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Rancher Labs and Kubernetes with Darren Shepherd

DevOps and Docker Talk

Darren Shepherd, co-founder of Rancher Labs, joins Bret to talk about Rancher's latest projects and all things Kubernetes. They covered so many topics like k3s, RKE2, Rio, Swarm, Fleet, OPA, Kyverno, etcd, k3OS, Compose, Longhorn, KubeVirt, and more. Streamed on YouTube on October 22, 2020. Unedited Live recording with demos on YouTube Darren Shepherd Twitter Rancher website Rancher Course Training k3sup in GitHub Fleet in GitHub Kyverno in GitHub Rancher Rio Adrian Goins YouTube Artifact Hub Arkade Alex Ellis on GitHub Netshoot Nicolaka on GitHub ★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★

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1 Oct 2021

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The journey to building clouds with Darren Shepherd

Cloud Native Rejekts Podcast

Our first guest joining Vincent Batts and Mark Coleman on the Cloud Native Rejekts Podcast is Suse’s Chief Architect, Darren Shepherd.  Darren talks about his journey from toying around on Linux as a fourteen-year-old, building clouds with Java to co-founding Rancher and beyond. He takes us behind the scenes of Rancher’s big idea to make computing everywhere possible, driving kubernetes on the edge and k3s. The episode concludes with some unpopular predictions for 2021… you don’t want to miss this!


12 Feb 2021

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Episode 34 - How did Rancher and K3s Happen with Darren Shepherd

The POPCAST with Dan POP

Darren's Official Bio Darren is a co-founder and Chief Architect of Rancher Labs. Prior to Rancher, Darren was Sr. Principal Engineer at Citrix where he worked on CloudStack, OpenStack, Docker and building the next generation of infrastructure orchestration technology. Prior to joining Citrix, Darren worked at GoDaddy, where he designed and lead a team that implemented both public and private IaaS clouds. Darren has been writing software since he got his first 286 when he was 10, and is happiest when he’s stuffed in a closet banging away in anything but Java. Darren specializes in building systems to reliably control completely unreliable systems. Darren has a B.S. from California State University, Northridge. In this episode we delve into his history, Ranchers products (from Rancher 1.0 to K3s) to his tweets and his thoughts on Linux desktops, pure joy talking about his journey with him. Darren is an iconoclast, he says what he thinks and 99 percent of the time he's right. big fan of Darren and im sure you will love this as well! Timestamp/Topic 0:00 - Opener 0:44 - Darren's Journey (Co-founding Rancher) 06:54 - Evolving Rancher 1.0 (Docker based) to Rancher 2.0 (Kubernetes) 12:10 - K3S 19:45 - K3s acceptance as a CNCF sandbox project 20:54 - SUSE acquires Rancher 24:10 -Darren's Tweets are legendary 33:21 - What work is Darren most proud of Episode Links Rancher - www.rancher.com k3s - https://k3s.io/ k3sup- https://github.com/alexellis/k3sup Advanced Persistence Threats: The Future of Kubernetes Attacks - Ian Coldwater & Brad Geesaman Darrens Twitter - https://twitter.com/ibuildthecloud Show Links Watch (YouTube): https://www.youtube.com/c/thepopcastpop Listen (Apple PODCAST and others): http://popcast-d9f7b6dc.simplecast.com Follow us on (Twitter): https://twitter.com/PopcastPop Follow us on (Linkedin): https://www.linkedin.com/company/the-popcast-with-danpop


16 Sep 2020

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Rancher, Kubernetes, and Beyond with Darren Shepherd

DevOps and Docker Talk

In this episode, I have a great chat with Darren Shepherd, who is the Co-founder and Chief Architect at Rancher Labs. You probably know them for making, well, Rancher. We also talk about k3s, k3OS, RancherOS, RIO and k3v. It was a lot of fun and we covered a lot of ground on how they've launched so many Kubernetes projects in the last few years. ★Show Links ★[Sponsor] Manning Publications, get 40% off your first book or video order at manning.com with coupon  poddocdev19 (enter at checkout) Authors of Docker in Action on my YouTube Live Darren's Twitter K3s Rancher ​ k3d GitHub Repo Alex Ellis' Blog Hypriot Blog k3OS  Rio ​ Rancher Website  GitOps Blog Post  Rancher Project Longhorn  k3v  Rancher's Slack Chat  Rancher's YouTube Channel  ★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★

1hr 3mins

28 Oct 2019

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Rancher Labs, with Darren Shepherd

Kubernetes Podcast from Google

Darren Shepherd builds the Cloud at Rancher Labs, a company making entirely open source Kubernetes tooling, from the enterprise to the edge. This week Craig and Adam will finally learn how to pronounce ‘k3s’ and ‘k3OS’. Do you have something cool to share? Some questions? Let us know: web: kubernetespodcast.com mail: kubernetespodcast@google.com twitter: @kubernetespod Chatter of the week Day of the Tentacle at The Digital Antiquarian Remastered, on sale at gog.com Vigil Files (Android) News of the week Reflections on the Fifth Anniversary of Kubernetes Happy birthday from Mum and Dad I’m Tim Hockin, a top level Kubernetes maintainer. AMA! Orka, from MacStadium Introductory video from AltConf Five enterprise takeaways from KubeCon EU by Platform9: number 4, the SOA Tikka Masala, will shock you 11 salary statistics for Kubernetes jobs from The Enterpriser’s Project Want to work for Google? E-mail us! Links from the interview Rancher Labs Series A announcement, pre-Kubernetes Original Rancher 1.x beta annoucement Rancher 2.0 announcement RKE Longhorn OpenEBS used to be based on Longhorn Darren’s Rancher shirt k3s - “Lightweight Kubernetes. 5 less than k8s.” How do you pronounce the “k3s”? k3OS RancherOS Huevos rancheros k3d The Kaiser Chiefs Rio Announcement Knative Knative build templates Dancing on the sand Darren Shepherd on Twitter


11 Jun 2019

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Container Platforms with Darren Shepherd

Open Source – Software Engineering Daily

Container management systems like Kubernetes and Docker Swarm give us a higher level management tool for architectures built out of distributed containers. Container platforms like Rancher provide a higher layer of usability, and today’s guest Darren Shepherd of Rancher Labs takes us through what a container platform is. This interview is part of our continued coverage of Kubernetes, Docker, and the other components of the growing container ecosystem. The post Container Platforms with Darren Shepherd appeared first on Software Engineering Daily.


20 Jul 2016