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662: Asking Tough Questions - Beau Brooks

Daily Sales Tips

"Listening will create that empathy, that empathy allows you to get vulnerable with that buyer. And when you get vulnerable, you create an advantage that sets you apart from your competitors." - Beau Brooks in today's Tip 662 How about you? Do you ask tough questions? Join the conversation at DailySales.Tips/662 and learn more about Beau! Have feedback? Want to share a sales tip? Call or text the Sales Success Hotline: 512-777-1442 or Email: scott@top1.fm


11 Nov 2020

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EP. 8 | Building and Leading Effective Teams - Beau Brooks

Why Not

Beau Brooks is the Senior Vice President of Sales and Customer Experience at Formstack, a husband, a father, a leader at church, an ultra marathon runner, and so much more. Beau teaches us how your success can be a product of building and leading effective teams.


4 Jan 2020

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904: Is This The Biggest Problem in B2B SaaS Sales? w/ Beau Brooks

B2B Growth: Your Daily B2B Marketing Podcast

In this episode we talk to Beau Brooks, SVP of Sales & Customer Experience at Formstack. Beau shares his thoughts on the lack of prospecting typical for most Account Executives (AEs) in Sales organizations today. We discuss: Is this the biggest problem in SaaS Sales today? Why is it a problem? Doesn't the SDR/AE model lean into specialization & mean that AE's should solely focus on closing, not prospecting. Check out our previous conversation with Beau on leading a remote sales team: https://sweetfishmedia.com/remote-sales-teams-beau-brooks Want to learn best practices, tips, and strategies to generate positive and organic word-of-mouth marketing (WOMM) by building your own scalable referral program? Get your free copy of The Definitive Guide to Referral Marketing from our friends over at Ambassador: GetAmbassador.com/growth


2 Mar 2019

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A Three-Part Framework to Build an Army of Storytellers w/ Beau Brooks

The Sales Engagement Podcast

Your team of salespeople should be nothing more than an army of storytellers because stories improve engagement. Any position on your team that entails major front-facing time with prospects should be able to speak clearly and deeply on your product using the power of story. Beau Brooks doesn’t just want his sales team pitching a product to a prospect, he wants them to passionately share relatable stories of success from others who’ve said yes. As the VP of Sales at Formstack, Beau leads the team of people on the frontlines; the group that interacts with leaders in diverse industries, which can make relatable storytelling hard to keep up with. He wants nothing more than for his team to be equipped to confidently share the value former customers have received from their product. This helps people understand why they’re even talking to you in the first place. As Beau says, it should be less about here’s what my product does and more about here’s how people are benefiting from my product.


21 Dec 2018

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798: The Do's & Don'ts of Leading a Remote Sales Team w/ Beau Brooks

B2B Growth: Your Daily B2B Marketing Podcast

In this episode we talk to Beau Brooks, VP of Sales at Formstack. Beaus shares, from years of leading sales teams, key strategies & tools to use when running a successful remote team of salespeople. His advice includes: What to look for in the hiring profile for a remote Why using video for internal calls & customer-facing meetings are so important Strategies & tools for better coaching of your remote team Ideas for keeping people plugged in & movitated A few resources Beau recommends in this interview: Never Split the Difference by Former FBI Hostage Negotiator Chris Voss Gong for call recording, sharing & analysis Click here to connect with this guest on LinkedIn. Want help developing your plan to become an influencer & thought leader? Check out IMPACT SUMMIT on Oct. 13th in Salt Lake City. B2B Growth listeners can get 15% OFF with the promo code: SWEETFISH.


11 Oct 2018