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Sustainable Beekeeping with Hilary Kearney

Hippie Haven Podcast: How To Live A Harmonious Life

Every Wednesday on the Hippie Haven podcast, learn how to live harmoniously with yourself, others & the planet. We talk about all things hippie, including eating vegan, reducing your trash, starting an ethical business, eco-activism, gardening, beekeeping, tiny house living, and so much more.My guest today is Hilary Kearney. She's the author of two books on bees: "Queen Spotting" and "The Little Book of Bees", Hilary founded girl, next door honey in 2012 in her hometown of San Diego, California, after graduating from UC Santa Cruz, with a degree in fine art. Breaking from tradition, Hilary has developed a beekeeping business that does not rely on honey sales or pollination services for their economic success. Instead, Girl Next Door Honey focuses on bee centric programs, such as natural beekeeping classes, apiary management, classroom presentations, beehive tours, live bee removal, and more. Today we're talking about what backyard beekeeping actually entails, how we can support our local bees and other pollinators, and more let's get started.Links mentioned in this episode:Girl Next Door Honey websiteBuy Hilary's booksGirl Next Door's Facebook + Instagram + PinterestXerces Society's Pollinator-Friendly Native Plant ListsSupport the Bestowed Essentials crowdfunding campaign to help us create new sustainable products, improve our packaging, increase our accessibility and to provide more jobs for people with disabilities.The Hippie Haven Podcast is hosted by Callee - a zero waste activist & business owner. Formerly a translator for the US Navy, Callee was honorably discharged as a conscientious objector in 2017 following an episode of severe depression & alcoholism fueled by not living in alignment with her core values. That same year, at age 23, she started Bestowed Essentials, a handmade line of eco-friendly beauty & home products that are now stocked in over 100 stores around the US & Canada. Callee began hosting this free podcast in August 2018, as well as speaking at events and teaching educational workshops across the country, as part of her life mission to arm you with the knowledge & tools you need to spark positive change in your community. In December 2019, she opened The Hippie Haven in Rapid City, South Dakota - a zero waste retail store & community space with a little free library - the first of its kind in the state. Follow along on Instagram - @hippie.ceo & @hippiehavenshop & @bestowedessentialsShop zero waste home goods at www.hippiehavenshop.comRead this episode's transcript at www.hippiehavenpodcast.com/110


3 Feb 2021

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Why Do We Care About Bees? | Hilary Kearney, Girl Next Door Honey


Hilary Kearney joins ORION to delve into the world of beekeeping. Hilary founded Girl Next Door Honey in 2012 in her home town of San Diego, California after graduating from UC Santa Cruz with a degree in Fine Art. Breaking from tradition, she developed a beekeeping business that does not rely on honey sales or pollination services for economic success. Instead, Girl Next Door Honey focuses on bee-centric programs such as natural beekeeping classes, apiary management, classroom presentations, beehive tours, live bee removal and more!


25 May 2020

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Hilary Kearney | Girl Next Door Honey

Beekeeper Confidential | Bees & Beekeeping

This week's guest is a creative powerhouse who has harnessed her talents to build a successful beekeeping business and has established herself as a leader in the industry. Mandy got to spend time with her while she was in Portland promoting her new book, Queenspotting. She attended her book reading and signing at Powell’s bookstore and afterwards they visited over cocktails and delicious popcorn. Mandy was really happy to spend time getting to know the person behind the fame prior to recording this episode, which was planned for the following day. They had originally planned to have the interview at the international rose test garden, but traffic that afternoon was really gnarly and when Mandy went to pick her up she saw how close she was staying to an even better interview spot. So Mandy made a quick phone call to a friend to see if they could use his space for the afternoon, and the rest was history… Meet Hilary Kearney of Girl Next Door Honey! For notes from today's show visit Mandy's blog at waggleworkspdx.comBecome a patron! Visit Mandy's patron page! Follow Beekeeper Confidential on Facebook and Instagram and YouTube Cover Art by Meggyn Pomerleau


21 Aug 2019

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Hilary Kearney, Founder of Girl Next Door Honey, on the importance of bee's, Colony Collapse Disorder, how she got into the business of beekeeping, and her love/hate relationship with technology

