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Episode 30: Finding Time To Grow Your Business And Your Life With Lars Hedenborg

The Jerry & Jacobe Podcast

In this episode, Jerry and Jacobe talk with Lars Hedenborg - Founder of Real Estate B-School, former agent, an awesome father and husband who shares great wisdom for how to win in the workplace and win in the home simultaneously. Tune in to learn from his experiences and great insights! Episode Highlights:  If you intend to grow a business, you have to talk about people’s lives and challenges and build systems. Traditional success in the real estate industry does not leave you with the life you are living; You have to undergo several challenges. Lars got into real estate in 2007 and was wrapped up in work seven days a week with no boundaries. He says there were times where he made sacrifices in a way that hurt people around him. Four to five years after he started, he had a fully leveraged team and they did 300+ transactions. He was then able to scale down the days he worked until it was at 1 day and in 2013, he started Real Estate B-School to help agents with building and managing systems. Lars shares the backdrop of his personal life, he was married in 2006 and talks about his personal journey to faith. He wanted to create a different life than what he experienced in his childhood. The method of thinking and planning for things is a good skill that people need to have. When evaluating time, categorize administrative tasks in two ways - A business administrative task and a personal administrative task. Lars talks about his everyday thoughts and creating  the life for his family that they didn’t think was ever possible; He explains how it was a motivation for him. If you’re struggling, do the work necessary to build something good and that will ultimately give you a better life with understanding of why you are doing what you are doing. Real estate B-School teaches six stages of business growth. Jerry asks Lars, “How did you get into the coaching business?” There is a lot of pain and suffering in businesses, specifically in real estate. Lars talks about his love and care for people. He genuinely cares about where somebody is in all the areas of his life, and it’s a great way to do business. Coaching has a different level of commitment. Lars quotes his motivation: “Remember your leaders who spoke the words of God to you, consider the outcome of their way of life, and keep the faith.” Jerry asks Lars what coach had the most influence on him and encouraged him to be a coach in real estate? Lars discusses his work with Tony Robbins, who has around 130 businesses and is the guy who is still impacting people’s lives at a deep level. We all have different findings and experiences if we succeed at a higher level in something. 3 Key Points: We try to play a game of real estate on such a high level that we forget about other important things in life, says Lars. Jerry asks Lars to talk about his life journey and those things that helped him to keep moving. “Looking at your journey, I am wondering - are you more afraid to fail or driven to succeed?” -Jacobe Resources Mentioned: Jacobe Kendrick  Facebook| LinkedIn | Instagram |YouTube| Jerry Weaver   Facebook | LinkedIn | Instagram| Success Without Sacrifice Facebook page BJJ Realtor YouTube  Lars Hedenborg  Facebook | LinkedIn | Real Estate B School Everyday Miracles Podcast The E-Myth Book No B.S. Time Management Book

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6 Jul 2021

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Leverage & Scale your real estate business with Lars Hedenborg

Top Listing Agent Show - Real Estate Coaching & Training with Chadi Bazzi

In this episode of The Top Listing Agent with Chadi Bazzi, Real Estate B-School Founder Lars Hedenborg shares  the secret on how to leverage & scale  your real estate business. Lars laid out the formula and foundation to take your real estate business to the next level. Key Contents What is the right mindset to leverage and scale your real estate business? The 3 Hows to leverage and scale your real estate business. How to generate high quality buyer leads. The number 1 lead generation system to increase your production. 4 Questions to ask yourself to take your business to the next level. 4 things to focus on to take your business to the next level. INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES FROM THIS EPISODE: "Those who put on the effort, will reap their reward." - Lars Hedenborg "All your experiences are all research and development for your future." - Dan Solomon "Be Comfortable with the uncomfortable." - Lars Hedenborg Subscribe for more real estate agent coaching videos: http://bit.ly/3aFRiCt ▶ ▶ ▶ WANT CHADI AS YOUR COACH ? Schedule 1:1 Coaching Strategy Session:: https://bit.ly/3wowZlG ▶ REAL ESTATE LEAD GENERATION  Download Top Listing Agent Black book: https://bit.ly/35k8bzm RedX: https://bit.ly/35j6YrX ▶ FOLLOW CHADI Youtube: https://bit.ly/2RQLRtW Instagram: https://bit.ly/3vtmoVq Facebook: https://bit.ly/3iBpRON Website: https://www.chadibazzi.com/ Podcast: https://apple.co/3zpqrF8 ▶ ABOUT CHADI BAZZI Chadi is a Top Real Estate Coach and Trainer who has been on over 30,000 one on one coaching calls teaching real estate agents how to become top listing agents using his one of a kind unique 6 on one listings on demand coaching model.  ▶ ABOUT LARS HEDENBORG Lars Hedenborg is the Founder of Real Estate B-School, which provides training and coaching for top producing agents and team leaders looking to build sustainable, systems-driven businesses. He is also host of “The Business Freedom Podcast” and the author of the number one international best-selling book “Scale or Die! Achieve True Freedom in Your Real Estate Business & Live Your Life Without Regrets.”   ▶ CONNECT WITH LARS Real Estate B-School: https://bit.ly/2T8rSaG Scale or Die Book: https://bit.ly/3h7vOR0


