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Violinist Mark Lee and Pianist Cindy Thong

Cecilia Concerts Podcast

As part of our 32nd season, we welcomed Symphony Nova Scotia violinist Mark Lee and local prize-winning pianist Cindy Thong to the Lilian Piercey Concert Hall in Halifax for the third evening of our 32nd season. For this dynamic program, this distinctive duo performed Ludwig van Beethoven's beautifully lyrical Sonata No. 5 in F major, Opus 24 Spring, the haunting Vocalise, Opus 34, No. 13 by Sergei Rachmaninoff, which was originally written for high voice and piano but here is performed on violin and piano, and Claude Debussy's waltz La plus que lente, L. 121. The artists performed the six movements of Béla Bartók's Romanian Folk Dances, Sz. 56, BB 68, which were originally played on shepherd's flute, and finished this beautiful evening with the demanding Sonata No. 2 in A major, Op. 100 Thun or Meistersinger by composer Johannes Brahms. In addition to his work with our local symphony, violinist Mark Lee has also worked with the London Symphony Orchestra and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and has performed widely as a chamber musician. Pianist Cindy Thong has performed extensively throughout Europe and, among other studies, is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in piano performance. Hosted by Jules Chamberlain. We acknowledge the support of Arts Nova Scotia. Program notes can be found on our website ceciliaconcerts.ca.For more than thirty years Cecilia Concerts has been presenting world-class, diverse classical music experiences in welcoming, intimate settings that connect our community, educate and inspire audiences and artists, and enhance the city of Halifax’s rich heritage and culture. To make a donation to Cecilia Concerts please visit our website ceciliaconcerts.ca/donate. Cecilia Concerts acknowledges that our performances take place in Mi’kma’ki, the ancestral and unceded territory of the Mi’kmaq People. This territory is covered by the “Treaties of Peace and Friendship” which Mi’kmaq and Wolastoqiyik People first signed with the British Crown in 1725. The treaties did not deal with the surrender of lands and resources but in fact recognized Mi’kmaq and Wolastoqiyik title and established the rules for what was to be an ongoing relationship between nations. We are all Treaty people. Charitable Registration Number: 894903012RR0001

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12 Apr 2021

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#267 – Mark Lee – The Magical Accountancy Speaker

The Next 100 Days Podcast

The Accountancy Speaker Mark is a Chartered Accountant but he has never fitted the stereotype. His reputation within the accountancy profession has resulted in him  speaking at dozens of conferences and seminars. Mark speaks to varieties of crowds such as accountants, lawyers, financial advisers, other professionals and consultants. Previous Career His experience as a presenter dates back to his teenage years when he first started to build his confidence in fr ont of audiences. He qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1982 but has long stood out from many with a similar background. Headhunted twice he was a partner in two top firms of accountants. Over the years Mark has worked with, written for and addressed audiences of thousands of accountants. More recently he has also been applauded for his online presentations and the way he still engages the audience. http://thenext100days.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/3.mp4 Career His career spans more than 30 years. During that time, he stood out as a top accountant, a frequent financial commentator and one of only a handful of accountancy qualified magicians. He is now treasurer of the world’s most exclusive magic society, The Magic Circle. He is also deputy treasurer of Norwood, a top 150 charity, a member of the ICAEW’s member and commercial board. Regularly, he is asked to judge industry awards. http://thenext100days.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/Untitled.mp4 For some years Mark was a self styled ‘Immediate Futurist’ addressing audiences of accountants about what the future will hold. But he didn’t predict the pandemic and now focuses on the other topics long associated with his name. Remembering the Message Mark always shares simple analogies and acronyms to help highlight many of his key messages. Unlike other speakers, whose talks may be enjoyable but are also forgettable. Mark ensures that his audiences can recall his advice. For many years Mark has been a popular go-to guy for comment and insights regarding the accountancy profession. As well as a regular judge for accountancy related awards ceremonies. In recent years Mark has developed a framework containing 7 key principles that are relevant for accountants who want to STAND OUT. The principles are key to generating more work as well as to helping accountants ensure they are remembered, referred and recommended. http://thenext100days.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/Untitled-1.mp4 There are many elements underlying the 7 key principles and Mark draws on these when mentoring clients. In addition to more than 700 items on his own blog, he has had many more than 200 practice focused articles published. They have been viewed well over ONE MILLION times. For more information on Mark, visit his website here. Want to know more about Graham and what he does (marketing to the affluent), you can find his business here. Ever wondered what Kevin does? you can find his details here. Enjoyed this podcast with Mark? Then you will love this one of Patrick talking about Marketing for Accountants. click here.


