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Dr. Lauren Polivka - Experts of Iron Ep 01

The Strength Academy

Dr. Lauren Polivka - Experts of Iron: Episode 01 *Reupload! This episode disappeared off the face of the earth, so we are re-releasing it! Hopefully it sticks around this time! Welcome to Experts of Iron! Our first episode features Lauren Polivka, Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT). In this episode Lauren walks us through her journey to becoming a DPT, common issues or injuries she treats in her powerlifting, weightlifting and CrossFit athletes, and how she has made a name for herself in a male-dominated industry.  Experts of Iron is a new series here on Empowered by Iron. Each month we will sit down with experts in training, nutrition, recovery, and mindset to discuss their research, background, and relevant industry topics.  Where you can find Lauren:  Instagram: @lapolivka11 Lauren’s company (based out of Atlanta, GA) Repair, Perform, Recover: Website: https://www.repairperformrecover.com/ Check out Female Strength Academy - The only online resource created by and for female strength athletes. Eat for Strength and Eat for Strength - Cut courses are now LIVE! Follow us on Instagram and tag us in your posts by using the hashtag #empoweredbyiron Find us on Patreon: www.patreon.com/empoweredbyiron Join our women’s only Facebook Group: https://m.facebook.com/groups/femalestrengthacademy Check out our sponsors: Fiercely Fueled Nutrition Coaching - Online nutrition coaching for strength and functional fitness athletes. Coached by our own Dr. Kristin Lander. Highlights: 1:45 - How she got into physical therapy and RPR 12:16 - Bridging the gap 15:30 - Common issues and injuries 31:33 - How much does ignoring an injury add onto recovery? 43:00 - Remote PT? 47:00 - Preventative PT 55:00 - Making your own path

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13 Jan 2020

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Repair, Perform, and Recover with Dr. Lauren Polivka

Mi-Fit Podcast

This week on the show I had the opportunity to talk with physical therapist Lauren Polivka. Dr. Lauren Polivka is a licensed physical therapist who graduated from Northwestern University with a Doctorate of Physical Therapy in 2007. After graduating, Lauren began pursuing a career in sports therapy believing that, "it just makes sense [for me] to heal bodies in motion and be 100% dedicated to keeping people moving, healthy and pushing themselves forward."From a young age, Lauren had career aspirations of becoming a physical therapist.  She began researching graduate Physical Therapy programs at age 16, even before receiving her undergraduate acceptance.  On a personal level, as a teenager diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, Lauren grew to understand the importance of physical therapy from a patient's perspective. Lauren has found a true passion in manual soft tissue treatments, as she loves to actively work with her hands and experience the unbelievable power of touch. Over the past few years, she has focused more on alternative manual therapy – with a strong influence from Eastern medicine. Lauren also performs cupping treatments, trigger point dry needling, Gua Sha (instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization), and is certified in Rock Tape fascial movement taping. Her approach is to combine treatments that trigger your body to begin healing itself. She considers herself a "reset button" for injury or pain. One of Lauren's most fundamental goals for everyone she works with is to help teach the body how to respond to pain or injury in its own way.  She then focuses on guiding and teaching her clients specifically exercises and movements that help maintain alignment, balance, and the body's natural state.  Her approach proves effective both on a daily basis and in the long term.In this episode Lauren talks about what an effective warm up and cool down look like, how to correct your bad posture habits, and the importance of breath work while doing mobility. Lauren has a tremendous amount of knowledge that is applicable for CrossFit athletes of all ages. You don’t want to miss this one!Follow Lauren on Instagram @lapolivka11and check out her website at www.repairperformrecover.comAfter you’ve listened to the episode be sure to head over to iTunes and give me a review and a 5 star rating! Enjoy!

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5 Nov 2019

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Episode 40 Lauren Polivka

Coaches Corner

In Episode 40 we talk to Lauren Polivka a physical therapist and owner of Recover + Repair services. We go over some really awesome topics for warming up, how to start and progress your warm up, some key things that we are missing as athletes in our warm-ups, and a few things that we should take out. A lot of very interesting things talked about and very eye-opening to me from a coach and an athlete perspective.Subscribe to iTunes, Soundcloud, and Stitcher at Beyond the Platform. Please leave a review and a 5-star rating on iTunes.

1hr 3mins

16 May 2018