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MLA Mike Bernier on low vaccination rates, healthcare worker shortage in south Peace

Daybreak North

Hospitals in Dawson Creek, Tumbler Ridge and Chetwynd have been dealing with staffing shortages all summer and now pregnant women are being told they'll have to go to a different region to give birth over the next week and a half. Meanwhile, COVID-19 vaccination rates are lower in the region than any other part of the province, with just 45 percent of eligible people fully vaccinated.


25 Aug 2021

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Ep5: The History of Boxing | Mike Bernier

Teach Me Something

Welcome to Teach Me SOMETHING! with Long Doan and Jesse Zagorsky!In every episode, a guest expert has two minutes to teach Long something new.Long has a rule that he has to read a book for 20 minutes every day he doesn't learn something new.Long loves to learn but he hates to read.Our contestants want to help teach Long something new! In episode 5, we have Long's business partner Mike Bernier!Mike tries to teach Long about the history of boxing!See if Long learns something new on "Teach Me SOMETHING"!


18 May 2021

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Week 24 | Agent Mechanics | Building a Team with Mike Bernier

Real Estate Marketing Show


14 Sep 2020

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The Real Talk Show: Episode 89. David Adam Kurz sits with Mike Bernier and Long Doan

The Take Action Podcast with David Adam Kurz

The Real Talk Show: Episode 89. David Adam Kurz sits with Mike Bernier and Long Doan, owners of Realty Group in Minnesota! Over the last 5 years Mike and Long have built one of the most successful brokerages in the country. They currently have a few locations servicing over 400 real estate agents. In this session we discuss growth and success for teams and brokers. Don't miss Mike and Long at the Real Talk Conference October 10th and 11th in Miami Florida!


27 Jun 2019

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The Woodford Show with Ken Christian, Bob Simpson, Mike Bernier, and Margaret Chrumka

Inside #bcpoli

On today's Woodford Show we begin with Kamloops Mayor Ken Christian discussing the Trans Mountain pipeline, cannabis revenue sharing, biosolids, and more. Then NL News Director Shane Woodford is joined by Quesnel Mayor Bob Simpson to discuss his displeasure with the political reaction to the forestry crisis. We then turn our attention to an air ambulance issue in the Peace region with MLA Mike Bernier. The show finishes with Kamloops Art Gallery Executive Director Margaret Chrumka and the non-profit society she is part of to push for a downtown Kamloops Performing Arts Centre.


19 Jun 2019

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Nurturing Leads Through Artificial Intelligence & Where the Future of Lead Gen is Headed with Mike Bjorkman, Mike Bernier, Howard Tager, Jeufeng Ge & Gary Ashton

Real Estate Marketing Dude

The more things change, the more they remain the same. Yes, technology is changing the way we do business in real estate. And a lot of us abandoned the practice of nurturing our database in favor of portal leads that offered instant gratification. But as platforms like Realtor.com and Zillow demand more and more of our commissions, the agents who survive will be the ones who diversify their lead sources and combine the old principle of building relationships with tech advancements like artificial intelligence and automation to stay in front of their audience for the long haul. Today, I m having a round table discussion with several big names in the industry, including Howard Tager and Jeufeng Ge of Ylopo as well as top producers Mike Bjorkman, Mike Bernier and Gary Ashton. We begin with RDC s acquisition of Opcity, examining how the portals are shifting to become brokerages and why agents MUST diversify their lead sources to avoid big-time disruption. We debate the idea of being an extension of a brand like Zillow versus building your own brand with support from a marketing service like Ylopo. We also explain how agents can compete with portals by swimming upstream, leveraging AI and automation to nurture leads who are further out from a transaction and providing VALUE by offering sellers multiple options once they do raise their hand. Listen in to understand how the HUD lawsuit will impact your Facebook ads and learn why becoming a marketing specialist and building your own brand is more crucial now than ever! Today s Topics How RCD s acquisition of Opcity is disrupting agent lead models Why agents need to become marketing specialists Why it s critical to diversity your lead gen sources How to compete with portals by fishing upstream The idea of digital door-knocking to dominate a geographic farm Using AI to nurture your database + scale your efforts How a realtor s skill set needs to change with the market Why building your own brand is more important now than ever How portals are becoming brokerages with ancillary services Competing against iBuyers by adding VALUE to the transaction The value in offering sellers multiple options How the HUD lawsuit will impact Facebook ads Leveraging the Facebook pixel to score your leads Connect with Mike, Mike, Howard, Ge & Gary Learn more about Ylopo at ylopo.com and connect with Howard and Ge on Facebook at facebook.com/ylopoinc. Get to know Mike Bjorkman at teambjorkman.com, Mike Bernier at linkedin.com/in/michael-bernier-1014a02b, and Gary Ashton at garyashton.com. Resources RDC s Acquisition of Opcity HUD v. Facebook NAR s Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers Facebook Pixel Deep Dive 2019 Real Estate Marketing Dude REMD on Facebook REMD on Instagram REMD on YouTube Attracktor Flip This Agent The post Nurturing Leads Through Artificial Intelligence & Where the Future of Lead Gen is Headed with Mike Bjorkman, Mike Bernier, Howard Tager, Jeufeng Ge & Gary Ashton appeared first on Real Estate Marketing Dude.


