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Building a Thriving Community and Establishing Your Value Ladder with Shannon Lutz

Amp It Up

What’s the lifetime value of your customers? Shannon Lutz is a marketing mentor and the CEO of The Social Bungalow. She’s also the founder of Bungalow Coffee and happens to be my business coach. Shannon joins the podcast to chat about building a thriving Facebook community and establishing your value ladder. In this episode, Shannon shares how she creates program suites structured around her clients’ growth needs. We also discuss building an engaged Facebook community, increasing purchase points, and so much more. In this episode, we cover: Building an engaged and thriving Facebook community Building customer lifetime value Prioritizing to avoid burn out An inside look into Shannon’s team “What's the lifetime value of the client? Meaning they came in, they bought this one thing, but when are they coming back? And why are they coming back? And how do we get them back in? And how do we increase their purchase point, and those are the constant questions that you're working towards.” - Shannon Links mentioned:  Shannon’s Instagram: @thesocialbungalow Shannon’s website: thesocialbungalow.com Bungalow Coffee: @bungalowcoffeeco Dana’s Instagram: @thisisdanabowling Content That Converts Freebie Dana's Free Clubhouse Guide  If you’re ready to uplevel your Instagram, my 12 week Amp Up Your IG program is launching on February 1, 2021. Get on the waitlist now!


3 Feb 2021

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#43- Building an Online Brand With Shannon Lutz

The Millennial Business Podcast

Today’s episode, Online Marketing Strategist, Shannon Lutz, founder & CEO of The Social Bungalow, shares tips and tricks for modern-day female entrepreneurs. Her business is an education company dedicated to helping female entrepreneurs market their expertise and structure their business for scale. Shannon teaches high-level marketing strategies designed to create wildly in-demand 6 & 7 figure businesses. In this conversation, we talked about all things business, like building a brand using social media, particularly on Instagram, paying attention to what your online audience is asking about and what they frequently comment on. Today, people are using paid advertising which she doesn’t recommend because it’s a waste of money especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. So Shannon suggests some valuable information on how to create magnetic and high converting content which is basically the key to success. Say HI on social: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/taylor.victoriaa/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Taylor-Victoria-472225693515023/ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/taylor-peart-26157a13a/ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCg4VFM4P1kTTb3GcbIi50xw?view_as=subscriber


2 Aug 2020

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113: Build Your Business, Not Followers – SHANNON LUTZ

Ksenia Brief Podcast

Shannon Lutz is a marketing mentor and owner of The Social Bungalow (@thesocialbungalow), where she creates high converting marketing strategies for female entrepreneurs who want to become wildly in demand. I learn something every time I come across Shannon’s content on Instagram – and let me tell you, she’s generous with dropping knowledge to her community. I can only imagine how good her upcoming course, Live Launch Academy is going to be. See all show notes on wokeandwired.com/113 We discuss:  My a-ha moment from exploring Shannon’s work Shannon’s journey from corporate to self-employed How long she had a side hustle before leaving her corporate salary How long did it take to reach $10k months? The role that social media in building a niche business that brings $30K+ per month Why you don’t need tens of thousands of followers to have a successful business  How to use smaller following to your advantage How to scale your services from one-to-one to one-to-many Instagram algorithm explained  Relationship building on Instagram How to be efficient on social media and batch content How Shannon started creating online products Front-end launches and backend launches  Why you should consider lifetime value of your customers  The power of understanding your customers’ pain points  Shannon’s morning routine  Creating free vs paid offerings Passive income and revenue stacking How to not leave money on the table  How to create an entry to anchor program suite that makes money How to build a successful business on instagram even if you don’t love using it as an individual  How to batch content for social media How to not be afraid of the camera  The role of branding in an online business  How to be consistent on Instagram  Mentioned:  Human Design for Business x Conscious Social Media Workshop Live Launch Academy Connect with Shannon Lutz:  Thesocialbungalow.com @thesocialbungalow Connect with Woke & Wired:  If you enjoyed the podcast, share it with a friend or on Instagram stories (tag @wokeandwired). Subscribe, rate and review the show on iTunes.

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31 Jul 2020

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Episode 84: Creating a High Performing & High Converting Online Business with Shannon Lutz of The Social Bungalow

The Girl Gang Podcast

Shannon Lutz is the owner of The Social Bungalow, a company dedicated to helping female entrepreneurs market their expertise and structure their business for scale. As the go-to Online Business Coach, she teaches high-level marketing strategies designed to create wildly in-demand 6 & 7 figure businesses. In this episode, Shannon shares with the girl gang community some of her high-converting marketing strategies and the first steps someone would need to take to start their own online business! 👉 Live Launching - How to have a wildly successful launch that brings about an "Oh.. My.. Gosh" cash infusion    👉 Creating Passive Income - How to design an evergreen funnel that brings about massive passive   👉  Creating a Program Suite for Scale - Skyrocket your growth by tapping into upsell / downsell cycling with a strategic program suite CONNECT WITH SHANNON >> Website >> https://thesocialbungalow.com/programs Instagram >> @TheSocialBungalow --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/the-girl-gang-podcast/message


