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#46 Tobacco Free Portfolios - Dr Bronwyn King

Alex MacPhail Podcast

Dr Bronwyn King (Order of Australia) is an oncologist who made the realisation that her pension fund was investing tobacco. While fighting cancer in the ward, she was financing tobacco with her pension fund. Tobacco Free Portfolios was born to change the fight and stop her pension fund from investing in tobacco.The Tobacco industry is big business. Usually listed as top 5 stocks on major stock exchanges around the world. Bronwyn and her team have made huge strides over the last decade. Their Tobacco Free Financial Pledge now has $10 Trillion total assets under management.Her 2017 TEDx talk on tobacco-free finance has been viewed more than three million times.In 2019, Bronwyn was appointed an Officer of the Order of Australia for "distinguished service to community health, particularly through advocacy for institutional investment strategies". She was also named 2019 Melburnian of the Year by the Lord Mayor.Watch this interview on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C9B7VdtieAkGet in touch with Alex to improve the performance of your team: alex@alexmacphail.co.zahttps://twitter.com/AlexMacPhail1https://www.linkedin.com/in/flyingmogulwww.alexmacphail.co.za

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5 Apr 2021

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Alumni Hour: Dr Bronwyn King in conversation (MDHS)

Event FOMO

In this episode of Event FOMO, we invite you to join us for an exclusive opportunity to hear renowned ABC presenter Angela Lavoipierre in conversation with University of Melbourne alum Dr Bronwyn King AO.Dr Bronwyn King AO is a social entrepreneur, movement maker, medical specialist and globally renowned humanitarian on a mission to inspire and transform organisations into purpose driven, sustainable businesses. Tobacco Free Portfolios, a global advocacy organisation she founded, has redefined finance industry standards.In 2018 Bronwyn took to the stage at the United Nations in New York to launch ‘The Tobacco-Free Finance Pledge’, a global initiative she led, which now has more than 120 Signatories – global financial institutions with combined assets under management of >$US 7.5 trillion (AU $10 trillion).Bronwyn is a leader, influencer and future thinker who has mastered the art of translating a simple idea into a global movement. She has been recognised with countless awards. Most notably, she was awarded an Order of Australia (AO) in 2019 for distinguished service to community health and named 2019 Melburnian of the YearThanks to Dr Bronwyn King, Angela Lavoipierre, Fabienne Mackay and Kristin Marriner.This episode was recorded on the 27 th February 2020 at the Alumni Hour hosted byMDHS, at the University of Melbourne. Produced by Andi Horvath, with sound engineering and editing by Arch Cuthbertson. I’m Silvi Vann-Wall – and this has been Event FOMO.

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2 Nov 2020

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Dr Bronwyn King - Founder of Tobacco Free Portfolios on a mission to save a billion lives

Our Next Guest Is... A podcast for anyone who books professional speakers

Dr Brownwyn King has moved from the pool to the medical clinic in her dynamic career. Ten years ago her life changed and gave her an impetus and direction as she takes on the battle against the tobacco industry. She wants to ban the word impossible. She wants every company to have two CEOs. She wants sustainability in every company’s DNA. She wants to change the world starting at the United Nations; and she will probably get all she wants.  Listen to how she goes about it.To learn more about Dr Bronwyn King please visit: www.bronwynking.com


21 Sep 2020

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Dr. Bronwyn King: The Accidental Activist Taking Down

Sipping on Stories

Imagine fighting a losing battle everyday as an oncologist before learning your retirement plan is funding what’s killing your patients. Meet Dr. Bronwyn King, an accidental activist and one of the most powerful, “butt-kicking” CEOs. Founder of Tobacco-free Portfolios, Dr. King is fighting for a tobacco-free world to end the annual global death-rate of 8 million who die from cancer-related illnesses. Hear how Dr. King is cutting off the blood supply and reducing human trafficking in this trillion-dollar global industry. This is her story.


30 Aug 2020

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Dr Bronwyn King // Tobacco Free Finance and Life Purpose

Things You Can't Un-Hear

Dr Bronwyn King joins us today. For those who do not yet know, Dr King is a radiation oncologist and founder of Tobacco Free Portfolios - a Not For Profit Organisation which works with the world's largest financial organisations to drive global change towards tobacco-free finance.In 2010 Dr King discovered that the default options for her superannuation fund included investment into the tobacco industry, and she was unknowingly investing in the cause of the problem she and her fellow health practitioners were trying so hard to fix. It was then she knew she had to act, and that is exactly what has done.Dr King shares her journey to make these significant changes between the disfunction of the health and finance industries, and how this pivotal moment in her life has lead her on a new pathway to change million of lives.