25 Jun 2021

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JF2440: Building A Real Estate Business That Serves Your Life Goals With Lars Hedenborg

Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever

Lars left a cushy corporate job to do real estate. One of the requirements of the job was having to travel a lot, and he couldn’t be a good husband and a dad doing that. In 2007, Lars got his real estate license, but he quickly realized that real estate wasn’t what he thought it was. He was hoping for flexibility and more free time with his family. Instead, he was facing the 70-hour workweeks again. Since marketing and lead generation was his favorite part of the job, he started looking for ways to restructure his business to fit his interests and life goals. Lars Hedenborg Real Estate Background: Founder of Real Estate B-School; providing training and coaching to top producing agents and team leaders. He went from working 70 hrs a week to one day a week through his trial-and-error development of a system driven-business 13.5 years of real estate experience Lars has helped facilitate 4,000+ home purchases since 2007 Based in Charlotte, NC Say hi to him at: www.realestatebschool.com Click here to know more about our sponsors RealEstateAccounting.co thinkmultifamily.com/coaching  Best Ever Tweet: “Just cause you could hand-write an envelope and stick a stamp on something, doesn’t mean that it’s the best use of your time” - Lars Hedenborg.


8 May 2021

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S1 Episode 21: Time and Financial Freedom While Doing Business with Lars Hedenborg

Building Better Businesses

Lars Hedenborg is the Founder of Real Estate B-School, which provides training and coaching for top producing agents and team leaders looking to build sustainable, systems-driven businesses. He is also host of “The Business Freedom Podcast” and the author of the number one international best-selling book “Scale or Die! Achieve True Freedom in Your Real Estate Business & Live Your Life Without Regrets.”Lars began his career in real estate in 2007 working 70+ hours a week, starting with $18 per hour. Fast forward to today, his team sells hundreds of homes each year and he works just one day a week with a million-dollar revenue in business. Now, he's on a mission to help other top agents and team leaders achieve time and money freedom.In this episode, we discuss:·     What kind of experiences did Lars have back then that got him to who he is today?·     The learning points along the way confirmed he is going to the right path.·     The influences and the coaches in his personal development.·     How important relationship building is to contribute to his success.·     What you can expect with Real Estate B-School and his book Scale or Die!I hope you will find this episode as exciting and informative as I have. In everything that Lars has experienced, he chose the path of achievement. His story is a great way to remind you that you can be successful despite of any happening in your life.Please let me know your thoughts!Connect with Lars Hedenborg:Website:      https://www.realestatebschool.comFacebook:    https://www.facebook.com/lhedenborghttps://www.facebook.com/RealEstateBSchool/YouTube:    @realestatebschool (https://www.youtube.com/realestatebschool)Instagram:   @larshedenborg@realestate.b.schoolConnect with Steve EschbachWebsite: https://www.tworld.com/locations/naperville/ or https://eschbachassoc.com/ YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWqgICqaSI8xE2GRYY1HWJA LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/speschbach/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/steveeschbach/ Twitter: @SteveEschbach Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


4 May 2021

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Lars Hedenborg: Go From Real Estate Agent to Real Estate Business Owner. Path to Mastery