20 Apr 2019

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7 Steps to Recruiting a Massive Agent Team – with Mike Bernier- EP02

Lab Coat Agents Podcast

Mike Bernier and his partner, Long Doan, started with an agent team of eight back in 2014. Four years later, they have grown the team to 375! So, what is their secret? How do they go about recruiting realtors? Today, Mike joins Tristan and Jeff to share his seven-step process for attracting agents to the Realty Group team. He describes the turning point when he and Long realized they either had to downsize or scale and explains their intention to be a disruptor, providing the brokerage they’d always wanted. Listen in as Mike speaks to his understanding of agent pain points and learn how a smooth onboarding process can serve to amplify your recruiting efforts! Key Takeaways How Mike leverages mastermind groups to learn and grow his business The turning point when Mike realized he had to either downsize or scale How Mike and Long found a different way to thrive in a changing market How understanding agent needs has made Mike’s team grow and thrive Why Mike has a dedicated platforms assistant to help agents with tech The 7-step recruiting process that took Mike’s team to 375 in 4 years Articulate your WHY Identify ideal agent Determine value prop Create custom audiences Target on all platforms Tighten onboarding process Increase social proof The script Mike’s VA uses to make 2 to 3 networking appointments/day How a smooth onboarding process can magnify your recruiting efforts Mike’s robust, automated 30-day onboarding process for new agents Connect with Mike Bernier Realty Group Call (651) 587-2396 Connect with Lab Coat Agents Lab Coat Agents Lab Coat Agents on Facebook Lab Coat Agents on Twitter Lab Coat Agents on Instagram Lab Coat Agents Facebook Group Resources Closing Table Mastermind Sam Khorramian Club Wealth The E Myth: Why Most Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It by Michael E. Gerber CallAction Brokerkit Christine Hass


26 Mar 2019

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The Woodford Show w/ Michael Mehta, Todd Stone, Christopher Monette, and Mike Bernier

Inside #bcpoli

On today's Woodford Show we discuss the health risks posed by wildfire smoke with some new concerns coming to light with TRU's Dr. Michael Mehta. Then NL New Director Shane Woodford is joined by Kamloops South MLA Todd Stone for more on the decision to scrap the downtown BCLC Headquarters replacement project. We then turn our attention to rail safety in the aftermath of the Canadian Pacific rail tragedy with Teamsters Canada's Christopher Monette. The show finishes talking about the effort to renew the BC Liberal Party with MLA Mike Bernier.


