit to TSSM. Dr. Barr, a theoretical particle physicist, is emeritus professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Delaware. We talked with him about the Society of Catholic Scientists and the organization’s fourth annual conference, scheduled June 4-6, 2021, in Washington, DC. The growing membership of SCS now totals about 1,500 in multiple countries. The organization was founded in 2016 by Dr. Barr and five other scientists. Barr, author of Modern Physics and Ancient Faith, described the upcoming conference, which is titled “Extraterrestrials, AI, and Minds Beyond the Human.” See details of the conference The SCS has posted an announcement about live-streaming of conference talks for those who have not registered to attend in-person. The talks will be livestreamed at https://catholicscientists.org/conference2021. The schedule of talks can be found HERE. During the talks, questions for the speakers can be emailed in to questionsSCS2021@gmail.com. As time permits, some questions will be selected from those emailed in and posed to the speakers during the Q&A sessions. Barr gave an overview of the event and the speakers. One of the speakers, Prof. Lawrence Principe, Ph.D., will also be the recipient of the Society’s Saint Albert Award. The award, bestowed annually, is named for St. Albert the Great, patron saint of the natural sciences. Dr. Principe, a historian of science at Johns Hopkins University, has been a leading voice in dispelling the myth of a historical conflict between science and religion, Dr. Barr pointed out. A course titled “Science and Religion” is offered by Principe through the “Great Courses” organization and is available online. The conference’s keynote speaker is Christopher Baglow, Ph.D., director of the Science & Religion Initiative in the McGrath Institute for Church Life at the University of Notre Dame. Dr. Baglow, whose unique high school textbook Faith, Science, and Reason: Theology on the Cutting Edge has now been published in a second edition, was a guest on a previous episode of the TSSM podcast. Barr pointed out that, although the Society did not hold a conference in 2020, it greatly expanded its website, which now includes instructional materials about science and religion. One feature is a curated historical collection of concise bibliographies about important scientists who were practicing Catholics. Barr thanked his collaborator Andrew Kassebaum for that content, which is more authoritative than other online lists of “Catholic scientists.” The SCS continues to work to expand its services to teachers and students. The SCS website, at org, already contains numerous videos of talks from past conferences. Dr. Barr said the Society’s goals include facilitating wide-ranging intellectual and spiritual fellowship for Catholic scientists and helping to evangelize a secular culture that is infused with thoughts and messages prioritizing science and technology. The work of spreading the faith through science will increasingly use new media. Another form of evangelization is the Society’s support for Church celebrations of “Gold Masses” in numerous localities in the United States and elsewhere. Gold Masses, often planned as Votive Masses in honor of St. Albert the Great, are celebrated for members of the science professions. The Masses are part of the effort to increase the Society’s grass-roots activities through local and campus chapters.

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31 May 2021

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Interview With Pastor Stephen Barr

Heroes of Hope

Take time to listen and hear what God is doing in Eureka, IL and with the Make a way Ministry.


12 Apr 2021

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BONUS: The Argument from Quantum Mechanics Against Physicalism w/ Dr. Stephen Barr

The Pat Flynn Show

Dr. Stephen Barr returns to The Pat Flynn Show to explore a difficulty with physicalism which arises -- interestingly enough -- from physics itself( and specifically quantum mechanics). The Pat Flynn Show If you enjoyed this episode, it would mean the world to me if you could subscribe to, and leave a review for, The Pat Flynn show on iTunes HERE or Stitcher HERE. Reading your reviews and hearing your feedback is what keeps me fired up to make The Pat Flynn Show happen. Thank you!

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27 Mar 2021

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ATGthePodcast 102 - Interview with Stephen Barr

Against The Grain - The Podcast

In today's episode we feature an interview with Stephen Barr, President of SAGE International. This interview is part of the popular "Views from the Penthouse Suite" series and was conducted by Tom Gilson, Associate Editor, Against the Grain, and Matthew Ismail, Director of Collection Development, University of Central Michigan.  In the interview, Stephen talks about his presentation at the 2020 Charleston Conference titled "What Would It Really Take to Achieve The OA transition: An Open Take from a Publisher, a Librarian and a Funder." Stephen gives his take on the Open Access Transition and what this could mean for the scholarly communications system as a whole, and whether a massive, systemic change is inevitable.  Stephen discusses his view of transformative agreements, the potential benefits and limitations involved and what may happen to those who don't do transformative agreements in the future, whether by choice or due to funding restrictions. In a space which can be quite polarized, Stephen says it is important to think of how we got here (the focus on journals) and how do we move forward? How do we change a system where publishers are perceived as restrictive, reluctant and self-seeking? He likens the current state to "changing the engines on a plane as it is flying.  None of us wants to sort of stop the system, land, slow down and do a big transformation and then take off again. We're trying to re-engineer the whole process mid-flight."  Stephen gives his take on the actions that librarians and publishers can take to help the industry moving forward with OA transition and transformative agreements.   Stephen says it is important to not just represent your own interests, and he feels that his position at SAGE, a distinctive player in the scholarly communications space, enables him to do this as their primary goal is dissemination of knowledge.  Stephen is also on the Board of Directors at Manchester University Press in the UK. This allows him to view the issues and challenges through the lenses of both a large publisher and a small university press.   Video of the Presentation is available at:  https://youtu.be/luC7JVAnpcc