3 Aug 2020

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Episode 3 | Dr Bronwyn King

Eternal Possibilities

Dr Bronwyn King AO is a specialist Radiation Oncologist, founder and CEO of Tobacco Free Portfolios, a former elite swimmer and Team Doctor for the Australian Swimming Team. Back in 2010 she met with a representative from her superannuation fund in the cafeteria of the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, looking to purchase a house and wanting to know how much money she had in her superannuation fund. She found out that her hard-earned money was being invested in tobacco companies – who were responsible for the devastation she saw at work every day treating lung cancer patients. Forward ten years to the present and her not-for-profit organization Tobacco Free Portfolios has assisted over 150 leading financial organisations in more than 20 countries to implement tobacco-free finance policies, diverting more than AU$12 billion away from investment in tobacco. She has been awarded numerous accolades for her tireless work, including Officer of the Order of Australia (AO) and Melburnian of the Year in 2019.


13 Jul 2020

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Bronwyn King: A true influencer, getting tobacco out of our investments

Good Future

Bronwyn King is not a fund manager, she’s a doctor. Nonetheless she’s led a personal crusade to help the finance industry to wise up about the true impacts of investing in smoking. And as of last year her team were responsible for getting a massive $1.3 trillion in pension dollars to be invested under tobacco-free policies.Cigarettes kill millions of people every year. And the unfortunate truth is that many Australians actually have money invested in these companies. Whether they know it or not, many super funds still have big holdings in big tobacco.Dr King is a true influencer. She speaks with confidence and conviction, she’s backed up by piles of research and she’s isn’t easily intimidated. She’s honed her pitch in board rooms, at the UN and even on the TedX stage. Bronwyn knows well the semantic gymnastics that can be played to dodge questions about how tobacco companies can make it into ESG funds. But this is not an issue that can be dealt with through engagement, there’s no healthy dose of smoking.And please note that this episode was recorded on the 4th of March, was well before the corona virus restrictions were in force. It would be the last time I was able to record in the studio. Hopefully, we’ll be back in there soon. For all the show notes, go to www.johntreadgold.comEnjoy!


28 May 2020

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Dr. Bronwyn King AO Founder & CEO at Tobacco Free Portfolios & Radiation Oncologist

Talking Business with Alan Kohler

Dr. King is a specialist Radiation Oncologist, founder of Tobacco Free Portfolios, a former elite swimmer and Team Doctor for the Australian Swimming Team. Social entrepreneur, movement maker and a globally renowned humanitarian on a mission to inspire and transform organisations into purpose driven and sustainable businesses. Some of the first patients Bronwyn cared for at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre were suffering from lung cancer. However, while doing her best to treat these people, Bronwyn was unaware she was also supporting the global production of cigarettes. It was only during a meeting with a representative of her superannuation fund in 2010 that Bronwyn learned some of her money was flowing to tobacco companies through the default option of her superannuation fund. In the knowledge that many of her colleagues would be similarly unhappy with their unwitting investment in the tobacco industry, Bronwyn approached First State Super which had shortly before merged with Health Super. Following numerous meetings and a presentation to the Board, First State Super undertook a detailed analysis of the issue and in 2012, proudly made the decision to go tobacco free. Bronwyn is delighted with the willingness of the finance industry to engage and act on this issue. The work of the Tobacco Free Portfolios now has a global focus. She discusses the Stamp of Approval Program that now replaces the old Tobacco Free Portfolios Verified Tobacco Free program. The initiative now has an extensive global reach with Tobacco Free Portfolios working with 100+ pension funds, Sovereign Wealth funds, banks, insurers and fund managers in twenty countries. Bronwyn has received countless awards in recognition of her outstanding expertise and accomplishments. Most notably, she was awarded an Order of Australia (AO) in 2019 for distinguished service to community health and named 2019 Melburnian of the Year.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


6 Apr 2020

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Curing cancer with listening rather than chemotherapy Dr Bronwyn King

Deep Listening - Impact beyond words - Oscar Trimboli

Dr Bronwyn King is a radiation oncologist and the founder of Tobacco Free Portfolios. Dr King works in countries all around the world to help financial institutions divest from tobacco companies - saving millions of lives. Bronwyn has worked to treat hundreds of people with cancer. She shares the pivotal story when she realised her own money was invested in tobacco companies that caused the diseases and were killing her patients. 19,000 people die of tobacco-related diseases daily, and Dr King is bridging the world of health and finance to do something about it. A moment of deep listening triggered this revelation for Bronwyn. By engaging leaders of funds, banks, insurers and other financial institutions, Dr Bronwyn King advocates for the divestment of tobacco companies. She has had her success through meaningful face-to-face interactions, diving head-first into the language of finance. Bronwyn's inspiring story shows the power of listening to create a massive impact  - addressing the largest health issue in the world today. Tune in to Learn How listening can help us to break out of silos Why the most valuable interactions are after the meeting ends How listening brings hope where there was none How to remove your money from tobacco investments How to make an impact beyond words Listen For Free


25 Jan 2019

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How Dr Bronwyn King took on tobacco funding

Writs and Cures: Bill and Steve's Radio Adventures

When Dr Bronwyn King discovered that her superannuation fund was investing in tobacco companies she took action. The results where remarkable.


5 Sep 2017