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9 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Cynthia Rowley. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Cynthia Rowley, often where they are interviewed.

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9 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Cynthia Rowley. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Cynthia Rowley, often where they are interviewed.

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Remember with Cynthia Rowley

Love, Loss + Recovery
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I am honored to introduce my first episode with Cynthia Rowley, who is an American fashion designer and leading lifestyle brand. In this interview, Cynthia opens up publicly for the first time about the tragic loss of her beloved first husband. The song she chose is Remember, a song I wrote about the loss of my beloved older brother. We share our stories of our greatest love, our deepest loss + the hope filled recovery that follows. Her beautiful, heart-wrenching transparency will open hearts and minds to things we might all be afraid to address. Grieving is the hardest part but grieving is when healing begins. The memories are all we have to keep them alive. And so we Remember. 


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Jun 19 2020



The Nomadic Retailer: Cynthia Rowley’s CEO, Allie Egan

The Safari
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Allie Egan is the CEO of Cynthia Rowley, a leading global lifestyle brand built on the philosophy that fashion should be an adventure. Since joining Cynthia Rowley, Allie has not only headed the brand’s switch to becoming digital-first through e-commerce, retail, and wholesale, but has also carried over the spontaneous spirit of the brand via innovative approaches to sustainability, marketing, and consumer experiences. We talk about: the power of technology and a digital-first approach within the brand, the open showroom and nomadic retail concept, causes the brand stands behind, the power of brand storytelling through collaborations, and more.

Interviewed by Mortimer Singer. 

Mar 24 2020


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Embracing Spontaneity...
In this episode, Paula Wallace and Cynthia Rowley explore the adventurous nature of fashion designs, lifestyle brands, and mass media. The two are kindred spirits who believe in the eternal power of self-confidence and the willingness to step out where others have not. In recognition of her trailblazing work and entrepreneurial expressions, Rowley was awarded the 2019 SCAD Etoile award. Wallace and Rowley sat before the award ceremony to discuss what goes into the invention of a unique and successful brand. The two also discuss arts education, embracing adventure, and daring to design what exists only in your mind's eye.

Jan 08 2020



A Conversation with...Cynthia Rowley: Where Commerce and Conversation Converge | August 27, 2019

Behind the Numbers: eMarketer Podcast
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Cynthia Rowley president and CEO Allie Egan sits down with eMarketer executive editor Rimma Kats to discuss a variety of topics, including mcommerce, a text message channel and the need to maintain an active conversation with retail customers.

Aug 27 2019



EP14 - Cynthia Rowley's President and CEO, Allie Egan

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Our guest is Allie Egan, President and CEO at Cynthia Rowley, a leading global lifestyle brand sold in over 60-freestanding collection boutiques, as well as in department, specialty, and online stores worldwide. Allie’s experience with high growth consumer businesses includes growing digital-first prestige and luxury brands through e-commerce, retail and wholesale.
Join us as we explore Cynthia Rowley’s nomadic leasing strategy concept, community with its customers, and seamless consumer experiences.

Jul 09 2019



Allie Egan of Cynthia Rowley - Connecting with Consumers

Fashion Is Your Business - a retail technology podcast
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How a women’s apparel brand like Cynthia Rowley adjusts with the identity of women in 2019, and also how they stay relevant and keep up with the conversations in consumers’ lives. President and CEO Allie Egan joins Marc Raco and guest hosts Joe Yakuel (Agency Within) and Catherine Schepis (American Fashion Podcast, and Lean Canvas Advisory). Recorded in the MouthMedia Network studios. To hear more from speakers like Joe and Allie, check out CommerceNext on July 31st & August 1st in NYC.

In this episode:

  • The importance of taking the data points about the average consumer’s needs and beliefs and making the brand’s point of view clear through its actions, such as having Halima Aden as a Muslim American model 
  • Being open and engaging in conversations with consumers when campaigns take an unexpected term, and how honestly and accountability should be values of any brand
  • The importance of keeping track of supply for brands that sell primarily direct
  • How Cynthia Rowley uses data points to make changes to distribution, production, and supply chain to fill consumer demands and to create limited editions of popular styles to bring in new customers as well as repeat customers
  • The struggle for brands to produce the quantity and quality digital content to keep the brand’s message clear without getting stale, and how Cynthia Rowley’s studio spaces and influencer network allow for a wealth of relatable content to be produced without having to plan out tightly structured content
  • How big data can potentially be used to marketing or customer service actions, and how the evolution of data collection has influenced decision making
  • Ways chat bots and video calling can extend the brand’s ability to provide recommendations, convenience, and a deeper human experience between the consumer and brand when engaging with direct sales
  • The importance of referrals and word of mouth growth for a brand like Cynthia Rowley, and how Allie plans to utilize affiliates, influencers, and social media to get the word out organically to build the brand’s stature organically
  • How first-order profitability has given Cynthia Rowley the flexibility to grow and make actions that aren’t necessarily scalable at its own pace while focusing on brand loyalty and referrals
  • Why strategic parameters with tight guidelines along with a focus testing and analysis has evolved into a successful network of influencers
  • Allie’s background in the beauty industry and extensive digital/e-commerce experience, and how her partnership with Cynthia’s artistic and active lifestyle backgrounds intersect and why their partnership is so strong
  • New ways the brand has been connecting with their consumers, such as the new podcast
  • Plus, some off the grid questions with Allie about how she got started on the path her career that led her to being a brand manager, how that work is like running a marathon, and her intensive note-taking

Jul 02 2019



How Cynthia Rowley Gets It Done

The Cut on Tuesdays
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Cynthia Rowley is a fashion designer, author, and successful businesswoman, despite not having a background in business. Stella Bugbee talks with Cynthia about balancing work and life, hustling Andy Warhol at the start of her career, taking risks in fashion and business, and much more.

May 09 2019



Gemma & Emma Podcast - Cynthia Rowley

The Gemma & Emma Podcast
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Think chic, think the perfect summer dress, think effortless cool, the essential wardrobe for the woman who works in the city and summers by the beach and you need look no further than Cynthia Rowley - she herself epitomises the brand and was one of the most inspiring and amazing ladies we have ever chatted to on the podcast - tune in and feel the vibe!

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This episode of The Lifestyle News Hound was recorded by Rebecca Huston and produced by Daniel Lucas of Dpict Media (@DpictMedia). Music by Rebecca Huston (@romantic_thriller).

Aug 17 2018



03 Cynthia Rowley - Artist and Entrepreneur Leading a Global Lifestyle Brand

The Mentor Files
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Famed designer Cynthia Rowley is perhaps most well known for her namesake clothing brand. However, since she launched her label in 1983, she has expanded from clothing into everything from home furnishings and tech accessories to surfing apparel. A true artist at heart, Cynthia is constantly innovating, networking, and paving the way in the fashion world. Did you know she was one of the first designers to do a collaboration with Target?

Listen in as Monica and Cynthia talk about choosing the right partners to collaborate, starting a network from scratch, how to stay relevant with your brand in an ever-evolving industry, supporting other female entrepreneurs and how to motivate employees. They also discuss what they've given up along the way to achieve success and how to balance being a parent and entrepreneur.

“For anyone who wants to start a company, it’s never been easier: you don’t need a store, you don’t even need an office space.” - Cynthia Rowley.

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Oct 30 2017