2 Apr 2021

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#25 Networking on LinkedIn with Mark Lee

GrowCFO Show

Mark Lee has been described as the most networked accountant in the UK. Who better to talk to about building your professional network?! Networking on LinkedIn is a key part of this. Particularly at the moment when meeting up in person is so difficult. Mark is a man of many talents. He runs his own business mentoring accountants and tax advisors. Mark is Chairman of the Tax Advice Network. He is also Treasurer to The Magic Circle and a former Chair of the Tax Faculty at the ICAEW.There are millions of qualified accountants and finance leaders around the world.  Each individual has their own unique combination of soft skills, hard skills and personal values. This podcast episode will help finance leaders to stand out on LinkedIn and tailor your inbound content.The benefits of LinkedInLinkedIn is the main social media platform for senior finance professionals.  LinkedIn offers an amazing free service for finance leaders to market themselves and build their network. Many finance professionals do not enjoy networking events. They are constantly being pounced on by salespeople.  LinkedIn offers a good way around this.Very few finance leaders have received proper training on how to maximise the benefits of LinkedIn.  For example:How do you stand out amongst the crowd?What is the best way to tailor your inbound content?Which types of people should you connect with?Standing out amongst the crowdLinkedIn can be incredibly valuable for building your personal brand and obtaining new roles.  It is essential to optimise your professional profile well in advance of when you actually need it.Your history of LinkedIn posts, collaboration and endorsements takes a while to build up.  When somebody searches for you online, your LinkedIn profile will be the first thing that they see.It is important to use the right photo and strapline.  You should also update what you say about your previous roles so that your LinkedIn profile is relevant now.  Clearly state what problem you solve for people who are reading your profile.Most people fall into the trap of simply re-writing your LinkedIn profile every time you think about moving roles.  Whilst this does have some impact, you will miss the opportunity to demonstrate your full expertise.  This can be more powerfully portrayed by the quality of your network and what they say about you.  Adding endorsements, blog posts and articles will also further enhance your overall impact.If you achieve something great then tell people about it.  Find a style to powerfully portray your achievements, without sounding like your own biggest fan…!Video posts can also be a fantastic way of giving people a change to get to know you online.  They profile your personality and help show what you are like to interact with.For more details, finance leaders should work through Module 4: Build your own brand within your Future CFO Programme Home - GrowCFONetworking on LinkedInVery few finance leaders have a proper strategy to build up a powerful LinkedIn network.  Networking on LinkedIn is about quality not quantity and you need a proper plan.Start by connecting with your known contacts and people who you have previously worked or interacted with.  After that, you should also be very picky about who you accept connection requests from.Also think carefully about who you request to connect with on LinkedIn.  Networking is important and you want to create a powerful network.  This network should demonstrate your profile, as well as provide you with insightful content.  There are huge benefits to networking on LinkedIn with people who regularly share value-adding posts, videos and articles. Many people worry about constantly being sold to on LinkedIn.  However, it is easy to adjust your notifications to minimise spam messages.  If necessary, it takes seconds to remove any connection who keeps spamming you.For more details,


18 Feb 2021

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319: ICF Public Sector Leader Mark Lee Details How BD Professionals Can Help Their Customers Grow Without Needing to Meet Them in Person

Sales Game Changers | Tips from Successful Sales Leaders

Read the complete transcript on the Sales Game Changers Podcast website. MARK’S TIP TO EMERGING SALES LEADERS: “It’s really important for salespeople to understand their organization’s North Star. What is it that they do better than anybody else and why do you want to work there? If they really understand that, the interactions with the clients are going to be more meaningful, they’re going to be more impactful and then you’re going to position that team for success.”


