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Exploring Cannabis 2.0 & CBD with Aaron Bouganim Managing Director of CannMart, Angela Kapp Co-CEO of TruPotency and cannabis wellness expert Krystal Laferriere

The Voice of Retail

Welcome to the Voice of Retail for the week of November 4, 2019 I’m your host Michael LeBlanc, and this podcast is brought to you in conjunction with Retail Council of Canada and sponsored by Environics Analytics. Environics Analytics helps companies in Retail, CPG and the Cannabis industry turn data and analytics into insight, strategy and results. EA produces CannabisInsights – the market leading source of neighborhood level insights for the Cannabis industry. This episode is intended for adults 18+.  In this weeks episode we delve into the world of cannabis 2.0 retailing from several different perspectives and parts of the value chain in Canada and the U.S. First of all I visited with Aaron Bouganim, Managing Director at CannMart Inc. right in their impressive facilities in Toronto.  We talk about his rich history and perspectives in the medical cannabis space and the road ahead to 2.0. Next the first of a two part interview with veteran retailer, digital maven, beauty & wellness pioneer Angela Kapp from Arizona.  We begin our rich conversation looking back at the early days of digital retail and the beauty category, right through to Angela becoming Co-CEO of TruPotency, a bespoke retail solution for the American CBD marketplace. Lastly I speak with Canadian Cannabis Wellness Expert Krystal Laferriere live in Calgary.   We explore her very personal journey to now a very professional role in the cannabis and CBD space, including a new listing and presence in Quebec’s retail cannabis chain, SQDC. Lastly I’ll take a look at the retail news of the week, but first, lets listen to my interview with Aaron. ****** Thanks to  Aaron, Angela and Krystal for being my guests on this episode, now lets hit the highlights from Retail This Week eNewsletter, I put this newsletter together, the biggest circulation of any weekly in Canada together each and every week, 51 weeks of the year - you can subscribe for free at retailcouncil.org ****** That’s a wrap on this episode of The Voice of Retail  if you liked this podcast you can subscribe on Apple iTunes or your favourite podcast platform, please rate and review, and be sure and recommend to a friend or colleague in the retail industry. I’m Michael LeBlanc, Founder and President of M.E. LeBlanc and Company Inc. and you can learn more about me on www.meleblanc.co or of course on LinkedIn Until next time, have a great week!


8 Nov 2019