Path to Mastery

About Lars Hedenborg:  Lars Hedenborg was the leader of the top producing real estate team in the Greater Charlotte Area, The Lars Group. In only 8 short years, Lars and his innovative team and aggressive marketing approach allowed him to become a leader in the real estate industry and a top realtor in Charlotte, NC. Lars’ lead generation websites attract hundreds of thousands of views annually, through the use of direct response and search engine marketing, as well as social media. Are you wondering, can he really sell my house in Charlotte NC? The answer is yes! His team has used every available resource to create a database of over 10,000 buyers that are actively searching for homes in the Greater Charlotte Area. Before entering real estate in 2008, Lars worked in various corporate roles. With a corporate background, Lars brought his innovative business approach to real estate and has become a leader of change within the industry. In 2012, Lars became a best-selling author with his book, “The New Rise in Real Estate.” Lars now travels the country as a top real estate coach, promoting change and rejuvenation for a broken industry. Lars openly admits that he owes much of his success to standing on the shoulders of giants (his coaches and trainers), and humble implementation. While Lars loves the real estate business, his true inspiration is his family. He and his wife, Julie, have two young children. Anders and Kendal are great at keeping them on their toes! They were the motivation for Lars to create an effective real estate system that allowed him much more time to spend with family. As a top Realtor in Charlotte, NC, and a real estate business coach, Lars’ real estate tools, systems and strategies are used by top producing real estate agents and team leaders across the US. In this episode, David and Lars discuss: Lars created Real Estate B School to help teach team leaders how to build the business side of your real estate team Team leaders need systems and the right economic model to grow and succeed Balancing work and family, you have to make time for both What jobs are you doing that you could hire someone else to do so you can focus on more profitable tasks? Join our MeetUp – 2nd Thursday Every Month  Next Event November 12th, 2020 featuring Jim Black  REGISTER- https://www.davidsmeetup.com/ Davids Coaching - for info and details email: david@davidihill.com  Monthly Training with David- https://35callchallenge.com/ David’s Monthly Article –  https://www.davidihill.com/5mistakes/ FACEBOOK COMMUNITY Please follow and join my Group- https://www.facebook.com/groups/ptmastery/ OUR LEAD PROVIDER SPONSORS VULCAN7- https://www.vulcan7.com/pathtomastery/ 2 weeks only $49.00 LANDVOICE- https://www.landvoice.com/preferredagent 3 months special offer Reach out to Lars here: Website- https://www.realestatebschool.com/ Twitter- https://twitter.com/RealEstateBSch1 Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/realestate.b.school/ Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/RealEstateBSchool/ Youtube- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQb9X4jfexgj83_ms2WRZ7g LinkedIn- https://www.linkedin.com/company/real-estate-b-school/ Get in touch with David here: Website- https://www.davidihill.com/ Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/davidihill/ YouTube- https://www.youtube.com/user/hillteam17 LinkedIn- https://www.linkedin.com/in/davidihill


9 Nov 2020

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Authentic Diversity Michelle Silverthorn and Social Proof Marketing Lars Hedenborg

School for Startups Radio

October 20, 2020 - Authentic Diversity Michelle Silverthorn and Social Proof Marketing Lars Hedenborg

20 Oct 2020

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Lars Hedenborg on Building a 7 Figure Training Business off 1% of the Market

MicroFamous Conversations

A common misconception and limiting belief many coaches have is that selling a high ticket product requires us to have mass appeal and speak to everyone in the market. But achieving Microfamous status gives the ability to become highly successful while only having to speak to a small slice of the population within our ideal client audience. Saying the same message to the same market and staying consistent are the fundamentals of a Microfamous strategy, and it can give us more freedom and ease in our businesses even as we continue to grow. How do we move away from running a commodity business? Why is the idea of traditional success so limiting?


25 Jun 2020

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015 - Born To Lead with Lars Hedenborg

BTL: Born To Lead Podcast

IT'S YOUR DAY! THRIVING THURSDAY'S! Your new mentor, Lars Hedenborg, shares how he took a his real estate business to the next level and created a real estate coaching platform.  Lars has helped empower individuals and team's to not only build successful businesses, but has lead by example to show others how to live a full and balanced life! Listen and learn from one of the greatest in his field.  Take your connections and your network to the next level by joining the Revvenue Mastermind community: https://mdmedia.samcart.com/refer…/pUwXy7m4/t784KNADwiFQnD4S To gain access to Lars' content from the Market Shift Tool Kit in the BTL Toolbox, be sure to make your minimum $4 donation to A Child's Place by heading over to The BTL Facebook page. Learn more about Lars by going to the Real Estate B-School website. For access to the BTL Toolbox content FOR LIFE, a $15 contribution must be made to this or one of our previously mentioned charitable causes on our Facebook page. Once you've made your contribution, send an email over to thebtlgroup@gmail.com to validate it and hang on tight and get ready to grow! #BTL #BTLpodcast #BTLtoolbox #GiveAndGain #BornToLead


11 Jun 2020

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How Lars Hedenborg Balances His Work And Family Life While Still Making Over $500k Per Year

Uncommon Real Estate

This week, Chris and Jeff sit down with Lars Hedenborg to discuss how he got his start in the real estate world. Lars will discuss how he balances his life and work and the sacrifices that he has made to keep it balanced. Lars will also discuss how his faith has played a role in his career.Get Lars’ free training: https://training.realestatebschool.com/toolkit?utm_source=larshedenborg Get Chris’s [FREE Millionaire Reading List] The Redux Group: Chris’s Real Estate Team Serving Northern VA & Richmond VA, Washington DC, and MarylandJoin Our Team: Agent Opportunities with The Redux GroupJoin the Uncommon Community: Uncommon Real Estate Facebook GroupSUPPORTED BY:REI Agent: Net an Extra 6-Figures Nailing the Investor-Agent Win-Win RelationshipHIT ME UP: Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/ChrisCraddockBusiness/Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/craddrock/


25 May 2020

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Lars Hedenborg - Stability & Opportunity Series - REDX

The REDX Podcast

Concerned About Coronavirus? Our new content series can help. We've found agents with a game plan to find stability during uncertain times. Subscribe here for our updates and latest episodes: theredx.com/stability-opportunity-series/


13 Apr 2020