25 Jun 2020

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Manifest Your EXPERTISE with Marketing Mentor: Shannon Lutz

Empower Project Radio


26 May 2020

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Ep# 075: Instagram Psychology + Strategy for Your Business with Shannon Lutz, Part 2

Scaling Up

This episode is part two of a three-part series with the lovely creator of The Social Bungalow, Shannon Lutz. Last week Shannon and I dove into how to create magnetic and high converting content. Basically the key to your success.  Today we are getting deep into the nitty gritty of Instagram...ever heard of it?? Specifically: how to leverage Instagram stories, the tried and true methods to connect more deeply with your ideal customer and make it more likely that they'll want to work with you. We’re talking about everything from hashtags to collaboration strategies along with all the IG marketing strategies you need to boost your engagement, feel confident in how you're growing your business and, most importantly, the fundamental strategies that never change. If you're doing these things through and through, even when algorithms change, you are going to be growing a very strong business utilizing this platform.  We chat about: The foundational concepts of Instagram The ideal number of IG stories Variety in story content What's up with highlights? Creating an impactful IG bio Hashtag tips Generating engagement SHOWNOTES: www.elizabethhartke.com/podcast/075


13 Apr 2020

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Ep# 076: Launching + Selling Out Your Programs, Services, + Offers with Shannon Lutz, Part 3

Scaling Up

You've likely just binged on the last two incredible episodes with the lovely Shannon Lutz since this is Part Three of our three-part series. If you haven't done that yet, you need to!  Part One, episode 74, was all about Magnetic and High-Converting Content. How do you create it? How does it work in your favor?  Part Two, episode 75, was all about breaking down Instagram Psychology and Strategy for Your Business. How can you leverage stories and Instagram as a whole for your business? We dove deep into the tips, tricks, hashtag strategies, all the things you want to know.  This episode is getting right to the pinnacle of all things online business. Part Three is all about how to Launch and Sell Out Your Programs, Services, and Offers. This is gold. If you want straight up tactics, a game plan to launch your offers and have ideal customers banging down your door, converting like gangbusters... Shannon and I, we've got you on this one. In This Episode, We Chat About: Building Your Product Offering Prepping for Your Launch Launching Your Offers Should You Use Ads with your Launches? Live Vs. Evergreen Launches What Should DM’s Look Like During Launch Week? What to Do Right After Completing Your Launch Letting Your Enthusiasm Show! SHOWNOTES: www.elizabethhartke.com/podcast/076


13 Apr 2020

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Ep# 074: Creating Magnetic + High Converting Content with Shannon Lutz, Part 1

Scaling Up

Sweet Lord Almighty, I don't even know how to begin to express my level of excitement for what's about to go down! We wanted to start off season two of Scaling Up hella strong, and my mind immediately went to marketing legend, Shannon Lutz. I adore this girl so much and know she's going to light up your life with so much joy and insane business marketing knowledge that we decided to kick off season two with a three-part series with Shannon. Part 1 of this series is all about how to create magnetic and high converting content, which is essentially the key to attracting the right people into your business who actually want to pull out their card and pay you. We chat about: Really Good (Free) Content is King The Best Platform for Sharing Content Best Practices for Instagram How Shannon Batches Phenomenal Content What We Should Post About SHOWNOTES: www.elizabethhartke.com/podcast/074


13 Apr 2020

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How To Use FOMO with Marketing Expert Shannon Lutz

Stop The Hey Girl Podcast

Today on the Stop The Hey Girl Podcast I sit down with Shannon from The Social Bungalow to talk about some of her favorite marketing strategies you can use on social media RIGHT NOW when launching or selling your products online.Shannon is a marketing mentor that helps create high-converting marketing strategies to help female entrepreneurs become WILDLY in demand!Connect with Shannon:http://instagram.com/thesocialbungalow

17 Mar 2020

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EP 016 - Email Marketing 101 + Backend Selling With Shannon Lutz

The Soulful Social Podcast With Madison Tinder

In this episode, we are with marketing genius, Shannon Lutz. Shannon is a marketing strategist who creates high converting + memorable marketing strategies to help entrepreneurs become wildly in demand. She has tons of experience in marketing and especially email marketing. We go over email sequences (nurture and sales sequences) so you can always be selling and educating on the backend without so much front facing promotion. Please follow Shannon @thesocialbungalow Get her course + free hashtag lesson: https://www.thesocialbungalowcourses.com/five-figure-instagram-free-gift Or in her Facebook Group: The Social Bungalow  This podcast is GROWING! It would be much appreciated if you subscribed, left a review or shared/tagged me to your Instagram stories. We are trying to get the WORD out there about this podcast! Thank you!  


16 Jan 2020