8 Feb 2019

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Building Your SOI with Your Online Leads with Mike Bernier

Real Estate Marketing Dude

Are you walking away from online leads because they aren t ready to buy right now? If so, you are missing an opportunity. What if you treated those prospects the same as your friends and family, your professional network and your past clients? What if you applied relational marketing to your online leads and used branding to make yourself more approachable? What if you leveraged online leads to grow your SOI, scale your influence, and sell more homes in the long run? Mike Bernier is the Co-owner and Sales Manager at Realty Group, one of the Twin Cities elite brokerages. He is a member of the Minnesota REALTORS Forms Committee and the Minnesota REALTORS Professional Standards Committee, and in 2014, Mike was among the top 1% of agents in the state. Today, Mike joins me to share his initial strategy of using relational sales with his SOI to convert about 40 sides per year. He explains how the crash inspired him to invest in online leads and how diversifying that lead pipeline has doubled his business. Mike discusses his approach to online leads, applying relational marketing and nurturing those prospects even if they aren t ready to buy right now. He also offers advice on automating efforts to stay top-of-mind with your general audience, while spending more time with top referral sources and repeat clients. Listen in for Mike s insight on how branding makes you more approachable to prospects who don t know you and learn how to use online leads to grow your SOI! Today s Topics How Mike got his start in real estate with relational sales How the crash inspired Mike to invest in online leads How Mike applies relational marketing to online leads Mike s advice on prioritizing referral sources/past clients How to nurture online leads who aren t ready right now How to build influence within your lead gen database Mike s insight on staying top-of-mind through automation Mike s method of following up with contacts who engage How branding makes you more approachable to prospects The significance of building relationships with online leads How diversifying his lead pipeline doubled Mike s business How to develop a system of converting online leads How Mike uses online leads to grow his sphere of influence Connect with Mike Bernier Learn more about Mike and his team at realtygroupmn.com or connect with him on LinkedIn at linkedin.com/in/michael-bernier-1014a02b. Resources Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose by Tony Hsieh Real Estate Marketing Dude Attracktor Flip This Agent The post Building Your SOI with Your Online Leads with Mike Bernier appeared first on Real Estate Marketing Dude.

20 Oct 2018

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How Mike Bernier Closes 10% of His Realtor.com Leads

Club Wealth TV

A lot of us are seeing low conversion rates because we lack tenacity on our leads.How can we empower ourselves with information about the buyer so we can better serve them? What should our attitude be toward incoming calls? What’s the most effective way to assign leads to agents on the team? On this episode, we talk with Mike Bernier about maximizing his realtor.com leads and converting them at a higher level. Resources:  - Join the Club Wealth Real Estate Agent Mastermind Facebook Group - Get info on the Business Strategy Mastermind Conference November 13th-15th 2018 in Anaheim, CA Three Things We Learned From This Episode Assign leads to agents based on the right fit The ISA is part of the team, and he or she knows the agents well. When the ISA is on the phone with the lead, they’ll know which agent will work best with the person. You need a good fit for the lead so the buyer moves forward. Use the conversation to learn about the other person It’s really important to ask good questions that lead people to reveal more about what they are looking for. It’s about not dominating a conversation, but about controlling the conversation by asking questions and listening. A good ratio to go by is to talk 30% of the time and listen 70%. This will show you where to steer the conversation. Follow-up has to matter as much as speed to lead Agents give up too early, especially when there are a lot of leads on the table. Often, when you give agents too many leads, they don’t follow up as tenaciously as they should with the leads that they have.  If you want to increase your conversion on a lead source like realtor.com, it’s critical to have a solid ISA in place. If you’re a solo agent, your ability to take the call when it comes in is important. When managing your agents, remember that there are no participation medals in this business. If you’re just going to give leads equally on your team, you’re going to make less money than you should. Lean on the ISA to assign leads to the right agent, and let the ISA use the calls to learn about the buyer. Don’t make the mistake of asking just one question and thinking it’s enough. Ask questions with the goal of knowing as much as you can about how the buyer thinks. Guest Bio Mike Bernier began his career in 1998 with the idea that he wanted to make a real difference. He quickly found a passion for Real Estate, the industry as a whole, and for helping people. Currently he is a managing broker and Co-owner of Realty Group Inc. He is also mentor and instructor/trainer. He helps Realtors of all experience levels develop their talents and focus their efforts. Get more info at https://mikebernier.realtygroupmn.com/


10 Aug 2018