The Wise Consumer

"We have trained bee's to do a lot of crazy things. They've been trained to do addition and subtraction and to recognize different artists. For example, they trained bee's to identify Aboriginal art from Picasso! They've also trained them to smell bombs and...to smell cancer. There's just so many different crazy experiments that have been done where they've taught bee's all these different things! And, not only are the bee's able to learn but they're able to communicate to us that they learned. To me, that's nuts!" - Hilary Kearney Meet Hilary Kearney, the founder of Girl Next Door Honey, a beekeeping business that focuses on bee-centric programs such as natural beekeeping classes, apiary management (which is basically backyard beekpeeing), classroom presentations, beehive tours, live bee removal and more!  In this episode we cover: - The entrepreneurial journey that led Hilary to founding a beekeeping business (let's just say beekeeping was never on the agenda) - The intelligence of bee's & how they communicate with each other  - The difference between honeybee's and bumblebee's - How climate change and pesticides are killing bee's - What we, as individuals, can do to help protect bee's and what to do in case we come across a swarm of bee's - Her struggle to find a manageable work/life balance - Her love/hate relationship to technology - And so much more! This was such a great conversation! Happy listening. Connect with Girl Next Door Honey: Instagram Facebook

1hr 24mins

10 Jul 2019

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273: Hilary Kearney on Beekeeping

The Urban Farm Podcast with Greg Peterson

Buzzing through some basics on bees, hives and honey. In This Podcast:  Starting from a bucket list item on her boyfriend's wall, Hilary Kearney jumped into the world of beekeeping and found her passion.  She teaches us some basics about bees, beekeeping, and the honey that they produce.  She also shares some tips for new beekeepers including some highlights of introducing new queens to a hive.  If you've had an interest in beekeeping, this might just help you jump in too! Don’t miss an episode! Click here to sign up for weekly podcast updatesor visit www.urbanfarm.org/podcast Hilary owns and operates Girl Next Door Honey, and is a full-time beekeeper in her home town of San Diego, California where she provides educational opportunities for hundreds of new beekeepers each year. She is the author of the blog Beekeeping Like A Girl and maintains a popular Instagram account with over 42,000 followers around the world who are inspired by her beekeeping exploits and unique business model.  When she’s not rescuing bee hives, teaching classes, photographing bees or managing one of her sixty colonies… she’s sleeping and dreaming of bees.   Go to www.urbanfarm.org/girlnextdoorhoney for more information and links on this podcast, and to find our other great guests.


12 Aug 2017

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#034 - Hilary Kearney - Girl Next Door Honey, Professional Female Beekeeper, Steward for the Bees

Dirt in Your Skirt - The Podcast

Hilary Kearney is the girl behind Girl Next Door Honey. She is a San Diego native with a degree in fine art from the University of California Santa Cruz. She began her beekeeping journey in 2008 and has been enamored of the subject ever since. Today, she’s an active board member of The San Diego Beekeeping Society. Her favorite thing about honey bees is that they are almost all female. When she’s not working with bees, she’s juggling a dozen other hobbies and passions including but not limited to: painting, knitting, dishing out fashion advice, traveling and movie-going.   Find Hilary:    Website: http://girlnextdoorhoney.com/   Education Blog: http://beekeepinglikeagirl.com/   Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GirlNextDoorHoney   Instagram: http://instagram.com/girlnextdoorhoney   Twitter: https://twitter.com/GNDHoneyShow Sponsored by:  Four Sigmatic - http://www.foursigmatic.com Use code: DIYS to save 10% on your order Mistobox Coffee Club - http://mbox.coffee/Y9FA Use Code: DIYS to save $10 on your subscription Full Shownotes:  http://www.dirtinyourskirt.com Join the Facebook Group:  http://www.dirtinyourskirt.com/tribe Support the Show: http://www.dirtinyourskirt.com/support 


28 Feb 2017

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Beekeeping Like A Girl with Hilary Kearney - KM092

kiwimana Buzz Beekeeping Show - A Beekeeping Podcast/Show

Hilary Kearney is from "Girl Next Door Honey", She does live Bee Removals and sells local honey in the San Diego, California part of the world. Here is what you will discover Bees in your pants are never a great idea Other Ways to make money with Beekeeping Some of the biggest mistakes a lot of new beekeepers are making. Why catching swarms at night, should be discouraged A trick to help you work with bees at night Resources mentioned in the show Hilary’s Instagram page can be found HERE Check out Girl Next Door Honey web page HERE Hilary’s Facebook page is HERE Free ‘This Product Kills Bees’ Stickers Our interview with Henk Tennekes Neonicotinoids a Disaster in the making? 10 Mistakes New Beekeepers Make Post Girl Next Door on Periscope is HERE Hilary is on Twitter HERE  Full Show Notes are available HERE


12 Jun 2016