28 Jan 2021

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Life as a Professional Footballer: The Unique Journey of Mark Lee

Leadership in Sport

Mark Lee became a professional footballer at 16 years of age in the UK. Learn how Mark left home to begin his professional journey in a tough love environment, playing in the USA for Lynn University, debuting for Perth Glory in 2006, and becoming one of the countries leading youth coaches.Contact Mark today at www.profootballtraining.com.auThis podcast is brought to you by the Perth Sports Network, join the Facebook group today.Music by Qu4ntum Sounds. Say Hi on Twitter: @qu4ntumsounds


19 Oct 2020

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Interview With Mark Lee - Murrsuits, Self Image, & Furcons

What's The Fuzz?!

Resources, Social Media & Donation LinksFollow Mark Lee ADFollow Mark Lee SFW Join Rhyner’s Telegram ChannelCan You See Us Now?On October 4th I sat down with the mystical Kitsune Mark Lee a half black, quarter Native American, quarter Greek, bi-curious furry living in California. (Near my hometown fun fact >_>) While he was nervous at first he had no trouble opening up about his experiences inside and outside the fandom. It's often overlooked but body image issues can have a serious effect on someone's self-esteem even in the furry fandom. Finding out there are people, not only accepting of you, but into you can make a HUGE difference. Mark Lee discusses his struggles with police assuming the worst of him, having trouble getting down at furcons, and what he wants to see from the fandom to help it grow. I learned a lot about the small steps we can take to push for diversity to say the least. Disabilities and mental health were brought up, but I can't wait to delve into those topics more in future videos! It really opens the door to conversations we need to have. Stay tuned for that in the future.Thanks for listening everyone! And if you wanna support us consider telling your friends about the show. Big thanks to Sal for drawing this episode's cover art consider commissioning him!★ Support this podcast ★

1hr 8mins

14 Oct 2020

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Episode #46 - Mark Lee - Athletic Director at Hernando High School in Brooksville, Florida

Educational AD Podcast

Mark Lee of Hernando High School shares his story along with Best Practices on this Episode of the Educational AD.  Mark is a long time Florida AD and a current member of our FIAAA Board of DIrectors.  THIS is the Educational AD Podcast!--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/educational-ad-podcast/message


23 Sep 2020

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Why the world needs Mark Lee (NCT)

Starz In Your Eyes

Today we discuss, why mark lee is truly legendary as a musician, performer and person. We talk about how I got into kpop and why everyone needs to be onto mark lee. Thanks for listening!! My Instagram is @stellandongozix and my YouTube channel is @stella thee star!! I think leaving a rating and review helps the podcast so if you’d like and have the time pls do so :))


5 Aug 2020

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INTERVIEW: Being With Krishnamurti | Ravi Narsipur interviewed by Mark Lee

The Immeasurable Podcast

Welcome back to The Immeasurable Podcast.In the following episode Mark Lee, author of Knocking on the Open Door, interviews Ravi Narsipur about the childhood years he spent with J. Krishnamurti.Questions or comments? Contact podcast@kfa.orgSupport the show (https://theimmeasurable.org/donate)


1 Aug 2020

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INTERVIEW: Being with Krishnamurti | Chandramouli Narsipur interviewed by Mark Lee

The Immeasurable Podcast

Welcome back to The Immeasurable Podcast.In the following episode Mark Lee, author of Knocking on the Open Door, interviews Chandramouli Narsipur about the many years he spent with J. Krishnamurti.Questions or comments? Contact podcast@kfa.orgSupport the show (https://theimmeasurable.org/donate)


15 Jun 2020