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Fakeshow - Ep 518 Scott Kelly


Astronaut Scott Kelly guests on a brand new Fake Show with host Jim Tofte...enjoy!!!


20 Apr 2022

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Astronaut Scott Kelly

Lisa Berigan On Demand

Astronaut Scott Kelly checks in with Lisa to discuss his new book 'Ready for Launch: An Astronaut's Lessons For Success On Earth.' Kelly spent a record-breaking year in space in 2015-16, has been to space four times, and was recently inducted into the Astronaut Hall of Fame. He shares stories of his experiences in space, and also looks ahead to the future of space exploration.


18 Apr 2022

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Kallaway on the Rise

Astronaut Scott Kelly joined to talk about his new book and field questions from us and Nikki's daughters!! Very fun and informative...listen to this podcast here....See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


14 Apr 2022

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Why did astronaut Scott Kelly start out with "The Wrong Stuff"? Find out here!

Johnny Dare Morning Show

Any day we get to talk to astronaut on the show is a good day.Why? Because they are WAY more badass than any of us could ever hope to be!!Case in point: Scott Kelly!520 days in space over 4 space flights, with 3 space walks and spending over a YEAR on the International Space Station!!And now Scott has taken many of the lessons he learned over his career and applied them to life on earth in his new book, “Ready For Launch”


13 Apr 2022

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Can We Pray for God to Kill Putin? (with Scott Kelly)

Wise Disciple

On today's episode, Wise Disciple team member Scott Kelly joins Logan to talk about how to properly think through the Russia/Ukraine crisis as followers of Jesus Christ. Check it out! If you have a question for Logan, contact him at logan@wisedisciple.org Get your ALL NEW line of Wise Disciple merch here: www.wisedisciple.store Want to watch our latest episode of Debate Teacher Reacts? Watch it here: https://youtu.be/V0UeufdTGMs Want a BETTER way to communicate your Christian faith? Check out our website: www.wisedisciple.org OR Book Nate as a speaker at your next event: https://wisedisciple.org/reserve/​​​​ ​ Got a question in the area of theology, apologetics, or engaging the culture for Christ? Send them and we'll answer on an upcoming podcast: https://wisedisciple.org/ask/​​​ "Day by Day" by Citizens is used with permission. Check out their website: wearecitizens.net

1hr 3mins

18 Mar 2022

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Learning How to Sell with Scott Kelly

EnFactor Podcast


17 Mar 2022

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The Spark with Junia Doan | Scott Kelly

MCTV Network's Community Voices

Welcome to MCTV's Community Voices Podcast. This episode of The Spark with Junia Doan is presented by Sandy O'Keefe.  Junia's guest for this episode is Scott Kelly. For more information about Midland Community Television or how you can make your own program, visit us at cityofmidlandmi.gov/mctv or call us at 989-837-3474. The views expressed in this program don't necessarily reflect those of Midland Community Television or City of Midland.


6 Oct 2021

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Exclusive clip: NASA astronaut Scott Kelly describes moments before rocket launch

Special Features (video)

Kelly says goodbye to his family and prepares for the journey to space in the new documentary, The Wonderful: Stories from the Space Station.

16 Sep 2021

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Episode 16 - Astronaut Scott Kelly

It May Interest You To Know...

Astronaut Scott Kelly joins the podcast to candidly discuss living in space and his books Endurance and Infinite Wonder. He is a former military fighter pilot and test pilot, an engineer, a retired astronaut and retired United States Navy captain. A veteran of 4 space flights, Kelly was commander of the International Space Station for 3 expeditions and was a member of the yearlong mission to live in space at the ISS. In 2015, he set the record for the total accumulated number of days spent in space by an American astronaut.

12 Sep 2021

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EVOVLE 20: Healing Your Mind, Body and Soul with Scott Kelly

The EVOLVE Podcast, Personal Growth and Evolution

We’ve been through a lot lately. The pandemic has stretched people to breaking points that very few knew they had. The constant stress, the overload of toxic information and being fed a diet of fear and processed foods has caused so many in America to be in s symptomatic state.  Scott Kelly has spent over 25 years as a health coach, mentor and integrative practitioner, reconnecting individuals to their innate health and well-being. Scott helps people improve their performance and live with clarity.  Join the EVOLVE team as they discuss with Scott insights into healthy living and healing from the inside out.  You can find Scott at https://www.scottkellycoaching.com #coach #health #healthcoach #evolve #evolvepodcast #evolvetonewheights

1hr 8mins

13 Jun 2021