8 Mar 2021

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36: Dr. Stephen Barr debunks vaccine myths and talks about Western University's new COVID vaccine

Learn With Lels

Dr. Stephen Barr, a professor and researcher at Western University, talks about how the COVID-19 vaccine works, the new vaccine he and his team are working on, and the misinformation being spread about getting vaccinated.


16 Feb 2021

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Stephen Barr - Fearful Symmetry: Cosmic Order and a Divine Creator

The Lumen Christi Institute

A webinar lecture with Stephen M. Barr (University of Delaware), presented by the Harvard Catholic Forum and the Lumen Christi Institute. Originally broadcast on October 15, 2020.For thousands of years, some philosophers and scientists have argued that order in the universe points to a creator God. How does this argument hold up against the scientific discoveries of recent decades? Join us as theoretical particle physicist Stephen Barr examines the cosmic order and its relationship to a Divine Creator.

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20 Nov 2020

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#1930 - Physics and Faith: Stephen Barr

Things Not Seen Podcast

We talk with Professor Stephen Barr about his work in high energy physics, and the possibilities of living a life that mixes scientific rigor with Christian faith Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


25 Nov 2019

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God & The Universe | Dr. Stephen Barr

The Veritas Forum

Astronomer and Physicist Dr. Stephen Barr, University of Delaware, discusses the interplay between our modern understanding of the universe and the role our faith and the bible plays in how we understand.Please like, share, subscribe to and review this podcast. Thank you!


26 Sep 2019

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CA-9 – Dr. Stephen Barr Modern Physics and Ancient Faith part 2 – Christian Apologetics with Dr. R. R. Reno

Discerning Hearts Catholic Podcasts Christian Apologetics with Dr. R. R. Reno, PhD

Episode 9 – Dr. Stephen Barr’s “Modern Physics & Ancient Faith” part 2 In this episode Dr. Reno examines Faith and Reason through the work of Dr. Stephen Barr’s “Modern Physics and Ancient Faith” and enters into the concept of “Scientific Materialism”.  part 2 “Christian Apologetics with Dr. R. R. Reno” explores numerous facets of faith and reason in the life of the Church and the world. Grounded on the work of giants, such as St. Thomas Aquinas, St. Bonaventure, Blessed John Newman, soon-to-be Blessed John Paul II, G. K. Chesterton, Blaise Pascal and Stephen Barr, Dr. Reno helps us to open our minds to make the journey to our hearts. R. R. Reno is the editor at First Things: A Journal of Religion, Culture, and Public Life, and Professor of Theology, currently on leave from Creighton University. His theological work has been published in many academic journals. Essays and opinion pieces on religion, public life, contemporary culture, and current events have appeared in Commentary, and the Washington Post. In Fighting the Noonday Devil Reno suggests that putting ourselves at the disposal of what is real is what trains us for true piety. His other recent books include Genesis: Brazos Theological Commentary on the Bible and Sanctified Vision: An Introduction to Early Christian Interpretation of the Bible. The post CA-9 – Dr. Stephen Barr Modern Physics and Ancient Faith part 2 – Christian Apologetics with Dr. R. R. Reno appeared first on Discerning Hearts Catholic Podcasts.


6 Aug 2019

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Ep. #55 - Modern Physics & Faith w/ Dr. Stephen Barr

Classical Theism Podcast

Dr. Stephen Barr joins us to discuss his book Modern Physics and Ancient Faith. Does science support the existence of God? What about the order in the universe and the so-called "fine-tuning"? Are those evidence for God? Also, we discuss at length (and have a good-hearted dispute) over whether the Kalam argument is evidence for the existence of God. The Classical Theism Podcast aims to defend Catholic Christian ideas in conversation. With the help of various guests, I defend three pillars of the Catholic Christian worldview: (1) the God of classical theism exists, (2) Jesus is our Messiah and Lord, and (3) He founded the Catholic Church. We place a strong emphasis on the first pillar, defending classical theism, drawing upon the work of Thomistic philosopher Dr. Edward Feser and many others. John DeRosa www.classicaltheism.com/support

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5 Aug 2019